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Hello out there!!

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Life is good ... friends are goodest!!! MOL MOL

March 9th 2013 6:42 am
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I feel loved and surrounded by positive thoughts, warm hugs, purrs and woofs. Thank you to all the wonderpurr furs who have reached out in love to let me know they're praying for me and my family - we are truly blessed, you have all touched our hearts with your compassion and understanding.

My pawrents have decided to keep me comfortable at home for as long as possible. I am on steroids to reduce the inflammation in my sinuses, this helps me breathe so much better and therefore I can smell and eat better, too. I'm also taking an appetite stimulant so I'm really enjoying NOMS again!! YAY!!!

I'm still dancing the CONGAAAAAAA as often as possible, that rhythm is in my blood ... come on baby do the conga .... see what I mean??? MOL

I love you all so much, dear Catster friends, and I know love lasts forever.

Ciao for now ~ Aggie


I am sick and need prayers, please.

March 7th 2013 7:08 am
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I have been fighting what we thought was a nasty URI that had settled in my sinuses and turned into chronic rhinitis ... this battle has been going on since early December. I took two different antibiotics, had two different types of nasal drops, antihistamines, Benadryl shots, Cerenia shots to reduce inflammation, vaporizer treatments, cool mist humidifer and nebulizer treatments - nothing helped.

Yesterday my mom took me to Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists for an appointment with an internal medicine vet. Dr. Lechner examined me and told mom she recommended a CT scan, a rhinoscopy, biopsy and nasal flush. Mom knew this would be the recommended course of treatment so, after calling dad and having him talk to the doctor, mom kissed me and told me she and dad love me very much and she left me there - HMMMPH!!

I had all that stuff done and then Dr. Lechner called mom and gave her the bad news - I have a large tumor above the soft palate in my mouth and it's inoperable. The doctor couldn't do the biopsy, she was afraid she would make things worse, so she did a needle aspiration and we should have the results tomorrow afternoon. It is cancer, we just need to find out what kind of cancer and what treatment - if any - will help. The doctor told the pawrents that treatment will only reduce the tumor and it will eventually grow back.

Please pray for me and for my pawrents, they want to make the best decision possible for me and they also have to consider the cost and stress of any treatment course ... they are heartbroken and crying all the time, so please keep them in your prayers.

I love you all ... please remember that every day is a gift, so enjoy even day and let your loved ones know they are very special and much loved.

Aggie Waggie


Our WONDERPURR Hanukkah miracle!

December 8th 2012 5:51 pm
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Well, I did it again tonight - I got out! Mom had fed that stupid Vagabond cat and she needed to go outside to get the bowls. I was in the patio and mom thought I was minding my own business, she didn't know that Vagabond was outside the patio taunting me. Mom opened the door, stepped outside and saw Vagabond to her right and didn't think anything of it and, before she could close the door, I bolted out and ran to the left of the house and around to the front, Vagabond ran through the fence at the back of the house and was gone.

Mom ran inside the house, she was hysterical, and she screamed at Dad "Aggie got out", and then dad became hysterical. Mom told him I had run around the left side of the homes (our home is attached to other homes, they're little villas) and towards the front, so dad went out the front door but came right back in and said they needed flashlights. They both grabbed flashlights and mom grabbed a bag of treats and she want back outside through the patio to the back of the house and started shaking the bag of treats and calling me. Dad was around front calling me. Mom didn't see me and decided to go back inside to go out the front door since I had run towards the front of the house - by that time, dad had made his way around the building towards the back of the house calling me. So mom was out front calling me while walking towards our neighbors' home when she saw me at the neighbors' front door, meowing and clawing at the door. Mom kept calm and called my name but I went through the bushes towards the neighbor's kitchen sliding glass door where I proceeded to meow and claw at the door - I just wanted someone to open the door, I didn't know that wasn't my house!!! Mom quietly approached me and grabbed real fast and held on tight ... I was okay until she was almost home, I then started wriggling and I sunk my claws into her arm, hand and midriff but she held on tight and did not release me until she was inside our house. Oh, on the way to our house she kept yelling at Dad "I GOT HER ... I GOT AGGIE ... I GOT HER".

Mom collapsed into dad's arms and sobbed and sobbed and dad was shaking and hugged mom real tight. Mom has cried a lot tonight and she thanked me for allowing her to grab me when I was so scared and confused ... she also said I robbed her of a couple of years of life tonight!! MOL

Mom told dad that this was a Hanukkah miracle, that I was protected by God, by my Bridge angels and my Grandma Fela and Grandma Selma.

Oh, and I had to go to the vet today. Last night I started breathing heavily and making little gurgly sounds, like I have phlegm. Dad took me to see Dr. Robinson who checked my heart and lungs (they sounded great). She thinks I might have a virus of sorts that I will just work through it or it could be a flare up of the herpes virus that most cats carry. Luckily mom had ordered some Lysine-L treats and I'm getting two of those per day plus dad ordered Lysine gel.

One interesting thing Dr. Robinson told dad today was that mom should not feed Vagabond close to the patio, that he could infect us through the screen - even through the sun shades - with any virus he carries. She actually said that it would be best if mom didn't feed him at all but she realizes mom has a big heart, so that flea bag should be fed away from the patio. So tonight mom decided to feed him where he sits waiting every day, in the big clump of plants behind our house. Well, mom walked towards Vagabond tonight with his bowls full of food and he HISSED at her - that's the first time ever!!! Dad was upset when mom told him about the hissing and told mom perhaps she should not feed him again but mom said no, that she will continue to feed him. But then I got out to chase that flea bag, so mom is re-thinking the whole "feed Vagabond thing"... all five of us think she should forget about him but she probably won't.

Wow, what a long story ... my paws are tired from all the typing! MOL MOL

And that is our Hanukkah miracle.

Hanukkah - the festival of lights, perhaps a special light was shining on me tonight.


My morning adventure on November 20, 2012

November 20th 2012 1:18 pm
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Mom has been feeding this little tuxedo kitty that showed up about a week ago, we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. He/she is a bit bigger than Purrcilla and has Claw's "beautious" tuxedo but different face markings and golden eyes like Purrcilla. It talks to mom all the time and has been letting her get closer. Last night the little tuxie slept in the Rubbermaid tote shelter mom made for the other cat she feeds. This morning the little tuxie ate and then sat outside the patio door looking in so mom propped the door open and went back inside to watch what he/she would do ... he/she walked in and inspected everything, even climbed OUR cat tree ... he/she then saw mom and ran out but stayed right outside the door ... mom moved his/her food inside and he/she came in and put his/her little paw on the glass door right where Purrcilla was sitting inside the house looking at him ... well, the sliding glass door was cracked a little bit, less than an inch, so dad thought nothing would happen ... HAA HAA ... I managed to push the door open and went out in the patio and chased that kitty out and dad saw me and ran out into the patio just as I headed outside into the big, bad world (remember - mom had propped that door open) OMC OMC OMC ... dad yelled to mom "Aggie got outside" and that crazy typist ran outside in her blue jeans and bra!!! MOL MOL ... well, I was right outside the patio so dad told me very calmly to go back in and I ran in like a bat out of you know where!!! Mom had closed the sliding glass door so no one else would run out and she opened it for me to get back in just in time or I would have smashed right into it!!! I went and got in my favorite box and looked really scared ... mom petted my head and told me never again to go outside ... dad tried to pet me but I ran from him.

So now mom is worried that I chased that little tuxie away ... mom & dad had already decided that if mom can catch him/her, we will have another cat in the house - OY VEY!!!

I do not recommend the outside world to any cat - I didn't like it at all.



July 13th 2012 3:51 pm
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Thank you ... muchas gracias!!! I'm giggling with excitement, I'm a Diary Pick today and I am doing a happy conga through Catster ... the conga line is growing, do you want to join it???

Come on , shake your body baby, do the conga
I know you can't control yourself any longer
Come on , shake your body baby, do the conga
I know you can't control yourself any longer

Everbody gather 'round now
Let your body feel the heat
Don't you worry if you can't dance
Let the music move your feet



The unthinkable has happened ...

July 5th 2012 9:57 am
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a new cat has joined the South Florida Familia!! She was a stray, I've seen her outside, but now she is inside and she's eating, playing, pooing, peeing - she's living here! OMC, we should have remained vigilant and perhaps this CATastrophe would have never occurred!! But, alas, it is too late, the pawrents are in love with this tailess feline so she's here for good ... and dad named her Purcilla Softpaws!! I mean, really, what kind of a name is that?? Hmmm, are her paws really soft?? I must check them out ... where is that little runt???



March 4th 2012 1:26 pm
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Catster friends need our help!

April 20th 2011 4:30 pm
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Due to unfortunate circumstances, our dear friends Norman Bates and Vlad Tepse’s
family are in dire need of help from all their Catster friends. They’re presently living in the middle of Mexico and their human dad has no work and savings have been depleted. They have confirmation of a place to stay and a future job here, in North Carolina, for their human dad … getting the furamily here is the difficult part.

Please purr for them, send them POP - we know it works!

If you’d like to know how you can help them, please send me a pawmail

Thank you.


Did you all know?

April 20th 2011 4:39 am
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Dogster has been bought by a company called Say Media??? It all happened on April 19th: -dogster-and-has-more-acquisitions-in-the-works/

I hope this doesn't mean more changes ... I've got my paws crossed.

Anxious purrs,


OMC, is that my face on the Community Page???

April 10th 2011 3:20 pm
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IT IS ... IT IS!!! I'm a Daily Diary Pick today - thank you Catster diary-lady-random-selector-thingamabob! I am honored and grateful and want to say THANKS to all the wonderful furs who have p'mailed me and left me loving prezzies on my page - I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Happy purrs of love,

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