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August 6th 2006 5:29 pm
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Mommy's been really busy today and left early to have her car fixed because it was making funny noises. She ended up getting 4 new tires, a caliper (whatever that is) and brakes. Car repairs cost a lot of $$$$$, but it had to be done. She later visited her Mom's grave and went shopping to buy some chicken, etc.

The chicken is in the oven now and the delicious smelling fumes are coming from the kitchen. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

This will happen in about 10 minutes so I figured I'd dictate my diary while Mommy has a few minutes to kill.

Earlier today, Bail and I played in the cat barn box. We didn't play with the barn at all. We're bad . . . and as Bail said we prefer boxes to little cat trees. Sampy also played with the box by chewing on its flaps.

Got to go now as the chicken will be ready in 5 minutes.

Breep to all my Catster friends.

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 5th 2006 6:26 am
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I mean "cool" weatherwise. The temperature and humidity has dropped this morning and therefore, Mommy turned off the AC and opened all the windows!!

Also, Mommy let me outside (but she didn't let my feet touch the ground). She held me in her arms while she sat on the porch chair. I could hear all kinds of bugs chirrruping in the trees. I couldn't see them, but boy were they loud. Mommy says they are the cicadas that are around in August.

We sat out there for about five minutes until a mosquito bit Mommy on the ankle. She said that ends the sitting on the porch adventure. Mommy doesn't like to sit on the porch in the summer too much because of the mosquitos. They have always loved her blood for some reason. Nothing keeps them away from her.

Anyhoo, I will go now as I want to take advantage of sitting in an open window. It's been a long, long time since we had this opportunity.

BREEP to all my Catster friends

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 4th 2006 7:56 pm
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Mommy brought out from the closet, a relatively new toy which is a blue sparkley ball on a pink strink attached to a stick. Now this toy is not BORING! I was having a good time with it until Sampy came along. He attacked it with such force that the string tangled up and Mommy had to untie it.

Sampy can be a show-off at times. He was swinging at it and jumping after it too and saying, "Merl, this is how you do it. See, I still have some kitten in me!" Then in waltzes Bail and he had to show off too.

Geewhizz, when can I play at my own pace and not have the older guys showing off and telling me how to play!

I got to go now. Bail wants to say something.

Also, congrats SAMPY on your Diary Pick of the Day!

Breep to all my Catster friends and Zeus and Toby who wanted to be my friend today.

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 3rd 2006 5:40 pm
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I was a good boy today. I want to make Mommy proud of me today!
I didn't jump on the stove or knock over anything or break anything.

I saw an ant crawling up the wall and I tried to catch it and it got away. They're not as fun as flies. They just crawl . . . that's boring!

I had a little wrestling match with Bail this morning in the cat tree downstairs. That was fun. He was on the top layer and I was on the next one down. We kept wrestling with our front legs only and our mouths. It was just a short fun one.

Not much else going on now. I hope it cools off like Sampy said.

Well, I must go. We're going to keep our entries short tonight as Mommy is very, very tired and wants to get to bed earlier than 11:00 p.m.

Breep to all my Catster friends

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 2nd 2006 6:27 pm
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We had another salmon party and I managed to eat all the pieces Mommy gave me without Bail stealing them.

I came upstairs with Mommy and played with the streamers on a stick and all of a sudden . . . I got bored with it . . . I don't like that toy no more . . .

I want to destroy something . . . I eyed the tall chest of drawyers that has the jack-in-a-box kitten on it, the doll on the rocking chair and two frames with mine and Bail's pictures in them. There is also a glass thingy with dried flowers imbeded in it. All of this stuff is on top of a white table scarf. I think I'll leap up and pull at the scarf and see what comes down . . .

And I did and down came everything but the doll and the jack-in-the-box. The picture frame that had my picture in it broke in half when it landed on the floor. Mommy yelled at me and told me to get out of the room now and she shut the door.

I was bad again and I'm going to hide for a while because Mommy yelled at me.

MOMMY'S NOTE: Merl has been a problem child lately. Today this, and the other day with turning on the stove. I don't know how to control his mischief. Bail or Sampy never was this naughty. They were chewers. Merl is a destroyer. He flips over chairs and tosses pillows off the couch. He bops pictures hanging on the wall and gets them hanging crooked. He runs in front of me sometimes and almost trips me up. I hope he grows out of this "bad cats" stage (in fact he belongs to this group). I think I'll have him write something in that group, perhaps tonight.

Well, I'll sign off for Merl.

Breep to everybody in Catsterland




August 1st 2006 6:31 pm
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Today, I didn't jump on the stove at all. I think Mommy's yelling at me worked. I had no desire to jump up there because of yesterday's close call.

I did try something in the computer room. I tried to jump at the dreamcatcher and missed. I also played with my steamers on a stick when Mommy first came home. It was a rather non-eventful day.

There is no email action today, just a bunch of spam

I also woke Mommy up at 5:00 a.m. today! I make the best alarm clock in the world!!!

Now I'm sleepy and I understand Sampy is out like a light on the blue blankie in the computer room. I don't know where Bail is.

And, how could I forget, we had another salmon party! We have those about two times a week. I'm not complaining. I can eat salmon all day long!

Got to go now and try to hunt down Bail and wake up Sampy. Cammie already had her turn.

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~ Breep to all my Catster friends!



July 31st 2006 7:53 pm
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I was a bad boy today, accidently. I jumped up on the stove, my back foot caught on one of the knobs that turn on the burners and the burner made a "click, click, click" noise as I stood over top of that burner. Luckily the burners are the type that burst into full flame only when they are pushed harder. Mommy wasn't a happy camper about my accident and I know I got her very, very worried. That burner could have hurt me if it burst into flame!

Mommy picked me up really fast while the burner was still "clicking" and she turned it off. She told me never to do that again. She does have a problem with me going up there. I just keep jumping on the stove when I see her standing near it. I think she's got food up there for me and it smells so good that I have to check it out.

MOMMY'S NOTE: Merl has really gotten me nervous with his jumping onto the stove and today was the ultimate scare. I was glad I was there to pull him down and to shut off the burner. I pray to God that he doesn't do that while I'm asleep or not around.

BACK TO MERL: Mommy, I'll be more careful. I'm sorry.
It was an accident that I slipped. I know I shouldn't jump on the stove in the first place.

I got to go now and I really have to tone down my mishief making.

Breep to allmy Catster friends,

Merl ~~~~^ . .^~~~~



July 30th 2006 8:48 am
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I am, I am. I got 12 emails yesterday early afternoon inviting me to 12 different groups! I joined all of them. I really like the Maine Coon one, that's my favorite. The others are cool too. I can't wait until Halloween too as that one is for Halloween lovers. My Mommy likes scary movies not only on Halloween, but other times too. She does have a pretty large collection going all the way back to the 1960's black and whites like "Black Sunday" and "Nightmare Castle". Mommy's a Barbara Steele fan too. She likes those gothic/romance type scary ones; not the slasher type. She likes all the vampire ones too.

Anyway, this morning Mommy and I got together writing thank you's to the 12 groups I was invited to. My brothers and sister are wondering why I am so pawpular. They want a piece of the action too. I told them both to start hitting the Forums like I did and do it more often.

I got to take my little nappy now to get my beauty rest and Mommy has to fix her some lunch. I can hear her stomach rumbling.

Breep to all my Catster friends and the new ones in the groups I just joined.




July 29th 2006 7:27 am
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Mommy trimmed my nails and I let her do the first couple of nails on the left foot before I raised a fuss. I wiggled and rabbit kicked, but she managed to get both front feet done. When she tried one nail on the left rear foot, I let out a loud screech. Hey, that one hurt! Mommy kissed it to make it better and said I was alright. She accidently cut it shorter (it didn't bleed or nothing like that as she didn't get into the pink veined portion of my nail, thank God).
She got the rest of my rear nails and said I was done.

Bail has vanished. Like Sampy said, he knows he's next for the nail trim. I wish him luck. It's no walk in the park!

As to last night, we met a few cats and kittens. A little of it was continued this morning too. Bail has entered his "How I got my Name" so far in the Forum. I guess the rest of us will do that today or tomorrow.

I got to go now and take my nappy as I was playing vigorously with my streamers on a stick a little bit ago.

Breep to all my Catster friends!

Merl ~~~~^. .^~~~~



July 28th 2006 6:10 pm
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Yeah, I've been bad again.

1. Jumped into the fridge five times this morning when Mommy opened it;

2. I'm stashing a lot of toys under the stove;

3. I keep jumping up on top of the stove (not when something's cooking though). Mommy keeps saying, "no" and I won't listen to her;

Other than that, I've been good and I'm ready to party so let the show begin!!!

Breep to all my Catster friends from

The little guy with the big mischief, Merl

~~~~^. _^~~~~ (winking kitty)

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