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Five Things I Like About Spring Tag Game

April 3rd 2013 9:33 pm
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I've been tagged by my friends Jasper and Paris to play the latest diary game.

Name Five Things I Like About Spring

1. Sunshine coming in through the windows (although it seems to happen year round in Arizona!)

2. Getting to go outside in my stroller.

3. Watching the birds and bunnies in our backyard.

4. Seeing all the pretty blooms on our bushes and cactus.

5. Catnaps - they're good any season!

Since a lot of cats have already been tagged, feel free to play along in your diary!

Happy spring . . . . .


Be Kind!

March 29th 2013 8:18 am
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Be Kind . . . . two powerful words. The Diary Gal has been kind to me this month by picking me three times! Thank you Diary Gal, and thanks to my friends for your kindness in helping me celebrate those honors.

Be Kind is also the message behind the Ben's Bells Project. Ben was a little boy that went to heaven eleven years ago today. His Mommy decided to repay all the kindness that was shown to her when he passed away.

So, she created little bells with cute ceramic flowers, balls, butterflies, and hearts on them. And she hung them around the town on the anniversary of his passing with a note that says:

You have found a Ben's Bell. Take it home, hang it in your yard, and remember to spread kindness throughout our world.

Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Every year, more and more Ben's Bells are made and sent all over the country to spread kindness.

A year ago, Mawmee and Daddy had stopped at a place to get something to drink. Daddy went inside and Mawmee stayed in the car. She looked out the window on the driver's side and saw a little bell hanging in the tree. She had just read a story in the newspaper about Ben's Bells. She got so excited because she thought maybe it was one of the special kindness bells!

And guess what? It was a Ben's Bell! What made it even more special is the fact that it was found on the anniversary of Autumn's journey to the bridge. Autumn wrote about it last year in her diary. You can see pictures in Autumn's diary. Our special Ben's Bell has been hanging in our backyard for an entire year.

And today, more bells will be out in the trees for other people to find . . . . to help spread kindness!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and remember to be kind . . . . .


Kitty is Home!

March 26th 2013 1:07 pm
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I just got word that Kitty and Miracle are home and are doing good! Luckily, the total vet bill was under our donation/auction totals! So, the leftover money will go toward the care of these two sweet kitties.

I suggested to Blizzard's Daddy that maybe the money could be set aside and used to neuter Miracle when he gets old enough! We all know the importance of spaying and neutering your cats. We are lucky that Kitty survived this pregnancy (she is around 10 years old).

As cats, we always need to stress the importance of being spayed and neutered. It keeps us healthy, we live longer lives, and it reduces the chance of mammary cancers.

Thanks again to everycat who helped with this effort! Continue to purr for Kitty's quick recovery and for Miracle to grow up healthy!


Kitty is in Recovery!

March 25th 2013 10:34 am
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Kitty is in the recovery room! Luckily, she didn't have any more kittens in her tummy, but she did have some placenta that needed to be removed. The vet also spayed her and removed a couple of small cysts.

Now, we need to purr that her recovery is quick, and that she continues to nurse Miracle, her sweet kitten.

Thank you for all your purrs - we're thankful that she didn't have any more kittens inside!


Diary Pick and Kitty Update!

March 25th 2013 9:43 am
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Well, I'm glad the Diary Gal was on the ball and read the P.S. in my last diary entry. I'm sure that is what got me picked today! Thank you to all my friends who have made this day extra special.

What will make the day perfect is when we get good news about Kitty and her surgery. She went to the vet this morning, with little kitten, Miracle, in tow. He is spending the day at the vet's office too, because he will need to nurse.

Kitty's surgery is scheduled for later today. She will be spending the night at the vet's office. Luckily, she got to the vet's office before all the snow started coming down.

Blizzard the Catfather reports that it is blizzard conditions - MOL! They have about five inches of snow so far.

Let's hope that the surgery is successful and isn't too complicated requiring all our collected funds. I'm hoping there will be some left over to help with the care of Kitty and Miracle!

Thank you for purring and helping out Kitty. I know she feels the love from all of us!


Kitty's Surgery Scheduled!

March 23rd 2013 8:45 am
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You are probably getting updates from Blizzard the Catfather, but I thought I'd also let you know the latest with Kitty.

Her tummy surgery is scheduled for Monday at 8:30 a.m. So, we all need to keep her in our purrs. Her kitten has been named Miracle which is a purrfect name for a kitty who was the only one to survive. Miracle will also be going to the vet's office on Monday so that Kitty can continue nursing him.

Thank you again to everyone who was so generous with their donations. We have raised enough money to cover Kitty's surgery (hopefully with no complications during the surgery). The money was wired to Blizzard's Daddy yesterday so that he will be able to pay the vet.

Unfortunately the vet's office refused to take a credit card over the phone, wouldn't allow us to wire the money directly to their bank, and wouldn't allow a check to be sent from us either. So, please keep these things in mind should you ever want to help out someone who doesn't live in your area. It takes some time and coordination to make it all happen! We're just happy that we got it all together in time to help out Kitty!

Keep her, baby kitten Miracle, and Blizzard's family in your purrs this weekend and especially on Monday! We'll keep you updated on her condition!

In other news, I stunk up the house with a smelly poopie this morning. I'm allowed because I'm the Diva of the house. Have a great weekend!


Kitty Update!

March 20th 2013 9:59 pm
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Well, the kitty named Kitty that is living at Blizzard the Catfather's house went to the vet today.

They did an x-ray and determined that something is in her tummy. It could be a kitten (which would be deceased), or it might be placenta that didn't come out when she gave birth to her kitten (and the four stillborn kittens).

So, Kitty is going to need surgery. If they find it isn't the two things shown above but some other minor problem, the vet will treat it as a spay surgery and the cost will be much less.

However, if it is more complicated surgery, the cost will be in the $700-900 range. The good news is that with donations we have received so far, we were able to pay for the vet visit today (which was $260) and we have over $500 towards the surgery.

Thank you to everycat that has helped out Kitty! Kitty's parents are unable to care for her right now, so a big thank you to Blizzard's Daddy for stepping up and helping out this sweet girl and her new kitten.

The auction over at Mawmee's Facebook album is still going on, so if your Mom or Dad is on FB, send them over there. If you are interested in donating an item to the auction, please contact me!

More importantly, please keep Kitty in your purrs. She desperately needs this surgery before her condition worsens. Right now she is doing okay, but things could take a turn at any time.


Welcome Kitty!

March 17th 2013 9:16 pm
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Hey friends, if you have a chance, stop by and send a friend invite to Kitty. She is the sweet mama kitty that I was telling you about in my previous diary entry.

She is living at Blizzard's house with her new kitten. Please keep her in your purrs this week as she will be going to the vet to see if she has any other kittens in her tummy. We are purring that she doesn't because if she does, it is possible she will need surgery to remove them.

Welcome to Catster, Kitty!


Seven Years and a Doughnut!

March 17th 2013 8:45 am
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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our friends! Today also happens to be our 7th Catster Anniversary! Wowza, has it been that long? Our lives sure changed back in 2006 when we joined Catster!

We've had so much fun over the years, and we have wonderful friends that we care about and cherish! Too many of our friends have journeyed to the bridge during that time - great Catster legends like Louis LeBeau who is celebrating his birthday with his angel friends today! Legends like Hazel Lucy who has made her return to Catster!

We miss so many of our friends that have left Catster, but we think of them often. We're thankful for the many friends who are still around and are so generous with their support when there are cats in need.

We are currently helping a kitty who isn't on Catster, but is being taken care of by Blizzard's the Catfather's Daddy. Here is a picture of pregnant Kitty and her one kitten. She had four other kittens that were stillborn. She might still have 2-3 kittens in her belly which could be very dangerous for Mama Kitty if the kittens are deceased. She is going to the vet this week, and if a C-section is needed, it is going to be very expensive.

We are currently having an auction on Facebook to help with the vet bills for this sweet kitty. If your Mommy or Daddy are on Facebook, have them check out the auction items in my Mommy's album. There are other ways cats can help too. If you're interested, please contact me.

So many cats helping cats . . . . . that is what Catster is all about, and we are proud to have been here for 7 years! Let's celebrate!

P.S. I might have stolen a doughnut off the counter this morning. I was trying to celebrate my anniversary! MOL!


What's Your Passion?

March 10th 2013 5:27 pm
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Hey, friends, get your Mom off her chair and tell her to enter you in the Sheba, Feed Your Passion contest! Sure, she has to blab on about her passion, but the best part is when she uploads your picture!

Of course, you know which cat in this family is the most photogenic! Check out this entry!

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