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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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Vet today

October 9th 2009 11:32 am
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This morning I was cuddled up and sleeping in a nice warm place, comfy and can be, and I got snatched and put into a box!

Oh no! It's blood work time! Luckily, my crew from the Boy Cat Club was there to rescue me! Finally...having all these extra boy cats came in handy! Gilmore tried to jump into the box instead of me. He is really proving his worth, practically offering to take a bullet for his Boy Cat Club president. Butters came running to in an effort to reason with/distract Mommy. He told her that I was fine and to let me stay home, but ultimately, I was stuffed into the box and we were off.

I went today to get bloodwork and urine testing in preparation for my second radioactive iodine treatment. The blood is not back yet, but we discovered I have yet another urinary tract infection. The Radiocat place said they will still do my thyroid treatment though, so that is good. I have to take more pills for my infection now. Daddy is going to love that news!

Nothing to do now but wait for the results of the blood. If I get cleared, I will be off to Radiocat for a three day stay on October 20! Butters and Gil had better practice their cat removal prevention moves.


Purrs for Calvin, the best pal on Catster

September 17th 2009 6:37 pm
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Tonight I hope that every cat in Catsterland will purr for everyone's favorite pal, Calvin.

Calvin is adored by all because of the friendship and love he has shared so freely with all cats. Every girl cat wants to be his girlfriend, and every cat Mommy wants to hug that little orange lovemuffin!

Calvin is an inspiration to my family. I know we are both boy cats, but I am not ashamed to say I love him very much.

Please purr that he can have more time with his family before he has to leave us. When it is his time to fly, I know that he and his Mawmee and Daddy will feel in their hearts the love and support of the virtual family that Calvin helped create.


Get well, Calvin!

September 11th 2009 4:47 pm
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One of my very dear friends, Calvin, is sick and in the hospital tonight. Please purr for him and his family. We just adore that guy around here!

Get better right now, Calvin!!!



September 10th 2009 4:03 am
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Meowzer! I am Cat of the Day! I am so happy and excited about this honor. Thank you HQ and to all my friends in Catsterland!


I'm ok

September 9th 2009 10:09 am
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Hi all!

Thank you for your concern about my eye. Mommy and Daddy said it looked better today but Daddy took me to see the doc just in case. He said I probably bumped or scratched it, but that it seemed ok. He gave Daddy some ointment for it. I got my vaccine shots updated. Mommy wanted that over with well in advance of my Radiocat treatment, so it's good that is done.

Oh, and the doctor told Daddy that I behaved the best he has ever seen me!

I am going to get my nap on now!


I have an ouchie

September 8th 2009 1:25 pm
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Last night when I was cuddling with Mommy in bed, she said, "Mouse, what happened to your eye???" I thought it felt funny but never checked the mirror. She said it looked swollen, red and there was a lot of icky stuff coming out.

So I guess this means I am being packed up tomorrow and taken to the doctor. They could not see me today, and now Mommy has to rearrange her whole work schedule to take me. But, she reminded us all, I am worth it!

I am acting otherwise fine. I either have an infection or some sort of injury. We will find out tomorrow.

It's always something!



September 5th 2009 2:52 pm
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Oh my. My little orangie "brother" Gilmore sure has a lot learn about pawlitics! That little pipsqueak thinks he is going to take my place while I am in the hospital and then convalescing from my radioactive iodine treatment next month.

I am the president because I am the oldest AND I have the most experience living in this household. I am not sure who is the next oldest, but Kiki gets the nod for vice president since she has the second most experience, and Butters is more of a...ahem...follower than a leader. He's a nice guy and all, but sometimes I think he's a few Fancy Feast sandwiches short of a picnic...if you catch my drift.

The other cats respect Kiki's authority, except for the occasional breach of protocol from Gilmore, and I have to say she has earned my respect too. You should see her scaring the fur pants off Hazel and Lilith when she has a mind to!

Gilmore is very pawpular around here, but he's just a baby. Ok, so he's a baby with the cutest orange stripey coat and white sleeves and pants. But needs to learn that there is much more to being president than being cute and schmoozing. Perhaps I will be his mentor.

Note to self: Call an emergency meeting of the Boy Kitty club at once!


October 20 I get radiocatted again

September 3rd 2009 8:27 pm
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My Mommy told me that on October 20 I am going back for another radioactive iodine treatment. This should be the final one and the cure I have been searching for. If I don't get the second treatment, I have to go back on pills every day and start all over. My thyroid levels are already increasing.

So once again I will leave the comfort of my home and my pink blanket that was Catsy's and go to live in the hospital for three whole days.

Mommy is terribly scared still about unmasking a kidney issue, but my kidney values stayed the same from before my first treatment to now. My blood will be drawn again on October 9 and urine too just to be as sure as possible that I am still a good candidate.




August 16th 2009 12:28 pm
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Thank you all so much for making my 15th birthday so special!

I got so many pressies and messages!

Thank you to Angel Wally for my birthday photo and the pawsome party hat!

Thank you beautiful Sky and sister Princess Inky for my kiss giftie!

Thank you Calvin, Samoa, Gleek, Sugar, Newman and Violet for my yummy cupcake!

Thank for my rosies goes to:

Hazel Lucy, Chai Latte Capone, Little Bit & Sugar Bear, Lola, Leo, Alex, Annie & Bugsy, Ko, Taz, Jacob, Orvis and Marvel Ann, Garp, Helda, Elvin, Hetty Miep Wainthropp, Squirrel and Merlin!!!

Thank you Muppet, for my crown!

Thank you for the pmails to Princess Lilly Rose, Midnight, Shadow and Hazel Lucy!

Also I want to thank all my friends at Olde Furts and Tabbies with Tudes.

I love all you Catsters! I love Catsterland!

Purrs of love and gratitude,


15 on the 15th!

August 13th 2009 7:24 pm
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My family celebrates my birthday on the anniversary of the day I found my Mommy, who was very sad from just losing her Abby dog.

This year, on August 15, I will turn 15 whole years old! I am very happy excited to have made it to 15. I hope I make it a lot more years because I want to be with my Mommy and Daddy for a meowy long time!

Thank you to Wally for my birthday photo and to Sky and Hazel Lucy for helping to kick off my birthday celebration a little early with gifties!

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