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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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The results are in

January 22nd 2008 6:07 pm
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Today the lady from the v-e-t office called Mommy at work. I wish I knew how to do that. I would call up Mommy at her work and tell her, "MeeeeOOOWWW!"

The lady told Mommy that my thyroid values have gotten so much worse that they wonder if I am taking all my pills. Mommy said it's Daddy's job to give me the pills, and she is sure he always remembers. I actually do remind him when he forgets! So I have to go up another notch on my meds.

My kidneys are still not performing well enough to make me a good candidate for Radiocat, so I might have to take these pills forever.

I am going to remind Daddy now to pill me for tonight. I wonder if he can show which buttons to press to call my Mommy.


My day at the v-e-t

January 21st 2008 12:08 pm
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Well, Mommy took me to vet today, and she had to leave me there because they didn't have any appointments open when she called.

They did the usual round of terrible things to me. Then they decided they needed to call Mommy to get her permission to take a chest x-ray. They wanted to sedate me so I would hold still. Mommy reluctantly gave her permission for the sedation.

The last time I was sedated (by a no-good vet we don't see anymore) I did not come out of it for days. Daddy was so afraid I would die that he insisted he and Mommy get a new cat right away. That is how Kiki joined our family.

But the vet assured Mommy I would only get a little sedatation via gas, not general anesthesia.

Later they called Mommy and said I was ready to go home. They figured out a way to get the x-ray without sedating me, and that is why Mommy loves these cat doctors.

The x-ray was to check my heart, and my heart is good. I tried to tell them I had a good heart, but they would not listen and took their pictures of it anyway.

So they still do not know for sure why I cough. My heart murmur is still grade 3. My pee-pee had no crystals. The doctor will call tomorrow with my blood work and other pee-pee tests.

Mommy had a surprise when she picked me up. It was Daddy! He carried me and put me in the car. When we were all in the car, he said, "Over five-hundred dollars!!! Really??? We could just buy a bunch of new cats for all that money!!!" Mommy told him to not say such things in front of me, but I knew he was mostly joking. Mostly.


Going to the v-e-t tomorrow

January 20th 2008 9:04 am
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I heard Mommy telling Daddy that tomorrow I am going to the v-e-t. She also told him she is not happy because instead of giving us an appointment, they said they were booked and she could just drop me off in the morning instead for me to get my blood and pee-pee taken again. I don't want my Mommy to leave me there, but it's her only day off from work while the cat doctor is open. I hope she will come back for me and does not decide to leave me there.


Worst habit!

January 14th 2008 2:40 pm
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There is a poll on the home page where you can chose your worst habit! Well, I have so many bad habits, I don't know which to choose!

Tearing up furniture? Check.

Shedding? Check (Although one could argue this is not a habit!)

Knocking things over? Check

Scratching people? I did not know that was an option! Cool!

Missing the litterbox? Puhleese! I hardly ever use the litterbox, and I do not miss it at all!

They failed to list my most annoying habit...yes, more annoying than not using the litterbox. Excessive meowing! I sure do love the sound of my own meow! And when I meow, I better get an immediate response!


Not ANOTHER cat!!!

January 11th 2008 7:40 pm
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Tonight I heard Mommy tell Daddy that she saw a little orange and white kitty at work two times now. Both times, he was just running around the campus grounds. Today he had snuck behind a fence where they had a construction area for the cafeteria addition, and he was running around in the mud and puddles.

Mommy told Daddy she desperately wants this cat, but how can she catch him? He just trots along very quickly and shows zero interest in people. Maybe someone is feeding him? Mommy can hardly go to work with a cat carrier and does not have the time to try and lure him while she is at work. At night, it is dark!

Well, it would be really hard to catch him, and Daddy said...NO MORE CATS! WE ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY CATS!!! I am with Daddy on that one, assuming he means Kiki and Catsy fall into the "too many" category!


Diary Pick Today!

January 9th 2008 6:53 pm
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I am so happy and proud to be a daily diary pick today!

Thank you so much to Kay and Lucky for the pmails. Thank you to Wally and Family, Calvin and Family and Diego and Family for the rosettes! I appurrciate each and every one!


Who let the claws out?

January 7th 2008 7:00 pm
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Tonight my Mommy and I watched a cool show about lions! You should see those guys! Wowie! I was on Mommy's lap, and she kept marveling at the lions. She loved their big paws, their roars and their shiny coats. Well, I wanted to remind her that I have have big hands too! I let out a roar and placed one of my big hands on her arm, then let the claws out! Mommy said, "Owie, that hurts, Mouse!" Well, I can't have her thinking that I am not as fierce as those lady lions on the teevee.

The weather got so warm here that I can go on my porch again for a bit. I love it! Mommy loves it too because she can let Catsy out, but mostly Catsy wants to just stay in her bed.


Peace on Earth. Can it Be?

December 21st 2007 6:01 pm
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Meowlo, Catsters! I am just catching up on my correspondence before Mommy and Daddy leave for Grandma Mimi's house and I can't get on the computer!

Mommy is having each of us put a special song on our page. I picked Mommy's favorite Christmas song ever. It's about peace on earth. I wish people would learn to be nicer and more tolerant of each other and of animals.

This has been a tough year for me, but I hope the next one will be better! Maybe I can finally get Radiocat this year and be cured of all of my ailments. I am looking forward to winter nights in front of the fire and also to when it's summer again and I can go on my porch all day again.

I feel sad for all the families of cats who are not with us any longer. I hope they will find some comfort and peace. Remember, we will see them again someday. As Catsy's best friend, Sky, always is promised!

Peace and love to all my friends in Catsterland!


Deck the halls with meow-meow-meow-meow

December 19th 2007 4:30 pm
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I sure do love to meow a lot! I meow so much that Mommy started to meow along with me. She sings "meow" in place of all the words of Christmas songs. I am her inspiration!

Can you guess this one?

Oh, meow meow meow, oh meow meow meow
How meowy are you meow meows?

I have a much better voice than Mommy, but it's still fun to meow together.


Holiday Princess Time

December 9th 2007 11:44 am
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Last August, when Mommy and Daddy went to Cape Cod, they bought Kiki and I some Christmas flair to wear on our collars! Mommy actually remembered she had them AND was able to find them!

So last weekend, when Kiki and I got our new Christmas collars, Mommy put our new tags on.

Mine says "Meowy Christmas" and Kiki's says "Holiday Princess". Mommy and Daddy said that Kiki is Daddy's little princess, and I am very Meowy, so the tags suit us just right!

Speaking of holiday princesses, Mommy came home with a Christmas tree yesterday...for Catsy! Stay tuned for photos coming of Catsy with her very own tree...probably next week some time.

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