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Hello December!!

December 1st 2009 2:11 pm
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Being a Santa, December is my most favorite month!!

I want to thank Colleen and Tigger for my very first Christmas cards of this year!!

I hope all catsters and dogsters are being only a little naughty and mostly nice so Santa comes to their house!!

Be sure to check this out on Skeezix's The Cat's Meow Blog:

**12 Days of Catsmas Giveaway**


DDP on Cyber Monday!!

November 30th 2009 9:34 am
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Hello Cyber Monday!! I hope cats find lots of good deals. As Santa, I'm looking forward to December starting tomorrow!!

Thank you Catster HQ for honoring me today as a Daily Diary Pick. I'd like to catgratulate my fellow honorees Queen Emily Felicity, Handsome Kinglsey, Homeboy Stache, Play-o-holic Aedan, Princess Ollie Popoki and Baby Somora. I hope you all enjoy your Day of Honor!!

A shoutout of THANKS! goes to:

Chef Rooster & Family for the PINK Rosette,
Tate & Tonka for the Red Rose
Violet for the PINK Shrimp
Mercy for the Pumpkin Pie
Coopurr for the PINK Rosette
Sock for the Diary Comment
Sugar Bear for the Diary Comment
Kibbles, Francis, & Yoda for the Pmail
Hazel Lucy for the Pmail
Angel Buddie & Family for the Pmail
Abbey, Lucy & Nikita for the Rainbow Rosette
Angel Sam, KiKi & Ember for the PINK Rosette
Kitty Pryde for the Diary Comment
Diego, LuLu & Angel Furie for the PINK Rosette
Callie for the Diary Comment
Santa Lil' Muppet & Family for the Pumpkin Pie
Not-so-chubby Pansy for the Heart
Emily Felicity for the Diary Comment
Aldo: Chaper 2 for the Heart
Luci for the PINK Rosette
Mikki & Family for the Diary Comment
Baby-G for the Flying Fur Football
Charlie for the Deep PINK Rose

My day has been full of catnaps in the sun, massages in my heated bed, nummy meals and helping Mommy clean my fountains. The only order we placed online was on for some items from their latest Hello Kitty line. Mommy was able to get the items she wanted before they ran out of stock. Yay!


Thanksgiving Day Naps & Picnic

November 26th 2009 2:06 pm
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There is nothing like a good Thanksgiving Day Nap.

Right now I'm napping with my Daddy and am actually under the covers with him!! All three of us in our house LOVE to nap.

Happy Thanksgiving to All. And Happy Napping too!!


We had our Thanksgiving Day picnic. I had my turkey baby food and pumpkin. Daddy and Mommy had Indian food. Eric and Paul went to Tucson for Thanksgiving Day lunch at Paul's pawrent's house. Then after they got back to Phoenix they went and picked up Indian too and joined our picnic in spirit!!

After our picnic the three of us took another nap :)

Thanks to the Tuxedo Brothers for the yummy Turkey Leg Rosette! Thank you to Kitty Pryde for sneaking over her special recipe catnip pie in a Pumpkin Pie Rosette! Thank you to Tweak, Wiggy, Fafnir, Tenszing & mom for the left over Turkey Rosette!

Saturday thanks to Tony, Ashley & Angel Callie for sending over my favorite Pumpkin Pie!!


Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel on Sale

November 25th 2009 1:42 pm
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I was window shopping on Amazon and came across a great deal on the new Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain. If anypet has this on their Christmas list, you might want to hint to your pawrents to check this out:

**Stainless Steel Drinkwell**

Price: $59.99
(when it first came out $99.00)

So far on Amazon it looks the stainless is getting really good reviews. Read the "newest" reviews as they are mixed in with the reg. 360 reviews)

Thanks to Bailey & Family for the cute little Tom Turkey Rosette and to Annie, Alex, & Bugsy for the tasty Pumpkin Pie Rosette and to Tessa, Percy, Sawyer, Murphy, Nicky (1990-9/28/06), Coconut, Sunday, Flash, Hitch, Omega & Little Grey for the Garfield Turkey Rosette and to Murray, Willie & Pearl for the Friendship Turkey Leg Rosette!! Thank you to Rizza for the Australian Turkey Leg and to Mercy, Oly, Noah, Petrie, Oliver, Shamus (In Loving Memory), Rico, Petals & Calvin for the Thanksgiving Wish Turkey Rosette!! Thank you to Phanto for the cute Pilgrim's Hat!!


Turkey Dinner

November 25th 2009 10:45 am
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I'm all excited about my Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm going to be having turkey baby food and canned pumpkin for one of my many daily meals tomorrow. Mommy is a vegetarian and Daddy isn't a big turkey lover so they'll be getting Indian take-out. The three of us are planning a Thanksgiving Day picnic in the livingroom.

I want to thank Bellzy & Family for the yummy homemade Pumpkin Pie Giftee! And I want to thank Tigger & Family for the yummy smelling Turkey Leg Rosette!

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!!

OMC! Thank you so much to Elly, Benny - in loving memory, Nikki - in loving memory 2005, Jason and Emily for the Yarn Ball Kitty Cornucopia Giftee. I love it!!

And thank you to Squeakers (2/28/03-12/6/08), Scooter and Munchkin (R.I.P) and Sandy for the nummy yummy Turkey Leg Rosette!!


Hello Kitty Fan Club Xmas Card Exchange

November 24th 2009 2:13 pm
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If you are a Hello Kitty Fan Club Member and would like to exchange Christmas cards with other Hello Kitty Fans, please post in this thread in our group:

*Hello Kitty Fan Club Christmas Card Exchange*

I have my Christmas cards, HK holiday stickers and Christmas stamps all ready so I can address envelopes this coming weekend!!

Thank you to Sock and the whole Troop for the Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise Giftee. I hope my real Thanksgiving dinner is that good!!

Thank you to my Canadian Friends Pansy, Sully & Kovo for the yummy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie!!


I Can Meow German!

November 23rd 2009 5:19 pm
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The Cat of the Week *Goldie* taught me some German today!!

Hallooo Mitzi! is Hello Kitty in German.

Thank you for teaching me that Goldie and Catgratulations on being COTW!!

Thank you also to Kallie & Joey for the yummy Pumpkin Pie!


I Think I Found Chococat!!

November 23rd 2009 10:37 am
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Today I received another Rosette from Anonymous in the shape of a Heart with a picture of yummy Chococat cookies. The message was "WE COULD BE TWINS IT'S EASY TO SEE FOR I LOOK LIKE YOU AND YOU LOOK LIKE ME!”

Hmmmmm.......I put my HK thinking Head on and I think I came up with the answer! What do you think?

*Anonymous Chococat Rosette Giver*

Thank you for all the fun!!!!

And thanks to Waffles for the Happy Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise Giftee! YUM!!

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all my Catster & Dogster Friends!!


Need A Dyson Code - Thank you Tilly!!

November 22nd 2009 7:43 am
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Eric and Paul want to buy one of the Dysons. Paul registered one of their cats as a Dyson Catster but he never received a code. I know some other catsters/dogsters are having the same problem. Today is the last day to register to get the code. If anyone has a Dyson code they aren't going to use, could you pretty please in PINK, pmail it to me so I can send it on to Paul?? Thank you to anyone who can help with this!!


I want to give a shout out of THANKS! to Tilly for sending me a Dyson code for Paul. You are so sweet!! Paul is at work but when he gets home he will try using it. Thank you Tilly for coming to the Dyson code rescue!!! XO

THANKS! also to Blade who passed his code to me to give to another catster friend in need of a Dyson code. XO

Thanks to our Friends in the UK for sharing their codes!!! Thank you to WC Finalist Mr. D for the beautiful Blue Rosette! Thank you to Chrissy Whitesocks for the PINK Rosette! (could she be anonymous Chococat??)

THANKS! also to Sock who passed his code to me. Sock's code has now been shared with another Catster! XO

THANKS! also to Bellzy and Monida for sharing their Dyson codes! XOXO

Wow, when someone kneads help, catsters sure respond!!


Heads Up On Canned Pumpkin

November 21st 2009 1:58 pm
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Daddy scared me. He told me that there may be a canned pumpkin shortage. What??? I love my pumpkin!! Then Mommy heard the same thing on the radio and read it online.

I guess because of the heavy rains, the 2009 harvest is going to be smaller than anticipated. And they are saying that once pumpkin surpluses run out this year, there won't be any more until the 2010 harvest, which usually takes place no earlier than August. Yikes! I remember how scary it was when earlier this fall, the pumpkin shelves were empty and some of us couldn't find any pumpkin. Of course saying this to the public is going to make people want to stock up and might make stores run out quicker. Mommy wasn't going to take any chances. My day would not be purrfect without my pumpkin. And I prefer a certain favorite brand.

Now I don't have to worry. I have enough canned pumpkin to last me a year! We bought some in the store but a couple of cases we ordered on Amazon. (expires 2012) I didn't want to be a pumpkin piggie in our store!

Just wanted to give catsters and dogsters a heads up in case your stores run low or out of pumpkin. It might not be important for humans to have pumpkin pie year round but it is important for some pets to have their daily pumpkin!


Chococat visited my page again!! This time Anonymous left a Brussel Ball that says "I wish I didn't live so far away For every day I'd visit you & we'd play & play &”

So...Chococat doesn't live close to me. Hmmmmm...Chococat I knead more clues. Feel free to leave anonymous clues in my diary. Thank you for throwing a Brussel Ball my way!!

Thank you to Rizza & her Mommy Deb for the Thoughtful Big Heart!

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