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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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I am losing weight :-(

March 9th 2010 7:46 am
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I had to go to the vet today for my B12 shot and to have my weight and ears rechecked. I did really well, but I lost almost a pound since last time, and it has not been that long. They put me on some medicine to settle my tummy in case an upset tummy is why I am losing weight, and Mommy will have to take some of my poops to the vet to rule out a parasite.

I don't know why Mommy is so worried about my weight loss. I thought losing weight was good. Mommy tries (unsuccessfully) to lose weight all the time! Can I help it if it comes naturally to me?

Mommy is also going to poke me with a needle once a week with B12 at home.

I think that since Mommy has been away for two of the weeks since my last weigh-in that maybe I lost weight because she is the one who gives me yummy-yummy Fancy Feast. Without that, my calorie intake was surely less than normal, but we'll see if I can pack that weight back on now that she is home.


I might as well just retire!

February 26th 2010 1:19 pm
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Sometimes I think I might as well just retire as HOH. The other cats are taking over! When I get my very special Fancy Feast Appetizer time, they all come running to get some too. Even Hazel! Some of the bolder ones wait until I go to get a sip of water from the fountain and then scarf down my nummies while I am one step away drinking. Older folks have to eat slower! So then I cry until Mommy gives me more.

Last night, those little devils had a huge CATNIP PAWTY. Even Kiki was in on it. I have lost all respect for her now. Those fresh little kitten cats broke into the basket with the catnip and tore open the whole bag. There was catnip everywhere this morning.

I am going to have to either retire or reassert my position as HOH right now with a big ol' smackdown. I vote for smackdown.


Winter Games!

February 19th 2010 7:09 pm
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My dear Catsters, our whole family missed Valentine's Day this year on Catster, but it was not our fault! Our Mommy and Daddy went away all the way to Canada to ski at Mont Tremblant (downhill and cross-country) and go to the Winter Carnival in Quebec City. There they toured the city, raced their friends down an ice slide like children and stood outside freezing for the special winter carnival parade! Oh, they also toured a castle made completely of ice.

As for us, we were left at home with our heated beds and blankets and our catsitter. I asked her to let us use the computer to send our friends Valentines, but she said no.

Meanwhile, up in Quebec City, Mommy and Daddy were eating in a fancy restaurant where they bring your food and flames to cook it right to your table and they probably said a bunch of mushy stuff. Yuck!

We got back online just in time to find out that Gilmore has been named a Dreamboat in Training by the furtabulous Samoa. You should see him strutting all over the house! Now he wants to use the computer to update his resume right away. You can't say he lacks ambition!

Mommy says it was fun to watch the Olympics in Canada on the tee-vee. We are big winter sports fans and love to see the athletes compete.

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all!


I. Am. Cured.

February 8th 2010 9:12 am
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Yes, you read right. I am cured. I am normal.

My blood work says:

-thyroid cured after TWO radioactive iodine treatments and years of suffering
-no anemia anymore
-no infections
-kidney values normal
-liver values normal

I have a teensey bit of renal insufficiency showing up in my urine only, but that is being treated with Calcitriol. Arthur Itis is still around but I heard when you are almost 16 there is really no getting rid of him. I have to keep taking drops for my ears and Mommy is going to poke me with B12 injections twice a month to give me an added boost.

I am running over to tell Hazel Lucy she can take me off the purr list...FINALLY!!!


The Shark

February 7th 2010 4:41 pm
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We have sharks at our house! Well, one Shark steam mop. I still am not using the litterbox consistently after years of Mommy trying to retrain me and figure out why. Sigh.

Anymeow, every night she has to clean our wood floors to remove pee. She thought the Shark would make that easier and less unpleasant, especially when the pees are dry already. Well, the Shark definitely works and is useful for some things, but the steam mostly just reactivates the cat pee smell, and it does not remove/absorb the whole mess. The result is a smelly, streaky mess. So Mommy's hopes of not having to clean the floor every day on her hands and knees are dashed.

Hey, maybe all this talk of cat pee will get me selected as a diary pick!


The $500 haircut

February 5th 2010 9:35 am
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I am home from the vet and feeling furtastic. I came out of the sedation very quickly and I am quite alert.

I only have one bald spot but the rest of my furs are all combed out now. I got my fur all wiped down with a baby wipe and my nails trimmed. It feels so great to be able to move without my fur pulling my skin. I can already notice a big improvement in how I feel!

The doctors found that both of my ears were severely blocked with ear goop. They cleaned it all out and that is the other reason I feel better now. I have more drops to take and they also gave me a shot of vitamin B12. I think I am going to start getting that at home twice a month now.

I lost almost a pound, but the vet is not worried. She felt my manly mancat muscles and decided I was very solid and not losing muscle mass. In fact, for a kitty that is almost 16, they said I am nearly purrrrrfect.

My pee-pee values have not changed. I still have some abnormal values but only trace amounts of protein being shed in my urine, so chances are that my kidneys, while mildly insufficient, are hanging in there for now.

Blood work will be back Monday, but all in all, all good news. Because of the sedation, blood work, urine analysis, etc. the bill was well over $500. I don't know why Mommy keeps giving the vet all our money, but she says I am worth every penny and more.



February 4th 2010 6:25 pm
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I just heard about the latest outrage that will befall me tomorrow. As if it's not bad enough to have to go to the vet and get my blood sucked and all kinds of other indignities, I will be getting a haircut! Of course, I must be lightly sedated for this to reduce my stress and because I just go crazy mean at the vet.

Since I am older, I can't reach my back furs to groom them. I won't let anyone help me either, like Mommy. It just hurts too much. So now I have big pinchy mats that are hurting me. My coat from the end of my back to my tail is all matted. Also, my nails are way too long. So I am getting a new haircut and my nails done. Does this sound like mancat activity to you? I think not.

Mommy says all men need a little manscaping sometimes and that I will look and feel better when it's done. I guess I have no choice in the matter since she is bigger than me and I will get taken whether I want to go or not!

The only good that will come of this is that Mommy will not drive to her office tomorrow but will stay at home and work there. I will be there to add my two meows to every conference call she has!



February 2nd 2010 4:24 am
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That is what I want to know today after finding out my dear orange friend, Alfie, has been suddenly and cruelly taken from his Mommy and his family and gone to the Bridge. I am physically sick and can't stop crying. I know mancats are not supposed to cry, but Alfie was one of our closest friends. His family has had so much heartbreak, losing Sydney Rose and Wally and now sweet orange lovebug Alfie. I feel angry and afraid and sad and my heart hurts for Alfie's momma and grandpa. I know that life is not supposed to be fair, but this just seems beyond unfair to me.


New toys!

December 26th 2009 9:10 am
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Santa paws was very good to the young kitties in this house! They got new furry mice, a fling-ama-string and a Frolicat! The fling-ama-string is a HUGE hit, with all cats lining up to play with it...even Hazel! Everyone moved out of the way to let me play though because I am still HOH around here. That thing is fun! I played with it for a few moments and then let the youngsters have it back. The Frolicat is good too, but most kitties love the string thing the best.

For Christmas I gave Mommy the gift of sleeping on top of her (I have not been sleeping with her much lately and she was missing me) and Gilmore got under the covers in the bed and let Mommy pet him. Mommy said she loved both of our gifts very much.

Hazel decided to join Gilmore's new undercover kitty club. That is a club for kitties that love to burrow under the covers and sleep all day. I prefer to sleep on top of the covers. But Hazel figured out that she could combine her love of hiding, sleeping and being warm. But when people are in the bed, Hazel leaves, while Gilmore will stay.

This time last year, the kitties Mommy rescued were all hiding under the couch and would not come out. Now three of them sleep with her in the bed. Of course, she still can't pet any of them except for Gilmore, but who knows what next year will bring?

Enjoy all your new toys and pressies!


Renal insufficiency

December 15th 2009 1:11 pm
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Today I got my pee-pee tested and the doctors say I have early renal insufficiency. Time to get on some calitriol. Other than that, my urine was very sufficient and healthy. We are just trying to get ahead of these kidneys of mine since I am 15 now.

I go back for a recheck in January after my medicine has time to work.

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