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July 3rd 2011 7:13 pm
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First of all, I wish everycat and their families a very happy 4th of July weekend!

Tomorrow will be the big fireworks display at the University of Maryland. Mommy missed it because of T-storms last year and she hopes that no storms happen this time around.

We had two nasty T-storms today; 4:00 a.m. - 5:30 a.m. and again at 6:00 p.m. to 7:13 p.m. The last one was quite scary for Mommy as she was driving in it and when she got home, she was afraid to get out of the car until it was over. The lightning was flashing like crazy and the thunder and rain was non-stop. Luckily, we didn't have any strong winds nor lose power. Also, those storms didn't cool it off one bit. It's still hot!!!

Next, Mommy got a recipe from my girl COLLEEN's mommy. It's called Pineapple Upside Down French Toast. She's going to make it tomorrow morning. Of course, I may beg her for a piece of the bread before she cooks it.

Anyway, it's near my bedtime. Got to get going.

Purrs & Breeps,




June 26th 2011 2:54 pm
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Concats Landy! Woo-Hoo on your DDP!

Also, I love to be combed! Surprized! Yep, I love to be combed only on my back, neck, sides and britches. My tummy is off limits, likewise for the upper part of my tail. When Mommy does the combing on my back, etc. she won't be holding me in her arms and I find this much more relaxing; and that's when I purr and give her lots of wet nose kissies on her arm. In fact, today, I climbed onto her lap and let her comb my neck and back.

As to nail trims, I'll never like those! There's no way she can do that without holding me.

Anyway, we've been having a lovely weekend with open windows. We didn't need to use the AC once!

Lastly, Mommy's back is better enough so she could drive her car to a place called K-Mart to get us some canned food and some milk and cranberry juice for herself.

Well, that's about it from me.

Purrs & Breeps,




June 20th 2011 4:02 am
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Yesterday, I did something that was totally out of character for me. Guess???

While Mommy sat on the living room couch, I jumped on her lap and let her pet me. This is the first time I've ever sat on her lap. I've never been a lap cat before. I didn't stay there long, though. I walked back and forth on the couch a few times and back onto her lap; and then I jumped off the couch.

Yep, I'm a surprising kitty!

Lastly, enjoy our summer pages! I understand summer's around the corner so we decided to get with it.

Purrs & Breeps,




June 18th 2011 10:13 am
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Last Sunday Mommy finally made the new windowsill perch cover for us as the fleece one was full of floof and way too hot to use for summer enjoyment. The new cover is made from an old pink towel. I must say, it's pawsome looking. She'll take a pic or video of us sitting on it one of these days.

Also, we've been non-communicative a lot. Just about every day this week, there were T-storms when Mommy got home from work. No computer, no TV either. She lost a modem once during a nasty T-storm a few years ago; she thought the computer was off when it was on. She doesn't want to make that mistake again.

Lastly, I've started liking my moist Blue Buffalo food again. This time, there's been a lot of gravy in it, and gravy to me, is a plus! Who wants to eat dry moist stuff? Not me, for sure!!

Well, that's it for now. Have a pawsome weekend, everycat.

Purrs & Breeps,




June 12th 2011 12:07 pm
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My second video has just been loaded up. It's called "The Tale of the Bail's Tail". This is an action shot of my super floofy tail wagging! Apparently, there was a lot of bird activity in the redbud tree this morning. I love the way this video has "leading lines" in it! You follow the tip of my tail to my butt then farther up my back to my face and the redbud in the background. Then Mommy zoomed up to my face at the end! I love it!

Also, Merl has a nice video added to his page. So does Landy. Still Sampy won't pose this morning. He has that one long one still which is 1.25 MB. My tail one was .38 and that took about an hour to load up. Sampy's will probably take longer than that. IE aborted it at last try.

Anyway, today is a much nicer day, weatherwise! The humidity and temps are less. We don't need the AC so far and it's 3:00 p.m. already!

Lastly, Mommy's making us a new cover for our windowsill perch. She took fleece one off and washed it. She got an old towel and cut the ends off. She has it temporarily safety pinned on the perch until she goes to the store for some elastic and wide-eyed needles to sew the casing for the elastic to go through. Of course, she could use her sewing machine, but she tells me it's a hassle to thread the thing as her eyes aren't as good as they used to be. The time it takes her to thread it is almost as long as it'll take to sew the cover by hand.

Whatever! I just can't wait for the summer cover to be ready! It's pink terry cloth (towel material) which will be much cooler to lay on than the fleece one.

That's about it for me now. I got to let Mommy go to the store to get the above-noted stuff plus some milk (Sampy's been bugging her all morning for it).

Purrs & Breeps,




June 11th 2011 6:13 am
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Woo-Hoo! I'm a star today! I'm one of the diary picks along with four other pawsome cats! How about that! Thank you Diary Gal for making my weekend!

I also, thank my following pawsome friends for their concats and gifts:

1. TATE - Share the Love rosette;
2. DANTE - Share the Love rosette;
3. YODA & Family - Share the Love rosette;
4. BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
5. MR. D - cool comment;
6. BLIZZARD - cool comment;
7. MISSY - cool comment;
8. HOOCH & Crew - cute little bluebird;
9. SERENA - Share the Love rosette;

Also, Mommy finally got my video onto Catster! This same one is also on FB (along with two others). I'm a movie star too! How pawsome is that!!!

Also, we have our windows open for a bit today until Mommy goes to this place where her car gets tested for emissions! She hopes her car passes.

Soooo, enjoy my first video! More to come some time this weekend. She tried loading one for Landy last night, and it didn't work (all the fault of IE). Mommy, get Fire Fox put into this new computer ASAP!!

Anyway, that's it for now. Again, thanks everycat for helping me celebrate my day of fame!

Purrs & Breeps,




June 9th 2011 10:08 am
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As many of you already know, two of my videos are now on FB! There's still another one to load up, but it's a bit longer and will take more time. This one was shot at night while I was in an open window. You could see the street lamp glowing in the background and the dark sky and outlines of trees! Really pawsome! Mommy hopes to load it up tonight on FB provided there aren't any T-storms happening at that time. They're calling for one some time later today!

Also, I've been laying on the stairs a lot since the AC has been on. It's too cold downstairs and too hot upstairs. On the stairway I get the best of both temps! It's just right there (fifth step up, though).

Anyway, I'll be on my way. Purrs & Breeps to all.




June 7th 2011 5:10 am
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Two of my bros (in fact the two younger ones) Merl and Landy think they're so cool because their videos are now on FB! My, my, my! Just wait until tonight when Mommy takes my video and puts it on FB. Then all my friends and their Mommies and Daddies will see how cool and handsome I am!! I can't wait!

Also, it's going to be a hot one in our neck of the woods for the rest of this week(lower 90's with high humidity). This weather is a bit premature for June. Usually August gets like this. You know, the "dog days".

Anyway, I got to run. Check me out on FB some time tonight!

Purrs & Breeps,




June 1st 2011 4:59 am
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Hot, hot, hot! That's what all this week has been. Therefore, (I believe in my 9th picture) I'm in the magic pool once again. Summer's not here yet and it surely feels like it! Memorial Day is the gateway to summer anyway!

We'll get some relief as T-storms are predicted later this afternoon which will get rid of some of this yucky, sticky humidity and 95+ temps. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to laying in an open window and getting real air (not as hot) instead of ac!

Well, I must go now as Mommy has to iron a dress for work. I'm glad I don't have to wear a dress! MOL!!!

Purrs & Breeps,




May 29th 2011 11:09 pm
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I better go back under the bed as it's safer there. First, I was sitting in the hallway and Mommy stepped next to me and in doing so, some of my tail floof got under her foot. I hissssssssssssed at her and took off part way down the stairs. Then along came Landy who tossed a toy mouse past me down the stairs. Geeeeeeeeeee, can't I do anything without all this collision course traffic in this house!! YIKES!!

Lately, I've been hiding under the bed every morning. Mommy asked me why I was doing this and I never answered her question. All I can say is that there's less Landy traffic at that time. Sure I love the guycat, but he's hyper before he eats and tears through the house like a crazy. I don't want to be in his path.

Well, that's it. I just thought I'd write about this to get it off my hairy chest!

Purrs & Breeps,


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