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Spring has arrived!

May 17th 2007 3:42 pm
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Finally spring is here! the sun is out and there are great places to nap in the flower beds. I love to lay in the sun. I nap in spots that are all mine - no doggies allowed. The dogs and I seem to have made a pact to live and let live! I am not running from them and they don't chase me. The other evening, we were all laying in the sunshine that was coming in through the front door while mom made our dinner! She was so proud of us - laying there peacefully soaking up the warmth together.

So dad has been gone for a couple days now and I really miss him. When he's not home, I don't lay on the newspaper and get my ear scratches. That's a me and dad thing - mom would do it, I'm sure, but she's not as good at it as dad is. Mom is always jumping up to do something and I need a nice steady session! And dad usually comes and gets me and holds me on his lap for a little while in the evening too. Mom always has at least two dogs on her lap. But now that the weather is warmer, the doors and windows are open and so there are a lot more windowsills to sit on. I can get a view of the front yard without having to jump over the fence to get there! Which works great for an old lazy cat! Hey - I didn't want that written! OK a middle aged lazy cat! I'll buy that.

So the new kibble - well it's not so bad. Even if it is reduced calorie stuff. I protested for a couple days, but mom said that if I was hungry I'd eat it. And I did and it is pretty good stuff! And mom thinks I may have actually slimmed down a bit. Which will come in handy for jumping the fence! We are so fortunate that we weren't eating any of the recalled food, but mom switched to a different brand anyway since the kibble was made by a company that had some recalled canned food. Mom is cooking for the dogs and she tried to get me to eat some chicken she made, but I just didn't like it. I like my tuna and my kibble. That's IT. I am fine with that - thanks anyway mom. I know you meant well.

So all is well in my little kingdom. And with the weather getting warmer everyday, I see some nice outdoor naps in my future which will make me a very happy Harley-Queen!


I Sat by a DOG!

March 21st 2007 1:43 pm
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You aren't going to believe this - I still don't - but yesterday I was sitting on mom's lap - this is rare - I really don't like it a lot - and she was petting me and scratching my ears - well it was really very nice. We did that for quite a while and then Tucker decided he wanted to be on mom's lap too. So he jumped up there! With me still on her lap! Mom just kept on petting and scratching and talking to me and I sat there! Didn't move. I growled a little bit, but Tucker didn't move either! So we layed there together! Mom timed it - almost 15 minutes! Quite a record and mom is really impressed with me. She is just amazed that it has taken me 2 years to let something like this happen. She says I am such a Queen that I don't like to have my subjects anywhere near me! Truth is: I don't like those little dogs! I am way bigger than they are - but they run a lot and lick stuff and they are noisy! But I am finally figuring out that if I don't run, they don't chase me! If I just sit there, I am not fun to bug! That works for me! So I am spending more and more time on the floor. Just sitting there and watching those dogs be silly! And they pretty much ignore me! Hurray! Molly is still really young and she tries to get me to play with her. Well - I just tell her NO WAY in my best growly voice. And she goes away! I AM THE HARLEY-QUEEN!


The Only Cat

February 28th 2007 4:11 pm
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I am now the only cat in my house. This is very sad for all of us. I don't act like I miss Tony very much, but I do. We are both very independant kitties and pretty much kept to ourselves, but just knowing that he was there as my ally against the Chi's was so nice! Tony is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge now. Mom says that she hopes that it will be a very long time before I go to join him. Me and Mom have been together for almost 9 years now - since I was just a little kitten. So we both hope the Rainbow Bridge is a long ways off for me.

Yes, there are three Chi's living in MY house now. Can't imagine what mom is thinking of. The new one, Molly, isn't so bad. She's really small and doesn't chase me like the boys do. But I hiss at her anyway. Just to make sure that she knows who's in charge here - me, the Queen! They really aren't all that bad - they usually leave me alone. Tucker likes to eat my leftover tuna! He gets my crumbs - how fitting!

I am anxiously awaiting warmer weather so I can lay on the deck chairs or inthe flower beds in the sunshine. Now days since it's cold and wet, I nap in the dining room chairs mostly. They are soft and cushy! I leave lots of hair behind! But that's my room and mom says it's OK with her. So life is pretty good for me.

Thanks for watching over me from the Rainbow Bridge, Tony!


Big Deal - Snow

January 11th 2007 11:08 am
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The dogs, Tucker and Sparky, are yipping and yapping about the snow and how much fun it is. I think they are completely nuts! But I really already knew that - after all they are dogs! That white, cold blanket out there really is not fun at all! It covers all the good potty spots - well not all of them - the deck roof does keep snow off some of the OK spots! But it's way to cold to lay in the deck chairs and the flower beds are way off limits! So, it's an indoor day for me today. Sleep the day away in the dining room out of reach of those dogs! Mom is home to supervise, so at least they won't get to chase me around - but I am learning not to run. If I just sit there and growl and hiss at them, then they don't chase me. They will try to get me to play with them - they do the little yippy noise and paw at the rug - but I am the Queen - I do NOT play with doggies!!


On the home front

October 30th 2006 3:21 pm
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Well, things are really going Tony's way at our house. He is gloating because he gets to sleep on the bed with mom and dad and the dogs are in crates at night. I am still, however, not allowed in the bedroom. I make dad sneeze and wheeze. Not fair. The dogs still chase me - but I do have to say it is getting better. Mom has been watching the Dog Whisperer and is learning how to be the alpha dog! Why she wants to be any kind of dog is beyond me - but hey, if she can get them to listen to her when she tells them to leave me alone, than it's OK with me. I still run from them - I know I shouldn't do that, but I just can't help it. I am really afraid they might lick my ears like they do Tony. That cat has no self-respect - he lets them lick his face after he has his breakfast and dinner. Geez! No way would I let them lick my face! But then I don't get my tuna all over my face the way he gets his Fancy Feast all over his! I am a lady and I eat like one. Well, dad says I don't cause I kind of sling tuna all over the newspaper when I'm sitting on it while he's trying to read it. Yesterday I lounged on the Sunday paper while he was reading it. He said I should get my fat bottom off his paper! Imagine that - he called me fat! I am just full figured! Then they turned on the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed all the carpets. Then they got out the carpet cleaner! Well, that was it for me. Bye bye! See ya later doggies! Out the door I went in search of peace and quiet. If that darned puppy, Tucker, and Sparky too, didn't have accidents on the carpet, that wouldn't have been necessary and I wouldn't have been outside in the cold! Not that I minded - I love being outside. I have lots of fur to keep me warm and to keep dad sneezing! And now Tucker knows how to use the doggy/kitty door! So there's no getting away from him! He can follow me outside. Thank goodness he is more interested in dry leaves and sticks (and our pooh!) than me! Really life is pretty darned good. It still hasn't rained much and the sun usually comes out in the afternoons. So I am one happy kitty!
Purrs - Harley


Fall is Here

October 5th 2006 9:12 am
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Well, since Tony got on The Black Cat Shop pages and updated his diary, I guess I should to.

I met a really nice kittie yesterday, her name is Maisie. We are kitty pals now and that is so fun! She is really pretty and she has doggie siblings too. Two of them, just like me. So we have a lot in common. For her sake, I hope that her doggies don't bother her as much as mine bother me. They just love to chase me. I come in the pet door all nice and quiet and slinky and they always manage to see me and come running! If I don't run for the kitchen table really quick like, they chase me all over! I slip through the gates into the dining room sometimes cause I love to sleep on the chairs in there - they are all padded and soft! But those are the only two places in the house where they can't get to me and cause me grief. Mom says all I have to do is stand still and give them a little swipe and a nip like Tony does and they'd respect my space more. But I just can't make myself do it!

There is still some sunny afternoons here, so I can spend some time sunbathing in the yard. That is good, cause Mom took all the cushions in off the deck chairs. It's cold and damp at night now - foggy too - so she was afraid that they would get mildewy. Wonder what mildew is? Anyway, she vacuumed all my hair off them and stuffed them in a closet. So no padded outdoor chairs until probably May or June when the rain slows down and it gets warm again. So until it starts raining for real, I am soaking up as much sun as possible on the cottage stones. I have a favorite spot behind the bird bath! Not only sunny, but once in a while a bird comes around and that is exciting! I don't hurt them, but they don't know that!!


Regarding that new puppy

August 23rd 2006 8:18 am
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Well, that new puppy, Tucker, he's a real pain! Really he bites if given the chance. Mom says it's because he's still a baby, but to me that is just not an excuse! He needs to learn some stuff
#1 I am the Queen
#2 What I say goes
#3 Do not bother the Queen
As soon as he figures these simple rules out, life will be good.
He is a little scared of me and I think that's just wonderful.

Other than that, the summer is just great. I spend my days laying in the flowerbeds or deck chairs. Mom thinks I have lost some weight. Maybe. I do know that I have been leaving lots of hair behind on the deck chair cushions. Mommy can't sit in her chair until she cleans it off! Good Job Harley!!


Another Dog

August 17th 2006 2:44 pm
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We have another dog in the house - his name is Tucker and long-coated chihuahua. What is my mom thinking of? And a puppy to boot! He's not too bad, really tiny so he doesn't seem too scary. I do take care not to get too close though. I think he's just a little scared of me. He will play with Tony's tail, but he doesn't get that close to me. So my position as queen of the house is still in place! That's important. But just to make sure mom knows I'm a bit displeased, I haven't been eating my tuna. Just leave it sitting there in my bowl so it has a nice aroma by the time she gets home from work. Yeah, I think she's gotten the idea I'm not real happy with the new addition to the family. At least Tucker spends most of his time and energy picking on Sparky. I think that is only fair considering the amount of time Sparky has spent chasing me around this house. So all is good. The sun is shining and the flowerbeds are full of flowers giving me lots of great napping spots in the shade. Oregon summers are the best!



August 2nd 2006 11:23 am
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I have been really loving all this hot weather! I have covered all the patio furniture with my fur! My dad hates this as he is very allergic to me. But I think it looks just wonderfurr! Mom will eventually vacuum it all off and then I'll have to deposit some more! I just can't stay indoors when it's so sunny and warm outside. I just love the sun! I have several places in the back yard that are all mine - behind the camilla bush, on the raised bed walls behind the bird bath - yeah, that's a great one! and of course the patio furniture. Tony likes to lay on the hot tub cover, so that's out! Can't get too close to that guy. Just the principle of the thing, nothing really wrong with him. Just that I am the Queen and should have first choice of everything! So I let him have the hot tub - I have most everything else. That sonic thing for the barking dog didn't really bother me too much. Poor Tony though. Man he looked like he might turn white with fear!! Ha Ha not really. Most excitement we've had in a long time! Otherwise just keep that tuna comin' and I'll be quite satisfied with my life. Especially when Dad is home and I can slip past him out the front door when he picks up the newspaper. I don't go far and always let them know when I want back in. Mom doesn't fall for it, but Dad always does. Men!!


Holiday Time

July 5th 2006 12:21 pm
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Mom and Dad were both home for 4 days! Wow. That's the first time I've had them underfoot for that long since Christmas! But it was OK. Got brushed though and that's just wrong! At least she knows when to back off - I just hiss and bite her! It feels good, but there's a limit to how much I am willing to cooperate! It's the principle of the thing. It was really noising outside yesterday. Lot's of kids and noisy things going off outside. So I hung out in the Kitty Condo. Love that barrell thing. Muffles all the noise and I feel all safe and cozy! Best Christmas present Mom ever got me!!

So Tony mentioned that she's bringing home another dog! Jeez what can she be thinking!? Well, I'll put him in his rightful place in no time at all. I run this house and he'll figure that out real quick. I hear he's really cute but so what? Well, he is a puppy so I'll be standoffish and probably just ignore him. As long as he doesn't chase me we'll get along just fine. So there are 6 more weeks of peace then Tucker arrives. Maybe Sparky will chase him instead of me! Hey, that would be good news.

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