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Quiet on the Foster Front

February 21st 2008 10:18 am
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It's been pretty quiet lately in fosterland. It is not kitten season right now, so things are pretty slow.
Let's see where I left off.
Sparkle went to the cat store and got adopted!! We still have Lelo, Tawny, and the Mama in the basement with the babies. We lost one, though, only 3 days after we got them. The other three look healthy, even though we have an obvious runt. They are already 6 wks. old, and should be adoptable in 3 wks.
They are all boys, and like to play like boys too. Their Mama is kind of a Sybil. She is nice but likes to bite sometimes. She gets nervious when Mama makes sudden movements or loud noises. She is a good Mama though.
Mama also got a little 3 1/2 mo. old named Winnie from another foster. The reason she got her was because she was sick. Well, Winnie spent a night at the vet, who wasn't sure what was wrong with her. Mama force fed her and sub-qued her, and kept her on a heating pad for a week. Winnie didn't make it in the end, and her final diagnosis was FIP. Such a nasty disease!! Mama was VERY sad that she didn't make it because she was SO sweet.
I also heard rumors that we are going to get another Mama with a 4 (?) wk. old baby next week. Mama is going to have to put her in the computer room with Tawny. Hopefully she doesn't mind.
As for me, I just got over a cold that I gave to Spooky and now Bun Bun has it. And Mama says I don't share!! I also have rekindled my passion for retrieving my rattle mouse. I have trained "the man" to reach over and get it for me, instead of just bringing it straight to him. And they say humans aren't trainable!! MOL.



January 10th 2008 9:22 am
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Until last night, we only had Lelo, Sparkle, Tawny, and a little single baby in the house. Then Mama went out and brought home a Mama with 4 little newborns!! She spend alot of time in there with her too. Sparkle and I wanted to go in and look, but Mama said no. Oh well, I suppose we'll meet them soon enough.

As alot of kitties already know, Mama had a cat named Ms. Tortie in the house for a week before she went to the bridge. Ms. Tortie was part of Mama's TNR project last year, but she was never returned because she was tameable. She spent part of her time in foster, and part at the adoption center. She always laid in the round part of a cat tree in the big storefront window. She didn't like to be picked up, but she sure liked to be petted. She would stick her little tongue out and purr. Once she even rubbed Mama on the face. She found a home, very briefly, but they returned her because she hid in the basement. They just didn't keep her corraled like we told them, until she go used to the new house.

Then the volunteers noticed Ms. Tortie had lost alot of weight. It was hard to see it at first cause she was a longhair. The vet said she was probably in liver failure and wouldn't last very long. The vet wanted to send her to the bridge. Mama went out and got her instead and brought her home. The vet said she wasn't in pain, and Mama wanted her to have a home life with someone who loved and paid alot of attention to her before she went to the bridge. Ms. Tortie passed away on 12-27, sleeping in bed with Mama. Mama was glad she had that little time with Ms. Tortie, and Ms. Tortie seemed happy too. Mama wants to thank everyone who expressed concern for Ms. Tortie and Mama while she was sick and after she passed. What a wonderful group of kitties here on Catster!!

Well, I think I'll go torture one of my sisters now. But not Bun Bun cause she got fixed yesterday.



November 26th 2007 10:38 am
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Well, we have had a bunch of adoptions lately and a few new kitties.

Yahtzee in the basement got adopted yesterday. She went to a home with two little dogs, so Mama is holding her breath cause she thinks she'll be back.
Little Screech got adopted. He was such a nice boy and such a purrface.
Two of the three black kitties Mama had got adopted. Also, the black and white one did too. But the biggest news of all is that her three CH boys got adopted. The first one that went was the tuxedo, Lucky Ducky. He went to a home with a doggie, and he is doing great. In fact, he has his own page on Catster ID #664466. His name is now Stewie. The other two, Lucky Horseshoe and Charm went together to a nice lady in Illinois. She named them Jack and Bobby after the Kennedys, and they are doing fine. Mama was very sad for a couple days after they left, but she is mostly over it now.

Mama still has their Mama, Lelo, as well as the Baby Tabby who she just adores and the shy girl whose brother died. The shy girl, named Tawny, is stuck at the same point. She will let Mama hold her and even seems to enjoy it, but she hisses at Mama when she is in her cage. Mama doesn't think she is ever going to get her social enough to be adopted. Mama also got a little family last week of a Mama and 2 kittens. She named the Mama Sparkle, and she is just super sweet and gets along with the other cats. The kittens she named Shimmer and Sterling. She is going to take them to Petco this next weekend. Mama also got a single tabby kitten last week that she hasn't named yet. She is nice but is a little shy.

That's about all that's going on. Kitten season is about over, so it is going to be slow for awhile. That's OK, cause that just means we will get Mama all to ourselves for awhile :) :) :)



October 29th 2007 10:03 am
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Not alot going on in fosterland right now. Four of the six babies in the basement got adopted at Petco, and the other two went to the store. One of those got adopted last Friday. The Mama cat, named Yahtzee, wasn't feeling so good lately, but now she is better. She is going to be spayed next week and then Mama is going to look for a home for her.

Two of the four black girls we had got adopted and the other two went to the store. They are still there, waiting for homes. Mama is going to take the other three black babies and the blk/wht one to Petco next weekend.

Mama still has Lelo and her three CH boys. She has been taking them to Petco and they are also on Petfinder. They are just so precious. Mama wishes she could keep one or more of them, but she knows she has her limit now. Maybe she will put up a adoption page for them here on Catster. That would be wonderful!!

Mama also got two semi-feral 4 mo. olds that someone trapped in their backyard. Mama still has the girl, but the boy passed away after a week and a half. Mama was just devestated. She sat in the bathroom with him trying to keep him alive, then she sat there bawling and holding him when he died. He is probably the biggest kitten we have ever lost. It was just so sad. :( :(

Mama also has a 6 mo. old black boy named after my sister Spooky, and a 4 mo. old orange/wht. she renamed Screech since he is so vocal. Screech had a brother, but he got adopted last weekend. Oh, and we have a little 6 wk. old that Mama didn't name cause the people who found him may take him back. He is a little tabby, and there is nothing wrong with his lungs either. Mama wraps him up in a little towel and carries him around with her when she is home. Then he screams when she puts him back in his cage cause he is all by himself. He won't eat any solid food either even though he ate can food the day we got him. Mama has to mix up baby kitten milk for him. Hrumph!! I bet he would eat can food if he got hungry enough.



October 5th 2007 8:23 am
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It's been awhile since I've written, so I'm afraid the moment is gone, but about two weeks ago we had 27 kitties in the house!!! Mama was just going nuts!! But some have been adopted, a couple went to the cat store, and we have new ones in their place.

Well, to start with, Miss Sara and her little runt baby did get adopted by the nice man who came to look at them. He even took them to the vet first to see if they were healthy. Mama heard back from him last week, and they are doing real good.

Two of Lelo's babies got adopted together last week, and the other three (all boys) have CH. Two have a mild case and one has a moderate case. They are all happy boys, and they don't seem to notice they are handicapped. Mama is going to put them up for adoption soon.

Everyone in the office got adopted except for Tabu and Magnolia who went to the cat store. In their places we got 3 little black kittens who are probably Tabu's half siblings, since they came from the same trailer park. They are older but so tiny. They are just growing so slow. We also got a little single boy kitten from under someone's porch, and four black girls who were left in a carrier outside a boarding home downtown. In the basement we have a Mama and six babies, and the babies are going to Petco this weekend. They had an alcoholic owner who got sent to jail or rehab or something, so we ended up with the Mama and babies. We named them all after board games.

That's about all that's exciting lately. I'm still busy with my group, foster families forever, and we are getting alot of new members all the time.
Well, gotta nap now so I can bug Mama all night.



August 24th 2007 8:13 am
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Nobody has been moving out of the house lately. In the basement we still have Sarafina and her little runt baby who is already 4 mos. old and is sooo tiny. Mama took Sara to Petco, and then a man came to the house to look at her. He said last weekend he was going to take her and the runt baby (Little Man), but he hasn't called Mama. So she don't know what's going on there.

The back bedroom has Lelo and her family of five. They are 7 wks. old already!! My how time flies. They will be going for adoption in 2 wks. Mama thinks she has found a home for the only girl already. She gave them all names that started with "Lucky" since they were born on 7-7-07.

The office has a mixture of babies. Tabu has been with us the longest (middle of May). We also have her sister Zorra, two prairie kitties, Magnolia and Maple, little Freya and Whistler. Then Mama got a little orange guy cause an aquaintance turned him into the Humane Society for biting. He supposidly was in the middle of the road where a guy found him and turned him into the police dept. where this lady works. Mama is trying to work with him to get him to stop biting. He's not trying to be mean - he is just touchy.

This weekend Mama and Trish are going to Family Video to show off kitties . They are having a raffle for us, and wanted us to bring kitties for adoption. The ones from the office are going today, and them some smaller kittens and some from the office will go tomorrow. Mama hopes someone gets adopted cause she doesn't want to start taking kitties to the kitty store. She feels they have their best shot with her and at Petco.

Me - I have just been busy with my group "Foster Families Forever." We are getting bigger and bigger every day. I also still like getting into trouble and snacking my sisters around. Well, gotta go take that late morning nap now.



July 18th 2007 3:29 pm
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So much has happened since I wrote last!! Sabu, Inca, and 7 of the 8 babies from the basement got adopted. We just have the Mama, Sarafina, and her runt left in the basement. He is not so good :( :( He is very thin and bony, and probably hasn't grown at all since Mama got him. Now he has a cold again too. Mama still isn't sure if he will make it, and he is about 12 wks. old already.
Mama did get a pregnant one named Lelo, and she gave birth to 5 beautiful babies on 7-7-07. Now she just has to think of lucky names for them. Mama also has 4 bigger kittens who were part of 15 that were dumped on a prairie on Lake Michigan. It is just so sad!! Four of the 15 already have homes, but 11 more still need to go. Mama also got a 4 wk. old boy and a 6 wk. old girl from a private home where they were being given away already!!! Carolyn left Petco and went running over there once she heard, and they let her buy the last two. Mama also got one yesterday at the store who is about 6 wks. old. The ladys daughter brought it home, the lady said No, and then the people wouldn't take it back. It is a little black girl with stray white hairs. Mama put her in with the 2 other small ones, even though she is not suppose to do that. Mama just felt so sorry for her cause she was crying and tearing up her cage.
I have been busy trying to manage my catster group and terrorizing my sisters and such. It's a wonder I manage to get any naps in....



July 5th 2007 12:54 pm
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Mama has been so busy now with kitten season and managing her new group "FOSTER FAMILIES FOREVER" that she has so very little time for anything. Sometimes we just have to all sit on her and pin her down when she finally sits down for awhile.
Since last time I wrote, Robin, Sparrow and India all got adopted. Mama is finally going to take little Tabu and Sabu to Petco this weekend, along with Inca and some of the 8 babies from the basement. Mama also may take the new girl, Zorra, who may be Tabu and Sabu's sister. She was running around outside the same trailer park. The three little ones Mama named Thelma, Louise, and Melvin, and they are doing well. Mama thinks they are Tabu and Sabu's half siblings. They came from the same place, and little Melvin looks just like them. Same fur, same color, same texture.
Mama is also suppose to get a pregnant one on her way home from work tonight. She has to go upstairs in the back bedroom, and Mama has a feeling she's not going to like it. She is an indoor/outdoor kitty, and now she will have to be in a cage for awhile. We'll see how that goes...



June 21st 2007 2:00 pm
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I started a group for foster families and those who work at shelter or vet's offices. It's called FOSTER FAMILIES FOREVER and I am trying to get more people to join. It would just be so nice to compare stories and share advice and stuff. So if you're reading this and you foster, please join!!
Well, Kitty update: Little Tasha got adopted last weekend at Petco. The eight babies in the basement are doing good now, but five of them threw up and were lethargic/wouldn't eat for about 3-4 days. Mama was so scared it was distemper and they were all going to die. But they all seem to be better now, and maybe will go to Petco in a couple weeks or so.
Mama got two kitties that needed socialization, and they are doing fine. They are 2 little B/W girls named Inca and India. Then Mama got 2 boys that were dropped off at Petco in a birdcage that she named Robin and Sparrow. They are a little older - maybe 12 wks. They are in the office with the girls getting in trouble and destroying things. Little Sabu has finally gained some weight, and he and his sister have the run of the house when Mama is home. They will probably go to Petco next weekend. Then Mama got 4 more kittens from the same trailer park as them. The runt died the first night Mama had them. They were born outside and the lady kept them in her shed while the Mama came and went caring for them. The Mama is wild so the lady can't catch her. Well, the lady brought them in for their first distemper shots, and Mama decided she should take them home and finish fostering them. The kitty Mama wasn't taking care of them anymore.
So the GRAND TOTAL IN THE HOUSE IS NOW 24 and WAS 25!!! That is a new record for us. The previous one was 23 and we hit that one twice. All I have to say about that is Mama is CRAZY!! And of course, it is officially Kitten Season.
Well, Mama will be home soon so we have to line up in the kitchen to greet her.



June 13th 2007 11:58 am
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Well, first I'd like to start with the recent adoptions. Little Bratface, Tango and Cash, and "Kitty" the Mama all got adopted at Petco this weekend. Mama was just thrilled beyond belief. We are right in the middle of "Kitten Season", and the kittens are comming out of the woodwork. So Mama was just estatic that "Kitty" found a home. She is going to be the only cat in the house, which is best since she didn't really like the rest of us.
The kitten that I wrote about last time died. Mama lost all three of them. She was so sad. The two blackies 4444444444444444444444444444444444444
(one of them just typed that) that Mama got from the trailer park are a little mixed bag. The boy, Sabu, is not gaining weight and Mama is trying to figure why. He is real whinny and doesn't like to play alot. His sister seems OK, but Mama thinks she should be growing faster. Her name is Tabu. Mama also got a little single kitten from a trailer park named Tasha. She is real cute, and should be going to Petco this weekend.
Two weeks ago Mama also rescued a Mama out of a garage along with her eight (!!!) babies. They are all tabbies, and they all had varying degrees of URI. Now some of them have started throwing up, and Mama was scared it was Distemper. But it seems to be a 48 hr. flu or something. So Mama has her fingers crossed that it is not anything serious and everyone is going to pull through and be OK.
Tonight Mama is suppose to get a couple more babies that need to be socialized a little bit. So she is just busy, busy, busy with the babies.
Me, I am just busy terrorizing my sisters and trying to get Mama's attention(and the food off her plate).
Well, gotta nap now.

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