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Calvin In Charge

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Words Up!

September 18th 2009 11:22 am
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While I was laying on a big soft piece of lambswool yesterday with my tummy all spreadaged out and the vet techs wanting to snorgle me, I was srsly thinking about how OOC my friends have been on my diary entries! I'm feeling like a Catster cewebrity!

Instead of chillaxin during this holidrawl, you're tagging photos, and my friend girls are doing their usual cupcaking and flirtationship with me!

This might be TMI, but I wanted to let you know that Mawmee was happy this morning when she saw me making clay in the litterbox. There were some good farticles in the air after that! I even did a pee wee so that there woudn't be any IP in the car on the way to the vet's office! I almost did a PIMPAL when I read Toffy's diary this morning. He said that he was purring for me, and he even asked the 3,442 cats that joined Catster yesterday to purr for me. You've got to go back and read a couple of his diary entries to see why this is funny!

I didn't have much TITO yesterday, but I'm going to be bragadocious and tell you that I did eat a couple of teaspoons of chicken baby food this morning. I bogart the chicken baby food - it is nom nom nom good!

My Mawmee just had a good talk with my vet. She got the results back, and I do have lymphoma. Some of that stuff she saw on the ultrasound could be infection, but the lab said it is definitely lymphoma.

She told Mawmee that of all the cancers to have, lymphoma is something that can be treated with some good results. I don't have years to live, but if I respond to chemo, I could have a few more months.

Since I'm all plump from the fluids and medicines, Mawmee gave her approval to get one round of chemo today. She said if the chemo is going to work, I would start feeling better and wanting to eat over the weekend. If I have bad side effects, or show no interest in food, then she would not recommend continuing the chemo. The chemo is something I would get once a week for several weeks, and then it would go to every other week.

Mawmee thinks I'm worth trying the chemo and seeing what happens. She would hate to feel like she had not done everything she could to keep me around for awhile. But, don't get your hopes up too much because lymphoma sucks, and it doesn't like to leave once it gets in!

Keep on purring for me this weekend - you'll have to purr like a pirate tomorrow - MOL! I'll update you later tonight after I get home!


Blue Badge of Courage

September 17th 2009 6:46 pm
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I spent the entire stinkin' day at the vet's office! I forgot to tell you that one of my paws has a shaved spot all the way around so it looks like I'm wearing Ugg boots on one front paw!

And now the girls are gonna swoon cause I have a bare belly too! It got shaved and gooped up so that the vet lady could look at my belly. She also took a needle and got some of those nasty cells out and sent them to be tested. It would take a miracle for those cells to not be cancer, but we're gonna hope until we hear the final word.

I got lots of fluids and medicine today and they left this thingy in my arm because I have to go back tomorrow and do it all over again. The thingy is wrapped in a blue bandage. It's kind of like Spunky's purple badge of courage, but mine is blue.

When I got home, Mawmee put me in the litter box, and I did a big pee wee. I've been laying in the living room all night. She tried to put me on the sofa with her, but I didn't want to be up there.

She keeps shoving the water bowl - which is really a cheap butter dish - in my face. I decided to make her happy, and I drank a little water.

I didn't want any of that stupid healthy food that the vet sent home with me. And you know I must be sick if I turn down Tiki! But, I did eat about two teaspoons of chicken baby food. Mawmee told me that Scooter would be proud of me since she loved eating chicken baby food.

I've spent the rest of the evening reading all the comments on my diary entry. Dang, I sure have a lot of pals! I appreciate all the purring. Between the purring and the angel wings flapping around me, it is so loud I can't sleep!

Thank you for all the encouragement through your comments, pmails, and rosettes. The number one reason we love Catster so much is the love and support we feel through the good and bad times. We have cried with you, and now we know that you are crying with us. It means more than you'll ever know.

I'll update you tomorrow if there is any news. I need to tell you about the fat rabbit in the lobby, and the big noisy bird at the vet's office who talks all day long!


The Nasty "C"

September 17th 2009 9:32 am
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I've got bad news to tell you. I went to see my vet, and she took some blood, and then did an ultrasound of my belly.

I've got that nasty cancer. It is all around my stomach. It is a soft tissue type of cancer, so it was not the kind they could feel when they felt my belly.

That nasty cancer is the reason I have been wanting to eat so much the past few months. My stomach was not getting the nutrition that it needed, and I was always hungry. The cancer seems to be in the upper area, and my bowels do not appear to be affected.

The infection I have is probably a secondary infection. My liver values are fine, and my kidney values are not that far off from normal. But, the white blood cell count is elevated even more than it was when Daddy took me to the vet last week.

I'm staying at the vet's office today to get fluids and antibiotics through an IV. I'll come home tonight around 6 p.m.

I might go back to the vet tomorrow to have more fluids and stuff for my belly through the IV. If it helps me perk up and eat, then I'll be sticking around for a little while until my body says it's time to go to the bridge.

If the fluids and medicine doesn't help my appetite, then I'll be saying my goodbyes to my family and make my journey to the bridge.

I know.

It sucks!

Please save your rosettes. Mawmee and I know how much you all love me, and you all have been so generous the past week.

All of us are special, but I think Mawmee and Daddy like me the very best, so this is really sad for them. You don't have to cry because Mawmee is doing enough of that for everyone.

Thank you for all the purrs, and I sure would appreciate it if you would keep purring for me.


A Stubbon Pirate!

September 16th 2009 3:51 pm
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I'm a stubborn pirate today! I don't want to eat. I don't want to drink.

I've got my crew trained. The litter box has been moved to the sunroom so I don't have to travel upstairs to do my business. Of course, all the scallywags on this ship are also peeing in the litter box. I got a personal elevator ride into the box today to do my business.

The only other thing I've done is move to another spot to lay down every time food is put in front of me. I did lick about a teaspoon of chicken baby food off a spoon. I only did it because my pal, Scooter, whispered to me from the bridge, and told me I would like chicken baby food. I did it for her.

The Captain's wife thought she would be clever and put water in a different bowl to attract my attention. I knew it was just a butter dish and not a water bowl. So, I put my paw in it instead of drinking it.

I've been eating up until today, so my tummy must not be feeling good. I sure don't like my medicine.

I want to thank all of you for so many good suggestions and for all your nice comments on my diary entries, and for the gazillion rosettes. Mawmee cries when she reads them to me. I know she is very worried about me, and I'm doing the best job I can to stay strong. I'm an Olde Furt, you know, and I hope I can stay around here longer. Boomer and Spunky are guarding the Rainbow Bridge gate and sent me a message telling me I'm not allowed to come in yet.

I'll let you know what the vet says tomorrow after I get home. My appointment isn't until late afternoon.

Thanks again for all your purrs!


She's Back!

September 16th 2009 7:52 am
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My Mawmee came home around 1 a.m. this morning! I was sure glad to see her, and she gave me lots of kisses. And then she helped Daddy put that awful medicine in my mouth.

I'm supposed to go back to the vet on Friday, but Mawmee decided to switch my appointment with Sugar's yearly visit, so I'm going tomorrow afternoon.

She thinks I look pretty ragged, and I told her she would look this way too if she had to take that yucky medicine. I'm going to find out if Mawmee and Daddy should start giving me fluids at home.

I also got some good info from Patrick and Scooter about a different form of the yucky medicine. The aluminum hydroxide phosphorus binder comes in a tasteless, odorless form and I would sure go for that! I'll be asking my vet about it.

I don't have any interest in food today, and I don't even want the pill pocket that has my appetite stimulant pill in it.

Daddy did a pawsome job taking care of us, but it was difficult for him to manage everything and his job too. Plus, he hasn't been feeling good, so he is going to his vet today.

Please keep purring for me. Mawmee is very concerned about me - I'm looking pretty thin and she wants me to get better right now. I'll do my best . . . . . . . .


Getting Back to My Pirate Self!

September 13th 2009 10:13 am
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Daddy gave Mawmee an update on me this morning. He was pretty overwhelmed with taking care of me and all of us, and he thought I was taking potassium, but it looks like my liquid medicine is aluminum hydroxide - twice a day to help lower the blood phosphorous levels. He said more of it is on his pants today than in my belly - MOL!

I've been eating okay, and he also put a litterbox downstairs for me so that I don't have to make the big climb upstaisrs. But guess what? Gleek, Violet, and Newman think that new litterbox is cool, and they are using it too!

And Vivien almost got in the house today. And Daddy said if Violet doesn't stop whining, he is kicking him out, and Newman too - MOL!

Daddy said when the head cat is away, chaos reigns supreme! Thanks for the continued purrs!


I'm Home!

September 12th 2009 12:18 pm
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Thanks, pals, for all your purrs! I'm home! Daddy picked me up this afternoon. I'm pretty stressed out because I had to sleep away from home and hooked up to fluids and antibiotics.

The vet tech told Daddy that I ate a little bit of food last night and again this morning. I have an appetite stimulate to take twice a week. And I also have potassium to take in the form of liquid. Daddy has to put it in a syringe and get it in my mouth. The vet lady said cats don't like it, and I'm a cat, so I can tell you right now I'm not going to like it!

I'm not telling anybody where my infection is located. We're all just hoping that the medicine helps me get better. Mawmee is really sad that she can't be here to love on me, but she will be home on Tuesday.

I'll update you when I can. Thanks again, and keep on purrin' . . . . . . . .


Yo, O, O!

September 9th 2009 11:38 am
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I've had two weeks of pals whose names began with an O - Ollie and Oliver. And now I'm finishing up two weeks of pals whose names end with an O - Phanto, and this week's pal, Ambro! I didn't plan it, but it sure looks cool, huh?

Ambro is his short name. His long name is Ambrogino, and it is Italian for immortal! Ambro was on death row, and there was an emergency posting on Catster. His Mom knew she didn't want him going to the bridge, so she said she would take him and find a home for him. Well, within a second of meeting him, she knew he wasn't going anywhere!

His girlfriend is Oly. I used to pronounce her name Oily until I realized that it is probably pronounced O-lee. Dang, all these O cats are hard to keep straight!

Ambro has a dog that he really likes named Geely. And of course, his cat brother is Gimme, and his diva cat sister is Ele'. I never have been able to pronounce her name!

I have to turn the volume down when I visit Ambro's page because he has a virtual cat on there that cries, and we all freak out when we hear it because we think that Vivien has come in the house or something! Hey, I wonder if Ambro would like another sister?

Ambro is a torti just like his girlfriend. They both have really dark colors in their fur. I guess that is why they like each other. Thankfully, there aren't many orange girls out there, so I am dodging the whole girlfriend thing if you had to base it on looking like each other.

Back in July, Ambro was concerned that he might have to find another home because there was a big stink at his house and he got blamed for knocking a coffee cup over that was near the computer. Luckily he is on Catster because he found out from all his friends that any Mom that keeps coffee near a computer can not blame a cat if something happens. He had the backing of all his friends, and he didn't get in trouble! That is what Catster friendship is all about - supporting one another!

Thanks for being my Pal of the Week, Ambro! You make a pawsome pirate . . . . . . . .


The Pirate Wench!

September 6th 2009 2:37 pm
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Pirate Pansy is in big trouble now!

While I was getting my pirate on this afternoon - my photographer was getting my picture in my pirate hat - Pansy stole my pink parrot!

Look for yourself! Knowing her, she is probably on her way to California to hook up with that pink lovin' pirate named Gertrude Skullcrack!

There is gonna be some skulls cracked if anything happens to my pink parrot!

I think us boy pirates have outnumbered the girls, so it's only a matter of time before we bring them down! I know Pirate Boogers is working on a plan!

I'll be napping in the Crow's Nest until he calls me into duty!


The Phanto of the Opera!

September 2nd 2009 11:07 am
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Dang, I've got ESP! When I first decided to pick Phanto as my Pal of the Week, I said to myself, Calvin, I'll bet his name was supposed to be Phantom, and they ran out of room on the birth certificate!

I was right - sort of. He was going to be named Pablo, but then his people decided Phantom would be a good name. But, being California trend setters, they shortened it to Phanto! That makes Phanto one of a kind because there are a lot of Phantoms on Catster, but only one Phanto! So, if you haven't met him yet, get over and ask him to be friends.

Phanto is 9 and has really big golden eyes. He is solid white. I've never had a solid white brother before. Newman is semi-white. Phanto looks really clean, so he must spend a lot of time grooming himself . . . . when he is not chillaxin on a blanket or watching squirrels outside.

I gotta talk to Phanto about his eating habits. He doesn't like tuna, fish, chicken, or meat! He likes spaghetti-o's and vegetable juice. That is some weird eating, Phanto!

I could tell right away when I read one of Phanto's diary entries that he was going places in this world. He has goals - I mean, real goals. My goal is to squeeze as many meals I can into a day!

Look at Phanto's goals:

1. Meet new friends - you can help him reach that goal!

2. Stay in touch with his friends.

3. Write in his diary more!

4. Win more honors - if he keeps #3 going, he will achieve #3!

5. He would like to win in the World's Coolest Contest this year. Since I live with a winner (Gleek), I can tell Phanto that he needs to make sure his photographer is taking lots of cool pictures of him. And he should start now by looking through his pictures and saving the cool ones in a folder so he can find them easily when the contest rolls around.

6. Phanto would also like to be corralled, so when you invite him to be friends, you can help him achieve this goal too by corralling him!

7. Learn to make his page look better. I think he has one spiffy looking page right now, so this goal is pretty much accomplished!

I see Phanto lives with a white dog that smells like cornflakes. I think what Phanto needs is a solid black kitty to call his sister. We just happen to have one that is living on our front porch. I could fulfill a goal Phanto doesn't even know about by shipping out Vivien to him - MOL!

Thanks for being my Pal of the Week, Phanto . . . . . . . .

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