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Pump Me Up!

October 1st 2009 11:27 am
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I'm back from my vet visit. Of course, there is good news, and there is not-as-good news (see, I'm not calling it bad news)!

My red blood cells are coming back - pretty slowly, but at least no more of them have left. So, I'll continue getting the Epogen shots every other day from Mawmee.

My weight is down a few more ounces. I missed two whole days worth of food, so I'm going to do my best to catch up!

While I was there today, they gave me fluids because Mawmee had a difficult time doing it by herself last night. She dreaded pushing that needle into me because it was her first time trying. The needle for the Epogen shot is super duper thin and very easy to use, but the fluid needles are bigger.

I'm going to continue taking Pepcid and Prednisone every other day. I also got a shot of Convenia today which lasts an entire week. It is an antibiotic, and I'm glad to take one shot instead of a bunch of pills!

The vet says the chemo has helped because of my white blood cells being low. In fact, they are almost too low, so I got one more shot today to help stimulate my appetite, and to help with my anemia.

The girls are gonna love this because the shot is a steroid. So, I'll be turning into a muscular mancat - even more mancatly than I am right now! I hope I have the strength to eat and fight off the girls at the same time!

I go back to the vet next week to reassess my condition. She said that if we wanted to do chemo, she can always lower the dosage of what she gave me last week so that it doesn't make me feel as badly as I felt last weekend.

Thanks for all your purrs - I know they are helping me!



September 30th 2009 6:55 pm
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My pal, Lola, suggested I start a photo stroll for those of us who have Ugg boots on.

If you have any pictures where you're wearing your boots because you got your legs shaved, then tag the photo:


and you can join Lola and me in our photo stroll . . . . . . .


The Power of Purr and Poop

September 30th 2009 8:33 am
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4:35 a.m.

Everyone is sleeping. The Daddy feels a cat next to him. He reaches out and touches the cat's paw. He turns on the flashlight and tells the Mawmee, would you look at who is in bed with us!

Yep, it was me. I climbed 14 stairs to get to the bedroom. Then I climbed 3 steps to get to the cedar chest at the foot of the bed. Then I jumped a big jump to get on the bed.

I stood there staring at both of them. They decided I must be hungry, so we all went downstairs to get something to eat. I wasn't hungry. Everyone went back to bed, and I stayed in the living room.

5:45 a.m.

Mawmee hears someone on the cedar chest. She turns on the flashlight and yep, it is me! She flies out of bed - because she loves doing that at 5:45 in the morning - and helps me onto the bed. We all try to go back to sleep, but I'm not tired. I sit there staring at them.

All of a sudden, she reaches out to bring me closer to her, and then you hear, oh no, he has poopie on him.

Yep, she was talking about my butt! Daddy said, I thought I smelled something, and Mawmee said, well, why didn't you say anything? (you see Mawmee has allergies - wonder why - and can't smell too good in the morning).

Daddy goes and gets wet paper towels and I'm still in bed and Mawmee is working with a flashlight trying to clean up my BUN. After several trips back and forth, Daddy says, why don't we bring him into the bathroom?

There were only two brains in the room at that hour of the morning - one was Gleek's and one was mine!

The next thing you know, I'm in the bathroom getting all cleaned up. Then the top sheet had to get taken off which means Gleek had to be picked up, and that takes a forklift!

Daddy finally declared, it looks like I'm up, and Mawmee declared, I'm going back to bed!

Can you believe they thought I might be making my journey to the bridge just two days ago, and now I'm doing stuff like jumping on a bed and bringing poopie presents to them?

It has to be the tsunami of purrs that are coming my way. Thank you to each one of you for all your love and support. Tomorrow I'll be getting my blood checked to make sure my red blood cells are returning.

Please purr for Jack today as he is having a very serious surgery.


In the Pink!

September 29th 2009 1:26 pm
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I got a lot to tell you today. First of all, I'm eating better today than I have in the last four days. Every hour, Mawmee brings me wet food, usually my regular Fancy Feast, and after I eat a few bites, she puts a bowl of Fancy Feast Gold dry food under my nose. I take a few tiny bites of it too. And, I'm drinkin' water and peeing good too. I've only made a couple of tiny poopies, but that is because I don't have much food in my tummy.

I've come upstairs - 14 of them - twice! Right now, I'm in the Litter Robot. The first time I came upstairs, Mawmee was so excited to see me. She huddled over me - I think she should join some football team because she knows how to huddle! I even purred and headbutted her and that hasn't happened in over a week!

My vet lady is going to be off on Friday, so I'm going in Thursday to have my blood checked. We're going to see if the shots that Mawmee is giving me is helping my red blood cells grow. Mawmee and Daddy decided that I am not going to get any more chemo. It wipes me out too much, and since it really can't cure my cancer, they don't think it is worth putting me through that stress each week. We're going to enjoy everyday that we have left together!

Now, I realized that I haven't had a Pal of the Week for a couple of weeks, and I need to get back to doing that. My new pal for this week is Nikolai! The girls are gonna love Nikolai because he loves the color pink as you can tell from this photo!

Nik, as I like to call him, has a super fancy long name - Nikolai Ivanovich Raskolnikov. He isn't really Russian, but was born under a trailer in Nevada. He left behind a life of destitution and now lives like a king!

Nik and I have something in common. We are both getting chemo. Nik has crystals in his pee. Wouldn't you know it - he has Crystal visiting him and I have Ann Emia visiting me. Leave it to girls to ruin a guy! MOL!

Nik's vet did some biopsies and while nothing showed up as cancer, he did have some cells that weren't quite normal. So, if you don't mind, please send some purrs his way and let's hope his chemo fixes all the bad stuff going on in his body.

Nik has two sisters, and a brother, and dang, he even has a rabbit that dresses up in clothes! Too bad there isn't a Bunnyster or Rabbitster!

Please stop by and send a friend invite to Nikolai if you aren't already friends with him. Thanks for being my Pal of the Week, Nik!

And I have one more purr request since everyone seems to be purring non-stop. My local pal, Jack is at the hospital with internal bleeding. He has been having problems for awhile - with IBD, losing weight, and having that chick, Ann Emia, visiting him too. Jack will be having surgery tomorrow, so keep him in your purrs.

Knead On . . . . . . . .


Dude K's Latest Diddy!

September 28th 2009 9:13 am
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My pal, Dude K., has got more songs up his paws than Catster has fleas - MOL! Here is his latest:

I’m BUZZard up on catnip
So composed this little diddy
It’s goin to me song producer
Calvin . . . called C-KIDDY

We’re rockin on da west coast
And south and north and east
C-KIDDY kneads ta eat hiz foodz
Like bring on sum fancy feast

Him don’t care ‘bout da flavor
Or if de can be blue or gold
Just make sure to nuke dat food
Coz C-KIDDY don’t like it cold

Chicken, beef, N savory salmon
Cod, shrimp and ocean fish
Just PLEAZ eat . . . . SUMPIN buddy
This be my only wish

Fishbone on de dinner plate
trout walked out da door
C-KIDDY kneads sum purrs me friends
so purr n purr some more

Let’s all ESP to Calvin head
Ta eat and eat and eat
Then him can haz a big fat belly
And wonder “where’s me feet”

Slap a burger on a bun
Someone cooks a chicken
Gotta eat yur foods C-KIDDY
Sews yur chops you’ll be a lickin

Pork chops layin on da floor
Five second rule applies
Packin on da cal oh reees
Eat sum cakes and pies

Youz got to eatz sum foodz my friend
So yur cancer goes in remission
That’s not just this kitteh’s hope
Itz what all yur friends is wishin

I think it's gonna be a hit, don't you?


I'm Still Standing!

September 28th 2009 6:04 am
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The reports of my possible journey to the bridge today have been greatly exaggerated!

Dang, how would you feel if you were 89 years old and got chemo, had a sniffly nose, and had Ann Emia visiting you?

I'll tell you - you woud curl up in your cuddle bed and sleep it off. You wouldn't want to eat, and you might only drink a teaspoon of tuna juice and a little water. You would do that for two days!

And then you'd see your Mawmee and Daddy crying and getting upset and laying on the floor next to your cuddle bed and acting all weird. And your Mawmee would pick you up and set you in the litterbox, and you'd stand there thinking, I don't have to pee, why did she put me in the litterbox? I'm telling you, there is weird stuff going on at my house!

So, when I heard that Harry was missing, I said to myself, Calvin, you better act alive tomorrow or they're gonna send you to the bridge, and you gotta stick around and make sure Harry gets home okay.

When I heard them getting up early this morning to take Daddy's car to get a tune-up, I walked over and waited at the foot of the steps for them to come downstairs. Funny how something little like that will make them all giddy with excitement!

I acted hungry, but wouldn't eat any of the 6 different things Mawmee tried to feed me. So, when she got back home, she opened a new can of my regular Fancy Feast - unrefrigerated. Guess what? I ate it! I ate only a tablespoon of it, but at least I ate something!

I heard her tell Daddy that the decision was off for now. Whew, I'm glad to hear it! Daddy said as long as I'm acting alert and interested, he was having trouble with the decision too.

Guess what that means? You gotta start purring if you stopped! Purr for me to eat a bunch more today, and especially purr for Harry to come home.

Knead On ~


Ode to Saturday

September 26th 2009 5:53 pm
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I'm feelin,' feelin,' feelin', feelin' no spunk.
My little body is in quite a funk!

I've only licked my food a very few times.
Shovin' pills down my throat should be a crime!

I got my fluids, and I sat real still.
Being a diary pick gave me quite a thrill!

Your rosettes and purrs mean so much, it's true.
They help us all feel not so sad and blue!

Knead On . . . . . . . . .


Ann Emia

September 25th 2009 5:07 pm
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I got some chick visiting me named Ann Emia! I told her I'm not allowed to hang around girls until I'm 21, but she insisted.

They make medicine to get rid of girls. I'll be taking it in a shot form this coming week. As you would expect, it is expensive to get rid of girls.

But, I've got friends that have given me all kinds of tips. There is something called Walmart Specialty Pharmacy and you can even get some pet medicine from them cheaper than from the vet. My vet was excited when I told her about it, and she said she would write anything I need to help me get rid of Ann!

One of my pawsome guardian angels - Patrick - sent me some of his extra fluid bags today. Dang, it was one heavy box, and I sure appreciate his Mom sending it to me. I got four bags of fluid, so I can use the money I was going to spend on fluids to help get rid of that chick named Ann!

And I got a pawsome embroidered towel from my pal, Sky. You can see a picture of it on my page. I want to use it when I dribble my liquid medicine, but Mawmee said it is too nice - it is just going to be displayed. Whatever . . . . . .

I think Ann Emia has a twin sister because she is visting my pal, Mercy. Mercy has a bare belly just like me because she got an ultrasound too.

I gotta hang around until winter because I'm ready with my Ugg boots. Have you seen my skinny chicken legs? MOL!

Have a pawsome weekend - my pals must be exhausted from all the purring! Thanks so much!


Walking the Tightrope!

September 25th 2009 9:13 am
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That is what my vet told Mawmee when she called her a few minutes ago.

There is good news . . . . . . and of course, there is bad news. I'll tell you the good news first.

1. My white blood cell count is back to normal which means my secondary infection is gone.

2. I ate two small breakfasts before I went to the vet's office. I was waiting for Daddy at the bottom of the steps when he got up early today. Then at the vet's office while I was chillaxin in my bed that Scooter's Mom made me, I saw them feeding a little kitten in the cage next to mine.

I said, hey, I want some of that - it smells good! So, I got a third breakfast!

Now for all the not-so-good news:

1. My weight is down a few ounces which doesn't surprise Mawmee since I haven't been eating my normal 12 meals a day.

2. My creatinine is up a little - that is a kidney number. The vet didn't say if my BUN was elevated, but I try not to stick it in the air too much since I'm so skinny back there.

3. My hematocrit count which indicates the % of blood volume of the red blood cells is very low. Normal range is 24-44%. Last week mine was 28%, and today it is 16%. Anything below 10% is very serious.

So, what that means is I am anemic. Sometimes that happens when you have chemo because it destroys the good cells as well as the bad cells. It can also mean I might have tummy ulcers. Even though I haven't been throwing up, or having dark poopies, I can still have some internal bleeding going on.

Here is the plan for now:

1. I'll be getting chemo today with the medicine called Vincristine.

2. I'm going to lower my prednisone dosage.

3. I'm going to get injections three times a week - one today and the others at home of the medicine Epogen. Epogen (also known as Procrit) stimulates the bone marrow to increase the red blood cell count.

We will evaluate how I am feeling on Monday, and next week we'll check my blood again.

I need extra strong purring in order for all this medicine to do its magic, and for my little body to stay strong so I can stick around here longer!

I'll be coming home around 4:00 today, so if I have any other important news to report - like if I peed in the car on the way home - I'll be sure to let you know!


Dude Kitty's Song for the Day

September 24th 2009 11:42 am
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We gotta enjoy these songs from Dude Kitty before he gets signed by some big record company at the bridge, and then we'll have to start paying royalties to put them in my diary! I think he is gonna start going by the stage name Dude K.

Sing this song to the tune of Jingle Bells!







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