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Calvin In Charge

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Another Surprise!

November 5th 2009 1:31 pm
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Being at the bridge means lots of surprises for me and for my family! Today Mawmee was going to be out for awhile, and she didn't want my special ornament or my ashes to get messed with by you-know-who, so she took them and put in the little gift bag that my ornament came in.

Guess what was in the bag that she completely missed yesterday? A small baggie with a lock of my hair tied in a ribbon. My name was written on the bag and a little heart was drawn on the bag too.

She said, ahhhhhhhh . . . . . . and it made her feel happy and sad.

My vet rocks . . . . . . . . .


Pawprint Secret

November 4th 2009 3:09 pm
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Being at the bridge means keeping secrets. Today, a secret was revealed to Mawmee. After I made my journey to the bridge, my vet stuck my paw in goop and made a pawprint heart keepsake for my family. It was okay that she did that because I was already at the rainbow in my new, kick-tail body (as Boogers would call it)!

Mawmee was very surprised when the vet called her today, and told her that she had something for her. When she picked it up at the vet's office, it made her feel happy and sad at the same time.

You can see a picture of it on Mawmee's blog.

My vet rocks!

Knead On . . . . . . . . .


A Secret From the Bridge

November 2nd 2009 9:42 am
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Well, I've been through my orientation, and I found out a lot more secrets about the Rainbow Bridge and how things work around here. Of course, some stuff I'm not allowed to tell you about, or they make you go to the doggie area and scoop poop for a day. Yeah, heaven ain't all it's cracked up to be if you don't obey all the rules!

But I do have a secret I can tell you that I can'really tell you about until it's been told by the official family.

There is a new orange kitty in town. Not my hometown, but a town.

The new orange kitty has green eyes . . . . . . and is very cute.

The new orange kitty with the green eyes has a new forever home, and the Mommy of the forever home wants to name the kitty Calvin!

She asked my Mawmee if it was okay, and Mawmee said it would be an honor if that cute kitty was given my name.

Of course, that is extra work for me because now I've got to watch over that squirt and make sure he grows up to be an Olde Furt!

Be looking for him soon . . . . . . . . . .


Bridge Secrets!

October 29th 2009 7:01 am
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Oh my cats, who knew there was an Internet Cafe' at the bridge?

I thought I'd better check in and tell my pals what I know before my orientation tonight because I have a feeling I'm gonna be told to keep this stuff a secret.

I sat on the Top Cat's warm lap on my journey here. He told me everything was going to be okay, and he would see me later. When I got to the Golden Gate, there were a gazillion friendly faces there to greet me! Everycat was waving and smiling at me!

I immediately was taken to the Welcome Center where I got my heart basket that I already told you about. The gal in charge made me take a number - mine is 1026 - that is my number for seeing the Top Cat, so it will be awhile before I get to sit down with him.

Then I was given my Orientation Packet and sent to Human Resources. Dang, they got this process down! My orientation packet had a green paw band. We all wear paw bands of different colors that tells how long we've been here. That way, if you have a question about something, you look for the cat with a higher color than yours.

Next up was getting measured for my wings. That is when I got to see Autumn because she is in charge of that job. My orientation is tonight, and I'm glad that I've got Icebox here to go with me. I sure was sorry that she made her journey to the bridge yesterday, but we can figure things out together.

Inside my packet was a huge map of this place! You wouldn't believe all the cool places I'm going to be exploring. I even saw a Tiki Bar on the map!

There was also my Catster membership card on a lanyard. There is a giant Catster Club where all us Catster pals chillax in the evening. You have to show your membership card to get in. I immediately put that around my neck because I wanted to show everycat how proud I am to be a Catster!

Guess who isn't here? That evil chick Ann Emia, and her cousins Dan Druff, Flo Jectile, and the high Billy Ruben! They aren't allowed. Somecat told me they are banned to the basement, and we don't have a key to go there, so I'm glad about that!

I wanted to thank you all again for being such a good pal to me. You probably won't hear from me for awhile because I need to spend time with all my angel pals. I'm sorry that I wasn't around to tell you about my Pal of the Week, Onyx, but before I left, I asked Violet to tell you about her. So, be sure to check out Violet's diary tomorrow.

When I return, I'll be starting up an Angel Pal of the Week! There are so many Catster angels that you don't know about, and I need to tell you about them so they aren't ever forgotten . . . . . just like I don't want you to ever forget me!

I'll chat with you later, and who knows, I might have a whole new dictionary of bridge words for you!

Knead On . . . . . . . . . .


With Heartfelt Thanks

October 28th 2009 1:06 pm
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Mawmee Laura here.

The overwhemling support and love that Ted and I have felt from all of Calvin's pals over the past two days has been so touching and comforting.

Just when I thought I was holding it all together, I'd read another pmail, rosette, or poem that was sent to Calvin, and the tears flowed again. I know you have shed these tears too, as I have done when our pals have journeyed to the bridge.

I love all my cats and dogs dearly, but there has always been something special about Calvin. I thank God that when he was rescued from the shelter, he hid under the guest room bed and wouldn't come out when I was trying to find homes for my aunts' four cats. I always knew I would keep one of her cats. Calvin was her favorite, and I know why. Losing him is even more difficult as it is the last connection I had to her.

I picked up Calvin's ashes this afternoon from the vet's office. One of the vet techs told me she had gotten on his Catster page. She had never heard of Catster before. I'm sure she was amazed at the special gift box that goes on for miles with wing after wing! I plan to copy all the messages in those special gifts so that I'll have them when they disappear.

I believe all the purrs for Calvin over the past month helped him stay with us for as long as he could. From the stroll, to the All About Calvin that cats have put after their names, to the diary entries, to the advice on feeding and medicines - they have meant more than you can ever imagine. Now that he is back home, please know that it is okay to go back to your own name and main photo. Calvin wouldn't want us fussing too much over him!

I will cherish everything you have done to make Calvin feel special and so loved. Please accept this diary entry as a huge thank you to all his pals and their humans. Today, I received a beautiful arrangement with three gorgeous roses in it from one of our Catster friends. The message on the card read:

Red for his passon for life, pink for his love of family, and yellow for all the friendship he inspired.

The friendship you all have shown will never be forgotten . . . . . just like Calvin!

Thank you, and a big hug to your cats from me!


My Heart Basket

October 26th 2009 10:00 am
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Early this morning around 5 a.m., Mawmee came downstairs to check on me. I was laying in the dining room. She got my fleece blanket and put it over me, and laid down on the floor to be with me.

All of a sudden, Gleek showed up, and then Violet, and then Newman, and finally Samoa. We were all in the dining room together. Everycat was gathered around and being quiet, except Newman who was on the dining room table messing with the Calvin Collar envelopes that were ready to be mailed!

I decided to get up and go in the other room. Who can sleep with all those cats around?

This morning I had a visit with my vet. She took my blood and checked it, and came in and told us that my red blood cell count was very, very low, and that I was bleeding internally. Mawmee and Daddy were so sad to hear this news, but at least they found out what was going on with me, and why I didn't eat anything over the weekend.

It was time for me to become an angel. Everyone cried - even my vet, and she kissed me on the head. Mawmee was very brave because she stayed with me when I left to make my journey to the bridge. She has never been able to do that before, but she promised me that she would not leave me. I was laying on my fleece blanket, and it was very peaceful and calm.

When I got to the bridge, I couldn't believe all the angels that were there to greet me. They gave me my heart basket. I think this might be a bridge secret, so when it's your turn to come to the bridge, act surprised.

Every animal that journeys to the bridge gets a basket, and every basket is full to the top with hearts. Some pets have baskets with just one or two giant hearts in them because they only had a couple of people who loved them when they were on earth. But their basket is full with those giant hearts. Those are the pieces of the hearts they took with them when they made their journey.

You should see my basket of hearts. There are a gazillion hearts - very tiny, but there are so many of them they almost spill out of the basket. They are pieces of hearts from all the wonderful friends I have made since I've been on Catster. I feel sorry for those cats who only have a few giant hearts in their basket because they were not loved by as many people.

I had a wonderful life - especially the last seven years that I spent living with my Mawmee, Daddy, and all my siblings. I know today will be sad, but I hope you will remember all the pawsome fun we've had over the years. I know those memories will be with me forever.

Knead On . . . . . . . . .


All About The Diary Gal!

October 25th 2009 10:17 am
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Wowza, the Diary Gal must be all about me too - MOL! Thanks for picking me today.

This morning Daddy was happy to see me walking around and acting a little more alert. I wouldn't eat for him, and when Mawmee tried later, I ate two tiny bites of wet food. She has tried several more times with different wet foods, and I walk away the minute I see it. She thinks maybe the smell is making me feel yucky. She even tried baby food, but I wouldn't take it.

Tomorrow she is going to see if the vet can get me in so we can make sure I don't have an infection or maybe something is going on with that Ann Emia chick again. She and Daddy said if it is the cancer, then they will have to make a decision, but we're hoping maybe there is some other reason like the last time when that Ann Emia chick visited me and I wouldn't eat.

Double wowza - eighteen Calvin Collars are sold! I sure appreciate all my pals who have purchased one. I'm even going to be sending a Calvin Collar all the way to Australia!

A few more have been added to the shop, and there is even a petite Calvin Collar because there was a request for a smaller one for those thin necked kitties. If you want to request a certain color/size, Mawmee can make it and put it under reserve in your name.

Thanks again for all the purrs. Mawmee was afraid to wake up this morning because she wasn't sure what condition my condition would be in, but I told her I've got all of Catster purring for me, and those purrs are gonna keep me strong, Don Pardo.

Who the heck is Don Pardo ?


Kick It Up a Notch!

October 24th 2009 8:57 am
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Hey, pals! I wanted to check in with you since I haven't updated my diary on how I am feeling.

Today is not a good day. I am not feeling good, and haven't eaten anything. I've been drinking some water, and all I want to do is lay under the little table in the living room that has a cloth over it. It is nice and dark in there, and nobody bothers me . . . . . except Mawmee!

I was doing good yesterday, so we're hoping this is just a not-feel-good day, and not a day with one paw toward the bridge.

Mawmee took my temperature, and it was normal - actually a little lower than normal. She didn't know exactly how far to stick that thermometer up my butt, but she thinks she did it right. She would definitely flunk vet school!

So, I'm asking you to ramp up your purrs today if you don't mind because I know those purrs have helped me in the past.

Thanks also for all the Calvin Collar purchases - we've sold 14, and we're very close to sponsoring that first kitty at Best Friends Animal Society. I want to be here when that happens!

Knead On . . . . . . .


No Seashells in Iowa!

October 20th 2009 9:03 pm
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There may be a Sally that sells seashells by the seashore, but my Pal of the Week is this Sally!

Sally has only been on Catster since September, so you've got to get over to her page and ask her to be friends! When I first met Sally, I told her she need to get in touch with our pal, Buddie, because Sally has a feeding tube just like Buddie did. She said she was friends with Buddie too!

Sally has had her feeding tube for about a month. She had to get it because she got a fatty liver and stopped eating. I think her big fat liver was named Billy Ruben. He was one mean dude because he made her ears turn yellow on the inside. I told Sally I've had yellow ears my whole life. She said having yellow ears on the outside is okay, you just shouldn't have yellow ears on the inside.

Billy Ruben is almost gone for good, and Sally is back to eating and has white ears again, but the vet is going to leave her tube in for a little while longer just to be sure that Billy's fat self doesn't come back for a visit.

Sally and I have a lot in common right now because food is the most important thing going on in our lives. It's good to have a support system when you have bad people like Ann Emia and fat Billy Rubens ruining your life!

Sally has a secret, but I'm not going to tell you because I don't know what it is - MOL! You'll have to read her diary, but then you have to keep it quiet!

Sally has Ugg boots just like me! She has one black boot, and one orange boot. She started a new trend by having boots in two different colors.

One of Sally's best friends is her pink fuzzy bear. She had that bear when she lived in the shelter and was waiting to go to her forever home!

I'm glad you're getting better, Sally! Thanks for being my Pal of the Week!



October 19th 2009 6:08 pm
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Oh my cats, two of my Calvin Collars are sold! Thanks so much to Olivia Pickles for purchasing the very first one, and to Alfie for buying the second one! Mawmee said she will start crocheting like a mad woman to make more collars.

I told her I wanted her to save $1 from each of the Calvin Collars, and when I get $25, I'm going to sponsor a kitty at Best Friends Animal Society.

Thanks again, pals!

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