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The Queens Tails

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Joining In

June 16th 2006 7:53 am
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This morning I really impressed my mom. I came into the bathroom with my brother Tony and that dog Sparky! They always go in there when mommy gets up to tell her how much they want their breakfast. But not me. I don't ever want to be that close to either of them. But this morning I changed my mind - I am a female after all and am entitled to changing my mind - and when in there too and rubbed her right leg while Tony rubbed the left leg. Almost felt sorry for Sparky, he didn't have a leg to rub on!! It's taken me 15 months to be in the same room with those two! But nothing bad happened and I got my ears scratched and lots of praise from mommy for being so brave. It was worth the attention. Maybe I'll do that again!
PS - the Sparky dog didn't chase me either - that really helped.


Life is good!

June 9th 2006 10:52 am
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Well, my mom finally put me on Catster! She spent so much time on Dogster that I thought she'd never get around to it! But she knows how special I am and did what she should be - give me equal time! Well, life is pretty darned good. The sun is finally out and I can lay on the raised beds, on the deck chairs or in the flower beds! No more rain so I can get out of the house without getting my little feet all wet! Not so bad in the house, there are lots of soft, warm places to curl up for the day. There's the couch, the dining room chairs, the chair in dad's office or the chair in mom's office. Wow! Lot's of choices, but the best choices are always where that darned dog, Sparky, can't get to me! He's such a pest. Better now that he's older, but man, when he was a puppy he was a real pain in my tail! He finally doesn't chase me every time I walk through the house. But he'll still eat my tuna and kibbles if Mom doesn't keep them out of reach! Summer is great - gives us all room to be ourselves. Trouble is I'm shedding and mom will get that brush out again. I'm OK with it for a while, then I growl at her, then hiss, then bite! That makes her quit. Heck, she follows me where ever I go trying to get away! It does feel good, but only for so long! The grandkids are coming tomorrow. YUCK. Better go check out good hiding places.

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