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Tagged by Jacqui for Valentines Day

February 5th 2010 5:24 pm
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Lucy Lui's pretty new sister Jacqui tagged me for the Valentine’s Day Tag.

1. Do you have a valentine?
I hope so. I've sent her a card :)

2. If not, do you wish you did? Is there anyone particular? Or would you rather be single? Why?
I hope there is. I guess I'll find out.

3. What's your favorite love song? Who sings it?
Save the Last Dance for Me - The Drifters

4. What would be a perfect Valentines Day for you?
I think I'll have to agree with Jacqui on the sleep ... food .... sleep. Not sure about play.

I tag the following 5 furriends:

Reeses Thomas #175774
Ethan #117611
Pooh Bear #507343
Alfie #694536
Ka - zar The Aussie Meowster #604179


Sisters update

February 1st 2010 9:13 pm
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Well, the household is settling down. Freya is still very excited that she has kitty sisters. They came out from under the bed this morning with just Mum in the room to eat some breakfast and have a drink of water. They have been using the kitty litter in the bedroom - it is still set up from when Allie had his operation. And, more importantly, they were rubbing up against Mum and purring. First purrs.

They still hiss when they see us, and retreat to under the bed. We are just curious, and once they are used to our presence they will hopefully settle down. Mum reckons Schooby is very much like Utu, although their colour is quiet different. She has eyes like Utu, and her personality seems similar - very sweet natured.

Molly is about 13 or 14, and is a little more timid. They are both so tiny compared to us. Mum will have to weigh them and put their weights up on their pages. She reckons the two of them together wouldn't be half me - I don't think I'm THAT heavy. Just big boned. I do like having two more feed bowls to clean up though. Mum says she will have to watch that. I just have to beat the dogs to them cos they are in the bedroom.

On Sunday Mum went to the pet shop and got another litter tray - a tall, enclosed one for the verandah so it won't get wet if rain blows in. She also got two sleeping cubes so they could feel enclosed and safe, but so far they haven't used them. Neither have we. But it is summer and hot. Boxes are better. They are cooler. We like the boxes Mum's Amazon books come in. She also got some Felliway for the bedroom. Didn't stop Allie spraying when she tried it ages ago, but might help Molly and Schooby feel calmer. Worth a try.


Day 2

January 30th 2010 6:42 pm
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The girls are in the bedroom under the bed, avoiding us. They spent the night there. Mum thinks they should be left to settle down, and that they will venture out and investigate their new home when they want to.

We all slept in the bedroom last night, so they weren't scared of the dogs. However, Schooby has a scratch on her nose, and no one is owning up. Molly was in the lounge room this morning, so she obviously left the bedroom without being chased or Mum would have woken up.

It must be a bit traumatic, coming into a multi-cat, multi-dog household, so I guess it will take them a little while to get used to us.


The Down Under Gang + 2

January 30th 2010 12:16 am
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We've had girls come to live with us. Molly and Schooby are the cats of a woman who used to be a work colleague of Mum's. They're still friends on Facebook. She is moving to England to live, and wanted Molly and Schooby to stay together. Mum said she would take them if another home couldn't be found. DAD DOESN'T KNOW YET. Mum thinks it is something she should tell him in person.

Schooby is Utu and my litter sister - and of course Foxey's - he is at the bridge, as is another brother who went to live with someone else.

They are on the verandah at the moment. It is enclosed and the security door is shut so The Muttley Crew can't upset them. You should have seen Freya trying to get through the cat door - her head won't even fit, let alone the rest of her.

Utu and Allie have hissed a bit. Marmie and Smokey did the fluff up to twice normal size. I wouldn't even say hello to my cat mummy's mummy. Our Mum Tully disappear a long time ago.

As the sages' say, may you live in interesting times.

It must be getting around dinner time - I'd better go remind Mum we need feeding, just in case she forgets like Dad did a couple of times while she was away. Can't take chances.


Concats - Muffy COTW

December 29th 2009 4:43 am
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My furrend Muffy is Cat of the Week. We are all sooo thrilled for him Down Under. The honour couldn't go to a nicer cat.

If you get a chance, drop by and concatulate him:

Orange cats Rule!!!!



December 9th 2009 7:08 pm
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I have been tagged by Roo, so here are the answers to his questions:

1 do you belive in santa paws? why

Of course. Where else would the toys and food come from.

2.have you been naughty or nice?

I am always nice. I snuggle up with Mum and keep her warm on the hottest nights.

3.what would you like santa paws tobring you? why

Hmmm - I always like food - prawns, ham, turkey, chicken. A robot brush for when Mum's arm gets tired would be good. I love being brushed. I purr and stick my tongue out.

4.what is you favorite christmas carol.

On the first day of Catmus, my true love sent to me a glitter ball hanging from a gum tree

5 what is your favorite movie.

The Cat From Outer Space - go Jake!!! Orange cats rule!!! I like Rhubarb from the movie of the same name, too.

I have tagged:

Reeses Thomas
Louis Le Beau


Nearly Halloween

October 24th 2009 3:20 am
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Well, October is almost over. Utu and I are 8 now, and Alex is 18.

Funny how life is marked by celebrations and remembrances. The year is nearly over - we have Halloween (which isn't all that huge in Australia, although the shops are trying hard. They'd do better with Mum if they had more black cats and less bats or pumpkins - not that she has anything against either). That will be followed by the anniversary of the deaths of our grandma (Mum's mum) and Seany's hooman mum in November. Then Christmas, New Year and it all starts again.

I'm in a philosophical mood - life looks kinda circular - like Valkyrie chasing her tail. We keep chasing stuff, but we never quite get it.

But one thing I HAVE got - that's how wonderful everycat on Catster is, and what a wonderful global community it is. We have friends close to home and further away than I can imagine.

Today is Caturday - and I think every Caturday we should reflect on how lucky we are to have found our hoomans and they us. My new slogan is "Don't hate and make war - pat cats and feel the purrrrrrr".

Next Caturday is Halloween. I hope everyone has a frightfully good week, with lots of cuddles, purrs and love.

PS - I haven't been hitting the nip, either :)


Happy Birthday to me - and Utu, too

October 10th 2009 2:13 am
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One more sleep and Utu and I will be 8 years old. Mum says another 2 years and we'll be considered senior cats. Not by me, I can tell you. I'm just one big boned kitten at heart, MOL.

Mum says it seems like only yesterday Foxey (at the Bridge), Utu and I were climbing her mosquito net and playing at the top just near the ceiling. Such a long way up for such tiny kittens. She even bought a new mosquito net when Smokey and Marmalade came along, so they could have such fun too.

And we had Sieglinde to watch over us, and the babies have Freya. Rottweilers make good nannies.

I'm so excited, cos I know we'll get a special birthday dinner - chicken I hope - nah, I know. Cos it is our favourite. I like prawns, but Utu and Alex aren't so keen so Mum will get something everyone likes.

Well, I'm off to nap now and dream of chicken, and cat nip and cuddles. All good things start with "C" - Mum agrees (chocolate, coffee, cheesecake). MOL

Purrs to all our furrends in Catster Land!!!


Ice Cream Game

June 27th 2009 5:50 pm
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The handsome and talented Louis LeBeau tagged me to play the ice cream tag game.

The idea is to name my favorite Ice Cream. Goodness. I do love milk and cream and ice cream. I probably like vanilla best cos it tastes most like milk.

The 2nd part of this tag is to name a flavor of ice cream that best suits us. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a real ice cream. I would like prawn ice cream cos I love prawns, but I don't think you can get that. Evidently the Japanese have fish ice cream (see ors-from-around-the-world). Mummy's favourite is Chocolate Decadence which is chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits in it.

I will now tag the following furrends for this Ice Cream Tag. I can't tag Reeces or Muffy cos Louis already has, so

Hazel Lucy
Lucy Lui

Purrs, Ra


Trip to the Vets

March 27th 2009 6:20 pm
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Mum took us to the vets today for our annual vaccinations. Utu protested very vocally the whole way down and back in the car. I was more resigned and just sulked. He cleaned our teeth, shoved worm pills down our throats, checked our ears and jabbed a needle in us. It was all so traumatic, I just had to have a sleep when we got home. There better be something nice for dinner to make up for the indignities heaped upon us. I'm glad it only happens once a year!

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