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Calvin In Charge

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Freckle Face Me!

April 17th 2006 5:52 pm
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We're all pooped today after the Diary of the Day celebrations, Autumn's birthday and Easter. It's almost too much for a cat that likes to sleep as much as I do!

I started a discussion over at the Brilliant Orange Cats Unite group today. All great philosophical discussions take place in our group. We are all pretty brilliant, ya know!

The topic concerns us orange cats and whether it is common for us to have freckles ~ eye freckles, lip freckles, and/or mouth freckles.

I am blessed with mouth and eye freckles. They are quite a work of art and thing of pure beauty. Mommy keeps thinking the eye freckles are goobies. She isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you know what I mean!

Mommy, I tell her, orange cats don't have those disgusting eye goobies like Samoa does. She also thought my mouth freckles could be acne ~ Samoa has that too! Come to think of it, Samoa is just a slob ~ goobies . . . . . acne . . . . . . ICKKKKKKK!

I'll bet you could make a game out of my mouth freckles like connect-the-dots.

I wonder what cool picture it would make. . . . . .


It Runs In The Family!

April 16th 2006 11:21 am
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Well, I sorta figured that Violet's diary would be chosen for Diary of the Day.

After all, I have been a featured diary twice in one week, in case you hadn't heard. I taught Violet everything she knows!

Here is how it works:

I am the only computer cat ~ I get to sit on Mommy's lap when I write my diary entry. When I am finished, I let some good ideas slip so that Mommy will use them in Violet's diary.

"Deal or No Deal". . . . ."Oprah". . . . ."Eggstra, Eggstra". . . . . all my ideas!

Violet is too preoccupied with trying to regain total independence as an outside cat. We all know that isn't going to happen, but since she spends her efforts working on that, someone around here has to be the brains behind all the diaries.

Just call me Creative Calvin. . . . . .


Party Central

April 15th 2006 5:56 pm
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Well, I guess I have to do everything around here. Violet fell through on getting the "live" bunny for our Pin the Tail game for Autumn's birthday. I would get the bunny, I really would, but I'm not allowed outside!

We've been entertaining Autumn most of the day for her 12th birthday. Since we didn't have the game to play, I decided to do a dramatic reading.

I read all of my Catster Diary out loud to everyone. It was a thrilling moment to relive those award winning entries! I think I saw Samoa roll her eyes a couple of times, and Violet seemed to yawn a little too much ~ how rude!

I didn't see them coming up with any good ideas for the party. And they weren't about to read their Catster Diaries ~ just put a big 'ole "L" on their foreheads for loooooooserrrrrrr.

We all got extra treats today because of the birthday. I'm always in favor of extra treats. I think we should get extra treats tomorrow for Easter.

I'm going to make it a priority to have a reason for extra treats every day. . . .


Celebrities Don't Wait

April 14th 2006 7:07 pm
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Where has Mommy been? I've been waiting all day to write in my diary! I sit on my Mommy's lap and dictate to her while she types. I shouldn't have to wait ~ my diary should be top priority around here. The Catster judges are anxiously waiting to read my brilliant entry!

I'm just exhausted from all the stuff I did today.

First of all, I am in charge of the birthday party for Autumn, my dog sister, who will be 12 tomorrow. All us cats had a meeting to decide what games we are going to play. We thought "Pin the Tail on the Bunny" would be fun. Violet even volunteered to look around outside for a bunny. Ooooohhhh, that would be the coolest game - using a real bunny!

Then Samoa said she was going out on our deck. Our deck doesn't have stairs, so we can go out there and look around without sneaking off. I don't usually like to go outside, but I thought I would try it today. I took two steps out and then got scared and had to go back inside! Samoa is brave because she stayed out there for about 10 minutes. I'll never tell her that she is brave because she will call me a scaredy cat!

Gotta go wrap Autumn's present . . . . . . . .


Celebrity Status

April 13th 2006 6:09 am
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It looks like the decision to keep my name as Calvin really paid off. I have been chosen, once again, as one of the Diary Picks of the Day.

Oh Caaaaatsterrrrrrr ~ what kind of trophy do you get for 2 in 1 week????

I guess the reason my first trophy hasn't arrived in the mail is because you were waiting to bestow this second great honor on my daily writings. That way you could save on postage and mail both trophies in one box. Smart thinking on your part. Catster stock prices won't suffer.

Mommy ~ take those beanie baby bunnies off the mantle - I've got two important trophies coming from Catster!

My good buddy, Zoot, has already written me a nice congratulations note. His sister is jealous and is going to study my diary all day to figure out what it takes to be picked. Learn from the master, Katy Jane.

Hey ~I think Catster needs my services! I can see it now ~ "Catster College". I could be a professor in the English Department. My course would be called "Become a Good Writer Like Calvin", or "You Too Can Win a Pulitzer Prize Like Calvin".

Dr. Calvin ~ I like the sound of that. . . . . .


Orange Cats Rule!

April 12th 2006 6:55 am
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I got an important cat-mail yesterday that the Brilliant Orange Cats Unite group just hit our 1000th member - woo hoo!

And guess who was number 1000? Sir Montery Von Boogerface!

Here we go again - another cat with a long name. Just as I was trying to decide on two names, I start seeing all these cats with 3 and 4 names.

I'm beginning to think that maybe just one name is the way to go. Look at all the famous cats that have one name:

Hob bes

Okay - my decision is made - I'm going to be. . . . . CALVIN.

Plain and simple ~ my name, not my personality ~ geesh! There is nothing plain and simple about my personality. I'm very complex.

I'll save that for another day. . . . . .


The Name Game

April 11th 2006 7:48 am
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Now that I am famous because of my DOD experience (see my diary from a couple of days ago if you slept through the big event), I'm considering changing my name.

All famous cats change their name. Do you think Top Cat was named that by his Mommy?

First I thought I should be called "The Calvin", like Donald Trump is called "The Donald". I wasn't too crazy about that idea.

Then I thought maybe I needed two names - like Dexter Jeebus, my hero. He is the leader of our Brilliant Orange Cats Unite group. His name just flows off your tongue -- Dexter Jeebus -- how cool is that name?

Let's see. . . . .Daddy said, how about Calvin Bedhog. What??? What kind of name is that? I am not a bedhog! Mommy says I can sleep wherever I want!

I kinda like Calvin Sundance since I like to lay in the sun. Samoa just laughed at that name ~ who cares what she thinks, anyway!

Maybe I should be a symbol! >^..^<

Then my fans would yell ~ "Hey, there is >^..^< the cat formerly known as Calvin"!

This is a lot for my brain to ponder. I'd better sleep on this decision. . . . .


Orange you glad to be orange?

April 10th 2006 6:54 am
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Today is "Go Orange" day ~ for the 140th birthday of the ASPCA.

I'm orange everyday and I'm 14. Wow - can you imagine what it would be like to be 140?

Orange is the best color.

I blend in with the hardwood floors in our kitchen. If I close my eyes while I'm laying on the floor, I disappear! How cool is that?

Autumn is orange too - we match!

Nothing rhymes with orange - neato!

I must be a "summer", because "winter" can't wear orange. Mommy is a winter. She doesn't like winter ~ she just has the coloring of a winter. I wonder what that means? She doesn't have white hair, so I'm really confused.

Back to orange ~ tigers are orange. Tigers rule!

My Daddy's high school mascot was a tiger.

I want to be a high school mascot. . . . . .


Have Your People Call My People

April 9th 2006 7:10 am
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I am so tired today after all the excitement of yesterday's Diary of the Day honor (hereafter referred to as the "DOD experience"). I was given some special rosettes, and met a bunch of new friends! Thanks again Catster!

My DOD experience made me wonder what will be next ~ a book deal? Movie of the Week? This is a lot for me to think about.

Mommy said that many Catster cats like to play with plastic milk rings and milk lids. We've never played with those before, so first she put a milk lid on the kitchen floor for us. Violet and I just looked at it and told Mommy she dropped the milk lid. Pretty boring we thought!

Then she decided to try the plastic ring. One fling on the kitchen floor was all it took ~ I was acting like a wild man!

Mommy said we will have to collect several of those rings because I've already batted one under the closet door. We'll probably hide them all over the house!

This is my new favorite toy, at least for a day or two. I like picking it up in my teeth, but then it tickles and I throw it in the air. We even got my performance in a little movie snippet on the digital camera. I'll probably show that to Ron Howard or the people at Disney.

My milk ring is blue. I wonder if they come in other colors? I might have to learn how to juggle the milk rings. That would really impress those movie people. . . . .


My Pulitzer Prize

April 8th 2006 6:40 am
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As I was snuggled up next to my Mommy this morning, I asked her if I would ever be lucky enough to win Diary of the Day. She told me that one day everyone would know what a sweet cat I was - she said I was her Pulitzer Prize, whatever that means!

I decided to put off the morning nap and spend some time on my favorite website, Catster, of course! Did my eyes read that cat-mail correctly? Did it say that I was DIARY OF THE DAY?

MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE - I have the best diary out of 65,252 cats! I really am a Pulitzer Prize!!

Thank you Catster for this wonderful honor. I've already received a rosette from my friend, Toffy. And cats all across the globe now want to be my friend. Is there money involved? You know sometimes you have to be suspicious when everyone wants to be your friend!

I had to email the friends in my group, I Knead You. All the cats in that group will be kneading, drooling, and sucking ears today in my honor!

It's a great day to be Calvin ~ what am I talking about ~ every day is a great day to be Calvin!

I have a special place for my trophy, and I'll be waiting for it to arrive. . . . .

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