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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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Meowy Christmas and Yappy New Year

December 13th 2009 1:29 pm
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I don't usually do my own Christmas shopping or wrapping. I have a Mommy for that. But I do like to give gifts to people I know and to the occasional non-family pet. Mommy found this Christmas paper at Wal-Mart that says Meowy Christmas and Yappy New Year and has pawprints on it. I told her to wrap all gifts from me in that paper from now on. Now everyone will know which gifts are from me! Aren't I clever?


Blood work results

November 27th 2009 9:43 pm
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Good mews, pals! My blood work was all normal and good from my last doctor's visit! My urine still needs to be retested though, so good luck to Mommy on that! My thyroid was a...ONE!!! Finally!!! This is not the final test to see if I am cured of my thyroid problem, but all signs point to it now.

Our new catsitter was great. Mommy and Daddy had only one bad thing to tell us about their trip down to Florida to visit Grandma Mimi. While they were out on Monday visiting Aunt Shelly, Grandma Mimi's house was burglarized. The burglars took both Mommy and Daddy's work laptops, Grandma Mimi's flat screen tv that we gave her as a gift two years ago, some cash and some medicine that belonged to Grandma. Mind you, Grandma Mimi is completely disabled with multiple sclerosis, and she and her husband hardly had tons of stuff to steal. Nonetheless, the burglars took what little they had, plus the two computers. It is very sad.

Mommy will be even more sad on Monday when she has to redo all of her work. Seems someone did not back up her important work to the network drives and will now be spending from now until Easter recovering from this. Note to all: BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!

Of course, the important thing is that they broke in while no one was home, and so we only lost some stuff that can be replaced. I am purring very hard that the police catch the thieves and find all the stuff, but it's a long shot.

We hope you all had great Turkey Days.


Doctor today!

November 19th 2009 3:09 pm
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Mommy took me to the doctor to drop me off for blood and urine samples. It was to recheck my urinary infection and check my blood panel post-Radiocat. Then they called Mommy and said they really want to work on me on when Mommy is there from now on because I was so...uncooperative. But they were the ones that originally said it was easier for them if I was dropped off! So we are kind of confused and unhappy about this conflicting information. They made Mommy feel like she was just a big slacker dropper off-er of cats! It was their idea!

I did not give up any pee-pee but they got the blood. The doctor agreed with Mommy that I am in pain and don't seem the same. He thinks I hurt my back somehow. So I got a pain injection and supposedly it will most likely resolve itself if I keep quiet. I sure hope so!

Mommy and Daddy have spent so much time and thousands of dollars on me, and all they want is for me to get some pain free years. They want my thyroid cured and for me to be happy and comfy for once! Hopefully we are almost there.


New stripes

November 16th 2009 5:32 pm
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Tonight my Mommy was removing the blue stripes from our hallway since she and Daddy painted the trim yesterday and we don't need the blue stripes anymore.

I came over to show Mommy that I have a new stripe too. It's the same color as the paint! Mommy wondered if the hallway has tabby stripes somewhere now.

When she got to the window, she made a very mad face and said through clenched teeth, "Whose paw prints are these on the windowsill???"

I was quickly ruled out as the suspect because the paw prints were tiny and my big ole mitts don't fit! Mommy thinks it was Lilith, but it's kind of something Butters would do too, and he has little feet. I think my money is on Lilith too!


Catsitting for our Staycation

November 8th 2009 2:25 pm
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We just had a lady come over who is going to be the new person who sits on us while Mommy and Daddy are away! Our old catsitter quit doing it, so Mommy had to find a new one. She did not want to ask Grandma, although she would have done it if needed.

For the week of Thanksgiving, this new woman will sit on us while our folks visit Grandma Mimi in Pensacola.

Mommy was a little unsure of her at first because she works another job in addition to catsitting. (She hopes to someday have enough petsitting business to do only that.) But all doubts disappeared when me, Kiki and BUTTERS appeared to give her our vote. Well, Butters gave the yes vote and then went to hide in the basement. But he never comes out when strange people are around.

She is really nice and will take great care of us. She gave Mommy the price, and Mommy said that if she ever wants to quit her job at Sears (where she has worked for 28 years!) then she better start charging more money, especially for clients with a lot of pets. Now why would Mommy go and say thing like that! We want to keep our money, don't we?

But the catsitter admitted that several clients have told her that she is undercharging, but she loves doing it so much that she hates to ask for more money. We want her to succeed, so Mommy told her to charge more and a couple of other ideas. I am sure she was thrilled to get this unsolicited advice!

Gilmore, Lilith and Hazel had to be introduced via Mommy's Facebook page because they would not come out to say hi. Mommy told the catsitter she might not ever see them in real life. But she has such a nice way with kitties that I bet maybe Lilith will make an appearance.

Hopefully we will like the new catsitter because we need to be left again in February while Mommy and Daddy go on their vacation to Canada. It's a relief to have someone now, and Grandma is nearby in case we need her, but I need to get the phone number and learn how to use the phone! MOL!

Wait a minute! If Mommy and Daddy will be away on Turkey Day, how are we going to get any turkey bits? Note to Self...Call an emergency meeting of the boy kitty club to discuss.


Getting Old

November 1st 2009 2:50 pm
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I thought I was a young-ish 15 years old, but I feel like I got totally old overnight.

Last night I seemed to have more trouble than usual on the stairs, and Mommy thought I was fussing a lot. So she lifted me on to the couch with her, Daddy and Grandma. I was meowing and crying while I paced from Mommy's lap to Daddy's. Finally, I was getting down from Daddy's lap and I put my arm down on the couch cushion, and then I started SCREAMING. My arm hurt so much!

I got down to the floor and was limping and crying. Mommy and Daddy and Grandma were very anxious. I tried to lay down, and I yelped in pain. They decided to let me just calm down, and I got up when I was ready and seemed somewhat better.

I climbed back upstairs (so painful to watch, I am told, but Mommy was reluctant to handle me since she was not sure where I hurt...) and I went to bed.

I stayed in bed all day today, and I have to say I was quite comfortable. When I finally woke up, Mommy carried me downstairs. I went to the bathroom on the floor, maybe because my elbow hurts? But I ate and drank and then went back to bed. If my arm still hurts a lot tomorrow, I might have to go to the doc-doc.

Maybe it's just my arthritis flaring up. I had a fight with Lilith yesterday; maybe she got a piece of me. But don't tell anyone. Sigh. I am such an old man now.


I am home from the hospital!

October 23rd 2009 1:23 pm
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Phew! That was a long time that I was gone! I heard everyone missed me at home. Well, Mommy and Daddy did anyhow. They are everyone I care about.

I have to stay in my own room for a while because I am still radioactive, so those little girl cats will get even a bigger break from me menacing them.

I am glad to be back and am going to take a long snooze on the big bed. In one month I will get a test to make sure I am cured this time!

Thanks for all of your purrs.


Radiocat today!

October 20th 2009 5:46 pm
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Hello Catsters...Mouse's Mommy here.

I checked Mouse in today for his treatment. I did not have the heart to let him take Catsy's pink blankie with him because we would not be able to get it back, but I gave him an old towel that we slept on last night to make it smell like home. It was the towel that was draped over precious Catsy the day I brought her home from the hospital that first day I met her. It felt like having her watch over him.

I met the other Radiocat moms; it seems Mouse will have some nice roommates.

Ron the man-nurse called at 2PM to say everything went fine.

When I got the bill it was a huge shock. The price was 50% LESS than it was last time. Apparently, the second treatment only costs half. Awesome!

He'll be back on Friday!


I have the barfies again

October 17th 2009 3:27 pm
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Well, my pills for my UTI are making my tummy very barfy. For the last three days, I have thrown up nearly every meal. Mommy and Daddy will try to adjust the medicine and give me some tummy medicine to see if it helps. I have to stay healthy for my Radiocat treatment on Tuesday. I am otherwise fine...eating, drinking, etc. but I just have the barfies. :-(


Almost purrrfect

October 10th 2009 7:29 pm
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The icky doc-doc called Momma today to report that other than the UTI, no abnormalities were detected in my pee-pee or blood. Well, except the high thyroid which I am getting cured on 10/20. Even things that used to be borderline abnormal, like my kidneys, red blood cell count, etc. are all within normal ranges now.

My weight is way up too. The doctor says I am a great candidate for the second radioactive iodine treatment, and if I was his little boy, he said he would send me for the treatment.

I sure am glad I don't belong to the doctor. He would probably poke me with needles every day!

The only hurdles left now are the treatment on October 2o and to get my UTI cleared up.

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