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Camera Ready!

June 19th 2006 1:43 pm
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Daddy got in early, early this morning! I was very glad to see him, and I'll tell you why.

Daddy took the camera to Canada. That was okay because my photographer (I also call her Mawmee) had a new camera. Then she discovered the flash wasn't popping up like it should, and she had to send the camera away to get it fixed.

So that meant a whole week without my picture being taken! I've gotten used to these photo sessions, and I was quite upset when I looked cute several times this week and no one was able to take my picture.

Then to top it off, our friend, Rocky Ann sent a cool catnip toy to Violet. I started playing with it and was acting quite goofy in front of everyone! I was rolling around and gettin' down with my bad side and not one flash went off. I'm not sure I'll be able to duplicate that cuteness in the future!

The camera is home!

Strike a pose. . . . . .


We Love Our Dad!

June 18th 2006 5:05 am
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Violet has twisted my arm, and I finally agreed that we should put his poem on all our diaries today - do you hear that Calvin? Today is not about you - it is about Daddy! We can't wait until he gets home from Canada tonight!

Here is the poetry cat's poem:


Place a big ad
say he's not bad
no way a cad
he's just our Dad
always so fad
never oh gad
a beard he's had
since just a lad
rarely gets mad
he loves his pad
not really rad
and seldom sad
more than a tad
we love our Dad!

Our only wish. . . . .bring home some fish. . . . . .


Jude is Hot!

June 17th 2006 3:25 pm
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I went looking at all our weather pixies today, and I am very proud of Jude, my weather dude (he is substituting for my regular weather pixie who is studying meterology this summer).

It is 90 degrees here today, and all the other weather sluts, er, I mean pixies, are wearing bathing suits. Calvin's Miss Tangerine is down right obscene! Have you seen her? She looks like she is wearing her underwear. Didn't her mother teach her anything?

Jude, on the other hand, may be hot (in more ways than one - tee hee!) but he is wearing a new shirt with an Italian logo that means, Samoa is a princess! For those of you that are just reading my diary for the first time (which I'm sure is only a handful of kitties), Jude is Italian.

I wonder if he has hair on his chest. . . . . .


That's My Name, Don't Wear it Out!

June 14th 2006 1:33 pm
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Yesterday I was talking about some foreign names for English cookies and candy - for Catster kitties I invited to join my group.

So, today, I thought I would discuss cats' names. There are sure some interesting cat names on Catster.

Some names are funny:
Anna P. Banana
Klemy Q-Tip

Some names are unique:
Morgan the Pirate Gato

Some names are just perfect when you see the kitty that goes with it:

Two cats that I just asked to be friends are Donny and Marie!

Mawmee got excited when we came across Donny and Marie because she is a big Donny Osmond fan! I just had to ask them to be friends with me. I wonder if those cats sing and dance?

Samoa. . . . . that's my name. . . . . .


Make Mine Italian!

June 13th 2006 9:21 am
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I was talking to Jude, my new weather dude, and I realized he doesn't speak English - have you seen his T-shirt?

Jude is Italian, and I think his T-shirt says, Samoa is a beautiful cat! He really doesn't need to speak English as long as he can tell me what the weather is going to be around here!

Speaking of other languages, I have a group called the Cookie & Candy Cats. I just invited my first Spanish cat to the group. The cat might not be Spanish, but her name is in Spanish. Dulce is her name and it means candy !

I need to find out some cookie and candy names in other languages so I can check out Catster to see if there are any foreign cats who want to join my group!

Diversity is a beautiful thing. . . . . .


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

June 12th 2006 6:36 am
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Well, it's about time!! My diary finally gets chosen by Catster as one of the great ones for today. I really don't know what took so long because I have been on the Pawpular list for quite awhile. Now, there is only one place to go and that is up -- up to the top of the list. I'll be expecting that soon!

And -- my friends in the Social Cats group named me Cat of the Day yesterday! They are a great group of kitties, and we have lots of fun. Thanks Truman!

I think all these new accolades will mean I need to have another photo session with my photographer. I better talk to wardrobe because I think some type of crown encrusted with diamonds would be appropriate.

Oh Calvin, Oh Violet. . . . . have you seen the Catster Diary Picks today? I'm going to make them read all my diary entries from the very beginning.

Then maybe I'll get some respect around here. . . . . .


Vacation Time for Trixie!

June 11th 2006 6:56 am
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Well, I was informed today that Trixie, my weather pixie, is going to Europe to study meterology for the summer!

So, I've invited Jude, the weather dude, and his cat Misty to be my new weather pixie for the summer. He didn't tell me if he had any other animals, so I'll have to see if any show up later!

I'm just exhausted from all the party fun, and clean-up that went on yesterday. Of course, no one helped me clean up. They all took naps! It's a good thing Mawmee can count on me to be the responsible cat in the house.

I'm also going to be the watch cat while Daddy is gone on his fishing trip. I'll be watching to see what kind of trouble Calvin and Violet get in - and I will report that when Daddy gets home!

I hope he brings me a big fish. . . . . .


Party On!

June 10th 2006 10:40 am
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Today is the birthday party! Mawmee had to take Daddy to his friend's house this morning so they could leave on their fishing trip. We got everything ready for the party while she was gone.

Thanks to our good friend Rocky Ann and her Mommy, we have some cool Garfield balloons to decorate! They are such nice friends!

We had lunch all ready when Mawmee came home:

Hot Dogs
Ruffles Potato Chips
Purrple Grrapes
Puppy Chow

Then after lunch, Calvin did a dramatic reading of Violet's poem:

If I may be oh, so bold
To say Mawmee is more old!

Her age doesn't matter much
Just as long as we get lunch!

She still cleans our litter box,
For this we say, "Mawmee Rocks"!

Happy Birthday, Mawmee dear,
This poem will bring a tear!

Then Calvin surprised everyone by reciting his very own poem:

Today is Mawmee's special day,
"Happy Birthday" is what we say!

I'll purr and cuddle all day long
Dramatic reading and a song!

Catster sure keeps her occupied
with me, big Calvin, by her side!

Our admiration is not fake
My rhyme is done, now where's the cake?

What a great day for our Mawmee!

We love you. . . . . . .


Guilty as Charged!

June 9th 2006 5:35 am
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Last night after being "unlocked" from the bedroom, I bit Mawmee.

Yes, you read that right. But I must explain my actions before it becomes front page news over at Calvin's diary!

I recently joined the Black and White Ankle Biters group. Now I know you are saying, "Samoa isn't black and white"! Gray and white is close enough for them - they doesn't discriminate!

So, I think I was feeling some pressure from my new membership - I mean they choose a BAWAB of the Week! How can I possibly accept a nomination or be chosen as BAWAB of the Week if I haven't biten someone recently!

Here is what happened:

Mawmee was getting ready for bed. She went in my bedroom to get something and I asked her to pet me. She gave me this quick, not very l0ving, tap on the head.

As I lunged for her ankle (cause that is the name of the group), her arm was in the way. A tooth got caught on her arm and it scraped as she pulled her arm away.

Yep, there was blood involved! You can't really count it as a bite if there isn't blood.

Here is the best part - as she was trying to leave the room, I kept going for her ankles. That was the original goal you see! Somehow she managed to get by me and I was unsuccessful in the ankle department.

Darn - there goes another honor down the drain. . . . .


Rethinking Bunco!

June 8th 2006 8:04 am
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I've been pondering my "bunco stinks" statement from the other day.

Mawmee has been cleaning the house since the bunco gals are coming tonight. She has saved me a lot of trouble for this birthday party cause she is doing all the work. I'll try to take credit for it later, but I'm glad company is coming.

Now, if I can just figure out how we can stay and join in on the fun! We always get locked in a bedroom when a big group comes over. There must be some ladies who don't like cats!

I can't imagine such a thing, but I have heard some people think cats are disgusting. It must be those people who have met Calvin and Violet cause I don't think they would feel that way if they met me.

Sometimes I like to go up to people who don't like cats. Rubbing against them or walking between their legs is fun to do. Heck, getting cat hair on anyone is always fun!

I think I'll hide behind the sofa when the round-up starts. . . . . .

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