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Bailey Gray Cloud's Most Excellent Adventures

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April 7th 2012 6:32 pm
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HQ has given us Catster cats freebee Easter eggs. Our friends have given us loads of them. We have enough eggs to throw our own White House grounds Easter Egg Roll on Monday! MOL!!

Anyhoooo, I wish everycat and their families a Happy Easter!! We just started giving out some eggs. Tomorrow we'll try to send more.

Lastly, Mommy opened two windows for us this afternoon. It was nice laying in them for a couple of hours. Tomorrow's supposed to be warmer so we'll be window sitting again!

Purrs & Breeps,




April 2nd 2012 4:23 am
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I'm a birthday boy today! Yep, I'm 7 years old and still feel great (except for yesterday's issues as mentioned in my entry of same date).

Today I feel great and I'm eating again as of last night.

Also, I thank CALLIE ROSE for her birthday wishes early this morning;
Also, I thank my following friends for their gifts & birthday wishes:

1. BELLA & Family - cute bluebird;
2. MILO & Family - cute ladybug;
3. PRINCESS SOPHIE FLORIDA - cute bluebird;
4. ZEKE - cool comment;
5. DA TABBIES O TROUT TOWNE - pawsome pawmail.

I'm going to keep it short as Mommy has to get ready for the Monday grind! I'm glad I'm a cat and don't have to deal with that!

Purrs & Breeps,




April 1st 2012 10:59 am
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Sampy got caught in the act depositing two poopies on the dining room rug. Mommy and Landy saw him do so! That mystery is totally solved. We all knew it was Sampy anyhow!

The other phantom pooper (the runny loads) was me! I'll fess up to this. Mommy found the gross evidence clinging to my breeches a few minutes ago. She cleaned and combed out most of it, then she told me she'll be using one of those kitty wipes she bought yesterday to finish the job.

I've not been feeling too good this morning. I barfed up a nasty 3" hairball on the living room rug besides depositing the runny poop on the hallway rug and in Cam's box. Now, of course, Mommy's worried that I'm sick and will take me to the vet if my poop doesn't get back to normal.

She felt my nose and it's nice and wet. I've been drinking water too. She hasn't seen me eat though. She told me that she'll keep an eye on me to make sure I'm not getting any worse.

I can surely use the purrs. I don't want to spend my birthday tomorrow at the vet's. That'll be a real bummer!

We'll that's it. I just thought I'd post this. I'll straighten out Cam too and tell her it wasn't Sampy who messed in her box. She wrote that she knew it was him.

Purrs & Breeps,




April 1st 2012 6:31 am
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OMC! I can't believe that I'll be 7 years old tomorrow! I'm still a lively mancat and don't feel that old! Also, I demonstrated this morning to Mommy that I can still jump through the railing 4-5 feet down instead of walking all the way down the stairs. I still get a kick out of doing this. There's no arthritis in me at all!!

And I can still outrun Landy whenever he chases me. That's good when you can outrun an Oriental kitty!!

Also, I sent my girl, COLLEEN, a yummy cake for her birthday. I apologize that it was late, and I'm sure she'll understand.

Lastly, Mommy left us one open window yesterday while she went shopping. Just as well, as it never really got any warmer than 61 degrees. Today's supposed to hit the upper 60's. I don't think it will, as there's been this nasty cloud cover blotting out the sun since Friday and most of this weekend so far.

Well, that's it.

Purrs & Breeps,




March 30th 2012 5:59 pm
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Happy Friday night, everycat!!

First of all, I thank NAVIN R. JOHNSON-DAVIS for the lovely rainbow and concats for my DDP several days ago.

Secondly, we got cold weather again (lower 60's). There were no open windows today or yesterday, and the heat was on at night too! Since it's been cold lately, I've put my shedding into a hiatus! I need that extra floof right now!

I hope the weekend warms up a bit.

Lastly, the grass mowing guys came by while Mommy was at work. Boy, did they make a lot of noise. End result, the grass looks nice!

That's it for now!

Purrs & Breeps,




March 26th 2012 3:34 am
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The most excellent adventure is having to be in the Diary Spotlight on a Monday! Monday's are blah and being one of the diary picks surely brightens up and chases away the blah's. Thank you Diary Gal for picking me today!

Also, I thank my following friends for their concats:

1. BUGSY & Family - cool comment;
2. SIMONE & Family - cool comment;
3. BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
4. MILO & MALEE - lovely red rosette.

Also, after all that cloudy rainy weather on Saturday and most of Sunday, the sun came out. Today is sunny and the only draw back is cold no open windows days for part of this week. It won't warm up until Wednesday. Now it really feels like March instead of May! I'd rather it feel like May, believe me.

Lastly, Mommy's cell phone died yesterday afternoon. Now she has a new toy! Her first Iphone. It's an iphone3G. She's learning her way around it. So far, she's been on FB and Catster.

Well, I got to run.

Purrs & Breeps,




March 25th 2012 4:13 am
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Hey, it's the Bail! Long time, no write!! Here I am today to concat Merl on his DDP! Way to go big bro!

I saw the pet sitter for a few minutes yesterday. I checked him out and he didn't look that scary. He was a small man with a beard and glasses. He was nice and still I was a little scared as I've never seen him before.

Mommy says he's going to feed us, give Sampy his meds, and clean our litter boxes while she's getting her knee fixed. He's also to drop by twice a day and bring in the mail.

Mommy will be in the hospital for 2-3 days and then stay at their physical therapy rehab for about a week so she can strengthen her knee and get used to walking up stairs before she goes home.

She also told the sitter that she may need him to help out after she's home, and he said he'd do that.

Lastly, Mommy had a heart sonogram yesterday and the results won't be back until later this week. She's sitting on pins and needles and prays they don't find anything wrong with her heart and circulation. She then gets the intense blood work on April 10th. If all this works out, she gets her knee fixed. If not, she has to live with a &^%^$ up knee which won't be nice at all.

I'm purring and so's the rest of us. It scares us when Mommy's knee locks up and she cries from the pain. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Mommy!!!

Lastly, we've had a lovely earlier part of the week in the 70's. This whole weekend is off and on rain in the lower 60's. Mommy just has a couple of windows open a crack. That's no fun after having three open windows on Thursday and Friday!

Purrs & Breeps,




March 16th 2012 3:41 am
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Auntie Mary stopped by yesterday evening to visit with Mommy and us. Of course, the welcoming committee of us kitties were Landy and Sampy. Merl hid under the bed and I stayed on the master bedroom window perch. In fact, Sampy told me that he jumped on Auntie Mary's lap and gave her sandpaper kisses on her arm.

Also, Auntie Mary has this super-powered telephone with a camera in it. I don't know what else was in there, but the flash on this was strong! Mommy told me this device was called an "Android".

Anyway, many pics were taken of us with Auntie Mary's Android. She then emailed them to Mommy, and what happened next was a bummer. The pics didn't attach for some reason. Just the message showed up. Purrhaps the Android doesn't email more than five pics at once because when Auntie Mary sent them before, there was one to five and they always came over.

Oh well, she's going to try again this weekend some time. I hope it works this time around as there were some really pawsome pics of us. In fact, Sampy was washing and his tongue stuck out all the way. Maybe the Rolling Stones could use his tongue as a promo! Just joking!

Purrs & Breeps & Happy Friday!


P.S. - Sorry about the typos! They're being edited. Hopefully we got them all!



March 10th 2012 7:36 am
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Springtime isn't far away now. We had our first open window day this past Thursday as it went all the way up to the mid 70's! Believe me, I took advantage of this all day long! Landy and I sat side-by-side in said window even after our dinner time while it was dark. The warmth stayed around until after 9:00 p.m.

Also, this weekend is "spring forward" for all clocks in our area! We'll be getting an extra hour of sunlight! How pawsome is that! Pretty soon, there will be more open windows upstairs. Mommy doesn't open the downstairs ones unless she's home and it's day time.

As to today, it's a chilly one and tomorrow will be better as it's supposed to hit 60 degrees. Next week will be another warming trend. I can't wait until then! I love the springtime!!!

Lastly, Mommy's been in a lot of pain with her arthritis and so has Sampy. Those two limp around,and I bet both of them are looking forward to the warmer weather too.

That's it from me for now.

Purrs & Breeps to all,




March 4th 2012 8:16 am
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I can't believe it's March 4th already! I know, I've been slacking in the diary department lately and so have the rest of us. It's time and Mommy's schedule and her not feeling too great either.

Anyway, I thought I post about the signs of spring that are happening around here:

1. The daffodils are in full bloom;
2. There are more birdies out and about even robins;
3. The grass is starting to get green patches;
4. The honeysuckle bush has pretty green buds;
5. The weather is getting warmer and then it gets colder; that's
why it's called spring because the weather springs back and
forth (at least that's my opinion);
6. The neighbor and his brother were outside shooting hoops
in yesterday's lovely 60 degree weather;
7. For a few days last week, Mommy didn't turn the heat on
during the time she was at work as it hit near 70 degrees;
8. There's more bicycle activity on the bike path;
9. Last but not least, I'm losing big balls of floof and
depositing them on the rugs!

I love the spring and can't wait until it gets over 70 degrees. That's when the windows are open! For now, on every sunny morning, I lay on top of the kitty castle roof. Here I can catch some rays as the castle is placed under the low-lying window at the base of the stairs.

I hope everycat is enjoying the oncoming springtime!

Purrs & Breeps to all,


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