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The life of Boogers!

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November 25th 2006 12:37 pm
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Woah! I'd like to thank the following friends furrr wishing my dad a Happy 26th Birthday, and also furr the rosettes and star!!!

Cocoa, Aspen, Picasso, Jaspurr, Kashmere, Snowmitts, Sock, Shiloh, Rocky Ann, Sami, Ashlye, Sammie, KiKi, Violet, Samoa, Calvin, Ripley, N'bikay, Andre, Phoebe and the gang, Gimme, Colleen, Ms. Oreo, Simba, Cali, and Orca the Killer Cat!

Our dad was smiling reading everycat's messages:) Off to go celebrate!! Behave friends!!!

I hope I didn't furrrrget anyone:)


IQ over 250K according to Simba!

November 24th 2006 4:21 pm
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MOL MOL MOL!! This *DIARY* so made my day!!!

Funny as me and my humans aren't too computer savy! But I, Boogers am glad that I saved the day!

I'm... SUPER BOOGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


T Minus 29 days...

November 24th 2006 1:35 pm
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Yup, that's right! In 29 days, yours truly will be 3!!! WOOT! But like most cats who's birthday is so close to Catmas, we do get sorta cheated out of gifts... But that's ok as I know I'll get extra treats and lovin'

My mom's friend photoshoped my accessories as I was NOT about to wear the birthday hat she got me!! (The ones with an elastic band on the bottom) MOL I WON the battle of clothing THIS time!!!

PS, two cats asked "When IS your bday?" It's Dec 23!! AND THANK YOU Rue Rue furrr the star!!! ::blushes::



November 24th 2006 1:20 pm
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Wow, Thank You Catster furrrr picking my diary as one of today's 5 Daily Diary Picks:)

I'd like to thank all my friends who pawmailed me and Sammie, Punkin Pooh, Rocky Ann, Spot, Andre *who is trying to fatten me up MORE than I am, I mean, add muscle mass*, Midnight, Murray II, and Shiloh Rose furrr the rosettes!!

Also, evil post delivered a delayed Thanksgiving card today, so I'd like to thank Skeezix furrr the cute card--he's such a diva and I LOVE IT!

BIG Concats to my other good pals, Calvin and Violet as their family is celebrating like crazy!! Calvin is this weeks COTW and Violet is today's COTD!!!



Attention Friends!

November 23rd 2006 1:31 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all got turkey!!!

Ok, now furrrr the memo... I wanted to let my friends know that many of you will be receiving something in the mail the furrst week of December from us. Some will have a 2 part gift, but I can't say who the lucky cats are:) If you were bad? You can have my sister as your gift!!!

I know I may be early sending things out, but I want to avoid the long lines. Besides, it's going to take me a long time to fill up my stroller while I go to the USPS!! And the fact that my meowmy is uber ogranized, and OC about getting things done so she doesn't stress...

My secret santa(s), your gift will go out next week sometime (not saying when) and be sure not to spill the beans until the stroll pawty!!!



Cat's outta the bag... ::blush::

November 20th 2006 9:03 pm
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My secret identity has been found out by the following two girls:


Guess that cat's outta the bag!! MOL



November 20th 2006 4:39 pm
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WOAH! My brothers and I have a new friend named *LIBBY MARIE* and she surprised us with a Thanksgiving pawkage!! OH MY KITTEN CABOODLE!!! Inside was a very nice note, and two baggies filled with the most yummiest treats!!!

We ate half of them *burp* as we couldn't contain ourselves! We are THAT weak!!!



My 1000 friend is...

November 19th 2006 5:10 pm
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Meet *CHRISSY* who sent me an invite to be pals! Not only did I accept?? But she's my lucky 1000th friend!! PAWSOME!!!


999 friends and standing...

November 19th 2006 12:53 pm
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DOM DOM DOMMMMMMMM... Who will be my 1000 friend???


Petsmart Shopping Spree!!!

November 18th 2006 2:43 pm
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Wow, I just got back from shopping furr 5 hours!!! Man, my pawrents know how to shop! I got my Super Stroller Secret Santa gifts done:) AND I got some gifts furrr some special besties of mine who aren't in the exchange!!! Can't say who ::wink::

Sorry so short, and I pawmiss to get back to my pawmails---not liking how I don't get updates from Catster:(

But my pawrents are off to get groceries and then Target. Also, my mom got her glasses today, so that'll help her constant red eye problem:( The glasses are STRONG and her eyes are watering... She can see with them, but poor meowmy!!! So I might be a bit behind on pawmail until tomorrow--I'm normally GOOD with responding within 12 hours as I'm addicted to Catster...

Also... DAG NABBIT!!! I have some incriminating Christmas outfits and that only means ONE THING!.... DOM DOM DOMmmmmmmmmmmm... I am starting to hate Build A Bear!!!


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