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KiKi's Squeakings

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Rainy days

June 18th 2009 3:35 pm
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I can't remember how long it's been since I went out for a walk. The rain just won't stop. My Daddy promised to take me. I heard the weather gal say it was going to be nice tomorrow..I'll have to let Dad know. Oh well,
I think it's time for dinner anyway and then a nap.


Doing my part!

May 31st 2009 12:44 pm
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Early this morning, I was hacking up a fur ball, instead of throwing up on the rug, I thought I'd help Mom out so I ran all the way downstairs to throw up on the hardwood floor, Mommy thought that was considerate of me. I'm just doing my part, I try to help out Mom any way I can.


Napping inside

May 24th 2009 12:16 pm
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Daddy ask me if I wanted to go sit on the deck with him to watch the birdies, I said no thank you, it's too hot. I'll be inside napping. The birdies will have to wait til later! I'm no dummy afterall.

Wishing all my friends a safe and Happy Memorial weekend!


How I got in trouble!

May 5th 2009 12:28 pm
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Hola Amigos, and Happy Cinco de Mayo..

Daddy and I were sitting on the deck last night, as he was coming back inside he had left the sliding glass door open for just a minute as his hands were full. Can you imagine what happen next...A little finch birdie flew right inside the house. I jumped up and got'em by his wings and wanted to play with him. Daddy quickly grabbed the birdie and took him away. Mom & Daddy were sad about the birdie as they always take care of their feathered friends, I was sad cause they took him away from me, after all that was the best catch I had in a long time.


Quiet, Please!

May 1st 2009 12:38 pm
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I sure miss the quiet days I use to have around here. I went walking down the basement the other day and my feet got a little wet. Mom told me our hot water heater was on the fritz and we had to get another one. Dad was downstairs using that loud shop vac. They didn't have the hot water heater in stock so they had to order it. It finally came today and I've been hiding under the sofa. When it was quiet again I wanted to go sit on the deck, when I did the lawn guy stopped over and made all kinds of noise. Sam don't mind he always greets the intruders and makes sure they are doing the job right, if not he reports back to Mommy. I sure hope I can catch up on my rest this weekend.


I didn't do it

April 27th 2009 6:59 am
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It sure was a hot weekend..Where did spring go anyway?! For the past few weeks I have been watching two robbins making a nest from my window in our cherry tree. They sure were busy making that pretty nest. Yesterday I looked out and it was knocked to the ground and her three little blue eggs were smashed. I don't know if it was the wind that knocked it over or maybe a squirrel. I am going to miss watching them. I'd probably be the one Mommy and Daddy would have blamed beings I use to do that alot, but it wasn't me this time.


Happy Easter!

April 12th 2009 2:57 am
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Wishing all my Catster friends a Happy Easter!


Three Candles

April 9th 2009 7:52 am
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This morning I woke up to the smell of more paint, although I wish it were turkey instead. I still can't locate my sofa though. I know it's around here somewhere. The kitchen is almost done. That's good news! We have our windows open and I'm spending time out on the deck, it's a super nice day and it's our 3rd Catster Annifursary. I am so happy to be celebrating our Annifursary with all of my friends. I love Catster and especially all the wonderful friends I've made here. Thank you so much for your sweet rosette messages, voki's and pmails. I sure do appreciate you and hope you will stop by and have some cake!

Love Aways;



Missing my sofa

April 5th 2009 1:59 pm
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Boy it sure is a nice day to be outside in the sunshine, so where have I been? Napping in bed..cause it's nice and quite there. Mom & Daddy have been painting the living room and my cozy sofa isn't where it should be. I tried looking for it but couldn't find it. Daddy told me he'll put it back soon but then the kitchen is next. I hope they don't move the refrigerator and microwave too far cause I want my dinner warm and on time, Daddy says I'm very demanding..


With or without the blanket

March 14th 2009 12:50 pm
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Mom was wondering why I was meowing and meowing all around the house and not napping on my usual spot on the couch anymore, you see I've enjoyed many wonderful naps on my blanket on the couch. Well.. I've decided that I don't want the blanket on the couch. I've tried protesting about this by pacing back and forth squeaking & meowing. She finally got it thru her thick skull and removed the blanket. Now I'm fast asleep, feet in the air and snoring usual. Thanks Mom for understanding cat language finally, Daddy would have never been able to figure it out!

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