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July 20th 2006 12:58 pm
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Now the house has 13. Mama took Mojito to the store a couple Tues. ago, and she took her 5 shed babies to the store this Tues. It sure is getting quiet around here. And on top of it, she dropped Mona off last night to be fixed today. Mona started howling and hanging out in the basement the last couple days and Mama wasn't sure if she was in heat or not. Bunny is still running around the house like an idiot. Mama doesn't even lock her up at night anymore. Mama would like to keep her, but the man probably won't let her. He already found out she wants to keep Mona, and he said if she keeps one more kitty that he's gonna get a DOG!! Yuck!!! Mama said one of Jasmine's babies in the basement has been sick for about a week, and now another one seems sick. And little Tia Maria upstairs isn't eating and threw up about 4 times yesterday. Mama is real worried about her.
Mama has been telling people lately that I am getting fat. She used to tease me about how skinny I was, and now she says I'm fat. I am just filling out finally. Besides, she gives me all the cans from the can food from the babies for me to lick out. One, two cans a day. And sometimes she leaves a little food in them. So it's her fault. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Well, I'm going to sit here and wait for my girlfriend Mona to come home.



July 10th 2006 9:47 am
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Well, alot has happened since I wrote last. Mama did get another kitten a week ago Thur., a Siamese named Tiger Lilly, which brought us to 23. Then Margarita died last Mon. and Captain Morgan died on Thur. Mama is starting to wonder if something is wrong with the house (germs) or one of us, but I guess it's a bad year for babies dying. It's so sad. :( :( Then Mama took Sammy and Tiger Lily to the store on Thurs. and both of them got adopted on Fri. Mama was suppose to take Mojito to the store this a.m. but she overslept. I usually wake her up at 7:30 every a.m. whether she has to work or not, but this a.m. I was busy. So Mo will go tomorrow. Mama doesn't let him out much cause he's still skiddish. But she picks him up and pets him and loves him several times a day. The 5 babies in the back bedroom are named now. They are Bigfoot, girl with extra toes, Thumbelina, girl with extra toes, Elwood, boy, Sidekick, girl, and Sahara, girl. They are getting friendlier and friendlier every day. Mama says we are only going to keep them another week and a half. She lets me and Bun Bun in with them while they are out of the cage, even though she is not suppose to cause they haven't been tested. Sometimes Mama just works on faith. Mama says my girlfriend Mona needs to get fixed next week. So far Mona has not gone into heat, but Mama is holding her breath. Mama would like to keep Mona, but she also would like Bun Bun. The man is probably not going to let her keep either. Jasmine came out of her room yesterday, and after we sniffed noses she hissed at me. Mama still won't let me in to play with her babies. They are 5 weeks old now and getting big. Well, that's about it. Unless Mama goes crazy again, I don't think we'll get any new ones until the 5 in the BBR are gone.



June 29th 2006 1:41 pm
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Mama says there are 22 of us kitties in the house now. She got two from Trish named Margarita and Mojito that she brought home to play with Sammy, and she got 4 little 5 wks olds, all last Fri. Margarita isn't doing that well though. She is real, real skinny and is not eating much and she is going to the vet tomorrow. The four babies are cute. Mama has them in a cage, and she lets them out sometimes to play in the bathroom. She named them Captain Morgan,a boy, Tia Maria, a girl, Drambuie, a boy, and Malibu, a girl. They cry alot and want to be held. Mama says they are so friendly that they act like they were bottle feeders. Then Tues, Mama left for awhile with the Man and she came home with 5 that are 6 wks old. They are 4 girls and a boy. They are kinda wild and scared. Mama says 2 of them have extra toes. She has them in a cage in the same room as Bun Bun. Bun Bun hisses at them. Patches isn't in the house no more. She got "fixed" and then went to the kitty store. She was kinda mean to me except when she was in heat, so I don't miss her much. Bun Bun is going to the vet tomorrow too. If the vet says she is OK, Mama is going to get her adopted too. I finally met Jasmine in the basement bedroom. I hissed at her and ran out the door. Oops, I mean I showed her who's boss and sauntered out of the room. Mama named her babies Asti, a boy, Spumanti, a boy, Chianti, a boy, and Merlot, a girl. Finally the boy total in the house is going in my direction. I heard Mama on the phone last night and she is suppose to get another one tonight. But then Sammy might get adopted tomorrow. I just can't keep track anymore. All I know is my girlfriend won't come out of her room anymore cause she is busy with the babies, so I need to go in and see her. I have more time to wrestle with Spooky Pants too.
Well gotta go before Mama gets home.



June 19th 2006 9:34 am
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Well, where to begin. I guess with the new ones. Mama got a Mama cat and her four babies on Thurs. night. She put them down in the basement bedroom. Her name is Jasmine and her babies are about two weeks old now. Mama won't let me in there, but what I could see from the doorway is that she is real pretty. But not as pretty as my girlfriend Mona. Mama says she is real friendly too. She is naming her babies after wine names - Asti, Spumante, Chianti, and Merlot. She says Asti is a boy, but is not sure about the rest. Sure hope I get to play with them soon. Mama took Fat Baby and Gray Boy to the store on Thurs. and left them there all day. Mona was upset that they weren't comming back. But Mama brought them back at night after they were tested. She took Fat Baby on Friday a.m. and she never came back. Mama said she got adopted right away. But Mama did bring home a little black kitty she named Sambuca. She calls him Sam or Sammy. He is cute. Mama mostly has him in a cage, but lets him out to play a couple times a day. She said we will have him about 2 week. Then the girl that found gray boy 7 weeks ago came to get him on Sat. She thought I was his foster Mama. Imagine that!!! Couldn't she see my masculine kittyness. Now Mona is kittenless, although she will lick Sammy if he comes close to her. I just swat him. Trying to play, I swear. Patches has gone crazy too. Mama said she is in heat like Little Bit was. Well, Little Bit was not as noisy as Patches. Patches keeps comming by me like I can do something for her. No Patches, Mama took care of that a long time ago. Patches babies No Doze and Banshee got adopted last Sat. And speaking of Little Bit, she got adopted from the store last Mon., and Mama says she lives a block away from us!! Mama says it's a small world. She went over there and talked to the man, but he didn't offer to let her in the house to see her. I guess she lives with a dog and two other cats are moving in. I feel sorry for her. I don't always like my sisters, but at least we don't have a dog. Mama still has Bunny too, and she is doing good on her special food. She is gaining weight, but Mama is afraid she has something called FIP. I guess it's not a good thing to have. Mama may need to take her to the vet again to see what is wrong with her.
Well, gotta go take a nap with my girlfriend now.



June 8th 2006 10:33 am
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Mona Lisa is the prettiest most niciest kitty in the world. Mama has been letting her and her babies out into the living room and kitchen for hours at a time when she is home, and I just love being with her. If Mama doesn't let them out fast enough when she gets up, I go to their door and stretch my paw up to the doorknob to tell Mama to hurry up!! Mama says the babies are going to find new homes in about a week and a half. Maybe we can keep Mona. Mama took two of Patches babies to the kitty store this morning. They went to Petco Sun. but Mama said it was slow there. Mama let them out to play too but Patches wouldn't let me get too close to play. Mama still has Bun Bun (Bunny). She took her to the vet yesterday, but Bun Bun is too small for a blood test. I guess she got a shot for diarrhea and she has to stay in a cage and eat special food. Oh well. I'll probably try to hold paws with Mona under the computer room door and then I'll take a nap.



June 1st 2006 9:38 am
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Mama came home a week ago Monday (May 22) and Mixey was real, real sick. She had thrown up all over the place and she didn't want anything to do with her babies. So Mama ran her to the vet, and the vet said she had distemper. Then the next day Mona wasn't feeling well either, so Mama took her to the
vet too. They think she had distemper too. So Mama was left with Mixey's babies to feed and poop and take care of until Trish took them on Thur. cause Mama had to go to work. Trish had lost all the babies by Tues. and Mixey died on Sat. Mama cried alot. She did get Mona back on Fri. Mona didn't look sick when she came back, but her front paw was shaved and she looks kinda funny. Mama has to give her and her fat baby medicine cause she wasn't feeling good either. Mama thought she might not make it either. Everyone seems fine now. Mona and fat baby both run out of the room when Mama opens the door. Mama makes them go back in cause the vet told her to keep them away from the rest of us. Too bad cause I still think Mona is soooo pretty. She really doesn't hiss at me anymore either, except when I went in her room the other day. Hopefully she'll stay for a long time instead of going to the store or Petco. Speaking of Petco, two of Patches babies are going there on Sun. Mama says Bunny is still too small. She is worried about Bunny cause she has diarrhea and is not growing very well. Mama says she is stunted. I don't get to see those babies much cause Patches is mean. I don't want her for a girlfriend at all. Oh well, gotta go pick in the garbage and take a nap.


Mama is sad again.

May 18th 2006 10:55 am
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Well, Mama has been crying again the past two days. Yesterday early in the morning Patches kitten Lettie died. She was a big kitty too. 8 1/2 weeks old. Then Val wasn't eating either and Mama found her dead this morning. Mama just cried. I hugged Mama and gave her kisses, and I think she felt a little better. Patches only has three kittens left out of eight. I'm sad too. I wanted to play with them before they went to Petco.
Little Bit went into something Mama called "heat" Monday night. All I know is she was acting funny and she cried. And her and Spooky actually got along for once. Then last night Mama took her away to get "fixed." I remember that. She told me to say goodbye cause Little Bit wasn't comming back. Mama was crying again when she put her in the naughty box (a.k.a. carrier). She thought I didn't notice. Mama gets to visit her at the kitty store though. I've been there several times and it's a nice place. I didn't like the shots Trish gave me though.
Well, gotta go take a nap before Mama comes home and it's cuddle time.



May 15th 2006 1:31 pm
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Well, Mama got that pregnant cat on Tuesday. Move over Mona, I have a new girlfriend. But she was so fat, I'm sure I probably couldn't even hug her. Mama only let me in the room a few times to see her, and she hissed at me. But I'm sure she'll come around. Then yesterday a.m. Mama wouldn't let me in there at all. After awhile, I heard little kitten noises. Mama was in there ALL DAY and she slept in there half the night. I guess Mixey (what a beautiful name) had six babies and it took her 14 hours. Now the mommy hormones are gonna kick in and she isn't going to let me near her at all. Me and the Gray Boy need to stick together cause we're the only boys in the house. Too many girl hormones. Sometimes Patches babies come running out of the bedroom and Mama lets me sniff them. They all hiss at me though. I laugh at them. They get can food three times a day and it's not fair. Mama usually lets me lick the can though. Well, Mama will be home soon, so gotta go.



May 8th 2006 9:01 am
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Mom lost two more of Patches kittens on Friday. Dribbles the runt was sick for a week and crashed 3 times. Each time Mom brought him back with Karo syrup and water. But Friday a.m. he was crashed again and Mom couldn't help him. She was sad but she knew it was going to happen. Then Houdini, the little black one, was not right for a couple days and she was losing weight. She died in the afternoon. Mom cried and cried and cried. Houdini was her favorite cause she was the first one to climb out of her condo and she was so proud of her kitty self. She also liked to sit in Mom's lap. Then Mom took Little Bit's kittens to Petco on Sun. and they didn't come back. Mom said they all found good homes, so she was happy and sad at the same time. Now Little Bit has to go to the store and get an operation so she can't have more kittens. I am going to miss tormenting her. Mama gets so mad when I do that. My girlfriend Mona in the office bedroom and her two fat babies are doing good. She only had one fat baby, but Mom brough another one home for her last weekend. He is a cute little gray boy that someone found under their porch. Mona loved on him right away, so Mama was happy. They are the only ones so far Mama doesn't worry about. Momma is suppose to get another pregnant one tomorrow. Mama is still crazy. Well, gotta take a nap now.



April 27th 2006 11:13 am
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Well, Mom was sad on Monday cause she lost one of Patches kittens. It was a tabby boy who was third biggest out of the eight, but he just stopped gaining weight. Mom found him practically flat as a pancake on the bottom of the cage with the other seven on top keeping him warm. Mom and Trish tried to keep him going, but he died about 11am. Mom cried. I was sad too, even though I didn't know him. Mom is worried about 3 more of Patches kittens who aren't gaining weight and/or won't eat and/or have diaherra. Patches was sick too with not eating and diaherra. They are all on yucky medicine. Glad I don't have to take it. Little Bit and her kittens got to go on a field trip downtown to the kitty store on Tuesday to get shots and deworming pills. I wanted to go too but now I'm glad I didn't. I have all my shots and pills for awhile.They have to go back next week to give blood for a leukemia test. Been there, done that. Then I guess Mom will be taking them to Petco to be adopted. Little Bit is going to get fixed and go to the store. I've been kinda mean to her lately, hissing at her and trapping her in corners. I am the man, er, kitty. Mom gets mad at me and chases me away from her. I have also been teasing Mona Lisa under the door. She rushes the door and growls at me. I think she will see my wonderful kitty charms and come around. She is pretty and I like to have her for a girlfriend. Well, gotta go, lunch time.

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