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World's Coolest

October 15th 2009 10:29 am
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There are so many cool cats on Catster and it will be fun to vote on everyone's entries!! I entered one picture and I hope you'll vote for me. Thank you!


(Remember to hit the "Vote" button after giving your paws!!)

Mommy and I find it very relaxing to sit on the couch with our mini computer and spend time voting. It is so relaxing that sometimes I dose off. It is also a fun way to earn zealies!


Camp RA

October 14th 2009 10:23 pm
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I have my own camping ground!! Mommy made me a really cool tent. She took one of my pink slipper beds and put a HK blanket over the top and then 2 pet food containers are holding the tent open a little bit in front. From the opening I can see my fountain right across from my tent. I'm camping next to a stream! And I have a porta pottie right around the corner. Daddy came downstairs to see my new campground. He thought it was really neat. He said he'd like to trade places with me. I don't think he'd fit in my tent.



October 13th 2009 11:22 am
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Soon there will be THREE Hello Kitties on Catster. Diego and I will meet up with our long lost sister in CA. I can't wait till she gets her HK Transformation Kit. Then her name can be Hello Kitty Pryde!!


Catgratulations to **MS. MELODY aka AUNTIE EM** for being honored as Diary of the Day and **RILEY aka THE WIZARD OF OZ** for being honored as a Daily Diary Pick. Way to pull a Family Double Honor!

Now let's all follow the yellow brick road....


Duties All Done For Today

October 12th 2009 1:40 pm
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I have duties that I must get done everyday. They include brushing my teeth, washing my face & chin, brushing my fur, grooming my whiskers, pooping and getting a massage. A full body massage is good for my circulation, fur and good for keeping the poopies coming regularly. This Hello Kitty has all her duties done for today!!

I got a message from my Vet that I don't have to see him for 3-4 months. Last time I saw him after 2 months. So good. I pick...4 months!!


I have a Twin!!

October 11th 2009 9:16 pm
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I'm so excited. I have a twin brother. We are not identical, but fraternal. We were separated at birth. I live in CA and he lives in OR.


Ok, that was a trick!! I don't have a twin brother. But I have a Best Friend that I went shopping with in Japan for our Halloween costumes. We both bought the HK Transformation Kits. We had so much fun.

We both LOVE Hello Kitty and Chococat too!!

(Notice how the HK costume really shows off my "M"!!)



October 10th 2009 6:59 pm
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I was muzzled TWICE this week!!

Tuesday: Taken to the Vet to give blood and urine. Got the muzzle off. Yay for me!

Today: Had my check-up with my Vet. Showed alot of spunk. Everyone was glad I was muzzled. I gained some ounces. My main numbers stayed the same (which is fine). Some other numbers improved. Phosphorus was a tad higher but still normal. Going to get ahead of that and start the binder. Also trying smaller fish oil gel capsules and Pet Tinic. I picked out a different prescription food there - Royal Canin LP Renal Pouches- and I love them! So I will be eating that and the nonprescription Hi-Tor Neo canned food.

Meds/Supplements I take: Benazepril, Epakitin, Pepcid AC, Cosequin, Nature's Way Super Fisol Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels, Pet Tinic.


Dual Strolls Today

September 30th 2009 6:27 pm
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Today I fit in 2 strolls!! I went first in the morning and then in the late afternoon. The sun was out but the weather was cooler so it felt really nice. The first stroll we did was flat roads. We hit the hills on the 2nd stroll. Mommy had it real easy though as I pulled her up the hills. She just had to push me down the hills. On the way back from my 2nd stroll, I stopped by the mail box and there was a package for me from Diego. Funny, how I got a package from him on his Birthday!! I added a picture on my page of the cute Hello Kitty Japan plate that he, LuLu and his Mommy sent me. Plus the super cute card that says "Good friends are the best accessories!" Isn't that the truth. Thanks Diego and LuLu!!

I forgot my little strolling stories. While I was out on my 2nd stroll, 2 men had to move a truck because it was in my way and a little boy saw me in my stroller and cried and ran the other way. MOL!!

Next week I have dual Vet appointments. Not fun. Tuesday I go and give my blood & pee and Saturday we meet with my Vet for my checkup. Mommy is a little nervous as there is so much sad news on Catster lately.

I noticed something new on Catster today. After I comment on a diary entry, I get emails of further comments made by other Catsters on that same entry. Easier way to keep up on things. Thanks HQ!

UPDATE: I take that back. No thank you HQ. All these emails are getting annoying!! I wonder if there is a way just to turn off those emails? I don't want to stop all catster emails. I guess this will make me want to comment less which isn't a good thing.


Party at Diego's

September 30th 2009 10:54 am
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Happy 6th Birthday to Diego today!!

Diego will be postponing his Birthday Celebration at home because his Mommy's Grandmaw passed away and his Mommy left to go out of town for the funeral. I am so sorry for their loss. She sounded like a wonderful Grandmaw.

Rest In Peace Diego's Grandma Ramona

So Diego's Birthday will just last longer. We can celebrate with him on his page.


Continued purrrrrrrs going out to all the Catster Friends and a Dogster Friend who needs them!!


Happy 4th Catster Anniversary to Tigger!!

September 27th 2009 8:43 pm
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Tigger is celebrating his Catster 4 Year Anniversary today!!

Everycat join Tigger for CAKE!!




More Purrs Kneaded for Calvin (& Thank Yous)

September 27th 2009 10:49 am
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I just read **ELE'S** Diary and all Purrers are being called to purr for Calvin. Please report for purring duty!!


Thanks Catster HQ for the Daily Diary Pick Honor!!

Thank you also to:

Jazzy, Isabelle Love & P.P. for the Yummy Steak
Tate & Tonka for the PINK Frosted Cupcake
Violet & Family for the PINK Shrimp
Ele', Gimme, & Ambro for the Lucky Black Cat
Kneader Calvin for announcing my honor
Hello Kitty Fan Ele' for announcing my honor
Super Stroller Gimme for announing my honor
Detective Samoa for announcing my honor
Angel Sam, KiKi & Ember for the Acorn
Chubby Pansy for the Pretty Rose (send some lbs to Calvin & I!!)
Lucy & Family for the PINK Rosette
Lil' Muppet & Family for the PINK Rosette

And thanks for the comments & purrs for Calvin:

Hazel Lucy, Kaci Sunshine, Oly, Calvin, Arnold P, Buddy & Family, Baby-G, Edgar

Thank you to the Kitty(s) who left me treats!!

Now I gotta go. I got some heavy purring to do. Maybe this witchie can cast a healthy spell on Calvin.

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