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Entire Dreamboat List!

February 27th 2013 7:34 am
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Well, another year, another group of handsome mancats become Dreamboats, Dreamboats-in-Training, and Angel Dreamboats!

Please know that I do realize there are many more mancats out there who need to be on my list. I could spend every day adding more boys, but it is an exhausting process, and I need to have time to gather up a new list of boys for next year. Don't worry, I've got my eye on you, and I've already started making my list for next February!

In the meantime, please feast your eyes on all the handsomeness in this list!



1. Rufus
2. Diego
3. Stash
4. River
5. Lancelot
6. Captain Morgan
7. Rico
8. Merlin the Cat Wizard
9. Raymond Maxpower Nelson Festa
10. Ruben


11. Arnold P.
12. Sammie
13. KiKi
14. Ember
15. Merlin
16. Smudge
17. Nikko
18. Scooter
19. Mr D
20. Gordy


21. Gibbs
22. Henry
23. Beepers
24. Nikolai
25. Reebok
26. Ozzy
27. Orlando Blue
28. Sylvester
29. PJ
30. Kibbles


31a. Pipo
31b. Minko

32a. Luke
32b. Tully

33a. Tigger
33b. Bob

34a. Alex
34b. Bugsy

35a. Teddy Bearz
35b. Milo

36a. Murray
36b. Willie

37a. Mouse
37b. Cas

38a. Andre
38b. N'Bikay
38c. Gnomey
38d. Sawyer

39a. Skylar
39b. Rusty

40a. Zeeke
40b. Trooper
40c. Romeo
40d. Kahless


41. Hitch
42. Kovo
43. Charlie
44. Leo
45. Calvin
46. Toby
47. Link
48. Ike & Andrew
49. Gilmore
50. Don Genaro
51. Butternut
52. Dashiell
53. Maus
54. Toki
55. Hobert Von Kingston III
56. Linus
57. Big Harry
58. Tiger
59. Orange Ruffy
60. Rory
61. Sigmond
62. Gunnarr T
63. Flash
64. Monster
65. River
66. Teebo
67. Bruce the Boss
68. Jasper
69. Platelicker
70. Gump

71a. Boogers
71b. Hondo
71c. Fido
71d. Mittens
71e. Tiskers
71f. Porkchop

72a. Linus
72b. Rider

73a. Milo
73b. Timmy

74a. Butter
74b. Tuna
74c. Sauce

75a. Sampson
75b. Chico

76a. Blizzard the Catfather
76b. Squeaker
76c. Kringle

77a. Skippy Skipster
77b. Riley

78a. Sparkman
78b. Moose
78c. Purrseus

79a. Nike
79b. Riley
79c. Enzo

80. Finney


81. Ollie
82. Hunter
83. Zack
84. Leroy
85. Vern
86. Gomez
87. Russell
88. Charlie
89. Jaxson
90. Percy
91. Harrison
92. Francis
93. Norman
94. Orvis
95. Squeezix
96. Romeo
97. Wilson J. Scooter
98. Marmelade
99. Sebastian
100. Gentleman Jack

101a. Gimli
101b. RW Kenji Muto

102a. Hobo
102b. Moose

103a. Spike
103b. Tenszing
103c. Fafnir

104a. Paws
104b. Smokie Boo

105. Timo
106. Zeus
107. Muffy
108. Ivan

109a. Tigger
109b. Tommy
109c. Justin

110. Alexander

111a. Milo
111b. Miko
111c. Molokai Timmy

112. Charlie
113. Phantom
114. Zachary Tristan
115. Guido
116. Hartley
117. Pete

118a. Tygre
118b. Dopple Newman

119a. Tony
119b. Greystone
119c. Sammy
119d. Ashe

120. Manytoes

121a. Punkin
121b. Midnight
121c. Tux

122a. Timmy Tomcat
122b. Toby Tomcat
122c. Buddy Bud


2010 (Official Dreamboats in 2012)

1. Hitch - now Dreamboat #41
2. Kovo - now Dreamboat #42
3. Charlie - now Dreamboat #43
4. Leo - now Dreamboat #44
5. Calvin - now Dreamboat #45
6. Toby - now Dreamboat #46
7. Link - now Dreamboat #47
8. Ike & Andrew - now Dreamboats #48
9. Gilmore - now Dreamboat #49
10. Don Genaro - now Dreamboat #50

2011 (will become Official Dreamboats in 2013)

11. Ollie - now Dreamboat #81
12. Hunter - now Dreamboat #82
13. Zack - now Dreamboat #83
14. Leroy - now Dreamboat #84
15. Vern - now Dreamboat #85
16. Gomez - now Dreamboat #86
17. Russell - now Dreamboat #87
18. Charlie - now Dreamboat #88
19. Jaxson - now Dreamboat #89
20. Percy - now Dreamboat #90

2012 (will become Official Dreamboats in 2014)

21. Vinny
22. Ziggy
23. Sam
24. Mokka
25. Roger
26. Jameson
27. Art Blakey
28. Spot
29. Jack DeJohnette
30. Snow
31. Cole
32. Mikey
33. Tao
34. Spencer
35. Dalton
36. CK Angel R. Knowles
37. Sammy
38. Darcy
39. Trouble
40. Ozzy

2013 Dreamboats-in-Training (will become Official Dreamboats in 2015)

41. Mr. Biscuits
42. Stuart
43. Kensington
44. Yoda
45. Lucy
46a. Midnight
46b. Calvin McCatster
47. Rhett
48. Makana
49. Novi
50. Kody
51. Mojo
52. Grazie
53. Poco Taz
54. Edward
55. Socks
56. Mr. B
57. Griswold II
58. Darian



1. Frankie
2. James Tailer
3. Garp
4. Buzz
5. Sagan
6. Alexander


7. Dude Kitty
8. Omega
9. Smokey Joe
10. Tigger
11. Silvio
12. Moozer
13. Bosco
14. Alfie
15. Mr. Sam
16. Buddie
17. Foxey
18. M.J.
19. Alfie
20. Wally
21. Moose
22. Mickey
23. Purrcy
24. Scuffs
25. Mr. Fez
26. Pete
27. Spike
28. Jarl
29. Chester
30. Taffy


31. Milo
32. Boots
33. Yoda
34. Sonny Bono
35. Yolo
36. Jacob
37a. Alfie
37b. Albie
37c. Jack
37d. Poppet
37e. Vivaldi
38. Skimble
39. Ben
40. Louie the Lover Angel Guide
41a. Charlie
41b. Nigel
41c. Firestar
42a. Big Head
42b. Inky


The Baker's Dozen Honorary Dreamboat List was done in memory of my brother, Calvin.

1. Taz
2. Luke
3. Dave
4. Utu
5. Edgar
6. Leo
7. Jason Cash
8. Jaffa
9. Joey
10. Louis LeBeau
11. Oliver
12. Dewey
13. Jasper

I'm honored to know you all and to call you Dreamboats! A link to this diary entry can be found on my page by clicking on the boat on the right side of my page. You'll want to visit the list throughout the year when you need a pick me up!

Kisses ~



The Final Dreamboats This Year - Dreamboats #121a, #121b, #121c, #122a, #122b, and #122c

February 26th 2013 6:08 pm
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I'm wrapping it up on the last day of the month of love! Today I'm introducing you to the final dreamboats for my list this year. It has been a pawsome year for admiring the handsomeness on Catster. Here are my final picks:

Dreamboat #121a is Punky Punkerson from Punkersville - meet Punkin! This spoiled orangie loves boxes and playing with his siblings. He is also the family bathroom monitor - we all have one of those in the family - the cat that follows everyone to the bathroom! Punkin has a long list of nicknames - one is Doodle Bug which happens to be my brother Inky's nickname too. I love the beautiful stripes on Punkin's tail. I also think he looks pretty darn cute when he is catnapping! Congrats on becoming a dreamboat, Punkin.

Dreamboat #121b is Punkin's older brother, Midnight. This handsome panther kitty has beautiful shiny fur, and he is known as the Inspector General. It is very important for dreamboats to be helpful around the house. Midnight has several jobs - inspecting the litterbox cleanings and supervising changing of the bed sheets. Midnight loves attention, so all your girlcats get over to his page and show him some love! Congrats, Midnight, on becoming Dreamboat #121b.

Dreamboat #121c is the tuxypoo known as Tux! Tux has a beautiful white bib and pretty eyes. This lover boy started out working at a drive-in searching the dumpster for food. His persistent owner finally captured him, and he is living the good life now! His favorites include sitting on his Mom's lap, and getting his back and chin scratched. I'm sure there are a few Catster gals who would like to scratch his chinny! I'm glad to have you on my dreamboat list, Tux!

Dreamboat #122a is the Boss Cat - Timmy Tomcat! You've got to love a cat that adores his Daddy. Timmy is skilled at catching flies in the air. He is energetic and curious and will check out any drawer that is left open. All the proof you need for his dreamboat status is in this picture. Are you swooning yet? Congratulations, Timmy Tomcat - you are one handsome dreamboat!

Dreamboat #122b is another handsome tomcat - meet Toby Tomcat! Toby says, somecat in the family has to be handsome, and I think you'll agree that he is quite the dreamy boy. Toby has some very impressive wrastling moves, and equally impressive claws which are only used for modeling purposes. Speaking of modeling, I think Toby has a future as a toy model - look at that pose! Congratulations, Toby - you're handsome, you know it, and now all the girlcats know it too!

Dreamboat #122c is the treat meister - meet Buddy Bud! Buddy Bud came to his family on New Year's Eve, and I can't think of a better date for the evening. Buddy was quite a recluse when he first moved in and it took him awhile to be comfortable in his new home. Buddy is proof that with some encouragement, love, time, and space, a shy recluse can turn into a wonderful member of the family. Buddy Bud has the most gorgeous gray coat and lovely eyes. This treat loving boy also has some impressive wrastling moves - there is a lot of testosterone in this family of mancats! He enjoys chillaxin in boxes or on his special spot on the couch. I'm excited to have Buddy Bud on my dreamboat list - congratulations!

Well, there you have it, friends! More handsomeness for you to enjoy. Please visit these boys and leave them a treat or two and especially send a friend invite.

Tomorrow I will have my complete Dreamboat List for you to look through.


Dreamboats #119a, #119b, #119c, #119d, and #120

February 26th 2013 1:18 pm
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I've got a family of handsome mancats to introduce to you today!

Dreamboat #119a is the handsome teenager, Tony! Who does Tony remind you of? Wow, what gorgeous eyes! Just like my brother, Newman, Tony was a stray kitten who luckily found a family to take him in. I adore Tony's floof, and I'm sure all you girlcats will love it too, but like so many handsome mancats, Tony has a girlfriend! Wouldn't you love to hang out with Tony in his outdoor summer catio? Congratulations, Tony, on becoming a dreamboat!

Dreamboat #119b is the Silver Bullet named Greystone! My favorite feature of Greystone's is his cute smile and white fur around his mouth. Of course, you will also melt when you look into his beautiful eyes! Greystone was recently Catster's Cat of the Day which is a fun honor to add to his resume. And now he can also add official dreamboat to that resume too! Congrats, Greystone!

Dreamboat #119c was another kitty in this family that started out as a stray. Meet Sammy. Don't close the door on this handsome mancat because it is a pet peeve of his! Sammy has the skill of opening doors - what a smart mancat! You're going to love Sammy 's nose and the prominent white stripe that makes him extra cute! I can see why Sammy has a girlfriend because who could resist his super dark fur stripes? If you feel a tap on your shoulder, it is just Sammy trying to get your attention! I hope I have your attention, Sammy - congrats on becoming a dreamboat!

Dreamboat #119d is a sweet kitty who lives in the woods - meet four year old Ashe. Ashe is a gorgeous mancat who was taken good care of from afar. He enjoyed his twice daily meals, but one day stopped coming by to eat. When things like this happen, we are always hopeful that someone took Ashe in and made him an indoor kitty. I love Ashe's beautiful eyes. I hope that wherever Ashe is, he knows that he is loved and is Dreamboat #119d! Congrats, Ashe.

Dreamboat #120 is the loudest meower in the land - meet Manytoes! Do I even have to tell you why he is named Manytoes? Oh my, what pawsome paws! He has 7 toes on each front paw, and 5 on each back paw - the better to knead you with, I'm sure! In addition to being a talker, I think Manytoes is the longest cat in the land too! And you're going to immediately fall in love when you see him all dressed up! I'm happy to add you to my list, Manytoes! Congratulations on being Dreamboat #120.

I hope you'll visit these sweet boys and ask them to be friends with you!


Dreamboats #115, #116, #117, #118a, #118b, and- Dreamboat-in-Training #58

February 25th 2013 9:03 pm
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Dreamboat #115 thinks life is catzowey! Meet Guido! Guido is our EyeTailYun friend from San Francisco. He is a huge sports fan, and one look at that picture and you'll know my favorite feature - his striking white nose stripe! Guido is always dressed like a gentleman when he does his therapy work with senior citizens. I'm so impressed that he likes to help old people feel at ease. What a special gift to be able to bring smiles to everyone he meets. Congrats on becoming a Dreamboat, Guido!

Dreamboat #116 is the handsome boy that likes to look good for the camera - meet Hartley! Hartley loves keeping his fur brushed, and he looks adorable when he gets dressed up to model! I think his white socks are the best in addition to his beautiful eyes and pink nose! He enjoys deli roast beef and sleeping curled up next to his Mom! I know plenty of girls that would like to curl up next to this handsome mancat. Congrats, Hartley!

Dreamboat-in-Training #58 is the very handsome Darian. One look into his eyes and your heart will melt. He also has the most perfectly pointed ears of any dreamboat on my list! Darian is a big fan of his big brother, Hartley, and enjoys playing and chillaxin with him. Little Man (as he is sometimes called) has an adorable little sister who assures me that he is not quite ready for full dreamboat status yet. Psy shares with me that Darian is cute and fun, but needs some time to grow into the sophisticated, mature, regal demeanor equal to his brother, Hartley. Darian's special skill is purring like a motor boat. I know the girlcats will be purring when they check him out! Congratulations on becoming a Dreamboat-in-Training, Darian.

Dreamboat #117 is the very loving and perfect cat named Pete! It looks like Pete has a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't admire his handsomeness. In his spare time, Pete enjoys sunbathing and stalking squirrels and birds. By far, Pete's most beautiful asset is his gorgeous eyes. I'm happy to add you to my list, Pete!

Dreamboat #118a is the teenager named Tygre. I love the exotic spelling of Tygre's name. He was the runt of the litter as a young boycat, but he grew into a handsome mancat! Ty is a fan of sparkle balls, feather wands, and giving kisses to his Mom. I love a dreamboat that respects and shows love to his mother. He lives with Dreamboat #24, and now he can brag that he is a dreamboat too! Congratulations, Tygre.

Dreamboat #118b was named after my brother, but I'm not going to hold that against him! Meet Doppel Newman! He just celebrated his 4th birthday a few days ago, and while he only has one cute picture on his Catster page, I have seen a few more on his Mom's Facebook page. Now that he is a dreamboat, he is going to have to get her to post more pictures for us girls to enjoy! Newman loves his sister which is a very important trait, and one that my Newman could learn a few things from! I'm just happy that this mancat was saved from life as a stray, and now he is a dreamboat living the good life! Congrats, Newman!

Don't forget to visit these mancats' pages and ask them to be friends with you!


Dreamboat-in-Training #56 and #57

February 25th 2013 12:11 pm
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Well, this is the last of my Dreamboats-in-Training for this year. I'm excited about my recruits because I know they have the potential for growing into very smart, handsome dreamboats. In two years, they will get their official dreamboat numbers.

Dreamboat-in-Training #56 is Mr. B with FIV. This cute boycat with with the tiny white fur bow tie is proclaiming the message that you can be an FIV kitty and have siblings! I like a boycat that has a mission to educate the public! The B in Mr. B is for Buttons, and he is also called the B-Man! Mr. B is very easy going and likes playing with his siblings. Of course, he has already racked up the Cat of the Day honor, and I love his shiny black fur! He also has a very cute spot on his belly that will make the girls swoon! Congratulations on becoming a Dreamboat-in-Training, Mr. B! I look forward to watching you live a long, healthy life! Keep on getting your message out!

Dreamboat-in-Training #57 is an adorable tuxie - meet Griswold II! His Little Stinker nickname comes from getting his Mommy up in the morning by talking and talking. Of course, once she is fully awake, he takes a nap! Boy, that sounds familiar! Griswold has pawsome eyebrow whiskers, and an adorable pink nose! Wasn't he the most adorable kitten? I love how his tail has blossomed into one big floof! One of his many good traits is his bravery. How many cats do you know that would take a walk in the snow? I'm not sure who Griswold the first was, but I'm enjoying Griswold II, and I know the girlcats will too! Congrats on becoming a D.I.T.

I hope you've enjoyed my list of Dreamboats-in-Training for this year. After all my dreamboats have been announced, I'll do a diary entry with the complete list for you to enjoy!


Dreamboats #111a, #111b, #111c, #112, #113, and #114

February 25th 2013 9:01 am
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Dreamboat #111a comes from the M family - meet Milo! This curious climbing mancat knows how to open drawers! Who cares if he throws socks or dishtowels out of drawers because one look at his baby blues, and you'll forget all about it! I like that he insists on ice in his water! Milo is also very talented in that he sits on his back legs and holds up his front paws asking to be petted. What a polite gentleman, and now a pawsome Dreamboat - congrats, Milo!

Dreamboat #111b is Milo's older brother - meet Miko. You must watch the adorable video on Miko's page where he sits and waits for ice to drop from the refrigerator. These boys are ice crazy! Miko also has drop dead gorgeous eyes, and the talent in this family is unbelievable - check out Miko's skills! This smart boy loves his sisters, and I think that is a very important trait for a dreamboat. Congrats, Miko, on making my list!

Dreamboat #111c is the younger brother in the family - meet Molokai Timmy. Timmy brings some orange cuteness into this family. I adore his face and cute white paws. About a year ago, Timmy joined the family after being a stray cat. I'm always impressed when my dreamboats have Catster honors, and Timmy has already been Diary of the Day. I think this boy has big excitement in his future! Congrats on becoming a dreamboat, Molokai Timmy!

Dreamboat #112 is another orangie who has also been Diary of the Day - meet Charlie! This cutie patootie is the younger brother of our friend, Jezebel. Like so many cats around the country, Charlie got left behind when his people moved. But, I'm glad he has a pawsome home now, and is living the good life! I always like seeing the nicknames of my dreamboats - here are Charlie's nicknames: Charlie Cat, Chuck, SeƱor Carlos, Orangy, Fluff Face. You can add King of Box Mountain to that list because his Momma stored some boxes in the dining room, and Charlie had to be on top of those boxes - better watch out, Jezebel, it sounds like he wants to be H.o.H.! You'll have to settle for Dreamboat status for now, Charlie. Congrats to you!

Dreamboat #113 is the king of his domain - meet Phantom! This handsome grey boy already has a girlfriend, so just look, but don't touch! I swoon over his two dark necklace stripes - so very handsome! This teenager doesn't like strangers in the house - especially kids. I knew I liked him! Phantom loves sleeping in sun puddles, and knows how to talk. His favorite word is Mom. He likes hanging out with mice and his sister! So glad to have you as a dreamboat, Phantom!

Dreamboat #114 is the handsome tuxie, Zachary Tristan! There is nothing cuter than his fluffy white belly with big black spots. Zachary is also king of his domain and protector of the family. He has been Cat of the Day, and has very impressive claws, but his best feature by far is his adorable black spec on his nose! Look closely at his nose - it is the letter T - Terrific Tristan the Tuxie! Congrats on becoming Dreamboat #114!

I hope you've enjoyed today's dreamboats!


Angel Dreamboats #41a, #41b, #41c, #42a, and #42b

February 24th 2013 5:25 pm
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I've got to get busy and finish up my dreamboat list before the end of the month. I might run over a little into March. But today, I'm completing my Angel Dreamboat list with the following handsome angels.

Angel Dreamboat #41a is the orangie with the very kissable face - meet Charlie! Charlie appeared out of the bushes one day and found his forever home. He had quite the knack of losing collars, and he was also a gardener who liked helping or chillaxin on his bench. I love Charlie's final resting place. He was a champion kneader, and enjoyed air kneading. Charlie also had a spectacular tail! Congrats on becoming an Angel Dreamboat, Charlie.

Angel Dreamboat #41b is the friendly Nigel. When I say friendly, I mean friendly! Take a look at this picture! I've never seen a cat chillaxin with a prairie dog before! Nigel had beautiful eyes, and he loved chicken! He is greatly missed by his family, but I think he is a busy angel taking care of all the small creatures who journey to the bridge. Congratulations on being Angel Dreamboat #41b, Nigel!

Angel Dreamboat #41c is the orangie with the beautiful fur - meet Firestar! Have you ever seen such pawsome fur markings? The angel girlcats must go crazy for this boy! Firestar was a porch kitty who loved chillaxin in the grass. Unfortunately, he had a sad journey to the bridge, but I think he is enjoying being a guardian angel to watch over other stray kitties. I'm honored to have you on my list, Firestar.

Angel Dreamboat #42a is the boy with the beautiful green eyes. Meet Big Head! Don't you love his white whisker? Stinker, as he was affectionately called, was the patrol cat who would check out the property every 2-4 hours. Every family needs a guard cat, and he took his job very seriously! He loved sleeping on his Dad's lap. I'm sure he is the head guard cat at the bridge! Congratulations, Big Head, on becoming an angel dreamboat!

Angel Dreamboat #42b is another handsome black boy - meet Inky. Inky knew the secret to a long life and journeyed to the bridge when he was 21. Inky was quite a dancer, and I have a feeling he has his own studio at the bridge. Inky had a very interesting skill - he was a self petter! He would come very close to his Mommy to get some pets, but not close enough to actually get them - instead he would rub against anything nearby - becoming a self petter - MOL! Inky was a smart boy, and loved his furmom, Pee, with whom he lived. She always took good care of Inky, and is probably still taking care of him at the bridge. Congrats on being an angel dreamboat, Inky!

Please visit these handsome angels and ask them to be friends!


Dreamboat-in-Training #53, #54, #55, and Angel Dreamboats- #38, #39, and #40

February 23rd 2013 9:18 am
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Dreamboat-in-Training #53 is celebrating his first birthday today! Meet Poco Taz! This handsome orange boy has big paws to fill, and he has done a pawsome job in his first year. Poco Taz's best feature is his beautiful smile. Just like his siblings, Poco knows how to dress to impress! I know there are lots of girlcats impressed with this handsome boy. Happy birthday, and congrats on being D.I.T. #53!

Another handsome orange boy is my new Dreamboat-in-Training #54 - meet Edward! Edward is quite the curious boy who loves to climb in an open cupboard or drawer. He loves to play fetch, but don't call him Teddy - he only answers to Edward. I think that shows such maturity. Edward also is mature enough to wear a necktie, and you know I love a well dressed mancat! Well, maybe he hasn't reached full maturity because he still likes to suck and knead on company - MOL! Congrats on becoming Dreamboat-in-Training #54, Edward!

Dreamboat-in-Training #55 is the boy with the cute white bib and socks. Meet Socks! His gorgeous eyes and whiskers make me melt! He lives with a bevy of sisters, but he likes to show off his manliness and strength. He is friendly with everycat and loves to hunt bugs and do boy stuff! Like his picture caption says, lock up your daughters, Socks is in town! Congrats on becoming D.I.T. #55!

Angel Dreamboat #38 is the adorable Skimble. Skimble was an adventurous boy who loved raw chicken, tuna, and bugging his sister! He had a precious face, and was known to give pawsome kisses! I'll bet the angelcats line up to get one of Skimble's kisses. Congratulations, Skimble, for making my angel list.

Angel Dreamboat #39 is handsome Ben! Ben started out life as the runt of the litter, but with a loving home, he grew into a rugged, healthy cat! Ben had a beautiful face, and was loved by not only his family, but complete strangers. When his family decided to sell their house, someone offered to buy Ben, but not the house! MOL! Ben was a protector while on earth, and now a guardian angel who will always watch over his family. Congratulations, Ben, I'm honored to have you as Angel Dreamboat #39!

Angel Dreamboat #40 is the handsome tuxie, Louie the Lover Angel Guide. You've got to love his name - I'm sure he guides the new angels to orientation, wing fittings, and parties at the bridge. Louie loved everyone, and how could you not love his handsome face? Louie lived with a local rescue group after he was found hanging around an empty house. Unfortunately, he had FIV, and many people don't adopt cats that have FIV. Well, we hope that changes in the future because FIV cats are super pawsome and can live in harmony with other cats. We know that because Gleek is FIV, River is FIV, and so are many other Catster pals who have siblings. I think Louie is also guiding stray cats on earth to new homes. I'm proud to have him as Angel Dreamboat #40!

Please visit these new D.I.T.s and Angel Dreamboats - they would love to have you as a friend!


Dreamboats #109a, #109b, #109c, and #110

February 21st 2013 6:22 pm
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Dreamboat #109a is one floof of a handsome boy - meet Tigger! Fluffypants (don't you love his nickname?) is a very gentle, loving mancat. His lion mane neck fur and spots near his nose are my favorite feature. Tigger loves being brushed, and he is a sibling snuggler I can think of plenty of girlcats who would love to snuggle with him. Congratulations on becoming Dreamboat #109a, Tigger!

Dreamboat #109b is the black beauty named Tommy. Tommy was a stray who spent time in the outdoor cabin. He spends his spare time gardening and chillaxin in the bushes! I like his sense of humor and his beautiful white spot in the middle of that shiny black fur. At one time, it appears his Mum was looking for a loving home for him, but I think he already has one! Congrats, Tommy, on making my list this year!

Dreamboat #109c is also in this dreamy family. Meet the handsome orange, Justin. Justin is lucky because he has two homes. His non-Catster home owner is away a lot on work, so he only goes to live there when his owner comes home. I think he probably has much more fun with his real family because there are cats to play with and trouble to get into. Although, looking at his cuteness, it is difficult to believe that his forum motto is, Here comes trouble! I think it should say, Here comes a dreamboat! Congratulations on being Dreamboat #109c, Justin.

Dreamboat #110 is Alexander. Alex was a Christmas present - wouldn't you love finding him under your tree? I love Alex's saddle on his beautiful white fur. After his sweet sister, Natasha, made her journey to the bridge, this cute sister came into his life. I'm sure he is in charge of helping her grow into a diva! Alexander has also been Cat of the Day, and you know how I love a boy with honors! Congrats on adding Dreamboat #110 to your resume, Alex!

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Dreamboats #105, #106, #107, #108

February 21st 2013 8:22 am
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I have four new dreamboats to tell you about today!

Dreamboat #105 is a long time friend of mine. Meet Timo Katze! Timo is a chill, mellow kind of dude who keeps his sister relaxed. Boy, could I use a brother like Timo! I got a big chuckle out of Mietzi reminding him that she is H.o.H.! I like his adorable hint of a black mustache, and his handsomeness in a necktie! He spends his spare time modeling Calvin Collars! His special skill is sleeping, but I hope he is awake to see that he is Dreamboat #105 - congrats, Timo!

Dreamboat #106 is a handsome orangie - meet Zeus! Zeus comes from a long line of dreamboats and dreamboats-in-training, and now he can do some bragging! Zeus has some big paws to fill as he has taken over as Mr. Orange since his brother, Big Harry, became an angel. I'm sure that Zeus had nothing to do with this disaster, but even if he did, you know how I like a little bad streak in a dreamboat! Zeus is very nice to the little human in the family, and he is also a very good sibling - grooming and snuggling with his brothers and sisters. I know he has a pawsome guardian angel helping him in his role! Congrats on becoming Dreamboat #106, Zeus!

Dreamboat #107 is a very handsome tabby - meet Muffy! A dreamboat must love his mother, and Muffy has that down pat! This sweet boy started out life as a feral, but with some tender loving care, he has blossomed into quite a talking love muffin! He is also one smart cat because he shows no interest in wanting to go outside! I think he knows he has the good life now. I love how sweet he is with his brother, who also happens to be a dreamboat! I can hardly tell them apart. Dreamboatness runs in the family - congrats on becoming Dreamboat #107, Muffy!

Dreamboat #108 is the golden eyed Ivan! You just know that when you start out life this cute, you're going to grow up to be this handsome! I adore his big gold saucer eyes. Ivan is also a great helper around the house which is a good trait for a dreamboat! His sister loves him and so do we! Congrats on becoming Dreamboat #108, Ivan.

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