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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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A really difficult choice

February 17th 2009 9:32 pm
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Furrriends, my parents have a difficult choice to make about me.

When they found out I had hyperthyroidism, the first recommendation was Radiocat, or radioactive iodine therapy. But my doctors opted for the more conservative approach of pills because my kidney values were not purrfect.

Over time, the medicine became less effective. I am near the maximum dosage now, so my doctors have decided that the benefits of the Radiocat therapy now outweigh the risks because increasing my medicine dosage is really not an option for much longer.

Well, my latest labs indicate my thyroid problem is very bad. The Radiocat place is not certain that one treatment will cure me. Each treatment is over $1,300, but that is money my family would gladly pay twice if they could be more certain my problem would be fixed.

Daddy feels like the medicine will give me more time, but my thyroid levels won't be controlled very well. The Radiocat offers a cure, but the therapy might cure the disease and kill the patient. Or it might cure me and I will be all better for years.

So it's very hard for my family to know what to do. My own doctors said that if I was their cat, they would get the treatment. Mommy and Daddy are very confused.

Please purr that they will be guided to the right choice for me. I love them, and I am pretty sure my Mommy would not even know how to live without me.



January 27th 2009 7:19 pm
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YAY! We are getting a snow and ice storm tonight/tomorrow. I am so excited! When the weather is bad, Mommy won't make the long commute to work and will work from her desk at home instead. That means more Mommy time for me! I hope we get a double dose of storm to make sure it's bad enough to warrant staying home. Of course, we want everyone to be safe, so purrrrrlease be careful in this winter weather!


Getting Radiocatted

January 12th 2009 9:59 am
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I am going to get radiocatted on Feb. 24. I am not worried about it, but Mommy is very worried! The radioactive iodine treatment will cure my thyroid problems though. That will be nice. Mommy is just worried about trading one medical problem for another, but we have to trust in our doctors I guess!

I have to be in the hospital for three whole days with no Mommy or Daddy. They are not allowed to come and see me, since I will be radioactive and all. Mommy will send me to the treatment with my pinkie (pink blanket) so I will feel more at home. I will have a man nurse named Ron who is supposedly God's gift to cats and will call my house every day. Maybe Mommy will ask Ron the man nurse to put me on the phone with her if he can.

Before I go, I need to stop taking my pills for seven days and then get more lab work done and xrays too.

The only good news is that the kittens will get a vacation from me tormenting them!


My New Year's Eve Pawty

January 1st 2009 11:23 am
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Oh my! I just got up today. I was so tired from staying up until after midnight and having a New Year's Eve Pawty!

Mommy and Daddy invited some people over, and Mommy was going to lock Kiki and I up in the guest room. Daddy said NO! He said we should be allowed to come to the pawty too. After all, it's our house too, and we are family. Mommy reminded him of the litter box in the dining room, etc. and Daddy said if anyone does not like it, then TOUGH WHISKERS! Yay Daddy! He ALWAYS takes my side.

So Mommy agreed, and I got my fur brushed and then I helped Mommy find my plaid scarf because I wanted to dress up for the pawty. Janet, the woman who lived next door to the house where Mommy and Daddy found me, came over and was thrilled to see me again. I pranced around the room in my scarf, getting pets and ooohs and aaaahs. I sprawled out in front of the fire, and I was declared the cutest cat ever by all. Mommy beamed with pride and announced shamelessly that I am her favorite pet of all time.

I am very popular with people, but not so much with other cats. I guess I need to work on that during this new year.

On another note, my thyroid problems are so bad now that I am due to get the radioactive iodine treatment soon. Then I won't have to take pills anymore. But my kidney function is not great, so the therapy could send me into kidney failure. The only other option is to increase my meds, but I am too near the max dosage now. Please purr that Mommy and Daddy will be guided to the best decisions for me and that my doctors won't make any mistakes. There is no way my family could live without me!


New cousin!

December 28th 2008 10:59 am
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Meowlo, furrriends! I was so very happy to see Mommy and Daddy come home. I missed them. I have been filling my days with keeping the couch kittens in line. I figured out how to position myself so I can pounce the minute they stick their little kitten heads out!

You might remember that my doggie cousin, Stella, went to the Bridge not too long ago. Well, her family (Daddy's sister) got a new little puppy. Her name is Lucy. Now, my Grandma in CT has a dog named Lucy too, so I am going to get very confused. The new Lucy is five months old and is a miniature Schnauzer.

Mommy is not big on little yip-yip dogs, but she said Lucy is just the cutest. She said she spent all of Christmas just holding her like a little baby! For Christmas, I am told we gave Lucy some teenie Greenies, a sweater, a new coat and a giant dog bone.

Auntie Shelly told Mommy that Lucy has a sister that is available and said Mommy and Daddy should get her shipped to our house. Daddy said NO WAY until Mommy does something about the six cat situation. I can't imagine having a dog that is smaller than me, but there is not much chance of us actually getting one so I won't fret about it too much.


Kissing girls

December 17th 2008 8:45 pm
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I heard there is a rumor circulating that I kissed a girl! NO WAY!!!

What really happened was this. I was stationed by the basement door as usual, hoping to get to sneak down for some basement stiffing.

But instead, there was a big commotion and then this little calico girl flew out of the basement and into the house! She paid me no mind and trotted right past me. Who is the little minx, I wondered?

Mommy said her name is Lilith, but Daddy said I should call her Paris. Then I was even more confused!

I followed her trail into the dining room. I had her cornered by the kitty condo. Mommy yelled to Daddy to watch me and not let me hurt her. Then Daddy said Mommy just had to come right away...he said I was licking Lilith's head. Ok, I confess to licking her head, but I was NOT kissing her! I do not kiss girls! I was simply seeing what her ears and face tasted like.

As Mommy, Daddy and Kiki stood with their mouths agape, I rubbed my face all over everthing and rolled around on the floor, exposing my brown furry tummy.

Lilith was not impressed, so I decided maybe I should have gone with my first idea, which was to punch her. I am telling you, I was so confused. She did not run. I could not chase her. She has no fear of me. She strikes back. I did not lose the fight; I just decided to move on to more interesting things to do.


Playing tricks on Mommy!

December 3rd 2008 4:48 pm
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Today when my Mommy walked in from work, I greeted her at the door as usual, and she said, "Hi Boo-Boo" to me. (I am Boo-Boo.) Anymeow, she did a doubletake and realized that the back door had been unlocked. The painters must have forgotten to lock it. Any how was I standing there at the door when I was locked up in the guest room?

THE PAINTERS!!! OH MY GOD!!! Where was Kiki??? How did we get out of our room??? Mommy ran up the stairs two at a time looking for Kiki. She found Kiki seated on the cat seat next to her desk.

Then Mommy heard something else...typing! It was Daddy! Mommy did not realize he was home because he put his car inside the garage! Ha! Mommy thought the painters had let us escape and left the door unlocked, but she was wrong! She was very happy to be wrong in this case. Daddy unlocked the door and let us out of our room.

I checked out the paint job. It looks nice!

Gilmore came up to check it out too and to see if I had any extra Fancy Feast. I told him no and chased him back downstairs where he belongs!


Where did my couch go?

December 2nd 2008 7:00 pm
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OK, it's bad enough being locked in a room all day with Kiki, but now my couch is gone! The painters moved it and covered it all up so I can't sit on it. That is my favorite place to nap. Sigh.

Mommy has not even gotten our Christmas cards ordered yet. She is sad because Catsy's photo with her pink Christmas tree was going to be on our cards, and now there is no more Catsy.

Well, she can get me my own tree and I will pose next to it! I have been sleeping on Catsy's old blanket with my Mommy. She stole my Mommy for a while, but now I have the big king-sized bed, Mommy and the blanket. Mommy calls the blanket my "pinky" but I told her I can't call it that on Catster in front of my guy friends...especially Calvin!


V-E-T Today

November 14th 2008 6:54 pm
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Today I had to go the vet, so Mommy stayed home from work and worked from home instead. Relatively speaking, I was a good boy! The only unfortunate thing was that the doctor said my bladder was empty so he could not get my pee-pee sample. I decided NOT to pee all over the exam table repeatedly, so Mommy is going to try to collect my sample at home. We'll see how well that goes! The vet said I am such a good boy. I know! I wanted to show Mommy what a good boy I am so she won't trade me in for a basement cat. Looks like I am safe for now.

The doctor said I gained 1/2 a pound and seemed calmer, which is good. It only took three people to get my blood sample this time! We will get results Monday to see if my new thyroid medicine dosage is working.


Kitty wipes

November 3rd 2008 9:49 am
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Mommy is sick today, which is bad, but also good because she gets to stay home with us and do cat stuff! You know, sleeping.

So Mommy and I sat down to watch some teevee. I cuddled up right near her! Then she said, "Eeeew, Mouse! You smell!" She finally realized why I have been more pesty than usual and spend so much time with my head up my...ahem...rear. I needed a kitty wipe!

Usually it is Kiki that needs the wipe, but this time it was me. I was good with for the first few seconds, and then I could not take it anymore. Mommy did help me somewhat. Daddy will have to hold me later so she can do a better job, or maybe I can take of the rest now that she started it for me.

As if that was not enough, she put Revolution on me and Kiki! I hate that stuff! We get it though because we go on the screen porch and occasionally escape. Also, Mommy is worried about the basement cats giving us parasites if they still have any. I have a question. If these cats are dangerous and have cooties and I can't see them, why does Mommy keep bringing them home? And what good is being home with Mommy all day if she is just going to wipe me under the tail and put wet goo on my fur??? I like it better when she is at work!

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