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Hold The Burger, Just The Cheese Please

Secret Santa...Who are you?

December 16th 2014 5:25 pm
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My family has a "Secret Santa"!

Someone very nice came by and hung a stocking on my page and on all my brothers and sisters pages that did not have a rosie on them. Wasn't that thoughtful? I think they wanted to be sure no one got left out. On behalf of my family, we all send our humble thanks and also send those Christmas blessing right back to you, whoever you are.

Purrs and Halo Bonks,


To the friends of the Texas Wild Bunch from Queso's Mom~

September 22nd 2014 3:45 pm
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On this day following the passing of my sweet, loving boy, my thoughts have drifted over and over to something he and all the cats we have rescued through the years, have shown me.
Cats seem to accept whatever obstacles that life sends their way. They just adjust. Whether it's illness or injury, blindness, deafness or lameness...their noble spirit allows them to deal with it, no complaining, no feeling sorry for themselves. Look how much we humans could learn from their strength. That is why we have rescued cats for over 35 years, even when our population pushed upwards and we were often criticized. When I look at their precious sleeping bodies, or listen to the cacophony of excited meows when the food platters are coming, I think; "Which one could I have said no to? Which life was less worth saving?" Surely not my darling Queso or his band of brothers.
My wish for each of you is that the cat or cats in your life will teach you, as they have taught me, to appreciate every day you live, regardless of the struggles.
The TWB and I love you all~


Holy Swiss Cheese!!!

April 3rd 2010 6:16 pm
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WOW! I am Cat of the Day!!!
Isn't this a great surprise? I didn't get to come to Catster until Saturday evening, but when I did, I found all these nice notes and rosettes and gifts on my page! It's better than having a birthday! (psst...that's coming up on April 24th) *grins*

I would like to say thanks to some very special friends for making this such a special day.

First, to my Uncle Wally, and my Catster Bro, Alfie, for the kimi picture and the crown. I really am "Prince Queso" now!

A lovely trophy came from Smokey and Punky. Thank you ladies, it is better than cheddar!

Alfie, Chloe and Turbo sent a spotted Easter egg. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Hooch and crew sent an egg with hearts. My heart says thanks a million.

Another crown arrived from Chai, Little Bit and Sugar Bear! Big purrs going to the three kind sisters.

Boy, it's the royal treatment today! A third crown arrived from Emily, Edgar, Gabby and Lucy. I feel so honored.

My yellow pal, Purrcy, sent a gold star, thanks dude, love it!

Fellow Texan cat, Gimli and his family sent an Easter egg. My Easter will be very happy now Gims, thank you!

Samoa and her family sent an Easter egg too. Happy Easter to all of you and thanks!

Another egg came from Tony and Anna and family! I am going to have an egg hunt tomorrow with all of these! Big purrs.

Lily and her pawsome family sent a diamond! That was my very first one, 'Lil. Many thanks to you.

My new pals, Adam, Eve, Puddin, Puff, Pumpkin and Little One, sent me an egg to add to my collection! Cool, thank you all!

Twix sent a beautiful crown, and my little Catster brother, Preston sent a trophy. You guys are spoiling me now, this is too much!

A bunny rosette, to help deliver all those eggs, hehehe, came from Aldo, O'Malley, and their family. Thank you!

Oly and her family sent a heart. I'm really happy, and I send my sincere thanks.

Kaci Sunshine and Miss Mittens sent a spotted egg too. You know those kind of look like cheese...thanks gals!

Also a blue ribbon came from Tigger. You're a kind fellow, Tigger.

Our friends, Ava, Andi and Arli sent an egg too. I am going to have one great hunt tomorrow!

Lovely Vanessa and her brother, Toffy, sent those beautiful green and purple eggs. Love those. Thanks guys.

My dear friend Toucky also sent a really swell pmail. Love you Touky.

I also got a congratulatory pmail from our friend BUDDIE and his gang. I think that was the first thing that came, thanks everyone.

I thought that was all, but wow, here comes more!

Mea~Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo, Mimu, & Maui sent a lady bug! Wait 'til Hannah sees those, they are her favorite, and I got the first one! :)

And our beautiful friend, Ashlynne and her family sent me a gold star!
Thank you so, so much!

My friend Binx sent a nice pmail too. Thanks Binx.

Also two blue ribbons came, one from Linus, Mr. Fez and Mickey, and one from Dusty Miller and his family!
Wow, what a super-duper day in Catsterland!

I hope I didn't leave anyfur out. It's been a really great day, and I had a blast. I'll be coming by everyone's pages soon too.
HAPPY EASTER everyone!

Many happy purrs,

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