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KiKi's Squeakings

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Fun with crickets!

August 25th 2008 3:17 pm
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Daddy was working in the front yard and left the garage door open for awhile. He must have left some crickets in. Oh Boy! What fun! Sammie was under the car trying to get at one, and I was on the other side trying to bat at one. He didn't even realize how much fun we were having, when he said come on kids it's time to go inside. I tried to tell him that all the fun begins when you turn the lights off because they jump and sing real loud. Well, he didn't listen, He can be such a spoilsport! It was fun for awhile though.


A beautiful week!

August 17th 2008 5:14 am
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I've had a great week sitting in the windows watching the birds and napping on the deck. I've also had some very cool hummingbirds visiting the hummingbird feeder. There fun to watch. Sammie tries stealing my food every now and again. I might have to sneak and eat when he's taking a nap, but he has a keen sense of scent and always comes running towards my bowl. On a good note, my vet appointment was postponed til the end of the month, I'm not too disappointed though.


It's my Birthday & Thank You

August 4th 2008 10:45 am
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Wow! I'm a teenager today and I'm having the best day and celebrating it with my dear friends. I had a big super-sized breakfast, watched the birdies on the deck, and Daddy's home. He got me a yummy cake and some kaviar. Sammie gave me a big headbonk and tried stealing my Tiki. I received a pawsome package from *Calvin* an family a really cool boogie catnip mat, a felted necklace, which is so cool! My fav Tiki food, toys and a beautiful card. Thanks Calvin and Family! I also received from *Hondo*an family a pawsome and cozy bed that Hondo's Mommy made, a matching scarf, and matching catnip bowties of a cool pawprint fleece, and a beautiful card. She's sure talented! Thank you Hondo (my ear twin) and Family. Today I received another pawsome package from my friends *Cocoa*and Family an adorable card, yummy treats, catnip toys, teasers and some of the cutest catnip pillows and a stocking their Mommy made. Thank you Cocoa and Family.
I also want to thank all my friends who have visited my page and left me wonderful pmails, stars, rosettes, special collars, and voki messages, but most of all I'm so glad to be spending my Birthday with all my special Catster furfriends.
Hope you all have a purr-fect day!
KiKi :)

Mom will have a slide show of my Birthday real soon!

Thank you every kitty for the cool febreze collars!!!!


Almost a teen!

August 1st 2008 9:55 am
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I can't believe it's August already. That means it's almost my Birthday, I'll be a teenager. I heard Mom is taking me in to the Vet's next week for a checkup. I sure hope it's not on my Birthday! She should be happy to see I've lost some weight. I'll probably be hiding from that carrier, and hope I don't have any accidents on the way like I usually do, it's so embarrassing!


Thunderstorms & food

July 24th 2008 5:59 am
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I just came out of hiding a little while ago. We had a very scary thunderstorm last night and lost our power, at least it's alot cooler today. Those thunderstorms really make a kitty hungry!


Those Turkeys!

July 16th 2008 11:37 am
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Early this morning Mom opened the sliding glass door and there were over 100 feathers out in the grass. We went to check things out and those turkeys must have been having a party or something in the back yard while I was sleeping. They dug up the mulch and stomped on Mom's flowers too, they even had the nerve to go poopie! I don't know what they were doing, but I know what I would like to do to them..


Fireworks & Storms

July 6th 2008 4:04 pm
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It was a pawsome weekend, but between the fireworks and thunderstorms they sent me into hiding. Now I hear there are more fireworks tonight, jeez how long does this go on?!


The nerve

July 3rd 2008 4:16 am
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I went to the window early this morning and looked out at the garden and what did I see?! A big black kitty! I've seen him out there before but today he had the nerve to eat my catnip and then I saw him roll around in it..I sure hope he left some for me!

Happy 4th of July to all my Catster friends!


The tagging game

June 30th 2008 1:30 pm
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I was tagged by my pawsome friend *Princess*

Here's how to play the game. It's summer time and there are lots of things to do during this time of year. List 5 things you like to do and then tag 5 furiends!

I've decided not to tag anyone, but I'll play the game...

The things I like to do in the summer are...

1. Rolling around in the catnip
2. Sitting in the grass
3. Napping & watching the birdies on the deck
4. Finding new ways to escape
5. Bar-b-q grill aficionado


June 24th 2008 4:47 pm
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I didn't mean to give Mom a big ouchie on her hand. You know sometimes kitty's when your Mom tries to make the bed when we're in it, we look so comfortable she doesn't want to disturb us, so she tries very carefully to make the bed around us. That's what I did. I grabbed her hand and.. I didn't mean to give you a big ouchie. How am I suppose to know she wasn't playing?!

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