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Some Firsts!

October 19th 2009 1:41 pm
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Well, pals, you'll never believe this, but I actually finished a bowl of food without walking away and making Mawmee follow me with the bowl. And she even snuck in another spoonful of food, and I ate that too! She was very happy about it.

Newman is always right there to help me. Wait until you see the picture of him encouraging me to eat - you will MOL!

And I've got another first to tell you about. Since I've been going to the vet every week, and I got chemo three times, and I have a bunch of medicines and fluids that I take every day, Mawmee says I have to help pay the bills. Apparently, cancer is expensive.

So, I've decided to have my own line of floof collars in Mawmee's Etsy shop. They will be called Calvin's Collars. They are crocheted, so they are soft, and they slip over your neck. The thing that makes them different than the other floof collars is the special cat charm/button on the front of the collar. These will be made for photo sessions and stuff, and to keep your neck warm if you get cold in the winter.

I guess I'm really special, and Mawmee wanted to have something like Morgan has with his beds. I checked with Morgan first to make sure he wouldn't be mad that I stole his idea. His beds are to help pay for the eye surgery he had. He thought it was a cool idea, so that is how I'm going to help out around here.

A couple of these collars are ready to go, so if you're interested, be looking for them at The Cat in the Clover!


Pee Ess

October 15th 2009 10:20 am
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I forgot the most important part of the vet visit today.

I did an IP in my carrier! For those of you who aren't up on all the correct terminology, IP means inappropriate peeing!

Luckily, there was a pee pad in the bottom under the fleece blankie, so it didn't go all over the car like the last time.

It wasn't my fault. They kept me in the back vampire room way too long. I kept telling them I had to pee, but no one was listening to me!

Don't forget to enter your pictures in the 2009 World's Coolest Contest!

I think I'll spend the afternoon looking through my pictures and finding some good ones to enter.


Vet Visit Today!

October 15th 2009 10:12 am
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I didn't have a very good day yesterday. I was feeling punk, and I didn't want to eat much, and I hid under the round table in the living room that has a tablecloth over it.

Mawmee stayed up late on the computer, and around midnight she wanted to give me some food before she went to bed. She couldn't find me, and got really worried, but guess where I was? I was in bed with Daddy and Gleek! It is dang cold here and I needed the body heat from two big guys!

Mawmee brought me a midnight snack in bed, and I ate all of it. Then this morning, Daddy said I ate pretty good, and Mawmee fed me again around 9:30, and I ate good for her too.

Then we went to the vet's office at 11:00. I got more blood taken, and Mawmee gave them my pills so they could put them down my throat instead of her having to do it. She is finally getting smart and letting them do the dirty work. She said it's okay if I don't like them, but she doesn't want me to not like her anymore!

My weight is down only 1 ounce, so the vet said that is really maintaining because the difference from last week could just be a good poopie (although she didn't use the poopie word, but I told her I would have to use it to get the Diary Gal's attention).

My red blood cell count has gone up again to 28,000 and if it gets to 30,000 she said she would be happy! So, I'll continue the shots every other day. My white blood cell count was normal!

I'm also going to get my prednisone every day instead of every other day. She thinks that will help keep the cancer suppressed a little. I only take 1/4 of a tablet, and she said taking it every day won't hurt me.

She noticed that I wasn't as peppy as last week. I told her she wouldn't always feel peppy if she had vampires sucking her blood each week too! I don't have to go back for two whole weeks, unless I get really bad.

Thanks for continuing with the purrs. I really appreciate all my friends!


My Happy Meal

October 12th 2009 7:56 am
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Back in my younger days, I ate food that wasn't the best for me. That was our pre-Catster days when we didn't really know anything.

Then we got on the good stuff - you know, the dry food that doesn't have all that filler and gluten and stuff that is bad for you.

And our wet food changed too. We love the seafood varieties, but we got switched over to the turkey and chicken because sometimes the seafood varieties aren't so good for us older cats that have kidney problems.

We all liked the new food we were eating. And then I got that nasty C. Between the chemo, and that Ann Emia chick, I didn't feel like eating anything.

So, the hunt began - find a food that Calvin will eat. We have every brand and every variety of wet food on the market sitting in the cabinet or in the refrigerator - MOL! The vet lady gave us samples of some dry food - the good dry foods.

But guess what I like the best?

The seafood Fancy Feast, and Fancy Feast Dry Gold. Neither of them are the best, but Mawmee says that if I'll eat it, I can have it. You should see all the others come running the minute they smell seafood in the air. You would think there is a huge dead fish in the kitchen with the attention my chef gets when she opens a new can.

Fancy Feast ain't cheap, but I'm worth it. Mawmee is able to get the turkey variety in a 12 pack box, but the seafood doesn't come that way. She has to pay 50 cents a can for it, so I'm the only one that gets it. Did I say I'm worth it? Yesterday, Mawmee and Daddy went into a new Target store that opened in our area. The Fancy Feast seafood I like was 62 cents a can. She about fainted. And then bought me 2 cans because we were out. I'm definitely worth it!

And you want to hear something funny about Sarah, my favorite vet tech? The vet techs always ask what I'm eating and how well I'm doing with the food. Mawmee has to admit to them that I'm eating stuff that I probably shouldn't be eating. And then Sarah says, well, that is okay, we know that we shouldn't eat too many times at McDonald's, and we do that anyway!

Fancy Feast is my Happy Meal . . . . . . . . .


Oh, Brothers!

October 11th 2009 11:30 am
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I've got brothers as my new Pals of the Week starting today. One look at Utu and Ra, and you'll know why I picked them!

First of all, they are very handsome orange mancats! Second of all, today is their birthday - both of them are 8 years old! Happy Birthday Utu and Ra! They are real brothers from the same mother. They had another brother named Foxey, but he is an angel at the bridge.

These brothers live a long, long, long way away from where I live. They live in Australia! If I had to pick one of them that is most like me, it would be Utu. He is a Sumerian sun god. I'm a Kenucky sun god. Utu also has freckles on his lips just like me.

Ra is the Egyptian sun god. Ra has a lot more white on him, and his eyes are golden, just like the sun. Ra is one brave boy because his favorite toy is his sister, Freya. You'll see why I think he is brave if you go check out Freya!

Now, let me tell you why it is important for you to be friends with Ra and Utu.

When I first joined Catster and was getting a lot of friends, I decided that it would be fun to make sure that I had a friend for every letter of the alphabet.

It was pretty easy to do, until I got to the letter U. I didn't have any U friends! Then my pal, Scooter, told me about the beautiful Ug! And Ug became my first U friend! And guess what? I now have five U friends, and Utu is one of them!

So, you need to look through your alphabet of friends. Do you need an R? Do you need a U? Well, if you do, then you've got the purrfect ones right here - Ra and Utu!

You'll say Rah, rah, rah when you add them as your new friends! Thanks for being my Pals of the Week, and have a pawsome birthday, Ra and Utu!


One of Nine!

October 9th 2009 2:57 pm
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There are nine cats named Elise on Catster, but only one of them is my Pal of the Week! Are you friends with Elise?

Elise is a good witch and she is stirring up some special wishes for me in her main picture:

Wings of bat, bones of mummy, cancer leave Calvin's tummy!

Elise is from New York, and I think she looks like several kitties all rolled into one. She is a gray striped kitty, and she also looks like a calico!

I read a lot of Elise's diary entries, and I think she has siblings (like 20 or something), but they are not on Catster. I guess since she is the princess of the family, she is the only one that has a page. I do know that she had a little brother named Sammy who went to the bridge at the beginning of the year, and a big sister named Ginger who went to the bridge last Christmas.

Elise tells very funny stories about her Mommy and Daddy. Here was one thing I read that made me MOL:

A feral cat had kittens in their backyard. Her Mommy wanted to keep one of them, and her Daddy said: No - unless the kitty came with a trust fund Mommy couldn't keep her. We've heard our Daddy say no before too. It usually means yes.

I also found out that Elise's Mommy has the same name as my Grandmaw. It is an unusual name - Arlene. Isn't that cool? Elise started out her life as a feral, but once she got her forever home, she became the queen of the house! Be sure to stop by and ask her to be friends. Maybe if you're sick, she will cast a spell on your sickness too!

Thanks for being my Pal of the Week, Elise!


Courtesy Toot - The Song!

October 8th 2009 2:38 pm
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That Dude K. can whip out a song faster than any angel I know! Look at this pawsome song - all about courtesy tooting!

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
We’re all tootin at da bridge
Calvin’s given us a brand new word
So we’re tootin here by da ‘fridge

Courtesy toot courtesy toot
Everyone’s tootin fur one another
Neighbors, friends, passers by
Mom, dad, sis and brother

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
Kittehs fat, kittehs fluffy, kittehs small
There be so many kitteh’s here tootin now
Da lines be clear down da hall

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
Look right, look left, look right
So much tootin goin on right now
We canna tell day from night

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
Phew…now da bridge be stinkin
All us kittehs courtesy tootin
But one had beans I’m thinkin

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
This fartin be totally ravin
Thanks goez out to my pal
Who sometimes be called CLAVIN

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot,
Calvin’s vet gave him good mews
I’ll still keep purrin him eatz his foodz
So him can toots along twos

Courtesy toot courtesy toot
I’m done tootin for now
I’s glad you got good mews my friend
Peace out, KNEAD on and how

I'm loving this song, Dude K.!


Purrs Are Working!

October 8th 2009 10:08 am
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Wowza, all your purrs are helping me! I went to the vet today to get my blood checked again. My favorite vet tech, Sarah, came to get me. I was gone quite awhile and when I came back out to the lobby, Sarah told Mawmee there was a line at the vampire's station.

So, Sarah said we had some snuggle time while we waited our turn. I had to wait longer while they checked the blood. I chillaxed and checked out the kittens in the lobby. One of them is orange like me, but he has gold eyes instead of green. He kept staring at me - I think he thought I was his mother or something!

Since I'm so good at the vet's office, Mawmee left the top unzipped, and I got to stick my head out and look around while we waited. My vet lady came out and told us that my red blood cells are increasing - good news! The shots Mawmee gives me every other day are working!

My white blood cell count is purrfect, so that was good news too. I'm not gaining any weight, so that needs to be the focus of your purrs this week, if you don't mind. I'm at 7 lbs. 6 1/2 oz. Of course, it is all muscular mancat, but I need to beef up and be like Gleek.

I'll continue with the same medicine this week, and next week we'll check out my blood again.

Thanks so much for being all about Calvin - I'm gonna stick around for awhile . . . . . . . . .


Word Up!

October 7th 2009 8:47 am
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It's been awhile since I've given you all a new word to use. Before I do that, I just want you to know that I'm doing okay for now. I'm eating tiny meals, and tomorrow I go back to have my blood checked. Hopefully, Ann Emia will be gone, and my kid knees and liver will be okay.

If you have siblings, you will really relate to this new phrase:

Courtesy Toot

A courtesy toot is when you are chillaxin with your brother, and all of a sudden, you let a toot rip. Of course, if there are any girls around, you would like to blame it on them, but if you are embarrassed because they are giving you the evil eye, then your brother does a courtesy toot so that the two smells will mix and mingle, and no one in the room will realize who had the smellier toot.

It's just a common courtesy that you need to remember. There are a lot of rules for us cats, and this is one of the important ones, so be sure to practice it today.

Knead On . . . . . . . . .


The Surprise in the Bedroom!

October 3rd 2009 7:31 pm
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Our Daddy has been out of town for a few days attending a conference. That means Mawmee has been busy feeding me every hour, sitting downstairs with Sugar so she doesn't get lonely, and moving Vivien into the garage at night. Boy, Daddy will be surprised about that when he gets home - MOL!

Last night Mawmee was on the computer until about midnight, and when she came in the bedroom to get ready for bed, she looked over and saw three cats on the bed: Violet, Gleek, and ME!

She couldn't believe it, and I told her that I'm the man of the house, and I need to protect her since Daddy is gone. I fell asleep right next to her, and she said that was the bestest present ever. Dang, I didn't even know I was giving her a present, but she was happy.

It hasn't been too much fun getting my fluids from her because I usually sit on Daddy's lap and she supervises. So, the past couple of nights, I haven't gotten as many fluids. But, I'm drinking lots of water, so that is okay because Daddy will give me fluids tomorrow.

I go back to the vet next week for another check of my blood. This last week they took it out of my neck - those stupid vampires!

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