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My name is SMOKEY

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May 4th 2010 6:16 am
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would have been my 14th Birthday! And it is mawmy and daddy's 14th wedding anniversary (I adopted their special day as mine, cause I was a stray). And here I am, separated from my pawrents on our special day! I love you mawmy and daddy, and wish you a good Anniversary day.....



April 29th 2010 4:35 pm
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One moment mawmy was giving me a headrub and Lori was giving me a back rub, and the next moment, I was greeted by my love Mr Sam, and my brother Ginger, and Sparky and Sweetie and Merlin and ALL my Catster friends who went before me. This is purrmazing! I can run and jump, and I don't have to take any more pills or needles or anything! Oh dear, Mawmy and Daddy are crying....I love did your very best for me, and loved me so much. I do miss you...but it is so great here...fields of catnip...and birds and squirrels to chase around. Mawmy and I want to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for your purrs and your care and your love for us! Mawmy and Daddy will need every bit of that over the next long while, and I KNOW you won't let them down. WE LOVE YOU ALL FURRY MUCH!



April 29th 2010 9:07 am
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Dr Bob called, and there is a tumour over the outside of my bowel wall, which is pushing into the bowel, causing much straining and pain. The tumour is near my back bone which makes an operation very risky. Mawmy and daddy have decided that my quality of life is more important than anything else, so I will be joining Ginger and my sweet Mr Sam at the Bridge tonight. Please purr for my mawmy who will be with me as I cross, and for my daddy who cannot be there as he is away at work. We love you as always, and thank you for your continued support. Smokey and mawmy



April 28th 2010 5:54 pm
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I am feeling OK, on IV, and will stay overnight. They did the poo test, but I have to wait until tomorrow for the biopsy. I miss my mawmy and she misses me and daddy too of course....but this is the best place for me to be right now...I have blankies and a warm cozy box to sleep in...and a dumb IV in me....thank you all so much for purring...we love you all furry much!



April 28th 2010 9:34 am
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The vet is going to do a biopsy of my colon, so I will be sedated a little. Mawmy and daddy are HOPING that this will determine what the actual problem is...AND that the problem can be treated. Mawmy is miserable giving me pills and I am miserable taking them! Thank you so MUCH for your purrs...we can FEEL THE LOVE from all of you, and send it right back! Much love, hugs and purrs from Smokey and her typist



April 26th 2010 12:28 pm
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Mawmy and vet have decided that MAYBE it is my dry food that is giving me problems. It has been around the house for quite some time, and kept in a plastic container. SO vet is sending me home with mawmy after work, and mawmy is going to THROW OUT that dry food......and hopefully that is the culprit! Sending you all much love and thanks for your purrs and prayers.



April 26th 2010 8:17 am
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I was doing just fine, thank you. Daddy found me straining a half hour ago, and sped me to the vet. Please keep purring.....mawmy is beside herself with worry, and daddy is wondering what on earth is going on (as am I)


Pokes and pills

April 25th 2010 6:18 pm
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Oh the drama of my life right now! Mawmy is checking my glucose level morning and night (that prick in my ear sort of hurts). Daddy gave me a pill tonight, which I refused to swallow, at which point they gave me water...WRONG MOVE! The pill foamed up and I foamed at the mouth...not a very nice taste....they will NEVER do that again! Then the corn syrup for my low glucose...honestly.....
Mawmy calls the vet tomorrow morning to let them know how I am day at a time. Sending all of our love out to all of you, with MANY thanks for your love and support!!!!


Oh my oh my oh my...

April 24th 2010 3:50 pm
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Well furriends, I went off to the vet this morning to receive a pretty good bill of health. I got home and an hour later, mawmy was in tears, calling the vet again. Mawmy thought I was constipated, and there were runnies AND BLOOD all over the floor! Vet said to bring me back. Dr Cathy says I have an irritated bowel, and she gave me 2 shots and a bright pink pill! Mawmy has to give me those bright pink pills for some more days, along with my anti-biotic pill for my liver, and check my glucose levels and give me needles. I went on to Maggie's page, to see my photo there...thank you Maggie and family...mawmy and I are so moved and touched by the love here in this group. Please continue to purr ..... so much is going on....! We love all of you!!!!


I am Home!

April 23rd 2010 11:02 am
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Thankfully, mawmy came and picked me up last night. I waited for her and the vet to talk...for over an HOUR! Dr Bob took 62 ultrasound pictures of my insides and he thinks I have hepatitis. SOOOOO....more pills (ugh) and mawmy and daddy now prick my ear twice a day....honestly...getting old is NOT for the faint of heart. Thanks to ALL who purred (please keep it up) cause my glucose levels are all over the map. Thanks too for all the gifts...mawmy will get around to individual thanks soon! WE LOVE YOU!

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