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Calvin In Charge

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Get Your St. Patrick's On!

March 9th 2010 3:45 pm
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You'll be sportin' the green if you win the St. Patrick's Day Calvin Collar that is being given away over at The Cat's Meow blog!

Stop by there and leave a comment to be included in the drawing - March 10 is the deadline - dang, that is tomorrow, so hightail your tail over there. I see it's only for cats in the U.S.

If any of you cats in the non-U.S. need to get your green on, you can check out the St. Paddy's Day Calvin Collars over at The Cat in the Clover!

I'm gonna be a leprechaun in the St. Patrick's Day play we're doing up here at the bridge. I was tricked into doing the part because I thought leprechauns took naps under bridges, but apparently a troll does that. I should have signed up for the troll part! I'll know better next time!


She Likes Angels Too!

March 8th 2010 5:46 am
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Wowza, the Diary Gal gave me my first honor of 2010 today! Thanks, chick, for making me a pick (I've been taking a poetry class up here at the bridge!).

So, what are you going to do today? Sit around in a sunbeam? Eat some treats? Do a poopie in your litterbox?

I've got something else you can add to your list! How about sending some purrs to Queen Tallulah. Her nasty C came back, and today she is going to get a CT scan to have her lungs checked out.

QT - that's what I call her - is a fighter, and so is her Mommy. They are going to do what they can to beat the nasty C. But, beating the nasty C also takes purrs. So start your engines and keep 'em going strong for Tallulah!

I noticed a new litterbox got set up in the cat room yesterday. It had been in the garage since I went to the bridge. It was the litterbox that Mawmee put in the sunroom when I was sick.

When Daddy handed it to her, he said, I thought you didn't like this litterbox because they pee back in the corner, and it's hard to scoop. She told him that I was the corner pee-er. It made her a little sad to think that the corner pee-er is gone.

I know she thinks about me every time she makes a Calvin Collar, so I think it's better to be thought about while she is crocheting rather than cleaning up pee wees!

I gotta go. I'm on the St. Patrick's Day decorating committee, and we're having a meeting this morning. Have a pawsome day!


Special Calvin Collars!

March 4th 2010 3:14 pm
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I've been giving Mawmee inspiration from the bridge. In addition to my Calvin Collars for different holidays, she has been making some extra special ones.

There is the For the Cure collar which will help her with the big walk she is doing with some other Catster Moms in November. The coolest purchase of this collar is Queen Tallulah. QT is a survivor of mammary cancer, so this is a perfect Calvin Collar for her. Look how pretty she is with her special pink collar!

And if any of you kitty nurses need a special collar, there are two Nurse Calvin Collars. You can check them out here and here!

And I told her we needed a special collar for all the pirate kitties. Check out the cool pirate map on this collar!

Thanks again, for keeping my spirit alive through all the collar purchases. I'm so happy that we have sponsored three kitties at Best Friends Animal Society!


First Sponosored Cat for 2010!

March 2nd 2010 7:40 pm
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I'm really excited to tell you some news! The 75th Calvin Collar was just sold tonight at The Cat in the Clover Etsy shop, and that means it is time to sponsor another kitty at Best Friends Animal Society.

My pal Louis LeBeau is having his 10th birthday this month, and his Mom bought him a Calvin Collar for his birthday - how pawsome!

Homer is the first cat that we've sponsored this year. Every time a Calvin Collar is sold, $1 is kept aside, and when $25 is reached, we sponsor an orange kitty. Homer is one handsome mancat, and I sure hope he finds a forever home really soon!

Thanks to all my pals who have helped us reach this goal. We've sponsored three kitties at Best Friends since I made my journey to the bridge: Cheeze, Sebastian, and now Homer!


My Pawsome Vet!

February 9th 2010 11:23 am
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Mawmee got a card in the mail today. The front of the card has a pretty rainbow with the Rainbow Bridge story.

Here is what the inside of the card said:

Dear Strickland Family:

The Doctors and Staff of Crestwood Veterinary Hospital wish to express their heartfelt sympathy with your recent loss of Calvin. Losing a special friend is always difficult because of the close bond we share with them. Comfort can be found in the special memories they gave us that will last eternally.

To honor Calvin's memory, the Doctors and Staff of Crestwood Veterinary Hospital have made a monetary donation to the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Foundation. This donation helps support our work to improve the lives of animals and people through education.

The Kentucky Veterinary Medical Foundation

Isn't that way cool? I'm sure my vet lady and my favorite vet tech, Sarah, were chillaxin in the break room one day and started talking about me. They decided I was so pawsome that they wanted to take money from the gals at the front desk and donate it to this big foundation.

I wonder if there is a brick with my name on it or something? There is probably a big statue in the halls of the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Foundation building for everyone to see.

I wonder if they want one of my paintings to hang in the entryway? Dang, I think I'm more famous now that I'm up here at the bridge! Thanks to the vets and staff at my vet office for honoring me in such a nice way!


Calvin Collar Giveaway!

February 6th 2010 1:35 pm
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Hey cats, if you don't own a Calvin Collar, head over to The Cat's Meow blog and leave a comment for a chance to win one of my special Valentine collars!

Calvin Collars were started after I made my journey to the bridge. For every collar sold in The Cat in the Clover Etsy Shop, $1 is put aside. When $25 is reached, a cat is sponsored at Best Friends Animal Society.

In 2009, two cats were sponsored, and we hope to sponsor a bunch of kitties in 2010. We're pretty close to sponsoring our first one this year.

Thanks to all the cats who have their very own collar, and be sure to tag any pictures of you wearing a collar with:

Calvin Collar

That way I can see all of you in one place, and you'll even be featured over at The Cat in the Clover blog. Be sure to stop by there and see all your pawsome friends!

Thanks to The Cat's Meow blog for having our items in the Valentine Giveaway!


The Bridge's Newest Angel Pal

February 2nd 2010 12:18 pm
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As you know, when I was on earth, I used to pick a Pal of the Week and write about that pal in my diary.

Then when I journeyed to the bridge, I decided to change that a little and call it my Angel Pal of the Week. Unfortunatly, I haven't been very good about choosing an angel pal and writing about them. I think the main reason for that is that my earthly assistant is still very sad about me being up here at the bridge, and writing about my angel pals makes her cry.

So, until the big cry baby can pull it together, I'm going to do something a little different.

I now have on my page The Bridge's Newest Angel Pal. This will be the badge of a kitty pal of mine who has just journeyed to the bridge. Since I'm on the Welcome Committee, I get to see these cats first.

I sure was surprised when Alfie came skipping through the gate last week. Dang, he was way too young to come up here, but I know his siblings are glad to see him again.

So, until the rainbow flashes to indicate another pal is journeying to the bridge, I will keep the newest angel's badge on my page.

Sending purrs to your family, Alfie . . . . . . . . .


Bridge Secret #206

January 25th 2010 12:10 pm
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I just realized that the secrets I've been revealing have numbers associated with them. The numbers don't mean anything. There is just a huge list posted at the Heavenly Library with all the bridge secrets. I take my notepad in there once a week or so and write down some of them to share with you.

Today's bridge secret is about purring. We all like to send purrs to our pals when they are sick, but what you didn't know is what happens to your purrer when you get up here and become an angel.

The volume on your purr machine is automatically set to high volume. So, when a pal needs purrs, the angel purrs are the strongest ones they receive. It's like getting two for one, and we all know that is a pawsome deal!

All the angels are purring for two very special pals today.

Arnold P. found out that he has hepatic lipidosis. In catspeak that means fatty liver which is not a good thing. Arnold and his Mom have had a talk, and he will probably make his journey to the bridge very soon. I'm so sad for his Mom, but I can't wait to meet my pal in purrson and show him around the bridge. Whenever that rainbow flashes, I'll have my Catster welcome sign and be waiting at the gate for him.

We're also purring in overdrive for Rocky Ann. She went to the vet today, and an x-ray shows a mass on her lung. The biopsy won't be back until later in the week. I'm going to purr for a miracle and hope that she doesn't have the nasty C.

It's a bummer of a day on Catster. Please send out purrs to these two special pals of mine.

Knead On ~


Get Your Purr On!

January 20th 2010 8:13 am
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We got all the angels up here at the bridge purring for our pal, Arnold P.. Arn just found out that he has diabetes, and last night he was not doing very good.

So, today he is back at the vet and according to his diary, they think he is battling diabetic ketoacidosis which is very scary and could be life threatening.

My pal, Rufus is in charge of setting up candle pages - so stop over here and light a candle for Arnold! Thanks for setting that up, Rufus!

We are all purring for you, Arn, and we want you to beat this nasty diabetes. Get well soon . . . . . . .


WWCS? (Ozzy Asks)

January 14th 2010 8:03 am
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I know Samoa is the one with the advice column, but when a pal comes to you wanting to talk about friend girls, then I'm the one they count on for answers to their questions!

Ozzy send me an express-mail-to-the-bridge asking some important stuff about the upcoming holiday where girls get all ga-ga over boys. He knew other manly mancats would be in the same situation, so he said it would be okay to send him my response in my diary because it could help other unattached mancats.

Here is what Ozzy wrote:

I'm writing to get your mancat advice about Valentine's Day. My sisfur Harriet is all excited about Valentine's Day and she has signed us up for PenPaws card exchange. Mom says if we want to do the cards we have to participate as a family.

Here's where I need some advice: I don't want any girl cat to think that I am sending them a Valentine cuz I'm sweet on them. Like you and my pals _____ and _____, I'm a confirmed bachelor cat until I'm 21. How can I sign these cards so girl cats don't think I'm sweet on them? Can I get out of signing the cards? How can we avoid girl cats on Valentine's Day? If we get a card from a girl cat does that mean they like us?

I had to leave out Ozzy's pals' names to protect them - MOL! Dang, Ozzy, you are in, what we call up here at the bridge, a quandary! It sounds like you have to participate since it is a family thing. Boy, I'd be having a meeting and changing the family rules if you could do that! It's probably too late for this year, but you've got a whole year to figure out how to change it for next year.

Question #1. How do you sign the card? and Do you have to sign the card? You probably have to sign the card or the girl will be really confused and probably need therapy. Whatever you do, don't use the L word when you sign it. A girlcat will be walking you down the aisle faster than you can say catnip if you use that word. A safe way to sign it would be:

Your pal, or Your friendboy,, or Your mancat friend,

Question #2. How can we avoid girlcats on Valentine's Day?

The only way to totally avoid them would be to chew up the computer wires the day before. Then you can't get on the computer. But the downside to that is the girlcats will get worried and call you on the phone. It's better to be on the computer rather than have to talk to them on the phone.

Question #3. If we get a card from a girl cat does that mean they like us?

I think if you get a card from a girlcat, and you know you'll get some, then you can probably bet they think you're a handsome mancat. The best thing to do in that case is:

roll your eyes

It works for me every time . . . . . . . . . .

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