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The life of Boogers!

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November 16th 2006 7:34 pm
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Man, a lot happens when I am taking a cat nap while my meowmy goes to this evil place called "Work"

When she got home, she was all excited! Furrr a minute I thought she was going to do the indy 500!!!

Well we recieved a gift from two of my besties!!! *SAMMIE* and *KiKi* ! They sent a pack of Greenies and a cute Eek toy!!! Thank you SO much!!! I love biting those tails off and showing the Eek who's boss. Don't cha just love their facial expressions?

Also a few of my friends made it into the final round of Catster's Coolest Cat Contest!!! I have to browse the list as I glanced at them quicky befurrr I had to help my meowy get ready furrr "Work". DANG THAT WORK THING!!!

Off to call my photographer to post pics! Look furrr them:)


The day just got better!!!

November 15th 2006 7:31 pm
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Ok, furrrst off!! Sorry to leave my besties hangin'! My dad ended up taking me to the V-E-T as my mom had to get ready furrr work. I was so upset she couldn't come and even meowed as I was put in my cat crate on my way out the door. I was looking back at her!!

So, my regular vet wasn't in:( He's gone until after Turkey Day!!! So we went to the same facility, and I met a nice lady. Daddy said that I was a big boy and didn't seem to mind the eye stain thingie. Long story short? I have some drops and it's just some irritation. Thankfully there were no scratches or anything IN my eye. I am blaming meomwy as she has been having eye problems too:) MOL kidding mom!!! While I waited to see the V-E-T, I meowed with another cat. Me hiss? MEOW NO!! I'm a gentlemen!

While at the V-E-T, my dad bought me and my brothers some fish oil tablets furrr our fur, and some flea/heart worm medicine. I do NOT have fleas ::checks, NOPE!:: but this flea medicine doubles up as heartworm medicine. It's Revlution:) As great as this day was (no shots after all) there's one bad part from this visit... The only bad part... I am "muscular" right? ::blushes:: Well the flea meds are furrr cats 5-15 pounds or something, and we had to get additional drops to make up furrr the extra MUSCLE weight! THE SHAME!!! I know my pal *OREO* can feel my pain!!!! So I have some kitten/puppy extra drops furr my added mass... THE SHAME!!!!

Speaking of weight... I think I just lost 1 pound as I threw up on the dog!! MOL No, it's nothing serious. Sometimes when I get really hungry, I'll eat fast... Even if my pawrents portion out my food? I will INHALE it! Well, low and behold, I ate too fast, and since the dog ALWAYS sits under the top of our scratching post where our food is? Well, I felt the chunks rise, and I threw up on my sis!! My mom was laughing as Snooper the D-O-G was like, "WOOF??????????"

But I'll thankfully be able to gain that muscle weight back as my homegirl *SIMBA* surprised me with a gift!!!! She sent me a cute little box of treats!! OMG!!! It was in this cute Chinese food take out box (like the humans get) and oh my kittyness!! TREATS!! TOYS!!! Going to have my photographer take pics soon!

THANK you to Calvin, Rocky Ann, Ripley, Colleen, Picasso furrr pawmailing me to see if I was ok!!! Didn't mean to give you all a scare, although the V-E-T is pretty scary!! I hope I didn't furrrrget any besties!!!!


V-E-T??? NOOoooooooo ::slow motion::

November 15th 2006 12:09 pm
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OH NO!! Ok, so my eye started to water last night... And furrr us cats with white furrr around our eye, it turns our furrr light pink. So this morning, my eye was still watering. Mom takes things SO out of context, I'm fine really! Please, she's over reacting!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo


::sniff sniff::

November 12th 2006 1:46 pm
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I'd like to let all the catsters know that one of my besties went over the Rainbow today... He lived a great life, was so loved by many, and was just a great pal. I will miss *MURRAY* so meowy much...

PLEASE send your love, purrs, and supawwwwrt to him and his family members. We will miss you Murray...

::sniff sniff::


Oh dear... In the dog house...

November 11th 2006 6:23 pm
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::shakes head in disbelief... Scratches post extra hard as he is so bummed and upset::

I am officially in the dog house... I furrgot that I had a date with my girl Oreo!!! ::sulks::

I am publically going to announce why I was a bad boyfriend... How could I have furrrgotten! NO EXCUSE!!!!

I hope the most beautiful cat of all times, *OREO* will furgive me.... Oh dear.... =(


Club Booger(s) Unite!

November 11th 2006 4:41 pm
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OH OH!!! I just started my own club called "Club Booger(s) Unite!" I hope some of the new friends I made by the name of Booger join!! ::gets nervous::

EDITED: OH OH! I have my furrst member!! Guess what her name is??? BOOGER! MOL


Purrr furrr Murray!!

November 9th 2006 7:30 pm
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OH DEAR! EVERY CAT MUST purrr for one of my besties:( He had another stroke and the EVIL VET was closed during lunch time!!!





November 7th 2006 9:24 pm
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Gosh! I got a nice surprise today from one of my besties *ROCKYANN*. She sent me and my brothers these cool cigars. Don't worry, she's not promoting or encouraging us to smoke one of these:) It's filled with nip and VERY HIGH POTENT nip I might add!!! Girl can shop!!! I'm trying to figure out music furrr the video we made in honor of these cute stogies, but furrr now we'll use a bit of Jazz to celebrate the nice present and a lil' something else *coughHOUSE* Thank you again Rocky Ann!


Callin' all cats named BOOGER(S)!!!

November 6th 2006 7:25 pm
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MEOW!!! What prompted this crazyness??? Well one of my new friends, "Booger" wanted to be MY friend! So I did a search and found that there were like 33 Booger cats!!! NO WAY!! So far I'm pals with 14 Booger cats!!! I sent you all an invite!!!

Us Booger(s) must unite!! Stand tall and wear our name with pride!!!



Yeah! I got a bath!!!! :)

November 4th 2006 12:38 pm
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So, it's true. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baths!!! What prompted this blessed event was my tail was covered in litter. Long story short? Fido, my brother, was chasing me, and we got into our usual brotherly "encounters", and then well, I had to use the litter box. Low and behold, my brother did NOT let me be, and he proceeded to chase me, and well, I slipped in the box only to mess up my furrrr.

Next thing I knew I was getting a bath!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!! I went inside the already bubbly water, and just sat there, walking in the tub, and loving every moment of it. I kid you not!!! I told my mom not to post pics (she didn't have the camera) as I didn't want a bunch of cats making fun of me. What can I say? I LOVE baths! Seriously! I was in there furrr a good 10 minutes and I was purrring, and just soaking up the love. I even motioned that I wanted water splashed on my neck as I proceeded to move my face out of the way of the water fall. SO cool!

I LOVE BATHS!! So that takes care of my once a year bath. PURRrrrrrrrrr

Also, stop by this thread *HERE* to wish my bestie Sammie a HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY!!!

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