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July 17th 2006 5:55 pm
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I tried my best to catch this fly and it was too fast even for me. IT GOT AWAY! Me, Bail and Sampy were trying to catch the thing, but couldn't. Cammie was inside for a little bit and she thought all of us were a joke. She hissed once at Bail because he got too close to her when he was after the fly.

I know I'll get it sooner or later, I always do because I'm the greatest fly hunter in the house! I caught them all and ate them!

Other than that, Sampy and Cammie are out for now. I know Sampy will come back in soon. Cammie will disappear until the morning.

Well, Bail is breathing down my back to hurry up. He says he has something fully to tell.

Breep to all my Catster friends and good night.

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



July 16th 2006 11:14 am
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Mommy saw me laying on the kitchen floor with my paws under the stove trying to reach for something. Mommy said, "what's the matter, honey, did you use the stove as a goal post again? I'll get my trusty broom and try to get out whatever you rolled under there."

She got down on the floor and stuck the broom under the crack between the floor and stove bottom . . . . and out came my RED MOUSE WITH THE PURPLE HEAD AND PINK EARS! Thank you Mommy, you are my super hero today! You rescued my mousey!

Mommy's Note: I guess I'm Wonder Woman today! Maybe cat woman!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mommy. You made my day!

I played with the mouse for quite a while after she had rescued it.

I got to go now. A bluejay is calling me to look at him out the window.

Breep to all my Catster friends!

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



July 15th 2006 6:51 am
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We all retired early this Friday. We were soooo tired. Anyway, we met a few friends as Bail mentioned. There were a couple more, but we haven't heard from them. I suppose they went away for the weekend.

As to the photo shoot, Mommy went wild with the camera again. This happens every weekend. She got a bunch of pics of all of us doing different things. She even got a shot of me sniffing a cactus plant. From now on, I'll keep away from that thing. I don't want my nose or tongue pierced!

These photos will be coming to our website some time this weekend.

Mommy will be going out again today to Daddy Rob's and out to dinner. Every time she comes back from his place, I smell Maine Coon and Persian/Himmie, and domestic shorthair on her. You see he has three cats: Maxx, Omar Bradley and Samantha. Samantha is the part feral and always hides in the back bedroom. I am told she's a big, solid black girl. Maxx (aka Monkey) looks something like Sampy but bigger and Omar is a blue cream and very, very hairy. He makes Bail look like a Sphynx.

Well, I got to go now, Sampy is super breeeeping and merrrrrrowwwwing for me to hurry up.

Breep to all my Catster friends!

Merl ~~~~~~^OO^~~~~~~~ (I had some more catnip this morning!)



July 14th 2006 5:47 pm
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I'm all set. Let's go party! I got my black coat all shiny. I even have little toe tufts coming in on my back feet and I got longer big boy teeth!

I want to meet some more girls! Black kitties and tortie kitties are my favorites. I'm on the purrrrrrrrrrowl!

Got to go and call Cammie.

Talk to everyone tomorrow.

Breep to everyone.

Merl =^..^= ~~~~~^00^~~~~



July 13th 2006 5:16 am
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I discovered something really neat this morning. Mommy left the kitchen sink faucet dripping and I jumped in and let it dribble all over me. I like it! I like it! Water went on top of my head and on my back. I then stuck one of my feet under the trickle of water and grooved on the wetness of it!

Mommy said Bentley and Jasmine Bibette both did this when they were young. Sampy used to lay in the bathroom sink when he was a kitten and used to jump up on the top of the sliding plexi-glass shower doors (in Lusby)and peek in while Mommy took a shower.

Us Maine Coon's and Maine Coon types love playing in water, but not being bathed.

I hope to take another sink shower soon . . .

Got to go now. Mommy has to go to work. Sampy will write tonight.

Breep to all my Catster friends and Buddie get well!

Merl ~~~~^..^~~~~ ~~~~^OO^~~~~~ (I had some more catnip this morning too!)



July 12th 2006 5:24 am
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Since it was soooo hot last night, Mommy decided that all of us sleep on the living room fold-out couch. She told us she didn't want to crank the AC up any higher than the 76-78 mark to save money on the electric bill and being that we live in a two floor house, hot air rises. Downstairs gets all the cool air and plus there's a ceiling fan down there too. We had a great time, except Bail yucked up another hairball around 5:00 a.m.

I snuggled next to Mommy for part of the night and Bail and Sampy took turns sleeping on the foot of the bed. I'm surprised that those two didn't join Mommy and I.

Anyway, I got to go. I just thought I'd get mine in early. Mommy has to leave to go to work.

Breep to all my Catster friends!

Merl ~~~^..^~~~



July 11th 2006 5:35 pm
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I'm sprawled out on the floor under Mommy's office chair after trying to initiate a little wrestling session with the Bail. He told me to "back off" nicely and plopped down next to Sampy. I followed him and pinned him down and slurped his neck with my sandpaper tongue.

Bail wriggled himself free of my grip and left the room.

Then I keep wanting to crawl under the end table where all the cords are and Mommy's getting uptight about it. Yep, I'm right. She threw the pink ball out the door that Sampy just brought in and I chased it out. She shut the door. . . session over for tonight.

Got to go. Mommy wants me to behave in this room and I just don't feel like it. I want to explore under and behind things in there. I still want to chew stuff.

Breep to all my Catster friends!

Merl =^oo^= - we had some catnip after the salmon party!



July 10th 2006 6:19 pm
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My last baby tooth fell out yesterday, but nobody knows where it went. I think it came out when I was chomping down on some dry food.

Now, I'm officially a BIG BOY!!

My big boy teeth are still growing though. The top ones are still somewhat shorter than Bail's or Sampy's. I'm just glad I got them now. I feel really great that I can chew larger portions of food and it's easier to chew the dry stuff.

Sampy says I lay in funny positions. He would too if his hair felt like thick velvet and lambswool mixed. My tummy was hot and I let the fan blow on it.
So there!

Also, I'm a little shaky 'cause those stupid kids keep setting off firecrackers.
I hope they stop it.

I got to go now and if these kids keep it up, I going under the bed . . .

Breep to all my Catster friends and especially Buddie Pray for Me. I'm going to say some more prayers and send them his way. I hope he makes it through this health issue he's having.

Merl ~~~~^..^~~~~



July 9th 2006 7:29 am
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Here, I'm talking flies! I caught two this morning and ate them both! I'm soooo glad. I was starting to go into "fly withdrawal" as there were none in the house for several weeks. Mommy took pictures of me reaching for the flies and them eating them. These will be under my website as: "Instructions on Fly Hunting". I hope all my Catster buddies who like to eat flies, moths, etc. enjoy these. These pictures are not graphic . . . they just show me spotting the fly, reaching and then my head down to grab it. You don't see the fly in my mouth or anything.

Other than that, Cammie came back late last night. She and I spoke through the front screen door. Mommy offered to let her in and she refused so she put the food out for her and she ate. She will not tell anybody where she was yesterday morning either; and again today she pulled them same thing. She's not here for breakfast two days in a row. Mommy thinks she's been in somebody's garage. Usually she's on the back stoop at home or at Daria's next door (under her porch or crawlspace). Mommy thinks Cammie is part feral too.

She's likes the outdoors and nightlife and there's a lot of critters out there and they never bother her. Mommy told me on the way home she saw a baby deer running on the bike path and cross over it when it saw her car approaching. I don't know what a deer is as I never saw one before.
I suppose Cammie does though.

Anyhooooo, I got to go. We gave out a few more rosettes today and will do so more throughout today. Maybe there will be a small friend hunting party again this afternoon.

Well, breep to all my Catster buddies and the new ones we all just made

Have a happy Sunday!




July 8th 2006 7:05 am
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I met a few very pretty girls last night. So did Bail and Sampy. We had a blast! I'm ready for more and so is Sampy. Bail isn't yet as he's trying to "sleep it off". Cammie didn't come home this morning and I'm really worried about her. She's always here for breakfast and Mommy went to feed her and she wasn't there. She did this two days ago too and showed up for dinner only. I guess she partied more than the rest of us. I hope she's okay.

Sampy was showing me how to improve my leaping techniques. I really envy how he (even as an old man) can leap like a kitten. It must be the Maine Coon genes in him!

Well, I hope Cammie comes back and Bail recovers soon as Sampy and I want to PARTEEEEEE a little bit more. It won't be as long today 'cause Mommy has a date with Daddy Rob part of today.

Well, breep to all my Catster buddies and new ones we just made.

Merl ~~~~^..^~~~~~

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