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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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About to turn 17!!!

August 13th 2011 7:53 pm
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Monday is the day when we celebrate my birthday! I was born in 1994, so that will make me 17 years old.

Momma watches me with a worried face. I am showing my age. Daddy and Mommy are giving me extra lovies and hugs and kissies.

I was sent to my family by Angel Abby, my Mommy's precious dog, the weekend after Abby left for Heaven. I heard Mommy tell Daddy that Abby came to her in a dream last week to tell her that she is coming for me soon. Mommy was very upset by this dream! She wants me to stay here with her. Hopefully it was just a silly dream, because I plan to stick around.

Someone has to be HOH and keep that little Orange Gilmore in line!


Meatloafs and jellybeans

May 1st 2011 4:17 pm
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We all know what a meatloaf is. It's a kitty laying down in a loaf with its paws hidden underneath where you can't see them!

But my favorite new pose is something Mommy calls the jellybean. I lay on my side an curl up like a little letter C. Then I put my hand near or even over my face. Mommy says I look like a cute little bean, and then the term jellybean started! Cas was doing the jellybean today too!

Are you a meatloaf or a jellybean?


I am just fine!

April 5th 2011 2:24 pm
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Aside from some blood in my urine, my test results were all as good as can be expected for an almost 17 year old mancat! The medicine I am taking is slowing down the progression of my kidney disease...for now. I lost some weight, but my weight fluctuates quite a lot, so it is nothing to be alarmed about just yet. I don't have to go back to the doctor for six months! Yiiipeeee!

At home I have been getting friskier. My arthritis slows me down a lot, but I want to do more stuff because I am feeling better and the weather is getting warmer. Mommy says she will continue to baby me like the precious little guy she thinks I am!


Who would have ever thought I would be the GOOD kitty?

April 1st 2011 2:02 pm
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You might have read in my sister Hazel's diary that she and I went to the vet today.

When the door to the exam room opened, there were THREE white coats. They know me so well now that they don't even attempt to get my blood without three of them. I put up a fight, but they seemed to outwit me, and before I knew it, I was on my side getting blood drawn. Mommy collected my urine sample at home, so there was no pee-pee needle this time...THANK GAWD!

My health is pretty good for an old man cat, but my urine still has a little blood. We have to wait for my blood test results to come in and then the doctor will know if I need anything else.

Compared to Hazel, who sent Daddy to the doctor today, I practically had a halo over my head!


I am mostly bald :-(

November 18th 2010 6:00 pm
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Now that I am old, I can't groom my furs that much. My furs got very, very matted. Mommy and Daddy tried to help me, but it hurt too much and I would not let them help.

So today I got packed up and taken to the vet. Butters went too. They gave me something to make me sleepy, and when I woke up, the back of my body was almost bald. I went to get groomed before like this, and they only left one little bald spot and combed out the rest. But this time they cut my fur off. They said they had to because they could not comb it out.

Oh, and I also got something called a bath!

I was very, very irate, to say the least. I am not talking to Mommy or Daddy or any cats right now except for my Catster pals.

I guess I do feel more comfy. I got two pieces of great news today too. I gained one pound, and hurricane Pee-Wee (the dog) is not coming to visit for Thanksgiving after all. His folks decided to leave him home rather than take him flying on the plane.

Humiliated purrs,


Hurricane Pee-Wee

October 22nd 2010 6:23 pm
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I don't spend too much time listening to the ramblings of my mother, but I have heard quite a lot of her yammering at Daddy lately. I did not know what it was all about...something about luggage and new sheets and Thanksgiving dinner...and Pee-Wee. What's a Pee-Wee?

I asked Kiki, who hangs on every word the people here say. She said that for this Thanksgiving, Mommy's Uncle Lou and Aunt Marilyn are coming from Georgia and staying in our house. I said, "What's the big deal about that? I met Uncle Lou before, and he's a cool dude." But then Kiki revealed some disturbing news.

Apparently, Uncle Lou is extremely attached to his Pomeranian dog, and somehow this dog got booked on the same flight as them. Dogs can fly on planes? Who knew? Oh, yes, it will cost extra, but who cares, as long as Pee-Wee gets to come. Pee-Wee!!! His name is Pee-Wee! Oh, brother.

Gilmore said he can't wait to meet Pee-Wee. Mommy told him that she met him already, and he's a great guy. Also, he was rescued from Hurricane Ike in Texas and then found a new forever home in Georgia. He can't wait to ask Pee-Wee all about what it was like being in a hurricane!

Even Kiki started looking forward to meeting him when she found out that he has a job! Yes, he works as a therapy dog. Wouldn't you think that after living through a hurricane that the guy could just chill instead of being forced to work?

I guess he does sound kind of interesting. If nothing else, he will be outnumbered by us kitties seven to one and will not be able to abscond with any of our turkey. With a name like Pee-Wee, how tough can he be?

Purrs of worry...


Tomorrow I turn Sweet 16!

August 14th 2010 8:27 am
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Tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of the day I adopted my family. Mommy put her sweet Abby dog to sleep on Friday, August 13 of 2004, and on August 15, I appeared to help mend her heart. That is the day my birthday is celebrated because I don't know my real date of birth, but we know I was born in 1994, which makes me Sweet 16!!!

Mommy says I have always been sweet, but now I will also be 16. My health is ok, but my activity level continues to decline as Mommy's obsession/worry over my daily activities grows.

My birthday wish is for lots more time with my family and for all Catsters and their people to get past any troubles they are having. I guess that is a lot of wishes, but I think when you are 16 you should get lots of birthday wishes and they should all come true!


Weekend in jail

August 2nd 2010 5:01 am
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At my age, I did not know it was possible to still spend the weekend in jail, but I did. What was surprising was that I did nothing wrong and still had to go to jail! I had plenty of cellmates though because every cat was locked up for almost the whole weekend so Mommy did not have to worry about open doors and windows while searching for our lost Gilmore.

But the man finally decided to come home, and then Mommy opened up all the jail doors and cats went everywhere. Most of us went to say hi to Gilmore. He smelled familiar but different. He smelled like the places I used to go when I was a young mancat.

When I decided to retire for the evening to the guest room bed, Gilmore came too just like always. Don't tell ANYONE, but I am secretly glad he is home, and not only because I got out of jail.



July 31st 2010 8:40 am
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All of us cats are full lockdown until further notice! Last night, Castiel and Gilmore decided to jump out an open window that Daddy left open with no screens. Cast is home, but Gilmore is still missing. Mommy wants to keep all the doors and the window open for him to return, which means everyone else has to stay locked up! I wonder why Gilmore is the naughty one and we all have to stay in jail.

If you can spare any purrs for my orangie brother, please keep him in your thoughts. He needs to come home. Mommy and Daddy are heartbroken.



July 22nd 2010 8:01 pm
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We sure have had some wild weather this summer in Connecticut! It's been so very hot. I am so glad Daddy put the window AC units in so I can stay cool and comfy. Of course, the electric will be unthinkable.

Yesterday there was a tornado in the town where my Mommy works in Bristol, CT. As my pal Calvin would say...wowza!!! Thankfully she was home minding the construction crew at our house. You should see the big excavator and backhoe in the yard! Gilmore thinks he is going to be allowed to drive one of them. He is so silly and orange, but he just stares out the window longingly at the machines. He thinks he's such a big mancat that he could do the job for Mommy.

All the cats have emerged from hiding after a day of hammering and drilling and house shaking. We are having lots of noisy work done on our yard. We hear jackhammers and equipment all day long. We are getting more used to it, and as soon as we hear the contractors' trucks pulling away down the street, we all know it's safe to come out.

Poor Cas is terrified of noises of all kinds. Mommy has had to pry him out of Daddy's barbecue cabinet where he hides and rolls himself into a tight ball of terror. We have had a lot of thunder too, which really upsets him. Yesterday he went to the vet for his boosters. He got more than he bargained for when he got his teeth scraped. He is gaining weight and is already very big...he has to stop gaining weight. Other than that, he is a very healthy and almost 18 pound hunk of mancatliness.

Mommy is leaving us alone with Daddy starting Sunday to go on a business trip to Orlando. I hope he remembers to feed us! I will put Gilmore in charge of reminding him I think.

Your pal,

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