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June 30th 2012 9:37 pm
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So 24 hours ago we got the worst storm mom has ever been in. The wind was around 80 mph and the reports said it was worse than hurricane Ike. So 9 pm yesterday it was a fast moving storm and dad heard a loud noise by our computer room. He went outside and a large panel of our siding is half off :( Since we have a walk out basement to reach this section would require dad to climb over 30 feet... Not happening.

We thankfully didn't loose power but our Internet has been down for 30 hrs. Cable was fine during storm and 12 hours later but then went out for 12 hours. Dad was mad cause he got up early to watch day 1 of the Tour de France. Yesterday was 102 and today 97. 2 million in VA/DC are without power including Simba's mom. We ordered a Battery fan in case (delivered on Mon) in case we loose power. Gonna be in the upper 90's all week!!

Mom is going nuts w/o the 'net and says her iPhone isn't doing the job.


Paging Nurse Pansy!

June 23rd 2012 11:19 pm
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So it's 2:20 am on the East Coast and mom was going to get up at 4:30 to make dad a breakfast for his cycling race today. She went to bed early at 11pm!! Well she's now up and feeling icky!

She is sorta stuffy, but then she has spurts when she isn't and her sinus feels "extra clear". You know, you breath and it's like you can smell in your head? Also she feels a bit warm suddenly. Could she be feeling icky just in those few hours of sleep?? Mom says she's due for a cold but is going to have to tell dad in a couple hours that she's not going to attend his cycling race today...

She has had sinus pains the past few days but figured that was due to the 95 degree humid weather. She thinks something is coming... And dad will not be happy 'cause mom is the WORST baby when she's sick. I take it like a champ *puffs out chest* but mom? Oh boy... BIG BABY!!!



June 15th 2012 8:39 pm
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Daddy is very happy that Nurse Pansy didn't pay a visit, although Nurse mommy was a bad one... She let Dad have fries on day 2-now. He, um, sorta likes those greasy things... A LOT...

He's doing much better. I think he's clear of dry sockets so that's good and he finally got some meat in him! He's like me, we like meat!

Now they know how I felt when my toofies were pulled! I was hungry! I didn't want liquids, I wanted FOOD!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


DDP AGAIN but with my bestest!!

June 10th 2012 6:23 pm
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Yeah, I know right? DDP again! I think Catster is still broken though 'cause again, I didn't get an email saying I was a DDP!

Today I share the limelight with my bestest bestie, Pansy!! She is my lil' tux bestest and we're currently planning the design of her mom's kitchen! Yup!!

Thanks for the concats everyone! I hope Catster fixes it's notification emails as we haven't touched our settings but the past two days DDP honors aren't getting to the intended cats...

Tomorrow dad gets his teethies removed. Nurse Pansy might need to pay him a visit! MWHAHAHAHAHA!


DDP but NO notification???

June 9th 2012 11:45 am
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Like Fido meowed, we are both sharing the DDP spotlight today but we never received the official email with the concats! Good thing our friends have our back and are on the lookout!

I've been sorta busy helping oversea the destruction, I mean, construction of Pansy's mom's kitchen. I even have a trusty book for "dummies" that I can consult if I get stuck. Princess is the designer and for what eve reason Pansy still trusts her... So if it goes bad, it's so not my fault :)



June 6th 2012 12:08 am
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Meow! Mom's up surfing the net while I lay on the computer desk. "DING" went mom's phone. I told her that it was 3:05 am so there's a good chance one of us is a DDP and sure enough it was me :)

Thanks for all the purrrs on Catster and FB for my boogie issue. My medicine came yesterday since the place is about 2 hours from us.

Today mom and dad are bringing Grandpaw to the Luray Caverns for his Bday. He turned 64 yesterday but dad worked on his Birthday but is off today. I will guard the house until they return.


Back from the Vet!

June 4th 2012 9:24 am
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I'm back from the vet!! Well the Vet said mom has nothing to worry about my breathing as my lungs sound good, no heart murmur. You see Mom's paranoid due to Tiski having a heart condition...

So, I'm back on Doxycycline liquid tuna flavored again, a compound formula that Professional Arts in MD is making me, (.9ml vs 4.5 FULL ML which is crazy). I'm not as bad as I was about 3 months ago which is good news. The nice thing is Dr. Hersh has some refills on this medicine so mom doesn't have to keep coming back for the same thing. I'm a healthy cat otherwise but the wheezing and boogies flown on the wall urk mom :)

The next step if mom chooses is to do a "Scope", although the Vet said she didn't think that "last resort" step along with a CAT would be needed due to my age. She said that she had a patient that was a kitten and had a scope as the CAT and MRI showed something (mom forgot the scientific term).

So, I'm going to go on the meds for 3 weeks again (can stop after a week if it clears up) and then I might need to be on this for a week once a month for maintenance reasons.

Also dad had an appointment and needs to get 3 teeth pulled. 2 wisdom and an extra tooth BEYOND the wisdom! I wonder if he'll be as hungry as I was when I go home from my oral surgery???

Pic of my vet visit to come!



May 31st 2012 1:01 am
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Good news! My daddy just found out that he's getting promoted!! It was a long 3 months of waiting and dad submitting a packet/essay explaining why he should be considered, not to mention the test that only 40 passed out of over 120 if memory serves right. Daddy placed #13 out of the 40 and they're promoting the first 18 in the next few weeks. The other 27 will have to wait until spots are available and they have 18 months until the process starts again so dad is VERY happy that he did well!! It wasn't a squad promotion but an agency deal.

Tomorrow (Fri) my mom is taking daddy out to celebrate! I hope they bring ME home a BOOGIE bag of nom noms :)

I also have a vet appointment the following Monday :( I'm starting to get a bit snotty again and mom thinks my breathing is a tiny bit fast? Which might be because I can't breath 100% 'cause I'm a bit stuffy. They say 20-40 bpm is normal. Hoping it's nothing bad...


Happy Gotcha and Birthday Hondo!!

May 25th 2012 9:18 am
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Oh, this could be dangerous!! Hondo often helps mom shop online and since it's his birthday and since FIDO sorta took over Hondo's bday Sock Monkey bed, I bet you Hondo will shop till he drops!!

8 Years ago today, Hondo became mom's "First" cat ever!!! Dad really wanted a cat since he grew up with a bunch. They had just moved to VA from Pittsburgh, PA and wanted to expand their family.

Rest is history!!! :)

Happy Birthday dude!!!! Oh! And today I'm a DDP! So thank you for the concats too but I don't wanna steal Hondo's Pink Thunder...


Pamper me mom!!

May 21st 2012 5:45 pm
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So mom's always liked nail polish but she's been on a nail polishing buying kick lately. Which I find sorta odd since mom complains about her 6 year old size hands; Why would one want to draw attention to those?

Mom was saying I would look super cute with my nails polished but naturally I said, "ummmm no".

Now, don't get me wrong! I love being pampered! LOVE being brushed and told I'm so muscular and oh so handsome. But I put my paw down to THAT type of pampering! I'm not a sissy mom!!!

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