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KiKi's Squeakings

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Pirate tag game

September 17th 2010 11:09 pm
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I've been tagged by Cap'n Black Zack

1. What is your Pirate Name? King Bud Palmore

2. Do you have a Ship? If so what is the name of your
Ship? The name of my ship is The Lady Andelaria-

3. Do you have a Treasure Map? Aye!

4. What is the Lost Treasure? A big bowl of fresh cat nip

5. Are you a Mean Pirate or a Kind Pirate? I'm Kind

6. Have you ever made anyone walk the plank? Not yet

7. Do you have a Pirate Page? Aye!

8. Do you have a Pirate Picture? Aye!

9. Do you know How to Talk Like a Pirate? Aye!

10. Are you ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day? AYE!

I'm not sure who wants to be tagged, but if you want to play consider yourself tagged!

Thanks *Zack* fur tagging me, I hope you find lots of treasures!


Scaredy Squeakers

September 16th 2010 3:16 pm
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Man! What does a cat have to do around here to get a little sleep? Early this morning and yesterday there were people working on our street with big bulldozers and jackhammers and all kinds of big noisy machines. It was so loud and I didn't no where to run!
I think there all gone now and they will probably be back tomorrow cause our street is a big mess. I think I heard Dad say there repaving the street, I don't know what all that means but now on top of that we're having a big bad thunderstorm.
I sure hope I can catch up on some much needed sleep and eat soon, as I've missed breakfast and lunch too. I'm getting tired of hiding behind the sofa.

Last night I was napping out on the deck and a real pretty orange and white long haired kitty was taking a walk in my back yard, I growled and growled. Mom quickly came to my rescue and brought me in. Mommy said she was so pretty and very clean so we're hoping it's a neighbor's kitty. I sure hope Mom doesn't start feeding that kitty, cause I'm the king of this castle around here.

Scaredy Squeakers


Party pooper

September 13th 2010 11:44 am
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The weather sure has been nice lately, the windows have been open and my Brother and I have been in every one. In the evening, I like going out on the deck where there are lots of bugs. The grasshoppers & crickets were jumping and flying all around our screen door, I paw at them from the outside while my Brother paws at them on the inside. We really had a good thing going on until Mom showed up and said it was time to close the door, she said something about the screen door getting ruined. If the screen door got ruined all those bugs could be in the house, Oh Boy! Why does Mom have to be such a party pooper? We were having so much fun!

I'm also sending purrs to my Grandpaw in Illinois who is in the hospital with pneumonia. He's doing a little better today.


Play time

August 19th 2010 2:18 pm
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I've been enjoying going outdoors in the early evening with Mom, we go out to the garden where there's lots of fresh catnip I roll around in, then the sidewalk, and of course I like to check out my favorite scratching post, my favorite tree. I sometimes climb half way up the tree but Mom usually stops me. I give Mom a hard time when I have to go inside and she usually has to run around the yard a few times before she grabs me. She needs her exercise too! Then I sit by the door and cry to go back out. She usually winds up giving me treats but I know she's trying to distract me. I'm pretty smart afterall.


Hi Friends!

August 8th 2010 6:59 pm
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I'm glad to finally update my diary. Mommy and Daddy were on vacation with Mommy's sister, and my Brother and I were on staycation here at home with a kitty sitter. Mommy came home not feeling so good, I thought she had fleas or something because she was itching and very swollen. Mom has hives she went to the Vet's, I mean Doctors to get a shot and she's feeling a little better now. I hope I never get those.

I've been having a good summer so far. Mommy promised me a purr-fect Birthday one day this week. I hope that includes a lot of cuddle time.

I want to thank my friends for the thoughtful Birthday pmails, rosettes, gifts and shout outs. They meant a lot, I'm very lucky to have such caring friends. I hope you are all doing well.


KiKi aka Squeakers!


Happy Memorial Day

May 30th 2010 11:40 pm
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Happy Memorial Day! ♥Honoring and Remembering the Bravehearts ♥

I wish all my friends a Happy and safe Holiday and thanks so much Catster and friends for the yummy food on my page. I've been enjoying it!



Happy Mommy's Day!

May 9th 2010 3:05 pm
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I wanted to meow to all my Catster friends Mommy's and wish them a very Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mommy and enjoyed cuddling with you this morning.



April 30th 2010 8:10 am
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I'm usually pretty docile when Mommy and I go out walking in the yard, I usually visit the same spots and this one tree is my favorite to scratch my claws on. So yesterday I wanted to go out, Mom and Dad were already out there. I went on my usual route sniffing the trees, and smelling the flowers when I had this big burst of energy and went running toward my favorite tree at a very fast pace. You guessed it, and Mom was right there when I started climbing up the tree. I was up way over her head when she got her claws in me and brought me back down. I don't know if my pride was hurt or Mom's claws digging in me, I use to be a lot faster climbing trees when I lived outdoors. Then Dad said some stuff about putting my harness and leash back on, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Oh! such spoilsports!


Diary Pic

April 25th 2010 6:04 pm
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Wow..I'm a diary pic today! Thanks diary gal and to all the other pawsome picks. I tried to talk to the bunny to see what his secret was in my last diary entry but he's not talking, and my bro is still stealing my food, we call him the clean up man around here.
Mommy & Daddy went to our Vet's office open house to tour the grand re-opening of the new and improved building. They said it was beautiful, but I'm just glad I didn't have to go there. Mom & Dad said they saw a bunch of zoo animals. The little kids were dressed in surgical gear as they all watched a ultra sound exam performed on a big doggie, then toured the dental room where everyone received a toothbrush and toothpaste. Oh No! I hope she doesn't get any ideas!
The best part was when Mom said she won a door prize for a dental cleaning and a bag of treats. Mom said it was good for her, but the dental cleaning I'll give to my Bro.. but I'll take the treats. When they got home Mom pulled out that bag of freeze dried chicken treats and we both scarfed it down like there was no tomorrow, my Bro didn't steal my treats this time around, cause my Mom played "Ref" really good.

Thanks to all my dear friends who were so kind to leave me rosettes, comments, pmails and voki's. I sure had a great day!

Lots of love;
Squeakers aka KiKi


Fun at the window

April 20th 2010 8:47 pm
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Early this morning I was sitting at the window watching the birds in the feeder. A squirrel jumped on the feeder and was eating all the seeds and then a bunny was below him eating all the seeds that the squirrel was knocking down. I think the bunny and squirrel were friends cause they took off together. I wish my Brother would do that for me, he's always stealing my food!

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