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WLC Makes His Journey!

January 8th 2010 7:58 pm
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When the rainbow started flashing today, I just kneew it was going to be a Catster pal, so I grabbed my sign and headed for the gate.

All the Catster pals were there waiting to see who it was going to be. Taking his time strolling through the gate was Ivan WLC!

At first we all let out a sigh because we know how sad his parents are back at home, but then we are happy to greet Ivan because he is no longer having problems like he did on earth and we know he will make a pawsome angel!

Remember when I thought the WLC after Ivan's name meant Water Licking Cat? We laughed about that today when we were chillaxin after he got his heart basket.

I told him he can forget about being the World's Laziest Cat up here at the bridge because they keep us busy!

After greeting Ivan, I had to sprinkle some angel dust on Mawmee because she was sad to hear about Ivan making his journey. I think it reminded her of my journey. And seeing Ivan's Christmas stocking that she made on his page made her sad too.

I'm sorry I haven't written in my diary about my Angel Pal of the Week. It is Jake, and he has been on my page for a couple of weeks. It has been a busy time up here with New Year's Eve, and watching over Gleek, so hopefully I'll have time to get to that next week.

I gotta go now - I need to measure Ivan for his wings and get the measurement to Autumn so she can check out the wing closet.

Knead On . . . . . . . .


Gallery Opening!

January 3rd 2010 8:29 am
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Mawmee said she is going to open a Calvin gallery - MOL! She has received two pawsome paintings of me, and now there is a third one!

Kingsley's Mom is teaching herself how to paint, and she is going through her Christmas cards looking for models. She picked me first!

Go to The Cat in the Clover blog to see the wonderful painting she did! She likes working in miniatures, and this painting is like the size of the school pictures that kids give out to friends.

Kingsley's Mom is sending it to Mawmee, and she can't wait to see it in person. I think she is a great painter, don't you? Thanks to your Mom, Kingsley, for doing something so special!


APOTW - Rufus!

December 27th 2009 7:34 pm
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My Angel Pal of the Week is a pawsome angel - meet Rufus, or as I like to call him up here at the bridge - Foofernutter! Rufus sure had some funny nicknames: Mwarky Mwark and the Chunky Bunch, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Fat Boy Slim, and Stinky McStinkbutt are a few of them!

My Mawmee had an aunt who was named Phyllis. When she was growing up, she couldn't pronounce it, so she called her Foo-Foo or Foof. That lady was my former Mommy. So, Rufus is a special pal to me because of his Foo Foo nicknames!

Rufus has been an angel for two years this month - on the 17th. He had the nasty C just like me. He fought it for 2 years, and was in remission for a little while. Rufus was only 11 when he came to the bridge.

Rufus was just a kitten when he came to his forever home. His brother was adopted with him, but he became ill and had to go be a kitty angel. So, his Mommy got another kitten so that Rufus would have a pal growing up - that would be Bobcat!

Bobcat is having some health issues, so when you stop by Rufus' page to ask him to be friends, be sure to throw some purrs Bobcat's way.

Rufus' Momma was given a nice Christmas present this year when she found some long forgotten pictures of Rufus and Bobcat as little kitties. They were both super cute as little kittens. Be sure to check out those pictures.

When I met Rufus up here at the bridge, I told him he had a cool accent. He is from Boston. He said my southern accent was pretty pawsome too.

Rufus' Momma did a very nice thing when I became an angel. She made a donation to the MSPCA in my memory. Thank you, Rufus, for being a pawsome Angel Pal of the Week.

Now, let's go sprinkle some healing angel dust down on Bobcat!



December 21st 2009 10:48 am
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I'm so excited! My pal, Smudge, purchased the 50th Calvin Collar, so we can sponsor another kitty at Best Friends Animal Society in time for Christmas!

The first kitty we sponsored was Cheeze. And the second kitty is Sebastian!

Mawmee and Daddy got to meet Sebastian when they visited Best Friends this past summer. Mawmee volunteered in the building where Sebastian lives. Sebastian is an older kitty and very sweet.

My pal, Luke, had a special request for Mawmee when she knew they were going to Best Friends to visit. Luke's Mommy really has a soft spot for Sebastian, and she wanted to make sure that Mawmee saw him - and she did! She gave him treats too!

Thanks so much for helping us sponsor two kitties at Best Friends in two months time! I sure hope Sebastian has a pawsome Christmas!


49 and Counting!

December 21st 2009 8:02 am
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I want to thank all my pawsome pals that have bought a Calvin Collar. We have sold 49 of them, and sponsored one cat at Best Friends Animal Society. When one more collar is sold, we'll be sponsoring a second orange cat from Best Friends. You see, for every 25 sold, we sponsor a cat.

Wowza, who would have thought that cats would look so pawsome and feel good in their Calvin Collars? Be sure to tag a picture of you wearing the collar with the words: Calvin Collar

You can see a stroll of all the cats who are wearing their Calvin Collars by clicking here.

When you tag your pictures, then I can see all you hip cats in one place, and we can also get the picture to include in The Cat in the Clover blog. Today, Gilmore is featured on the blog.

Be sure to stop by Gilmore's page and ask him to be friends. He sure has a pawsome family!


The Secret About Cloud 9

December 19th 2009 1:04 pm
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Well, you cats have heard the expression, sitting on Cloud 9, haven't you?

I just got back from a Cloud 9 Briefing! I had been hearing cats talk about a Cloud 9 Day coming up next week, and I had no idea what they were talking about. Spunky kept telling me to be patient and to wait for my briefing where it would be explained to me.

Shhhhhh, this part is the secret.

Every family has a Cloud 9 up here. It is only used on holidays and special family occasions. Cloud 9 is the cloud directly above the house where you lived when you were on earth. Now, on days where your family on earth can't see any clouds, Cloud 9 is still there - it is just really high up.

When us angels hear the Big Cat come over the loud speaker and say, Cloud 9 is now open, we all get to go chillax on the cloud and watch over our family.

Sure, we can watch over our families anytime we want - but we have to fly with our wings. On Cloud 9 days, we get to chillax and stay on the cloud with our angel family and watch over our earth family. It's a lot more relaxing cause we're sitting on Cloud 9!

Autumn, Spunky, and Rocky told me that our Cloud 9 is right next to Jack's cloud, and also next to Shadow's cloud because they live in our town.

I asked Spunky what happens to our Cloud 9 if Mawmee and Daddy ever move. He said that our Cloud 9 automatically moves to wherever they move. How cool!

So, next week I'll be listening for the announcement about Cloud 9, and that is where all us angels will be on Christmas!

Remember . . . . . . . . . it's a secret . . . . . . . . .



December 18th 2009 7:27 pm
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Wowza, it has been a busy week at the bridge. We've been celebrating Lola's big win as the World's Coolest Best in Show! I was happy to see my brother, Gleek, as a winner too! Congratulations to all the winners.

Another winner this week is my Angel Pal of the Week - Ava Corrine!

Ava came to her forever home when she was 8 years old. Whoever owned her before didn't get her spayed, and it is really important to get your eggs and grapes removed at an early age so you don't develop cancer. Ava had mammary cancer and came to the bridge this past August. She was only 10 years old. Her family did everything they could to help her, and they sure miss her alot. Cancer stinks!

Ava loved pizza night at her house. You should see her when we have Pizza Night at the bridge. Ooops, another secret revealed! Yep, we have Pizza Night every week - sometimes it's on Friday night, and sometimes it's on Saturday night. Ava always comes into The Catster Club and announces when we're having Pizza Night. The gal can chow down on pizza!

Ava is quite a beauty - she is a siamese, and sometimes I can't tell her apart from Scooter! The problem up here is so many girls have the nickname Princess, and if you yell it out, you'll get 100 cats answering you! That is why I like to use her other nickname - Ava Misbehava! There aren't too many girls with that nickname - MOL!

Ava was a lap cat just like me. She liked sleeping with her Meowmy, and she liked carrying toys around the house and created little piles of them. She still does that up here with catnip toys!

Ava has a couple of sisters, a couple of brothers, and a dog that will really miss her this Christmas. Ava will be chillaxin up here this holiday with her sister, Lilah and all her other Catster pals!

Be sure to stop by and ask Ava and her family to be friends. Thanks for being my Angel Pal of the Week, Ava . . . . . . .


Shhhhhhh! Christmas Secrets From the Bridge!

December 15th 2009 10:03 am
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Well, I've got some more secrets for you about Christmas up here at the bridge.

Last night was the ornament workshop. It's for all us newbies so we can make an ornament for the tree. There is a whole Christmas village that stays up year round. That way when we celebrate Christmas in July, we don't have to set up and decorate all those trees. Dang, they do it right up here!

The ornament we make has our picture on it, and the date we arrived up here. Then we decorate the back of it however we want. Some gal that looks like an elf leads the workshop and helps cats that aren't very craft oriented. Since I had a super crafty Mawmee, I know alot about crafts, so I didn't need any help. I put pictures of my family and some of my word up words on the back of my ornament.

Then, we had a special ceremony with all the cats up here. Everycat took a turn showing their ornament and then hung them on one of the many trees. The big honor is getting to throw the big switch that lights up all the trees. Lola got picked, but she is such a lightweight, so Scooter helped, and pretty soon the whole village was ablaze in beautiful lights of every color of the rainbow.

And speaking of every color of the rainbow, there are colors you don't even know about until you get up here to see them!

Remember, all this stuff I'm telling you is a secret. I could get in big trouble if the head cat found out!


Angels Rock!

December 9th 2009 9:48 am
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I want to congratulate my Angel Pal of the Week - Brummel - for being Catster's Cat of the Day today!

Way to go, Brummel! Enjoy your special honor - we'll be celebrating at the Catster Club tonight!


My First APOTW!

December 6th 2009 6:49 pm
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Now that I'm getting used to my duties up here at the bridge, I thought it was time to start back with my Pal of the Week. From now on, all my pals will be angel pals since I'm chillaxin with a bunch of angels!

My first Angel Pal of the Week is Brummel! I was hanging out at the Catster Club one night, and my pal, Wally, introduced me to Brummel.

Brummel just had his first JA on December 5th. JA is angel word up for Journey Anniversary. A Journey Anniversary is always a hard time for the family of the angel, so we all help sprinkle angel dust so that they feel better.

Let me tell you, when I first laid my big green eyes on Brummel, I thought it was Gleek! He is one handsome cat. Like a lot of us, Brummel had more than one family. His first family stunk like old cheese and they weren't nice to him, so he ditched them and found a new forever home.

He lived with his family for six years, and they sure miss him. He lived in Spain! That is the cool thing about Catster - we can meet cats from all over the world.

Brummel had some special skills on earth - he redecorated furniture. I'm not sure if that is the same thing that Violet does at my house - you know, using his claws to make the furniture look more cat-friendly! I'll have to ask Brummel about that.

Brummel liked cardboard boxes, balls, shoes, and newspaper! I know my way around a cardboard box too!

So, please stop by and visit my first APOTW - ask him to be friends - and don't forget to ask his siblings too! Thanks for being my first Angel Pal of the Week, Brummel . . . . . . . . .

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