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A Pal Journeys

February 23rd 2012 4:15 pm
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When I got word that my pal, Taz, was making his journey today, it made me so sad for his family. He was the H.o.H., and I know his Daddy, WS Mom, and his siblings will miss him so much.

But, let me tell you, pals, that Taz is one pawsome cat. We can't wait to sit down with him tonight and find out what it was like living to be 22 years old!

We all know that Taz was one of the best dressed cats around, so I'm sure he will be giving us some tips to looking our best as angels.

He is going to be busy going through orientation, and of course, we will all go with him later tonight to check in on his family and sprinkle some healing angel dust on them.

Welcome to the bridge, Taz! You sure had an overflowing heart basket, and you touched a lot of people during your long life!


Make New Friends, But Keep the Old . . . . .

February 13th 2012 10:24 am
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Wowza, it has been a busy week at the bridge. So many new angels to greet and get settled in to their orientation classes. It keeps all of us up here very busy.

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I wanted to say something about friendship. I have lots of friends that I would never have if I hadn't started my Catster page. It's good to have friends for a lot of reasons.

1. Friends make you smile.

2. Friends make you laugh.

3. Friends teach you stuff.

4. Friends are there for you when you're sad.

As my friendgirl Rocky Ann says, you can never have enough friends!

I want to tell you about one of my good pals. His name is Monkey Blue! Most of you who have only been on Catster for a couple of years don't know Monkey, but let me tell you, Catster was the place to be years ago because of friends like Monkey!

Monkey used to have the best parties, and we all laughed and had so much fun. Here is a montage on his page of all of us with monkeys! Monkey had a blog too where he posted lots of cool pictures of him and his sister, Cooper.

Monkey hasn't been around for about three years. It makes me cry big 'ole cat tears when I think about Monkey and his Mommy. She used to live with Monkey and Cooper, and then when Monkey's Mommy and Daddy got divorced, Monkey and Cooper stayed with his Daddy because his Mommy didn't want to split up the kitties. That is true love.

And you want to know what else is true love . . . . . friendship kind of love? Monkey had a gazillion zealies that have accumulated in his account, and he transferred them to our family! Samoa almost peed in her pants, if she was wearing pants!

This special gift means so much to us because we always run out of zealies each month, and we don't buy them any more. We've had other special friends occasionally give us gifts of zealies, and we appreciate it very much. We are set for a very long time.

If you don't use your monthly allotment of zealies, find someone who will and give them away. It is a great act of friendship!

Thank you, Monkey Blue and Cooper, for thinking of us and giving us a great gift of friendship. We think about you so much, and we miss all the pawsome times we had on Catster with you!

Happy Valentine's Day!


The Secret of the Mistletoe!

December 24th 2011 9:12 am
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Hi pals! I guess it's no secret that the mistletoe rosette is a freebie right now!

But, what you probably don't know is the secret about the mistletoe for us angels. Now, remember, you're not supposed to know this stuff so that when you become an angel, you have to act surprised!

Everycat knows that if you stand under the mistletoe, you might get kissed. And everycat knows that I'm not a big fan of kissing girls. Luckily, I didn't live until I was 21 because then I would have had to pick a girlfriend. But at the bridge, I'm always gonna be 18 years old with a healthy body, and lots of friendgirls.

There are two times a year that I'll let my friendgirls kiss me. One of those times is in February when I set up my Valentine Kissing Booth. The money I take in from that goes to the Charity Cloud. I'll tell you more about that in February.

The Christmas Kissing Booth works a little differently. In our mailbox last week, we all got a Christmas Punch Card and a piece of mistletoe. For every kiss you get from some girlcat when you're under your mistletoe, you get a hole punched in your Christmas Punch Card. After you get twelve punches in the card, you can turn the card in for a gift.

I've already checked out the gift shop, and there are some pawsome toys, cat beds, and other cool stuff. So, I guess I'd better get my pucker ready for some serious smooching!

All of my angel family - Autumn, Rocky, Spunky, Sugar, and I wish you a pawsome Christmas weekend! We'll be watching over you, and you might even feel a little angel dust on your shoulder!

I gotta go - I see some angels lining up at my cloud . . . . . I think Rocky Ann is the first in line . . . . . it figures . . . . *rolls eyes*


Secret Santa Calvin Collars - Did You Get One?

November 22nd 2011 7:05 am
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I wanted to talk to all my pals who received a special holiday Calvin Collar this year. I have a secret to tell you, but remember, don't tell my secrets!

A special pal of mine said he/she had heard about Secret Santas. He/she wanted to be a Secret Santa, so they ordered 10 holiday Calvin Collars to send to 10 different friends.

Some of you might have thought those came from The Cat in the Clover, and you're right - they did - but they aren't from me and my family - they are from a Secret Santa that you know!

Now, guess what else is so pawsome about this Secret Santa? By purchasing 10 of the Calvin Collars, it bumped us over the 200th Calvin Collar sold since I journeyed to the bridge!

As you know, for every 25 collars sold, we sponsor a kitty at Best Friends Animal Society. The EIGHTH kitty that was recently sponsored is Fredrika! If you click on the link, you can go to the blog to see her picture and find out all about her.

She is a very shy kitty. The reason Fredrika was picked, besides being an orange kitty, is that she is from Phoenix! I think she is pretty too, and I hope she finds a forever home very soon.

Be sure to let me know if you got your Secret Santa collar, and if you get a picture wearing it, I want to know that too so that I can be sure the Secret Santa sees it!

Happy Thanksgiving - I'm on the table setting committee this year, so I've got to go because we're making placecards today!


Three Enter the Gates

November 18th 2011 5:57 pm
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Wowza, it was a busy day up here at the bridge. Three of our pals made their journeys. I'm just glad they could ride on the same cloud and arrive at the gate together.

Purrs to their families tonight - don't worry about them - they have a gazillion angel pals to keep them company.

Jaffa Rafferty

Grub (Alfiechinacat's brother)


I hope you all will stop by and send them a note or leave a rosette. They are going to be missed so much by their families.

Come on, boys, I'll show you around the lounge . . . . . .


Two Years As An Angel

October 26th 2011 8:18 am
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Two years ago today I became an angel. Wowza, was that a sad day at my house. Mawmee says the sadness is always there but it is hidden until she thinks about it. If she does too much thinking, she gets all teary eyed. Like my pal, Henry, said:

Your orange goodness is never too far from our hearts.

I like that a bunch, Henry! It's not like my family doesn't see me every day because there are pictures of me all over the house. I was definitely the H.o.H.! I don't think my siblings have figured out who is the H.o.H. since I left!

Now, on to important bridge secrets. I didn't realize it until Dude Kitty (of Da Tabbies O Trout Towne) told me, but on your second bridge anniversary, the flag on your mailbox gets swapped out. When you get here, your mailbox is painted blue and it has a rainbow flag on it. I saw the mailcat remove the rainbow this morning and replace it with a halo! He also painted my mailbox gold! Be sure to act surprised when this happens to you!

After we go angel dust sprinkling today, we're going to do some fishing, and then have a big campfire tonight with s'mores and ghost stories. The ghost stories up here are pretty pawsome because sometimes real ghosts tell the stories! Ooops, I wasn't supposed to tell you that!

Thanks to all my pals who remembered me on this day. I sure appreciate your friendships!

Knead On ~


Two Decades!

July 20th 2011 7:22 am
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Yesterday I had a pawsome 20th birthday! All my pals helped me celebrate, and after we had cake and ice cream, we flew over my house and watched the movers pack all my family's stuff into a big truck.

Tomorrow, Spunky, Sugar and I are on ADS alert - that means Angel Dust Sprinkling for all you non-angels! We can't wait to see all our siblings in the back of the car together as they make their way to Arizona!

It is going to take four days because Mawmee and Daddy don't want them in the car for more than 8 or 9 hours a day. The first night they will be in Springfield, Missouri. The second night they will be in Elk City, Oklahoma. Emily Felicity is going to help me sprinkle angel dust that day since it is close to her house. Then the last night they will be in Gallup, New Mexico. I heard that Scooter and Nikko will be helping them get through Albuquerque. I've got Scootie Patootie and Lola helping me that day with the angel dust!

Don't forget to check out my namesake, Calvin - he is Diary of the Day today, and I'm very proud of him!

Thanks to all my pals for making my birthday so special - it means a lot to me that you haven't forgotten about me!


Tropical Storm!

July 8th 2011 6:17 am
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I haven't told you much about what happens with weather up here at the bridge. It is nice all the time, but we take field trips to see the Weather Cat.

The Weather Cat is the top dude that sends rain to different parts of the world. I got to visit him last week. He is the cat that names all the tropical storms. He told me they name storms alphabetically, and they were getting read to name the C storm.

I said I thought it would be cool to be named after a tropical storm, and since I was the first one to request it, he said he would name it after me!

So, be on the lookout for Tropical Storm Calvin - or T.S. Calvin as we call it up here at the bridge! My storm is expected to stay offshore, but I might bring some heavy rains to the coast.

You want to hear something funny? The Weather Cat named the A storm after my Grandmaw, Arlene! Maybe my entire family will get storms named after them this year. That would be cool!


Seventh Sponsored Cat - Parker!

May 17th 2011 9:46 am
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Hey pals! I wanted to let you know that another cat has been sponsored from the sale of all the Calvin Collars! For every 25 collars that are sold at The Cat in the Clover, we sponsor an orange/orange-white cat at Best Friends Animal Society.

Can you believe that 175 collars have been sold? That is a whole lot of crocheting! Parker is our 7th cat to sponsor since I made my journey to the bridge. He sure is a handsome mancat, and I'm glad he is living in a safe place. I hope one day he gets adopted.

Mawmee and Daddy are going on vacation next week, and they are taking a day trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. On their way back to where they are vacationing, they are going to stop at Best Friends and stay in one of their cabins.

The next day, they will go visit the sanctuary, and maybe Mawmee can meet Parker! While they are at Best Friends, they are going to Angel's Rest which is the pet cemetery. It is a really beautiful place with lots of chimes and bells and special momentos that people leave. They are going to look up the bell that is there in memory of Louis LeBeau. They are going to take pictures of it, so I can share that with you when they get back.

Thanks to all my pals who have purchased Calvin Collars over the years so we can sponsor these kitties!


On The Homepage!

April 25th 2011 3:54 pm
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It's a good thing I've got pals checking out the internet because I would have missed my appearance on the homepage today if it weren't for Dude Kitty!

There is a link for a gallery of pictures showing cats with their favorite toys. And I'm sitting there with a toy in my paws!

I'm sure you all are wondering why there has been so much thunder in the past week or so. Well, you all think it is thunder, but I've told you before that it is just us angels having our bowling tournments!

I see where another big storm is heading toward my house tonight. I've sent down a note from the bridge (oops, I don't think I'm supposed to tell you about that) that Mawmee and Daddy need to take my paintings downstairs with them tonight.

If there was a tornado, and the roof blew off or the whole top of the house blew away, those paintings need to be kept safe. Come to think of it, she better take my ashes box downstairs with her too!

Us angels are going to be busy tonight because if you're not in the bowling tournament, you're on angel dust duty to make sure everycat stays safe!

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