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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

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The vet game me a time bomb in my bum,,, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks

April 5th 2006 3:57 pm
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I not feeling well lately so mom says to the vet we go.. oh, no, now what, so off we go . We get there and she put my carrier on the floor while she talk to the desk girl.. a lady came out with one of the hybrid dogs, a cross between a peke and a beagle.. talk about funny looking and they say cats are a mix and a half.. it came up to my carrier and snorted.. then it went boof, boof,, what is boof boof,, what ever happen to bark and arf.. so I swated at him.. then mommsie take me in the vet room and put me on the cold steel table.. why does it have to be so cold... catswhiskers.. so of course they weigh me, 13 lbs and 8 oz. I have not gained a oz in one and a half year.I a big girlie.. now she say what wrong with you Bluie, I give her the LOOK, and swat, she say Well, we are grumpy today,, I think you not know the half of it. Mommsy says her been acting strange, she runs to bedroom with her ears back and hides on the bed for hours.. she comes out and then boom back she goes. She acts like something is wrong...Doc ,says that is how they act when they are in pain..
so her say, let me see where you hurt Bluie, her picks me up and starts to push my tummy, MMMMMMEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, ou that hurts bad... she says we found where the pain is.. she is backed up. I think, what that mean.. mommsy say , I not been going normal for the last few days,, Wait a minute I not like where this is going... I can feel a large blocked area... mommsie said my diet had changed cause I was using the urinary tract foods,, and not much fiber in it... Dr says put her back on her indoor outdoor, much more fiber... first we have to shave her bum and back of legs.. saniary clip so she not get all messy, WHAT YOU MEAN SHAVE, MESSY, HEY, DON'T YOU HAVE TO ASK ME.. oops mommsy tip me upside down. fur flying every where, breeze on my legs and bums,. hey, stop,.. hey,, done , Whew, lets go home.. vet leaves room and comes back with a IV bag of fluids.. with vitamins for me.. I NOT NEED FLUIDS.. NO I DO NOT... she say Pat ,I can do it, so mom backs up and OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, STICK IN THE NECK,,, BLOW MY NECK UP LIKE A LIFE SAVER..... DONE, now lets go home mommy,, vet leaves I snuggle to mom, something going on... in comes vet with a blanky and a syringe filled with blue stuff. something call a stool softner, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM ,I NOT EAT A STOOL, DADDY SAY THAT IS A NONO. ICAN'T EVEN SIT ON THEM.. they wrap me in the papoose blanket, with only my bum sticking out, WAIT A MIN,,,, LET ME OUT.. NOW ANOTHER DR COME IN TO HOLD MY TAIL UP, COLD AIR ON MY BUM AND NOW THEY HOLD MY TAIL UP.. WAIT A MIN, I FEEL AN URGE, HONEST.. OH MY CAT WHISKERS WHAT IS THAT, SOMETHING SHOOT IN ME BUM ,, MEOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,,, LET TAIL DOWN, ALL DONE,, TAKE BLANKET OFF, WAIT A MIN, I FEEL SOMETHING


When will my mommise learn, I give her a present,,- heheheheheh

April 4th 2006 10:04 am
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Sometimes I think my mommsie needs to get with the program... we had a bad weather day yesterday and her was BORED, NOT SAFE FOR CATS WHEN SHE IS BORED. She looked at me and said "lets clean" I think oh no,,, she will move everything, clean my fur off everything, scrub and make the house smell like flowers(not harmful to me) and that nasty bleach she uses... my cat life will be upside down and I will not get a cat nappy, cause I will have to drag all my stuff back where it should be .We worked very hard, then mommsie sat down and said ,OH BLUIE ISN'T THIS NICE, NO FUR ALL OVER AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD. SPUTTER, SPUTTER, NOT THINK SO, I WANT IT TO SMELL LIKE ME, I LIKE MY FUR ALL OVER.... YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO HUMAN RETRAINING SCHOOL... I sit and think ,,, think'''''''' think''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' light bulb flash,, oh,yes good idea..I go down to the back bedroom where my litter is,jump in the dish and start to scratch it up a little... then I sit and try very hard, NOW I TRY HARDER, THIS NOT AN EASY TASK,, OK,,,, YAHOOOOOOOOOOO, HOW YOU LIKE THAT MOMMY, HOUSIE SMELL LIKE ME NOW.. pick my ears of and listen, BLUIE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, WHAT IS THAT AWFUL SMELL... YOU HAVE NOT SMELLED THAT BAD SINCE YOU WERE A KITTEN,, EUEIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....BLUIE,I pranced in the living room and look at her and think, how you like that? betters than flowers and bleach hehehehehhehehe Bluie


what a boring day rain rain and more rain.

April 1st 2006 1:17 pm
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bored, bored ,bored.. yes I am.. rainy day everyone in a lazy mood. The birdies not even out.. I have taken two big cat naps now I want to play,, but Dad is catnapping now.. moms on puter,, might as well be napping...her nose stuck to the screen and her fingers a flying... let me see, what can I do to get some attention.. if I is good, they not even look at me, so I guess it is time for the games to begin,, ummmmmmmmm,mew... toilet paper,, never tried that , my friends do it,, ok, here goes.. scratch, scratch, come on paper,, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, there it comes, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,, "Bluie, what are you doing? Yelp, that did it,,, mew,mew,, nothin moms,, this is funs,, yahooizy,,, bite it with my teethy,, now run feet, run,, faster,, eeeeeeeeeeeeeks, ;it is chasing me,,, how I stop it,, eeeeeeeeeeeeks.. fast stop and a skid,, oooops heads over heals.. help, it got me,,, rip with me teeth,, look behind me, oh, no,,, I in trouble. it is all over... the place.foot steps, thump thump, they are coming,,, Bluie, Azurine Ambrosia, oh, now that is serious... what have you done, think fast,,, sit and look really innocent,,, pretty eyes,, wink a little ,, drop head just a little, I can see her feet, should I look up, ok, real slow now.. hi mommy,, what the matter? something happen? oh, my , how did that happen... Did daddy do it? Bluie, what have you done? Sad look... sneak footie in water bowl... now slip it back really slow.... careful so her not see, now look at your foot, then at her, then at your foot,, now her.. now a look of surprise, oh, my footie was wet and must have got stuck to the paper,,, I so sorry, I not mean it.. Mommsy looks at me and her laughs... Bluie ,such a little munchkin,,, her pick me up and gives a big hug... I luv you to Mommy your little Bluie


March 30,2006, the attack of the Lady Bug

March 30th 2006 5:16 am
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Mommsy went to the green house early, so I got bored and decided to go hunting around the house. This time of the year the ole chamber flys start crawling in the window and the spiders come out.. I love chasing them and if I can catch one ,I EAT it.... unless mommsie sees and she take it away. her not want me to eat it.... so I snorted under the bed,, snorted some of my dustbunnie hair balls around,, mommise clean them up later when she get out the old wind machine that could suck up a mouse and spit it out..
I see a tiny orange thingie moving a round, one of my ladybugs... hah, mine now,, I try to squash it with my big paw, but it too little ,it gets in the fur of my paws, I can't shake the silly thing loose,,, so finally I snort it off.. it starts to run, I cover it pick up my foot gone, where did it go,? I not see it.. guess I go sit in the sun on the step and wait for mom,, she leave door open now so I can sit on the stepthat goes down stairs and I can lay in the sun comes through the glass door.. I can see something hanging in my face, I swat at it, but nothing, maybe I seeing things.. no,it moving,,, it is that buggy on my eyebrow whisker, I shake my head, I rub my eyes with my paws, I roll over and kick at my face, I kick hard, can't reach my face.. I rub my face on the floor, I look crosseyed, nope it is still there, here comes mommsie,, she look at me and laugh.. Bluie, what did you do have your eyebrow pierced, what is that orange ball on the end of it. she starts laughing hard, IT IS NOT FUNNY MOMMY,,, GET IT, her sit down and finally pick it off.. a lady bug,, so she take and it let it go outdoors.. that was mine, I wanted to eat it.. her go back outside, I find another one, it on my paw, I runs runs like the wind to the water dish and stick my paw in it, ah hah, got yah, it is swimming in circles, how funny is that .... I slapped it, down it goes, up it comes,, I having so much fun, water all over,, BLUIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, OH NO, HERE COMES MOMMSIE,, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN THAT WATER, OH, BLUIE ,DO NOT KILL LADY BUG SHE IS GOOD.. "NO SHE NOT, I EAT HER NOW.. HURRY FOR MOMMSIE GET HIM OH HAIRBALLS SHE GOT HIM... going to take a nap Bluie


She has gone and done it again, my mommsie always changing- the rooms around

March 23rd 2006 3:39 pm
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The morning started off very good. Mommsie and Dads and I got up as usual.. Dads went to work.. I played and layed in my hammock in the sunshine,it was very nice for Upper New York today..mommsie went to the greenhousie so I had the house to myself.. I had so much fun ,running and jumping and sliding on the floor.. I left my blue fur all over... then she came in, I saw her walk into our living room,, she looked around, and then she looked around again. she got that look, the look all cats know, the look that a human is going to disrupt our lives completely.. they do not know we like things well used,hairy and smelling like us.. so I jump in my hammock and watch... I look for the tell tale signs.. first comes the dreaded "vacuum cleaner" it eats everything in its path including my fur and my toys. Then out come the paper towels, the cleaning stuff,now I get nervous, then she picks up the throw rugs, then she takes out the waste basket, basket of books, basket of MY TOYS, then she starts to MOVE THE FURNITURE, I AM GONE, TO THE BEDROOM UNDER THE BED, SHE HAS LOST IT AGAIN,,, EVERYTIME WE HAVE NICE WEATHER.. they call it Spring Fever or something like that .I stay under the bed for hours.. then I hear her go out to the green house, I tippy toe to the living room or what use to be the living room.. nothing is the same. it stinks now, all kind of flower smells not kitty smell any where. no blue fur anywhere, no hidden kitty treats in the chair cushions.,WAIT TIL DADDY SEES IT, SHE MOVED HIS CHAIR AND HIS STUFF, NOW HER IN TROUBLE,,HE WILL SAY ,MOM IS BORED AGAIN, GUESS WE BETTER THINK OF SOMETHING FOR HER TO DO.
I tippy toe, very carefully around, I peek under the couch, is there a monster ,peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, mewwwwwwwwww, jump seven feet I did... oh, nothing,just a shadow, well, got to get busy and make this room mine again.. a little fur here, and a little fur there... pull, pull, come on snake, pull, there got a toy out of basket... now I run across couch and chair and sit on other chair... run and jumps... and play.....mew, here mom coming ,,, quick jump in hammock, close eyes. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Bluie


I got a new toy, a real daddy -longlegs.

March 22nd 2006 3:43 pm
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he looks like a spider..but his legs are very long,he can run very fast and go right up the wall. I have named him Beanie, I have watched him for three days.. I just waits for him to come out from under the dresser. Beanie keeps getting my water, he zooms up the side and gets it.. that is my water... so I am going to get him,it is very early this morning, momsie and I got up early. I pick a good spot by the water fountain to watch for Bean, the daddy long legs.. I can hardly breath, not want to move he might see me. I pretend I am a chair hehehehehe, mew..... I wait, and wait, and wait.. soon, I see him sneaking out and crawling across the floor... my body so excited, I just want to wiggle all over but I not. nope, he see me, silly long legged buggy. here he comes,, mew, he near my paw, get ready, kathump, my paw on him, where he go, I can't see him,, my footie tickles, he under there, so I have to pick up my paw very slow, and peek under there.. slow, now a little peek,,, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekss, help mommsie he on my nosie,, help me, I run fast as a jet,, run, run, jumps on mommie,, her look , say silly Bluie what is the matter, what you mean , there is a buggy on my nose.. Bluie, be a good girl, I wipe my nose with my paw he gone, back to the water dish, wait, and wait,, here he comes, he on the edge of my water dish, ah ha, swat, splash, meowwwwwwwwwwwww, water everywhere,,, I hear "Bluie what did you Do" nothing mom, the buggie did it,,, see, WHERE DID HE GO.. mommsie clean it up and says you calme down.. so I wait, wait, and chomp, there he is in my mouthie and I not open it up,,, mew, he crawling in my mouthie,, gag, gag, he tickles.. swallow.. so much for you , you trouble making buggy Bluie


mew,mew, mew, its so funny, I rolling over with laughter,,

March 21st 2006 4:32 pm
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my mommsie put a baby moniter in the house and the greenhouse, so she can hear in here when she is out there... hehehehehehe,, her think her smart when she calls my name and I run in circles looking for her.. such a silly human,,, her loves to play games with me.. so I get even hehehehe,,, today after her goes out there,I sit and watch out the window. I see her go in, mew,mew,ok, let the fun begin.. I looks around and see some books on dads stand, I runs like the wind jump up and thumb land on it,, I know her hears me, then ,swat, books on the floor.. now I runs like the wind ,jump up on the condo and thud it hits against the window sill.. I sit very quiet ,, and watch, here her comes.. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsmeow.. I runs like the wind to the hammock jump up and stretch outs and I snores. in her come, what have you been up to Bluie, I opens my eyes a little , not me, Mommsie I been sleeping. She says we must have a ghost,, I roll on my back and close me eyes. and hold back a big hahahahah.. out she go again... I wait, wait and wait.. then I go meow, meow, then I wait wait, meow ,meow,, meeeeeeeeeeeeaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww,meeeeeeeeeeeeaawwwwwwwwwwww, mommsie hurry I hurt, meawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I hear her feet running,, in she comes, I sitting at door, and looking at her really sweet, Bluie what is wrong, I say, mew,nothing,,, so funny, she gives me lunch and says one more time young lady and you are coming to the green house with me.. oops go to sleepnow.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzBLuie


Parker, is our human grandson and is legally blind and I- helps him this weekend

March 19th 2006 3:54 pm
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Parker, came to visit us a while today, he has had lots of tests this week.I have been a best friend for his since he was three. I sit with hims and plays, and I sleeps with him when he is here. He loves to pet me and hug me.. he cannot see very well . He had something called a stroke when he was born, he has pt every day to help him get stronger on his right side. I helps him play and make sure he not bump into anythings like a see in eye cat.. like today, he was playing and got near the edge of the stair, so I jump on the stair an mew mew at him, he not move, then I yowl very loud, he say Bluie what the matter, I yowl again,he call Nanny , helps bluie,and her came and said Parker, honey, come with me, you are near the edge of the stair and then we all went down.. I save him,I know I did.. my little human... we took a nappy together, then he had to go for a big xray MRI.. so I give him lots of kissys before he go, I made him giggle.. I luv him very much... I take cares of him.... hope he ok.... get results Tuesday.... I tired now Bluie


Monday, March 14,2004

March 14th 2006 5:03 am
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I am happy happy cat, today, yesterday, I not feel so well. my eye was running a little, (no I did not try to chase and catch it) and I felt sicky.. of course I did my best to avoid the human mommy, not a good idea they know you not feel good, at least not mine. By 10am, she was watching me like a hawky does a running bunny rabbit... her say, Bluie whats wrong with your eye and why you drinking so much water.. let mommsie see, I say, mew(no) I ok.she chase me down and wash my eye ,then her clean my water fountain and dish for the umhundreth time.. can't keep my smell on anything. then she did the litter thingy, made it all clean and watch me everytime I headed there.. finally she gave me some meds the doc gave her to help me if I has crystals... so I wakes up today and I feel so good I am running ups and downs the hall and wheeeeeeeeeeeee jumps on the bed and over the couch, ooops, not let mommsy see me to do.. Mommsy sad today, our grandson Parker, not well so I got to cheer her up I do.. I chase her all over , we play hide and seeky and I jump out from under the bed and gets her feet and hugs her tight..she say becarefuls.. it is a great day for sure,,, I play with my toys and now I am sunning my self in my hammock in the window... its a great day to play ,happy mommysie,, Bluie, I glad you feel better but you are still seeing Dr Kibick tomorrow just for a check up... meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, she never gives up.... Miss Blue(Azurine)


Sunday March 12 2006 Rain, Rain, and more Rain

March 12th 2006 9:57 am
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I gots mommsie and dads up early this morning.. I wanted to play,, mommsie comes out and gives me breakfast and then she combs me,, so I jumps down and run to play hide and seek, I luv that game.. she play a while, dads get up.. they both go outside , before the rain they say.. I watch out the windows. yesterday I went out doors and came right back in. I forgot about all the big noises and scary things... but it was nice out.. I have to have a leash and harness mommsy never let me out alone... free or loose..
It is raining her very hard, I have had fun running and jumping and playing, mommsie says it is going to storm. That is what her grandma use to tell her, if cats play hard it is going to storm.. lots of birdies in they yard and squirrels and bunnies.... flowers poking up too.. I go to take a nappy now snnnnnnnnnnnnexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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