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May 24th 2007 9:52 am
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Well, I'ts been awhile since I've written and alot of bad and good things happened.

First, the babies in the basement all got adopted, except the last baby left of Gray Mama's died. Gray Mama got spayed and went back to the hoarder. Little Zinger, who had the bad back legs, went to the vet and got diagnosed with C.H. Mama is not sure that's what he has though. The nice man who adopted him and his brother still wanted him even after the diagnosis. God bless him!!

Little Scrappy found a home too. Her Mama "Kitty" got spayed and is waiting to go to the store. Mama is probably going to try her at Petco this weekend.

Two of the kittens Mama got from the trailer park died - the little girl and the little runt. The other 2 were sick with diarrhea and losing weight, but Mama got it under control. They will probably go to Petco in 3 wks. or so, or when Mama thinks they are all better.

Mama got 3 more kittens from a different trailer park. (What is up with trailer parks and cats???) One came in by himself, and he is sooooo cute. Mama named him Bratface. The lady said some little boy was trying to sell him door to door for $20. So she took him away and brought him to the Kitty store. The other 2 were brought in by the same lady a week later, but Mama thinks they are from a different litter.

Mama also got 3 beautiful kittens from someone who dropped them off at Petco, but she has already lost 2 of them and she thinks the 3rd isn't going to make it either. It is just so sad for Mama. She held both of them while they died, and just bawled her eyes out.

Oh, and Mama is boarding a kitty for someone who is in the service and is at training. Her name is Sahara and she is a kitty that Mama rescued last summer from under a shed with her4 siblings. She is a tortie, and Mama thinks she is soooo sweet. I have tried to harrass her, but she is pretty good at ignoring me.

Well, that's about all going on in Foster Kitty Land. Gotta go take a nap.



May 7th 2007 8:31 am
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Mama took her three little girls to Petco this weekend. She named them Eclipse, Mona, and Bugsy. They were a little sick last weekend, so Mama had to wait. Eclipse and Bugsy got adopted together, and Mona went to a house with no other critters. Mama was happy that they got adopted so quick.

Everyone in the basement is stable at the moment. Calico Mama got spayed on Thurs. and went back to the cat hoarder. Mama was sad cause she thought her group should have kept Calico Mama. Gray Mama will probably get done this week. Mama was going to keep Gray Mama so she could mother the babies, but Gray Mama is getting a little too protective of the babies. So she will probably go back to the hoarder. Three of the five babies are ready to be adopted, but two of them got goopy eyes right before the weekend. One baby is walking funny, and Mama is wondering what is wrong with his back legs. He is OK otherwise. The little one is just not right. Mama can't put her finger on it, but he is just not right.

Kitty an Scrappy are fine. Scrappy was old enough to be adopted last weekend, but she is so small that Mama decided to keep her another weekend. She should go this weekend. Mama also got 4 new babies this past Tues. They are longhair tabbies, 3 boys and 1 girl. They came from a trailer park, and the lady who found them was trying to trap the Mama using the babies as bait, but the Mama snatched one baby and ran. So my Mama went out with a trap and trapped her, but they couldn't find the baby. So my Mama had to let her go. The babies are about 5 wks. old, and seem pretty healthy. The little girl and the runt are kinda thin though. Mama may just start them on some preventative medicine.

That's about all. Mama is waiting for Bun Bun to go into heat again before she spays her. Mama is just afraid that Bun Bun might get sick after the surgery, after everything she went through as a kitten.



April 23rd 2007 11:02 am
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I haven't written in awhile, but I don't have much to report but sadness.
Kitty's baby Henrietta and the Orphan Annie both died this past Fri. Mama has no idea what happened. Looked like distemper, but Mama doesn't know where it came from or why Scrappy the Runt is still OK.
Out of all the babies in the basement, The Gray Mama only has one left and one of the Calico Mama's died too. Those were probably more due to upper resp/pneumonia. Mama is worried about another one of the Calico Mama's. She has been giving him lots of medicine and nebulizing him. She also had to force feed him for a few days. Mama was sure this year was going to be different with the kitties, but it sure is not. It is so hard to watch them died, esp. after you struggled to keep them alive.
The happiest news in the house is probably that Mama got three little pretty girls three weeks ago, and they will be going to Petco this weekend, barring any illnesses. They are real playful, cute and friendly. Mama just hopes they stay healthy the rest of the week.
My Birthday was last week and Mama didn't even know. She knew Bun Bun's birthday, but missed Mona Lisa's. I know Spooky and Oreo's are comming up soon. Bun Bun may be in heat too. She is a year and a month old, so it would be about time considering what's she's gone through.
Well, gotta go get a good nap in before Mama comes home.



March 30th 2007 12:50 pm
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Well, everything in the house is crazy again. Mama found a home for Pippi, and Fluffy went to the store this past Tues. But now Mama has three Mama's with babies.
I already wrote about Kitty and her two babies, except now she has three. Someone found a little orphan on their porch, and they gave it to my Mama to give to Kitty. She took care of her right away. She is a little black and white girl, a little more than two weeks old now. The other two are good. The bigger one is twice the size of the little one though. But they are both starting to eat solid food and using the litter box. The orphan is always hungry. Mama sometimes gives her a bottle when she is real hungry.
Last night Mama got two Mama's with their babies from the house of the cat hoarder that she got the black and orange ones from. The one Mama is a muted Calico and she has five babies. They are about 6 weeks old. They all have bad eyes and one has a cold. The other Mama is solid gray and she has four babies. They are about four weeks old and they all came in with their eyes glued shut. Mama got them open with a warm, wet rag and put cream in them, but they were shut again this a.m. The gray Mama is scared and not too friendly, so Mama has her locked in a kitty condo. The other one is OK. Except when I went in there to say Hello and she attacked me. Boy!! I won't ever try that again!! Too many Mommy hormones in the house.
Well, that's about all. Auntie Trish is comming this weekend to cat-sit us. Yeah!! Lots of can food for everyone!!



March 7th 2007 6:58 am
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Mama has sad news again. One of kitty's little babies died Sat. afternoon. Mama noticed he was real weak in the morning, and she tried to warm him up and bottle feed him, but he wasn't having any of it. She had to go to Petco, so she decided to leave him in with his Mama instead of separating him. Well, when she got home he was gone. Kitty has two babies left. One is real big and he just eats and sleeps. He barely raises a fuss when Mama picks him up. The other one is much smaller, and he was pretty restless until yesterday or so. Mama was real worried about him. She is hoping any cat that reads this could send up a prayer that the little family stays healthy and happy.
On a happier note, Mama adopted out all her kittens this weekend, and also Twyla. Her rescue group adopted 7 adults and 5 kittens at Petco in all. That is a awesome number of adults in one weekend. Mama is so happy about that.
She took Pippi on Sun., but no such luck. Pippi will probably go to the store next week. Mama is now letting Fluffy out of her room more, and Fluffy will probably be going soon too. Then Mama has to clean out her bedrooms and get ready for kitten season. Judging by what she's seen so far, it's probably going to be a bad one.
Well, gotta go nap now. Or maybe annoy my sisters.



March 2nd 2007 7:39 am
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Mama brought 3 kitties home from the cat store on Tues. Two of them are 10 wks. old today, little wideband tabby boys. They are super healthy, so they are probably going to Petco tomorrow. The other one was a year old light gray tabby, and she came in pregnant. Well, last night (or rather early this a.m.) she had her babies. The first one was stillborn. Mama thinks she was in labor too long before he came out. But then she had 3 more. They look like 2 gray/whites and one gray. Mama didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. She is real tired today. She probably won't be up for any of my misbehavior when she gets home from work.
Mama is also planning on taking the other two kittens to Petco tomorrow. She may even take Pippi or Twyla too. Mama is just getting too full with kitties. Otherwise they may go to the store soon.
Well, gotta go and practice behaving.



February 26th 2007 2:16 pm
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It is not kitten season right now, so Mama just has the four she got 3 weeks ago. They are doing lots better, and the lady who had them is starting to spay and neuter the rest of them. So that's good news. Mama heard she has about 20 of them. She has 2 more Mama's with babies.
Two of the kittens are getting adopted tonight. A black one Mama named Stinky and an orange one named Pidgey. That leaves a black one named Monkey and an orange one named Bubbie. Bubbie has a little white spot on his eye, so Mama is going to see if that goes away before she takes them to Petco.
The kitty Mama got that she thought was pregnant is not, so she was "fixed" this past Thurs. Her name is Twyla and she will probably end up going to the store. Mama also still has the Mama from the basement, Pippi. Pippi got fixed 2 Thurs. ago and will either be going to the store or back to her original people. Mama still has Fluffy too. Fluffy should be going somewhere soon. Mama can't do much more for her cause she needs to socialize with more people.
Mama has been yelling at me alot lately, and I don't know why. I know it's not because I smack my sisters, or run into rooms and jump in cages I am not suppose to be in, or beg off Mama's plate, or get in Mama's way when she is trying to do something. Or my all time favorite - PICKING IN THE GARBAGE.
Well, Mama will be home soon, so gotta go.



February 5th 2007 9:03 am
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Mama is not mad at me - at least not all the time - but she is mad cause she got 4 kittens from some lady who gives her rescue group kittens sometimes, but these kittens are in bad shape. They have colds, eye infections, filthy ears, big bellies, and they all stink like pee pee and dirt. The lady refuses to get the Mama's fixed too. Mama wishes there was an Animal Cops Kenosha cause she would turn the lady in and make her pay. Mama is giving the babies medicine and she cleaned their ears. Tonight she is going to give them a little sponge bath to make them smell better. Mama just doesn't understand how someone could keep little kittens in such bad conditions.
Mama was sad this past Wed. cause one of her orange girls died. She was in the office on the chair and she was hyperventilating and panting with her tongue out. Mama scooped her up and rushed her to the vet, but she died on the way there. They thought maybe she had developed pneumonia, but they did an autopsy and didn't really see it. So they are sending tissue samples to the lab to see what happened. The other two girls are feeling much better and may be going to Petco soon. Mama really likes one of them cause she is naughty and likes to bite faces. She is not being mean, she just is giving kisses. Mama is trying to break her of it, but she is a real stubborn kitty. She whines alot and follows Mama around until she picks her up. Mama is really going to miss them when they are gone.
Mama got another kitty that may be pregnant. She has her in the back bedroom with Fluffy, and they seen to get along OK. Mama is probably naming her Twila, and she is a solid gray good sized kitty. I will write more when she either has those babies or Mama gives up.
Speaking of babies, all Mama's babies from the basement are gone. Three of them got adopted from the house, and the last one from Petco this weekend. The Mama, named Pippi, is now roaming loose around the house until she can go to the V-E-T to be "fixed." She doesn't like me. She really doesn't like anyone. Mama really likes her. Says she is the friendliest adult kitty she ever fostered. Yeah, she sucks up real good to Mama.
Bun Bun went to the V-E-T Sat. for her rabies shot. She is 10 1/2 mos. old and weighs 4.7 lbs. She is gaining weight slowly but surely, and she hasn't had no bad poop for months. She doesn't like me cause sometimes I pin her down and bite her until she cries. Mama gets so mad, but I just can't help myself. I am King of the House and everyone needs to be reminded all the time.
Well, gotta go throw my weight around.



January 18th 2007 7:42 am
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It's the middle of January, and so far, so good with all the kitties in the house.
Since I wrote last the three teenage girls got fixed and went to the store and got adopted. Wolfie got adopted at Petco. The three orange girls have got a bad kitty cold so they are still with us. They just won't get better. Mama thinks these kitties get sick so they don't have to leave. The babies in the basement are now 7 weeks old. One of them is already on hold and some people are comming tonight to look at another one. Mama still has Fluffy. She is getting better about being scared, but she only will come to Mama right now. Mama is going to take her to the store soon where she will get attention from all kinds of people.
I have been pretty good. Every once in a while I attack one of the girls for no reason. Mama gets real mad. And I have been scratching on the bottom of Mama's mattress while Mama is in bed. She just screams at me and I run. It is good fun.
Well, gotta nap now.



December 29th 2006 7:49 am
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With the comming of the New Year, Mama is hoping this year all her foster kitties survive and thrive. Last year wasn't always a good year for them.
Well, Tipsy got taken to IL. and got adopted. Mama took Gus Gus and Freckles to Petco on X-Mas Eve, and they got adopted together. They were a X-Mas present for the lady's 7 year old. Mama is planning on taking Wolfie (the single kitty she's had for several weeks) to Petco this weekend. She was sick with diarrhea, but is better now. Beulah's new Mommy came and got her two days after X-Mas. Her new name is Annie. Mama also got 5 half grown kitties a couple weeks ago. The two boys were already neutered and adopted at Petco last weekend. The three girls got spayed on Thurs. They are going to the store this Tues. Mama also got three little orange girl kitties last weekend. They are so cute, but are so full of energy. Mama has them in a cage, but puts them in the bathroom for exercise. Well, they have unrolled all the TP, knocked all the stuff off the counters, broke a glass, tipped over the wastebasket and toliet brush. They are so full of energy. Mama is going to get them tested this weekend so they can come out of their cage. The Mama in the basement and her babies are doing good. They are 4 1/2 weeks old and are starting to run around and get into stuff. Mama is trying to get them to use the litterbox now. She caught one of the girls peeing on the carpet yesterday. There are two boys and two girls. Mama hasn't thought up names yet.
I've been pretty naughty lately. Mama has been threating to take me to Petco. As if!! I know Mama loves me and would never give me up. I just have to keep her on her toes.

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