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The life of Boogers!

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3 month mark

November 3rd 2006 8:26 pm
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::blush, does happy dance, thinks sweet thoughts:: Today is my 3 month anniversary with my girl *OREO* She and I sent each other a card, and made a date to eat dinner at the same time. Our furrrst anniversary we sent her some meow mix, my specialty and food of choice.

Just wanted to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OREO!!! :)
((bonks and whisker kisses))


Did someone cat say FOOD!!!

November 2nd 2006 12:16 pm
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OH! OH! OH! Yup, the age old saying "The best way into a man's heart is through his stomach" IS SO TRUE!!! My girl and bestie *Eve and Co.* sent my mom and family some recipes!!! And the kicker is one of them is Spinach Artichoke Dip! Not only does meowmy LOVE it! I DO TO!! YES it's true! I have tasted this blessed food! THANK YOU EVE!


Yup there's more! My other besties *Cocoa and Co.* sent me and my bros some pawsome, acutally the PAWSOMIST toys EVER!! These babies are the most potent catnip filled toys we have EVER laid eyes on!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!



Burrrr, and GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!

November 1st 2006 8:46 pm
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Wow, how liberating it is to get rid of that blasted pumpkin!!! ::Fluffs up furrr:: I feel one pound lighter! It may not seem like much but my vet would differ! Please... It's called MUSCLE!!! ::flexes to prove it::

Love the turkey rosettes Catster!!!

I can see it now...
Christmas (or Catmas according to Eve): Snowman
New Years: Pawty hats
Valentines Day: Cupid or hearts
Saint Patty's Day: 4 leaf clovers
Easter: Eggs
4th of July: Fireworks!!




November 1st 2006 8:41 am
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OH NO!! Some of my friends are not doing well!! There's a purrring thread furrr my pal *GIMME*
here: *HERE*


My pals *KIKI* and *LIBBY-MARIE* are also feeling under the weather!!!

Good news is Simba is holding her food and medicine.... THE POWER OF PURRRING HELPS!! DO IT!!! Get off that tail! :)

It's also time to celebrate Hello Kitty's birthday so *VISIT HELLO KITTY HERE* when you can!! CHOP CHOP!!!


Happy Halloween!!!

October 31st 2006 3:26 pm
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BOOOOOOOOO! It's sure dark outside!! We keep hearing kids say "Trick o treat". I begged my pawrents to let us go but dad had this thing called a "class" he had to attend:( So no bodyguard=no stroll. That's ok as I had this pawsome treat exchange with some of the Super Strollers!

And what better way to kick off the holiday than to have another treat exchange soon! Ripley has the pawsomist ideas! We're going to have a Secret Santa Exchange!! PAWSOME!

I'm still upset I missed my bestie *ROCKYANN* Haunted Stroll:( Our stooopid Verizon was out furr over 24 hours. And it even went out again furr 3 hours!!! NOT GOOD!!! You're darn right we're going to take them up on this "credit". Anytime away from Catster=NOT A HAPPY BOOGER!!



The amazing Pyro duo!!

October 27th 2006 7:31 pm
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Wow, I'd like to thank the following cats furrr coming to our Best Friends Animal Society Pawty were we honored the #31-60 sponsored cats!

Zoe, Libby-Marie, Ele', Gimme, Mr. Oreo, Rocky Ann, Phoebe, Ambrogino, Ms. Oreo, Murray, Miles, Chris(ta), Charlie, Ripley, Orca the killer cat, Frost, Andre, N'Bikay, Fido, Hondo, (in spirit): Violet, Calvin, Samoa, Cocoa, Kashmere, Aspen, Picasso, Snowmitts, Jaspurr, Simba!!

Gimme and Ambrogino had this PAWSOME firework display! Each display was a picture of the cats the group members have sponsored! PAWSOME!

All that cats danced, ate good, received a pawty pack, and had some good drinks:)

THANK YOU FURRR COMING!! I have 2 more parties to attend this month!!! PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!



October 26th 2006 2:31 pm
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OUCH! MEOW! Ok, so my mom's eye is stupid again, big deal. Does that warrant it ok furrr her to step on my paw??? I know she didn't mean it but it smarted!!! She's been walking around with one contact but still!! I don't have ANY contacts and I see purrrfectly! No damage, just nicked my paw and I let out a mean 'ol scream. She felt so bad, and kept saying "Boogie! OH NO! I'm sorry!!" And I kept running away:)

I caved in of course when she gave me some Nip. I'm that weak!

My tip furrr the day? Watch out furrr those human shoes!!!


I'm a Boogie Man!

October 26th 2006 1:27 am
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BOO! Tomorrow our group "Best Friends Animal Society" is holding a pawwwty to celebrate our 30 new best friends!!! If you're not a member but want to, pawmail me or my fellow admin, Rocky Ann furrr details!

I can't wait to Boogie down tomorrow! I know some of my pals have some great dance moves! So it's going to be fun to BOOGIE DOWN!!! ::shakes his pumpkin costume like NO cats buisness::

Also, my friend Simba is doing better and I'm so happy to hear that! Keep purrrring furrr her!

Wha? You're not friends with her you say?? YOU MUST! Get off your tail and befriend her! PRONTO! NOW! PRESTO!

Ok, all that excitement is making me tired.... Zzzzzzzzz


Purrrr furrrr Simba!!!!

October 23rd 2006 12:21 am
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I'm so sad to hear that one of my besties, *SIMBA* is not doing well. She went into the cat ER the other night and is home resting. Please send her tons of treats and love as she is a great cat and friend to many on catster.

Her and her family have done so much furrr Catster and others! Furrr example, her family was very pro active in the AZ kitty situation! And how cool is it that her mom helps and volunteers her free time to other cats.

Simba is in GREAT paws but give her your love!!

((bonks)) Simba we love you!!!!!!!!!


So much has happened!

October 20th 2006 12:37 pm
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Wow, how time flies huh?

This entire week my meowmy has been home with an eye problem, but thankfully it's getting better... It was fun spending LOTS of time with her. TAKE THAT "work" (I have YET to meet you)

One of my besties, *COCOA* and his family sent me and my bros and my meowmy a present today! We all got furry mice ::throws mouse in the air:: and my mom got the coolest mouse pad that Cocoa's mom made. The coolest pawwwt is that our pictures are on it!!!


Also, what else has happened?? Oh, my bestie *SIMBA* is ill, so please send her treats and rosettes as she's an amazing friend and cat...

AND *SIR THOMAS* broke a leg:(


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