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Calvin In Charge

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April 1st . . . Or What We Call . . . Balloon Day

April 1st 2013 9:13 am
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Hey pals! It's time for me to tell you another bridge secret. Remember, these are top secret secrets!

Somecat started a tradition a long time ago that April 1st would be designated as Rainbow Bridge Day. You can read what Cisco Kid says about this special day here in the forum.

Basically, it's a day for your family to remember all their pets that have journeyed to the bridge. The idea is for them to write a special letter or poem to them and send it up inside a helium balloon.

So, now, here is the secret I promised to tell you. April 1st might be Rainbow Bridge Day for those on earth, but up here we call it Balloon Day!

Balloon Day starts out early where we all gather together to collect the gazillion balloons that are floating up to the bridge. The girls like to separate them by color. They count all the balloons and whatever color wins becomes the color for the month of April. We do all kinds of special stuff using the winning color in April. I'll have to share more of those secrets with you later in the month.

Then the fun part happens - we get to use our claws and pop all the balloons! Wowza, you talk about fireworks! It is so noisy up here it probably sounds like thunder down on earth. We all laugh together and then gather all the notes and poems.

Then during dinner tonight, the Balloon Committee will read all the notes and poems. It's pretty sappy and some of the girls cry, but it turns out to be a pawsome celebration of our time on earth.

So, Happy April 1st . . . . . Rainbow Bridge Day . . . . . Balloon Day . . . . . April Fool's Day . . . . .


Da Tabbies O Trout Towne's Sauce

March 17th 2013 9:44 pm
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I wanted all my Catster pals on earth to know that Sauce, one of Da Tabbies O Trout Towne, made his journey to the bridge tonight.

Dude Kitty and I were at the front of the gate waiting for him. His Mom is very sad tonight, but we're all going to take very good care of Sauce. He has already received his heart basket which took two cats to carry! Tomorrow he will start orientation, and in no time, I know he will be getting his wings and watching over the rest of the family.

Sending purrs to his Mom tonight, as I know all of you will too. Since his Mom is not on Facebook, if any of you want to send her a card, let me know, and I'll give you her address.

Rest in peace, Sauce . . . . .


Music From the Bridge

December 31st 2012 8:49 am
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Well, another year is ending. We had way too many pals journey to the bridge this year. I know how sad it is for all those left behind, but we're doing good angel work up here. Of course, when you first arrive, there is orientation, but you probably didn't know (and don't tell I'm giving away more secrets) that we have to take other classes up here too.

I just finished my initial Sending Music 101 class, and boy did I do a pawsome job with my first homework assignment!

Mawmee has a shelf in the cat room that sits up high. She keeps cat figurines on it, and she also has a couple of ceramic thingies that play music. One of them is a cat see saw with cats playing on it. When the music box plays, the see saw moves back and forth. She found it at a consignment store, and the music box doesn't play like it should, but she thinks it is very cute anyway.

So, yesterday she was in the cat room cutting out some fabric, and all of a sudden the music box started playing. She looked over and the see saw was moving too. Then it stopped.

She hasn't touched anything on that shelf in awhile (I'll be there are some good dust bunnies up there!). The cats in the house can't reach that shelf. There is no heat vent that blows on the stuff on the shelf.

Hmmmm . . . . . . . . Sending Music 101 . . . . . . . .


Diary Pick and a New Calvin!

December 20th 2012 10:25 am
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Wowza, this is only my second diary pick the entire year, so I'm glad the Diary Gal had fun looking at the list of Christmas songs we sang at our holiday show! Thanks for picking me today and for all the pals who have been so nice and sent me pmails and rosettes.

Guess what I found out today? There is a new Calvin in town! Calvin Mc.Catster - what a honor to have another cute cat named after me. I promise to be a good guardian angel to Calvin.

You can read his story over at Ruffy's diary. Calvin is a foster kitty over at Ruffy's house. They are going to take good care of him until the purrfect home comes along.

Here is what Calvin's foster Mommy wrote on his page:

I've never had a kitten that would lay on a pillow and purr into my ear, or lick my face. We love Calvin. Calvin was given his full name in honor of the Legendary Calvin here on Catster.

I've got to go spruce up my wings so I can get over to visit Calvin this week and send him down some holiday angel dust!

Be sure to stop by his page and become pals with him. I have a feeling he is going to be a great cat!


Holiday Bridge Secret!

December 14th 2012 8:31 am
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I just got out of choir practice and thought I'd let you in on a little bridge secret. Remember, this is hush-hush top secret stuff I'm sharing with you!

There are two dudes up here named Hank and Harold. For years, they have been the choir directors. There are a bunch of different choirs you can join when you become an angel . . . . . the weekly choir . . . . the special events choir . . . . the all girls choir . . . . the all boys choir . . . . and the holiday choir.

I'm in the holiday choir. Our big concert is this weekend. We give three performances, and they are already sold out! I thought you might like to see the program.

Hank and Harold's Angels Sing

Featuring these famous holiday songs:

Wreck the Halls
Silent Mice
The First Meow
Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas
I Saw Mommy Hiss at Santa Claws
Fleas Navidad
Jingle Bells

Requests from the crowd:

Ding-dong Mewily On High - Pipo and Minko
Santa Paws is Coming to Town - Skylar
We Wish You a Meowy Christmas - Charlie
Oh Come All Ye Furballs - Bear

Be listening because you might even hear us!


Three Years

October 26th 2012 7:48 am
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Well, pals, I've been at the bridge three years today. It was a sad day three years ago, but my family has been getting stronger every year and while they miss me so much, they remember me every day when they see pictures and my memorial box that is in the house.

And wowza, what a three years it has been as an angel! Who knew it would be such a busy place up here with daily gate greetings, parties, bowling tournaments, fly-bys, angel dust sprinkling, surgeries to watch over, and of course, naps!

We were all busy yesterday watching over Ka-zar as he had his toe surgery. We're glad that our angel dust helped him get through it okay! Soon we'll be crossing him off our big chalkboard (oops, I might have let a secret slip here) and there will be more cats to add to the list. Watching over our pals is one of our favorite jobs as angels.

I'll be flying over Arizona today to see what everycat is up to at my house. I'll have lots of company on my cloud, and then we have a big party planned for tonight. The girls up here make us wear pink all month for breast cancer awareness month. Queen Tallulah is in charge of sprinkling all our wings with pink glitter. I rolled my eyes at her when she added extra glitter to my wings, but it sure makes me all sparkly!

Thank you to my pals who have remembered my special day. I appreciate your friendship! I gotta run - the breakfast buffet just opened, and I get to go through the line first (ooops, another secret, don't tell!).


Temporarily Closing the Gates!

September 14th 2012 12:02 pm
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Okay, attention cats on earth! We are exhausted up here at the bridge! I've never made so many Welcome signs in the past two weeks! You gotta give us a break, and stay with your families!

All of us have been working overtime to get ready for the newbies. Now, I'm not saying we don't enjoy a little overtime cause there are perks that I haven't shared with you yet, but it makes us sad to see so many friends making their journeys.

Please be sure to stop by and visit these new angels and send some love to their families who are going to miss them very much.

Camille Rose just got here today. She had a dental cleaning, and had heart complications.

Colleen arrived yesterday after battling a cancerous tumor in her mouth/jaw.

Gumpy is a new angel too who was lucky to have lived for 18 years.

Tigger is another new angel. All the girl angels were hovering around him because he is so handsome!

Sharif arrived at the gate this week too.

Another new angel is Sassy. She is already using her wings!

PixieBelle is new here too, and we already have her helping with the Greeting Committee!

I'm hoping that we can continue to purr for those who are ill and that there are no more angels for awhile!


The Magic Number 21!

July 19th 2012 8:13 am
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Wowza, my angel pals were up early this morning to get the party started! Today is my 21st birthday.

Now, for you cats that have known me a long time, you'll remember that 21 is a special number. When you live on earth, you're not allowed to date until you're 21. That was my big rule. I had to come up with that rule because so many girls were swooning over me and wanted to be my girlfriend. So, I told them I couldn't date until I was 21. All my gal pals were friendgirls, not girlfriends!

Today I'm 21. But, I'm an angel 21. Rules are different up here. As far as your status goes, you stay the way you came up here. So, I came up here single, and that is the way I'll stay forever. Whew, I was glad to hear about that rule when I went through orientation!

One reason the Big Cat made that rule is because we have so many things to do up here, and we don't need the distraction of having to change our status over at the Internet Cafe.

Okay, on to my birthday. I've already heard that we are going to have Field Day, but we call it Cloud Day up here. We play lots of fun games - Garp told me he is in charge of the Catnip Sack Race!

Later on we will have cupcakes inspired by my pal, Tate! My pals Nikko and Scooter suggested I wash it down with some champagne since I'm legal!

My pal, Thomas said he is in charge of the bowling tournament tonight. My team is going to kick some serious tail at the alley tonight.

My kneading pal, Alfie is in charge of getting all the angels together to fly over Arizona and sprinkle angel dust on my family. That will be fun!

Thanks to everyone who has remembered me on this special day. I'm happy to have Violet here with me as well as Spunky, Sugar, Rocky, and Autumn. We are going to have one big celebration!


Another Pal Journeys

June 29th 2012 4:11 pm
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I've been putting in a lot of overtime lately. Too many pals have been making their journeys to the bridge.

I've got Violet on sign duty. He doesn't even have his wings yet, but he wanted to help, so he and Rocky Ann are making Welcome signs.

The latest pal to journey is Big Harry. I sure didn't want to see him so soon, but sometimes the head cat needs more angels, and our friends must journey.

Please keep his family in your purrs. Big Harry is going to be missed so much. He just celebrated being Cat of the Day, so after he gets through with orientation, we're all going to chillax with him and hear about his big honor.

Send some love to Big Harry so he knows how much we dig him!


A Friendgirl Journeys

March 2nd 2012 8:18 am
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One of my very good friendgirls journeyed to the bridge today. If you're an Olde Furt, you all know Sissy as she is the one who writes a weekly column and keeps us all informed on everycat's life in the OF group.

Sissy is Luke's sister. Luke is one of my best pals, and I'm sending purrs to him, his siblings, and his Mom and Dad because I know how much they will miss Sissy. Sissy has lived with her family since she was a kitten.

She was 19 years young and while I think it is a little strange that she liked to roll around on celery, I think she was a pretty cool gal!

Sissy was shy, but she sure flirted with me, and now that she is an angel, she will probably be hanging around me all the time! I can't wait to hear all her stories about living in Canada.

Sissy was definitely the diva at her house. She had her own bed, chair, dresser - dang, she was the diva and the H.o.H.! I think her sister, Shadow, will have to take over that duty now.

Sissy liked to put her butt in the air like she just didn't care, and her Daddy would pat her butt. She liked that a lot, so I think I'll try to do that today to make her feel welcome up here at the bridge!

Please stop by and send some love to Sissy's family.

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