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January 3rd 2012 2:13 pm
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First of all, I extend my happy diary pick day to Bail! He's the first one in our furmily to land a DDP for 2012! Way to go!

Also, my nails are nice and trim (even though I hated the process). They don't bother me nor Mommy when I scratch on her legs right now because my claws don't get caught in her jeans or jammies!

I know she hated that and kept telling me to "stop it, Merl, you're shredding my clothes."

Anyway, I'm going to run now. It's cold and I'm going back to my vent or maybe try out the new blankie.

Purrs & Breeps & wishes for a pawsome 20121!




December 30th 2011 7:57 am
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Mommy washed something called a "scarf hat". It was machine washable and had to be laid flat to dry. She laid it flat on a towel on the dining room table and guess who had to sit on it.

Mommy asked, "what is it with cats with wet human clothes?" She went on, "Our angel Isis used to love to lay on my wet sweaters. Does it feel good or what???"

I looked at her funny and got up from the wet scarf hat and jumped upon the little table where she sat paying bills. I stomped on some of the bill stubs and my paw stuck in something wet and soggy. I did the kitty paw shake dance on the table. Mommy found this tan-colored soggy stuff and at first she thought it was a juicy hairball. Upon further examination, she noted it was a piece of fallen cinnamon chex-type of cereal she had eaten 1/2 hour ago.

I suppose I was naughty this morning. Oh well! I just like following Mommy all around and checking out whatever she does in the dining room or kitchen, mostly.

Anyway, I hope everycat had a lovely Catmas! I look forward to the new year as I had my 6th birthday on January 14th!

Purrs & Breeps to all,




December 22nd 2011 4:10 am
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Every time Mommy goes into the kitchen to prepare her meals, I poke her on her legs with my paws A lot of times my claws get caught in her jeans or whatever slacks or pajama bottoms she's wearing. Twice I've reached too high and clawed her butt! OUCH! she said to that! She keeps telling me to stop and I don't want to listen to her. She also says if I ate the food she gives me and not only lick off the gravy, I wouldn't be begging her all the time.

Mommy, it's not only food I'm looking for. Sometimes it's NIP!! She does give in and gives me NIP a lot of times and not Not moist food as there's always dry food left out for me and the others.

Anyway, I'll keep mine short. Have a pawsome day, everycat.




December 17th 2011 4:57 am
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Mommy's birthday is tomorrow, December 18th. I'm giving this present to her early as I always do every year. In keeping up with tradition, I again post "A Catmas Pawty" that I wrote when I was a young dude. Here goes:

A CATMAS PAWTY by Merlin, the Panther Boy

On Catmas eve, I went to bed early. Later that night, I woke up at the stroke of midnight from a deep sleep by the sounds of loud piano music, drums, and a trumpet. Catmas carols were being sung in our native tongue: meows, howls, breeps and chirps.

I got up from Mommy's bed where I always sleep every night. I walked slowly down the hall toward the computer room. The door was open slightly. I found this to be very odd as Mommy always had this door closed to keep my brothers and I out. I peeked through the crack of the door and saw, to my amazement, all of Mommy's cat figurines had come to life, jumped out of the glass display cabinet and were pawtying! Portia-Lynne was playing the piano while her husband Sir Ramic blew on the horn! Their three little ones, China, Cyrstal and Blenko sat atop the piano and sang in their beautiful high-pitched breeps. Some of the kitty figurines of unknown names were dancing as Portia-Lynne and her husband played Jingle Bell Rock. Others stood and talked while they drank varying Catnip type drinks: Catip Sunrises, Catnip Ladies, Catnip Cape Codders (Catnip with cranberry juice).

A Catmas tree, stood tall behind the piano and perched in the top of the tree was the Cheshire Cat grinning and swishing his large plumed tail!

I wanted to pawty with them and the thought of meeting a girl went through my head. I decided it would not be a good idea to enter the room as there was magical spell in here on this Catmas Eve. All the kitties were not real and if I joined in, I would become like them after the party ended and would have to spend the whole year on the shelf with them as a figurine.

I value my life too much. I love my Mommy and brothers and sister and I'd miss them and they'd miss me. Because of this, I decided to watch the pawtiers from a distance. They were all too drunk on catnip drinks and they never noticed me watching them.

Eventually, I returned to my bed and didn't wake up until the Catmas morning sunlight poked through the bedroom window blinds.

The dream was still very alive in my head and out of curiosity, I went into the computer room to find the following: The glass door to the display case was slightly ajar and one of the windows was open a crack, and on the floor was the figurine of Portia-Lynne wearing our Santa hat. But the strangest thing of all was the look on her face. She was smiling up at me . . . . .

The End

So, there you go. I was young and little almost five years ago when I wrote this story. Every year, I'm bigger than the year before. I'm the biggest cat in the furmily. I was 16.3 on my last vet check earlier this year. In March of 2006, (when I joined Catster) I was a little guy of 2 1/2 months old. Happy Birthday Mommy. This is my present to you!

Purrrrrrrrrrs & Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps,




December 11th 2011 4:37 am
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I watched Mommy strip her bed and put on the clean bottom sheet. Then Landy and I jumped up to help her finish her task. Our way of doing this was to lay side by side in middle of her bed. Landy being a pest, sniffed me where I didn't want to be sniffed. I gave him a good swat and he backed off and jumped into the window perch to watch the birdies in the redbud tree. Good!

I finally let Mommy put on the top sheet, but I wouldn't let her finish putting on the blanket. She said, "that calls for a video" and went to get her camcorder. In fact, I posed for three videos and I understand these will be loaded onto my page and even FB! These are pretty good movies as my eyes didn't glow like most of my photos. And my purrrrrrrrrrr was very loud, I kissed the lens in one, and pawed at it in another.

Also, we have new Catmas pictures that will be put up very soon.

Have a pawsome weekend, my friends.

Purrs & Breeps,




December 6th 2011 4:05 am
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I extend my high-five to Landy for getting in the Diary Limelight today! Way to go, nutty bro!

I never thought of playing with fallen food or even leaves like Bail does. I love catnip and boxing Landy's butt. That's my entertainment. Once in a while I run up and down the stairs chasing Landy or Bail. And if Mommy waves a toy with feathers on it or a string, I'll play with that! As to toy mousies and balls, I don't play with those anymore.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this one short. Mommy has to get ready for work.

Purrs & Breeps,




November 26th 2011 7:09 am
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As many may know, I'm scared when visitors come to the house or even yet, a plain old knock at the door gets me running and growling. I'm terrified each time and go upstairs to seek sancturary under Mommy's big bed.

So when there came a knock at the door and voices downstairs twice (Mommy's friend Mary to stay for several hours, and another knock at the door which turned out to be Mommy's neighbor delivering a home made sweet potato pie), I stayed upstairs and hid.

Later that evening, I got brave and decided to come out from under the bed and lay at the top landing of the stairs. When Mommy turned on the stairway light, she saw me laying there with my green eyes glowing. She motioned to her friend to come and look at who was "getting brave". Mary spoke soothingly to me and I didn't move at all. I watched closely, though. Now, that's brave for me to not run and hide. This is a first time for me. Mommy told me that she hopes I will eventually push past my fear of visitors and come downstairs like Sampy and Landy do.

Anyway, I got some turkey last night, and it was PAWSOME! It got my motor revving full force and I wanted more and more of that yummy stuff. Mommy says there's still a little turkey left and tonight we'll have more.

I hope everycat had a pawsome Thanksgiving and got to have some tastes of turkey. If you didn't, you're surely missing something that's out of this world!

Purrs & Breeps to all,




November 13th 2011 8:59 am
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Lately, Mommy has been finding one of the throw pillows flipped down on the living room couch. Everytime she puts it back into place, the next day she finds it down again. Yep, I'm the culprit. I'll fess up to this one. I love napping on this soft little brown pillow. Mommy saw me laying there today, in fact.

Also, I've taken a liking to the pre-cooked chickens Mommy brings home. This is the first type of meat that'll I'll eat. Out of the cat food meat, I only suck off the gravy. Of course, I eat salmon.

Lastly, I took a nice leap up to the cabinet above the 'fridge again. I looked down and saw Landy staring up at me. I suppose he was thinking I was too big and old to still be able to leap that high. Nosiree, not me! I got a lot of leaping power still in me!

Purrs & Breeps,




November 6th 2011 4:56 pm
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I suppose everycat has heard about how Sampy and I woke up mommy at 4:00 a.m. today. She told us to go back to sleep because the clocks were changed back; it wasn't 5:00 a.m. yet (the time we usually are in her face).

I don't think I'll get used to this time change. My tummy alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. and that's what I thought it was.

Also, that Willow cat was on our back porch this afternoon. All of us guycats wanted to check her out. Bail and I waved at her. Sampy sang to her, and Landy went crazy over her. He couldn't stop staring at her. I think he's in love.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this one short. Mommy wants to grab something to eat.

Purrs & Breeps to all,




October 30th 2011 6:19 am
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I'm Merlin, the great and powerful wizard and I'm going to wave my wand at the sky to make all this cold weather go away!

The weather people were saying this time of the year in Maryland is supposed to be 60 degrees. NOT yesterday! We got 37 degrees while it was snowing that "white rain" as Mommy calls it. After the wet snow was over, the temps dropped more to give us our first frost.

Today it's supposed to hit 47 degrees. As to Halloween, it should go into the 50's (hopefully the upper 50's).

Because of all this cold, I've been sleeping with Mommy all week.

Anyway, I'm going to take a nap. Have a good day and if you live where it's cold, purrlease keep warm!

Purrs & Breeps,


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