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Calvin In Charge

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Sing Along!

September 23rd 2009 2:36 pm
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Dude Kitty sent me this poem, but I like to sing stuff like this, so pick a tune, and enjoy this little ditty:

with a singa and a songa
in the months past June-a
you gotz to eatz sum food pal
hey how about some tuna

with a wavy and a howdy
a bobby head and nod
you gotz to eatz sum food pal
hey how about some cod

with a shimmie and a shakey
dance, step forward, lurch
you gotz to eatz sum food pal,
hey how about some perch

with a tails a flippo and a stir
a purr, a hiss and shout
you gotz to eat sum food pal,
hey how about some trout

with a pleaz and some purrs
and a hoppin and a jumpin
you gotz to eat sum food pal
Calvin pleaz eat sumpin

MOL . . . . . . . . . .


Stuff That Is Going On!

September 23rd 2009 11:47 am
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I haven't been very good about eating the past two days. Mawmee and Daddy were very sad last night, and Mawmee told me that if I didn't eat better today, she knew I would not be strong enough to get chemo on Friday.

I've been acting hungry, but the minute I see the food, I walk away from it. Mawmee has tried feeding me while I'm at my bed, feeding me from a spoon, putting a little on my lips, mixing the food with water, baby food, all kinds of wet food, real pieces of chicken, ham, you name it!

As a last resort yesterday, she tried some Friskies Party Mix! Dang, that is pawsome stuff. I told her I was in the mood for a party, so I ate a little bit of it. I shared with Newman and Violet, and we had an eating party!

Mawmee called my vet lady this morning and left a message asking if she had any suggestions. She called back and said that maybe the Pepcid AC was not working very good with me. Mawmee is going to pick up some other medicine that helps with acid and ulcers. I'll take 1/4 of a tablet three times a day. It dissolves instantly in a little bit of water, so I can take it by syringe.

I love all my friends that have sent me such pawsome diary comments, pmails, and rosettes. I want to thank a few cats in my diary, and if I had enough energy, I'd thank you all in my diary, but you'll have to accept a big group thank you!

First, I want to thank all those pawsome pals who have put All About Calvin after their name. It made Mawmee's eyes leak, but that is okay cause her eyes leak a lot!

Oliver and Dewey's Mommy sent specific instructions on how she shoves pills down a cat's throat. We tried it last night, and it worked like a breeeze. I was not getting as stressed because it didn't take so many tries to get the pill down. If you're an Olde Furt, I'll post the instructions in our forum.

Thanks, Hazel Lucy for the nice card you sent me. I have it on the refrigerator so I can see it when I come in the kitchen. Thanks also for keeping me on the Get Well Soon forum thread. There are a lot of pals that need our purrs!

Thanks to Skeezix and family for the pawsome get well card. It has Mao on the front in a nurse's uniform - MOL! I have the card on the mantle in the living room so I can see it when I get my fluids each night!

I got a special package in the mail today from Taillee and her cousin Smudge. Inside the box was a whole bunch of fun crocheted toys with bells in them. And there was a big, soft, crocheted nap mat! I told Newman he could play with the toys while I took a nap on that super soft mat! Thank you so much. If you need a great mat, check out their Etsy shop called Catcessities!

Okay, so back to my eating. After Mawmee made the phone call today to the vet lady, I started eating better. Not great, but better than yesterday. I even went upstairs a couple of hours ago looking for her because I was hungry! That is a long flight of steps, so she was very proud of me. I've eaten a little Fancy Feast Gold dry food, a tiny bit of my regular Fancy Feast wet food, and she saw me drinking water too.

So, I think the purrs are working. Keep 'em coming . . . . . . . .


Pills - A Story

September 22nd 2009 8:26 am
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I got pills to take . . . . . . for my infection . . . . . . for my tummy . . . . . . more for my tummy . . . . . . . to make me want to eat . . . . . . . and more for my tummy.

Lots of methods have been tried to get these pills in me:

Plain ole pill - shove down throat

Either her hands are too big, or my mouth is too small!

Rub pills in butter - shove down throat

She doesn't do a very good job with this method. The buttery pill slips out the side of my mouth.

Sit on Daddy's lap and try one of the above mentioned methods

The angle is never right, and Daddy ends up with an elbow to the face!

Sit on Daddy's lap and try using pill popper

Okay, so last night Mawmee decided she figured out how to use the pill popper. I got on Daddy's lap, she popped the first pill in my mouth. He rubbed my throat. Wowza, they were so excited about how easy that was. I was sitting there calmly and it all appeared good!

I looked at both of them and spit that pill right out on the floor! They both laughed so hard I think Mawmee might have peed in her pants! MOL!

Mawmee and I have decided that Daddy is a good fluid giver, but he is not so good at helping give pills. So, it's back to just Mawmee and me using the shove down the throat method!

Oh yeah, I've tried pill pockets too. I don't like them!

By the way, one of my pawsome guardian angels, Patrick, told me that those born under the Cancer Sun Sign are called Moonchild. I like that much better!

And another one of my guardian angels, Rufus, told me that it is better to have cancer on my page than in my tummy! I agree with that too!


Well, No Wonder!

September 21st 2009 4:14 pm
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Dang, did you see my Sun Sign? My pal, Dude Kitty, told me I better change my Sun Sign on my page.

My Sun Sign is Cancer! Cancer is a crab, and I think it's crabby to have cancer!

Here is why my Sun Sign said today:

It's time for you to sit back and let others make all the big decisions. You're not in the best position to think for yourself, and why should you? Your servants can handle all of that.

I kinda like the idea of having servants, so I'm gonna leave that crabby sun sign on my page!

I did really good with my fluids last night. Mawmee said instead of doing 200 ml. of fluids every other day, I am going to get 100 ml. every day. I don't know what vet school she went to, but she seems to think I would do better with fluids every day. I hope my vet doesn't chew me out on Friday! If my favorite vet tech, Sarah, is reading this - don't tell on my Mawmee!

I haven't eaten as well today, but I've been moving around a little more. I went back to my bed in the dining room, and that is the first time I've done that in about a week.

My mad at my parents place is in the living room. Since I figured out I wasn't going back to the vet today, I decided to snooze in my dining room bed.

The vet tech said that chemo can wipe you out and sometimes it takes a couple of days before it hits. Today is my couple of days after, so that might be why I'm not as interested in food. It's not like I haven't been given a lot of choices. There are all kinds of opened cans in the refrigerator.

My servants are doing a good job . . . . . . . . .


What a Dude!

September 21st 2009 10:30 am
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Do you all remember our pal, Dude Kitty who is also called Dude O Senior? He is one pawsome angel that was on Catster for awhile, and then he left, and then he came back.

Well, he has been cheering me up with some pawsome poetry and songs he wrote all by himself. I think he took the advanced poetry class when he went to the bridge last year!

You gotta see his latest - entitled A Small Medley in "G" Minor:

With hook, line and sinker, I’m sittin here fishin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
Someone took his pink parrot, and now it iz missin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
Him kneads ta eatz food, by spoon or by dishin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
When yur on yur computer, no spam & no phishin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
If I’ve had to much nip, lesson sounds like a lishin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
If youz gotz sum fleas, yur skin will be itchin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
Some cool lemonadez, a mouthwash for swishin
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
If da kitteh be angry, itz likely he’s hissin,
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
Not all of us boyz, like a good kissin,
Let Calvin’s cancer, go into remission
With every fur on me fatness, I’m sittin here wishin
That Calvin’s cancer, goes into remission.......

Like Jeter Harris would say, I'm laffin and laffin . . . . . . . . . .


A Smorgasbord!

September 20th 2009 10:52 am
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I thought my pals might like to know about what I've eaten today since that seems to be the most important thing going on with me.

I decided that I'm going to milk this cancer for all it's worth. Therefore, I am only going to eat like Rocky Ann eats - from a spoon! All the other cats get jealous, and they hang around to watch me eat from a spoon. It's really the only civilized way to eat!

I've had chicken baby food, turkey baby food, Tiki, Fancy Feast, and some real chicken pieces from Daddy's lunch! I'm eating small amounts, but so far so good!

I have some liquid antibiotic medicine, and Mawmee decided to mix it with some Tiki juice. Then she put it on a spoon, and I licked it up. I've decided that pills do not belong in pill pockets, and I'm not going to eat them that way.

We have a pill popper thingy, but it might be broken because Mawmee has practiced with it, and the pills don't pop out like they should. If anyone uses one of these, maybe you can tell Mawmee how to make it work. It doesn't pull back very far (only about an inch) unless you pull really hard and make the inner part snap out of the outer part. The rubber end where the pill goes has a tiny rubber band around it, and she isn't sure if that is supposed to stay on there or come off.

So, she got out the butter and put some on a napkin. And then rolled my pills in the butter and one at a time, put those three pills down my throat. I gotta do that all over again tonight! I have another pill that is supposed to help my tummy, and it crushes easily. She put that in the Tiki, and I ate it with no problems. Samoa and Newman ran over to lick the leftover butter off the napkin.

Tonight I'm getting sub Q fluids for the first time too. Mawmee and Daddy used to give our cat named Callie fluids, but that has been several years ago. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to be good during this process! I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks, again, for all your purrs. I'm gonna need another Catster page just for my pawsome rosettes! Please save your rosettes and give them to some new cat so we can spread the love around!


Walk The Plank!

September 19th 2009 4:45 pm
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I told my cancer to walk the plank! I got home and realized that my blue peg leg is back at the vet's office! It sure feels good to get that port out of my leg.

I did good with my chemo, and my vet tech gave me a bunch of medicine to bring home. I start on sub Q fluids tomorrow. I'll be getting them three times a week.

I also got my own pill containers - one for morning and one for night - so my nurse can keep all my medicine straight. Dang, cancer makes you take a lot of pills!

I'll let you know what I'm taking in a minute, but I wanted to tell you that my favorite vet tech, Sarah, told me that she and the other gals at the office looked at my Catster page today. They looked at all my pictures, and couldn't believe all the visits to my page. They probably talked to each other, and said that Mawmee is half nuts, but they don't realize that all our Mommies are crazy about us! MOL!

Okay, here is what I am taking:

Lactated Ringers (sub Q fluids) - 200 ml three times a week

1/2 10 mg. Pepcid 1-2 times a day

Remeron - appetite stimulant (if I need it)

Zenequin - antibiotic for 6 more days - this is for my infection

Clindamycin - another antibiotic

I also have a ginger/mint herbal supplement to help soothe my tummy, and some other Feline Enteric Support pill which helps my tummy too.

Luckily, I don't have to take that nasty aluminum hydroxide liquid any more. The vet is looking into Epikatin and I might start that next week. She said my phosphorus levels may go back to normal on chemo, and she will check it next Friday when I go back.

I've eaten a few little meals today and haven't had any flojectiles - good news! I've mainly been chillaxin in the living room.

I'll update you if anything interesting happens!


Peg Leg Cal!

September 19th 2009 7:54 am
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I be wearin' me blue peg leg as I sailed outta here this mornin' for a trip across ta seas to me meetin' with the IV dragon! I ate me some grub and drank some grog before I left! Bein' a good pirate, I went ta da poop deck ta use da head. Me poop and pee were scooped up and sent a sailin'!

Ta Cap'n's wife tis very happy that I be eatin' grub several times last night. I'm a fightin' pirate, and I have me a ship load of pirate pals helpin' keep me adrift with ta purrs. Ta angel pirates are flappin' ta wings so loud and blockin' ta entrance to da gate! Even dat powder monkey, pirate Newmie, tis bein' a good nurse and watchin' over me.

Did ya see ta Honorary Cap'n in the pirate parade?. Shiver me timbers, there be some mighty fine pirates in that parade! Nobody makes a better pirate face than me bro, Lord Trapper Crum!

We be stoppin' ta ship in Michigan to throw back some ale with me pirate pal, Taz!

Then we be gatherin' the gang, and headin' ta ship toward ta shores of Canada ta get me pink parrot back from that pirate wench, Pansy! She won't be allowed ta plunder 'n pillage no more! Her crew tis dangerous, but we have da territory covered! She will not win ta battle!

I be checkin' back in later t'day when my ship sails back to da harbor! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, talk like ta pirate that you are today . . . . . . . . .


Poop, Pees, and Food!

September 18th 2009 4:47 pm
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When Mawmee picked me up tonight at the vet's office, she made sure they had put me in the litterbox to do my pee wee cause she didn't want any pee wee in her car.

The vet tech - I've had about six different ones the past couple of days - said that I had done a pee wee earlier, and they put a pee wee pad in my carrier - Justin Case is the pee wee pad's name!

Well, it's a good thing my Justin Case pee wee pad was there because I p0oped on it. I wonder if it is okay to do a poopie on a pee wee pad? Mawmee didn't smell it because I poopied on it right as we pulled in the driveway. Daddy was waiting for us, so he got me out of the car and took me in the house. When I got out of the carrier, he told Mawmee I left her a present. Mawmee said, why do I get all the presents? MOL! She immediately put me in the litterbox, and I did a big pee wee.

I've already eaten two small teaspoons of turkey baby food. Then a little bit later, I ate a few bites of my Fancy Feast. Mawmee was very happy about that because I haven't eaten any Fancy Feast since Tuesday.

I'm going to take a nap now. I took some pictures of my blue badge of courage, so you'll see them later on my page. I decided to hold off on picking one Pal of the Week this week, and have declared all of you to be my Pals of the Week! Thanks for your continued purrs!


Technical Mumbo Jumbo!

September 18th 2009 1:17 pm
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I'm still getting all plumped up with fluids and medicine, but I wanted to tell you what stuff I'm on for all those kitties who have been through chemo, or those who like knowing technical junk.

I got this today:

Vincristine - weekly for 8 weeks.

Cytosine - this is only taken for two days of the first week, so I'll be going back tomorrow to get the second treatment.

Prednisone - 3/4 of a 20 mg. tablet for 7 days, and then 1/2 of a 20 mg. tablet every other day for seven weeks.

Now, if this stuff does it's job, I'll feel like eating this weekend. If I handle what I got today, then next Friday I'll start on something called cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan).

The vet was really honest, and said that it is worth a try because lymphoma is about the only cancer that will respond good to treatment. She also said that if the chemo is not working, she would recommend sending me to the bridge.

Mawmee said it is worth a try, and hopefully with all the purring my pals are doing, it is going to work so that I can be around for a few more months.

After tomorrow, I'll get that port taken out of my paw. I know I'll feel better when that happens!

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