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I'm Home

April 13th 2012 11:27 am
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My radioactive level was down to .5 so I was able to come home. My neighbor and roomie too. I'm happy and content, now confined to my Moms sewing room for a week. I'm happy to be home, and napping in the sunshine. My Brother is outside the room wanting to see me and meowing why he can't come in. I told him he'll be able to come in and give me kitty kisses next week.
Love to all;


Doing well

April 10th 2012 1:06 pm
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I told the staff here to please call my Mommy and let her know how I'm doing. They said I'm doing well. I'm eating, drinking and doing my business. They even give me my pills in pill pockets just like Mom does. Nothing else new is happening here except that I'm rooming with our neighbor's cat Abby. When Mom & Dad dropped me off yesterday our neighbor's were there dropping off their kitty who has the same problem as me. So we're roomies for a few days. The Vet Tech said we're both busy meowing in our cages to go home!
Hugs & Purrs;


Happy Easter & My Treatment

April 7th 2012 6:43 pm
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I want to wish all my friends a very Happy Easter & Spring, and thanks for all the beautiful Easter Eggs from all our friends.
I'm going into the hospital on Monday morning for five whole days to get my radioactive therapy for my hyperthyroid, it took a little longer because I had to have one more test before I go which was an ultrasound of the abdomen the other day, everything turned out very good, they had to shave my whole belly!
I've been spending the week on my deck enjoying the sunshine and catnip. Mom & Dad have been spending a lot of time at the Vet too just like me, because my Brother has been in the ER this week with his asthma, he's doing better now and also has an URI. I get to spend Easter with my Family then after the five days of treatment, I'll be confined to one room for a whole week. I'll be looking forward to getting this over with, and hopefully be feeling better. Mom will be getting daily updates from the Doctor's office, because I'm not allowed visits :(
Happy Easter to you and talk to you soon!
Love & Hugs;
KiKi McSqueakers


Happy Early Spring & Stuff

March 19th 2012 3:21 pm
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Wow! Spring is almost here and the weather has been great! I've been chillaxin on the deck and rolling in catnip. Our catnip has been getting real nice the past few weeks. I read where my Bro mentioned me in his diary so I thought I'd update whats been going on with me lately. I've been to the Doctors several times this month! Whew! Mommy took me in to the Doc's back in early February for my regular check up. My results were all good but the T4 was slightly elevated. She said to keep and eye on it and recheck it again in a couple of months. Then I started to vomit, Mom said she thought I was eating and drinking more than usual but losing weight, so she took me in again...more blood work and also the blood test for the equilibrium dialysis Free T4. It was elevated. So then, last week Me & Mom & Dad had a consult with one of the Doctors about Hyperthyroidism, the symptoms, treatment and all that stuff which they do right here at my regular vets office. They did more blood work, urinalysis, and two chest X-Rays. Mom and Dad thought the radioactive iodine therapy was the best choice. The chest X-Ray showed some mild mitral valve thickening and because I have high blood pressure & asthma they advised I should see my cardiologist. Our cardiologist Dr. Miller now has appointments at our regular Vet's office so I didn't have to travel as far. My appointment went very well yesterday and he said my heart and lungs were good, my heart was racing though and he said that it was because of the hyperthyroid. He suggested medication for that and if we choose to do the radioactive therapy to first go on a low dose of methimazole as a trial to assess my renal function and re-check the values again in two weeks. That's where we are right now and waiting for the Doc to call Mom back to see the next step. Whew! I didn't realize how long this was. I'm doing well and I still enjoy going out walking. I think it's time to eat and will update my diary as soon as we know more.
Happy Spring to all my friends!
KiKi McSqueakers


The Groundhog

February 2nd 2012 3:06 pm
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So, today is groundhogs day, and the groundhog saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter. We've had groundhogs in our backyard every now and again. I don't think I would really count on him for a weather forecast! I've been ready for spring to get here, but if we have 6 more weeks of the weather we've been having around here, I won't mind at all! I've been taking walks with Mom, the catnip is sprouting up on the deck and I've seen a few Robins and bugs crawling around too, how sweet, I'm ready..


Merry Catmas!

December 24th 2011 10:19 pm
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Merry Catmas to all my Catster friends, hope your day is filled with love. I've been having lots of fun all evening with my family. Thanks for all the wonderful mistletoe gifties, it was fun reading them all.

Lots of love;



DDP ~ Thanks Friends!

December 2nd 2011 6:02 pm
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Wow..I'm a diary pic today! Thanks diary gal and to all the other pawsome diary pics.

Thanks to all my dear friends who were so kind to leave me some wonderful pmails, rosettes and comments, I had a pretty wonderful day. Thanks also to Wally & Family, and Tabatha & Family for the pawsome mementos. Mom will add them to my page.

My Grandpaw went back home yesterday, so now I'm back down to my regular feeding schedule *Shucks*

We helped Mom put the Christmas tree up, I was very good, but my Brother, Oh Boy is he Trouble!

Thank you all for making my day extra special.




November 25th 2011 11:51 am
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Happy day after turkey day! I hope all my friends had a pawsome Thanksgiving. We had a pretty cool turkey day. My Grandpaw is here visiting with us and he gets up at the crack of dawn to feed us, shush please don't tell Mom we're getting fed an extra meal, plus Grandpaw fills the bowl to the tippity-top where its overflowing. Maybe he'll give my Mom some tips! I sure like when company comes.

Hope all my friends had a Happy Thanksgiving and a great weekend ahead, the windows are open and we're enjoying this lovely weather!


KiKi aka Squeakers



August 8th 2011 4:39 pm
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Testing, 1..2..3..


My Birthday/Gotcha Day

August 5th 2011 3:19 am
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Meow Friends..
I've been having a relaxing summer and yesterday I celebrated my Gotcha Day and Birthday. It was a wonderful relaxing day, except for a little asthma attack. Mommy was reminiscing about the first day she saw me and how I came to live here. You see, I use to live across the street with a Family that moved away not far from here. Mommy could never understand why that Family didn't take me with them, but their loss was Mommy's gain. Around that time, Mommy saw me several times sneaking around looking for food, I was sort of shy but when she tried to offer me treats I came running to her rubbing up against her purring away, then I left. The next day I saw her knelling down working in her garden and I climbed right up on her back giving her kisses. I tried to thank her for the treats and to show her how nice and friendly I was. I think that's what got my paws thru the front door, cause Mommy tells me that story all the time, and how happy she was and is that I'm here with her. Mom didn't let me in right away because she thought someone sure must be looking for me. She asked the neighbors about me but no one knew anything. During that time, I use to find her cool mice and would leave them at the front door, I got into a bad fight with another kitty and that's when Mom took me to the Vet and got me fixed up. I was an inside kitty again, but longing to go out and prowl. Eventually I got use to being indoors, who wouldn't, right?! That was many years ago, and I'm still just as loveable and gentle in my ole furty years.

Yesterday, Mommy went out in the yard and trimmed my catnip back and I helped her. The stems were nice and long and she put them up on the deck where I took a long nap in them. Then Daddy bought me some cool cup cakes with whip cream on top and left them on the counter for me. Mom and I were out in the yard for a stroll and when we came back inside my Brother "Ember" was on the counter licking off the frosting. Boy! I was happy that Daddy bought more than one! I shared one with him and also let him have some of my catnip, he's a baby after all.

I hope every one is having a good summer. I want to thank all my friends for stopping by my page and sending me sweet Birthday & Gotcha day messages, gifts, rosettes and pmails. I love you all, you have made my day even more special.

With much love;


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