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I'm Dreamgirl #10

February 28th 2012 6:24 pm
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I am truly honored to be in the same company as the lovely ladies who have been chosen as Dreamgirls.

Thank you so much for the honor. This is such a wonderful surprise.


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th 2011 6:01 am
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There are so many reasons to give thanks today.

As we reflect on those blessings, our family wants to wish all our friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We will spend most of our day begging for food we are not suppose to have and snuggling up to our family as they watch football. A pretty good day, I must say!

Please keep those in your thoughts and prayers that are missing or sick. Also to those that are not able to spend the holiday with loved ones.

Have a safe and happy holiday friends.




August 23rd 2011 5:50 pm
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Wow, our motors have been working overtime lately.

I hope everyone can send some of those purrs to my friend,

She hasn't been eating or playing as much lately and her Mom is worried about her.

She will be going to the vet tomorrow to get checked out.

I know she would appreciate those POP thoughts so that everything turns out okay.


Thank You!

July 19th 2011 7:01 pm
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Thanks to my friends for their sweet comments and giftees to help me celebrate my DDP!!

I have had a wonderful day.



July 19th 2011 8:29 am
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Thank you so much Diary Gal for my DDP honors today.

Mom and I are especially happy because it was about our birthdays.

Our best gift was being able to spend it with Mom and Dad!

And the little bit of turkey and tuna was awesome too..MOL



July 19th 2011 8:28 am
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Thank you so much Diary Gal for my DDP honors today.

Mom and I are especially happy because it was about our birthdays.

Our best gift was being able to spend it with Mom and Dad!

And the little bit of turkey and tuna was awesome too..MOL


A Special Day !

July 14th 2011 7:39 am
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Our home celebrates 4 birthdays on July 14th.

12 years ago, Stripey and I were born in an old barn across the street. Momma Kitty brought us across the street to our forever home as soon as she could and we grew up under Mom and Dad's steps. It took us a year and a 1/2 to get into the house since neither of us were too thrilled with human contact. That cold day in December was the beginning of quite the life.

Fluffy and Wriggley were born to Stripey one year later. Mom was completely over the "we have to many cats" by then. They didn't have to wait nearly as long. As soon as she started bringing them mice, Mom had enough. "Bring them in",
she told Dad.

Mom and Dad will celebrate with us today and remember our dear Wriggley who will celebrate her 3rd birthday at the Bridge.

Hugs and thanks to all our dear friends who have stopped in to help us celebrate our special day. We love you a whole bunch.



Taking care of Mom!!

July 12th 2011 6:35 pm
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Mom had a little operation on her knee today.

She left the house this morning like she always does to go to work.

But came home around 1 o’clock. She was using these metal stick things that helped
her walk.

Dad said to all of us kitties to stay away from them. They can really hurt.

Mom was sleeping for most of the day and we have been keeping her company. We are purring a lot to help her get better fast.

Buddy got in trouble because he wanted to sleep on her hurt leg. Stripey and I have been sleeping at the bottom of the bed. Pinkie was sleeping next to her on her pillow.

Fluffy got bored after a while and left. Biggles and Xena have no clue she is even laying in bed.

Mom says although we are helping her feel better, we are not good at sharing the bed.

Wonder where Dad will sleep tonight so that we can all fit and take care of her???



July 5th 2011 7:36 am
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What a way to start the week after spending time with Mom and Dad during the long holiday weekend.

Thank you so much diary gal for the honor!!

We had a great weekend.

Little to no fireworks to scare us and some pretty nice summer weather.

Hoping all our friends had a safe and happy 4th of July!!




July 4th 2011 11:30 am
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It is finally summer in New England which means it is hot and humid.

Mom did all her cleaning and house work on Saturday morning so that she could enjoy the long weekend doing some fun stuff.

Well, it is to warm today to really do anything.

She came up with an idea of walking around the yard and taking a photo of a flower that reminds her of each of us.

She started with my page with a cool photo of a geranium that is in focus. But the background isn't. She said it is a beautiful flower just like her Nonny.

Keep in mind, my Mom takes pictures. She is not a photographer by any means so the little things excite her.

She is going to upload some more photos as they day goes on.

She is looking at some day lillies right now (yellow...wonder who those remind her of???)

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