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Me Me Game

May 24th 2007 10:28 pm
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I was tagged by Bruce.

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write about themselves (the seven random facts) as well as the rules in their diary. You need to select seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment (via p-mail) telling them that they've been tagged and that they need to read your diary for more information.

1. I tested positive for FeLV when I was six weeks old. Later I tested negative (when I was six months old.)
2. I can play feather toy by myself. I grab the wand end and twirl around trying to "catch" the feather end.
3. I don't like my hind quarters touched. I will bite!
4. I like to play fetch.
5. When I'm hungry in the morning, I wake up Dad by jumping on him.
6. I like to eat a lot of human foods, among them, Baked Lays potato chips (I don't get those often!)
7. I like to burrow under the area rug and play.

Cats I'm tagging:
Atari (In Loving Memory)
Angel Missy


My 1st Birthday!

April 5th 2007 12:50 am
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My mom and dad are going to throw me a little party for my 1st birthday. It's a special day, not just because it's my first birthday, but also because of what we all went through wondering whether I was FeLV+ or not. Mom is so greatful that I am healthy and she wants to celebrate!

My party is going to be on the 27th (my birthday is the 25th) as that is Mom and Dad's day off together. Mom will take pictures and post them on my page. I'm looking forward to it!



Please vote for Bob and me!

December 17th 2006 10:37 pm
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Bob and I are entered into a photo contest; we are up for kitties of the year. We need your help :) Please vote at:


Hide and Seek!

December 15th 2006 11:37 pm
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Today I scared my mom and dad very badly! I was nowhere to be found for almost three hours. They had gone out Christmas grocery shopping for just a short while and when they left I was laying on the couch. When they got back I wasn't in immediate sight. They thought maybe I was sleeping and Mom went about putting away the groceries.

Some time later they realized I wasn't coming out from the bedroom or wherever I was resting. They started looking for me. I wasn't in my usual sleeping (or hiding places I'd been using since my spay surgery.) After awhile they started getting very nervous. They turned over the couches, looked in every nook and cranny, even took apart the bed and looked under the boxsprings. No sign of me!

Mom started getting upset and worried--perhaps I had slipped out when they got home? Though, they are always careful. She and Dad took turns going outside and calling for me. Nothing. Then, around 7:00 mom came back in from having been outside looking with the flashlight. She saw me under the coffee table by Dad's feet. (He was on the laptop computer.) Mom said, "There she is right there!!" Dad had not noticed me approach.

They were so happy to see me! Mom started crying. You see, she had imagined me all alone out in the cold, hurt and in recovery from my surgery. Eventhough I'm microchipped, I won't wear a collar, so someone might not know I have a home. She was doubly worried because we live right next to the street and I've never, ever been outside alone.

Anyway, obviously I was in the house the whole time! Where, they have no idea. And I'm not tellin' ;)




December 15th 2006 7:43 am
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I'm sleeping right now; Mom gave me my pain medication about a half hour ago. This is the most relaxed she's seen me since I got home yesterday! I did okay during the night. Mom slept on and off, checking on me every so often as I rested inside the closet.

She hates to have to take me back to the vet this morning because I have to go back into my carrier and I am associating that with unpleasant things! However, I have to have my incision checked, so it can't be avoided.

Meow later!


My tummy hurts!

December 15th 2006 1:55 am
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I'm sorry that Mom forgot to write in my diary when I got home this evening, but she got busy taking care of me. She put me in my crate when we got home and I wanted no part of it. I paced and paced, meowed and complained until she let me out!

She gave me a small portion of gourmet wet food she bought for me (she bought the most appetizing food she could find in case she needed to entice me to eat.) I was ravenous and ate it up, no problem! The vet told her to just give me a little bit to see how I would do. Mom waited and fed me again a few hours later and I ate very well! And, I did not throw it up :)

I felt really good on the pain medication until about midnight. Now Mom thinks I feel confused as to why my tummy hurts because I am alternating between hiding out in the closet, pacing back and forth, and coming to my family for loving.

I keep licking my tummy trying to make it feel better, but it doesn't help much. I'm not due for another dose of pain medication until the morning and Mom is worried. She won't be able to sleep tonight for all the worrying she is doing! But, she is keeping an eye on me in case I need to make an emergency trip to the vet. So far, so good though.

i'll meow with you later in the morning after I get back from my checkup.



Post Script...

December 14th 2006 1:02 pm
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When Mom called the vet this morning and described what happened last night, they felt it was okay to go through with the spay since I didn't eat much if any of the huge doggie treats (they were the big kind that look like bones with soft stuff in the middle) Also, enough time had gone by since the "incident" for it to digest.

Anyhow, I'm in recovery from surgery right now. They said I did wonderfully through the surgery! I get to come home at 5:00 pm pacific standard time. :) I will let you know how I am doing then.



Boy am I in trouble!

December 14th 2006 2:26 am
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Mom is mad! When Dad got home from work after midnight, Mom had commented to Dad on how uncharacteristically quiet I had been for the past hour. She thought I was sleeping in preparation for my big day tomorrow (Thursday) getting s-p-a-y-e-d.

Well, Dad went into the bedroom and found two ripped open plastic grocery bags, toys strewn about, punctured cat treat bags, and a ripped open dog treat bag with pieces of treats in a trail across the floor (the dog treats were for my grandma's dog for Christmas.)

What this is all leading to is the fact that I wasn't supposed to eat anything after 8:00 pm last night because I am supposed to be S-P-A-Y-E-D this morning at 8:00 am.

I can explain: a couple of weeks ago I saw these yummy treats and toys in grocery bags that mom had hung on the back of the bedroom door. She saw me pawing at the bags and said, "You can't see that, it's from Santa!" And I saw her hide the bags up in the closet. Last night I figured out how to get up to the top level and I snagged those puppies (no pun intended!)

So, now I got out of being spayed, aren't I a smart girl! MOL Mom assured me I haven't though, because she's calling the vet in the morning and rescheduling for two weeks from today. RATS!



I'm getting spayed!

November 30th 2006 11:13 pm
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Mom said I am getting spayed on Thursday, December 14th. I am going to get the pre-op bloodwork, fluids during and after, and pain medication. I can tell my mom is very nervous about it, but she assures me it will be all right. I am looking forward to being babied afterward :)



I tested negative on my FeLV (IFA) test!

November 9th 2006 10:28 am
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Hi Everycat,

I got my results back on my IFA test today. I am negative for Feline Leukemia! As far as the vet is concerned I have a clean bill of health! (Sometimes the FeLV virus can hide in the bone marrow and a kitty will test negative for FeLV, but the vet does not feel this is the case with me because I was so young when I had my initial FeLV test -- it was a "faint positive" on the ELISA test I took back in June.)

Thank you everycat for your concern and caring. It means so much! The next step is for me to get spayed. Mom says it will be soon. I will let you know the date.


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