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Hello out there!!

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April 18th 2013 1:50 pm
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Mom's getting her catputer back today!!! It was very sick, one hard drive went PFTTT and the other one wouldn't boot up so she ended up getting two new hard drives and they're faster than the old ones, so her catputer should fly now! MOL MOL

I hope this means she will help me send out proper thank you's to all the wonderpurr friends who have stopped by my page and left me pressies this week.

I love you all to the moon and back!
Aggie Waggie


I am Cat of the Week!!! Yipeeee!!!

April 13th 2013 12:07 pm
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Thank you, THANK you to the nice people at Catster HQ and to all my wonderpurr, loving friends for all the nice pawmails and pressies on my page.

This is so nice and it had mommy's eyes leaking while she smiled - she's still smiling!!!

I may be terminally ill but I'm still here and I'm enjoying life to the fullest.

Now, it's time to dance and celebrate - please join me!!!

Aggie Waggie wagging to the conga beat!


More purrs needed ...

April 11th 2013 6:50 am
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My friends, I'm having problems eating and the pawrents suspect the tumor has grown and is pushing down on my throat.

I've never really eaten a lot of wet food (canned), I mostly lick all the yummy juice and leave the solid parts behind. The pate type of wet food - PHEW - I don't like that. So.... I've always loved dry food and mom buys the best for us, Wysong Epigen. The nuggets are really tiny but I'm having problems swallowing them, I spit up a lot of what I try to swallow.

Mom is going to try crushing the nuggets and she's also going to try giving me some baby food.

Please purr that I will eat what mom serves me ... you know how finicky we cats can be.

Love you all to the moon and back!!


Wheeeeeee .... Yipeeee!!!

March 30th 2013 6:47 am
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I'm a Diary Pick again! Thank you Catster diary picker person, I love ya!!!

It's time to congaaaaaaaa!!

If you want to do the conga
You got to listen to the beat!

*Plays the conga drums and shakes her Aggie Waggie butt*


Another message from the typist - aka: Mom

March 28th 2013 6:50 pm
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Thank you, precious friends, for all your purrs, prayers and love for our precious little Aggie´╗┐. She got a shot of Depo Medrol today, her vet said it was okay. She told Allen (my husband), the shots will slow down the growth of the tumor a bit, but not completely, and it helps with the inflammation so Aggie's able to breathe. Between the half Prednisolone pill we gave her this morning and the shot she got tonight, I can already hear the difference in her breathing. So for now, we are smiling and enjoying life with Aggie and thanking God for allowing her to stay with us a while longer - and thanking Him for two wonderful vets, Dr. Wood & Dr. Robinson @ VCA Wellington.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Okay, mom gave me the keyboard so I can let you all know that this weekend I will be thanking all the beautiful, loving furs who left messages on the previous diary entry and a very special thank you to a loving Catster fur, Kally Kat, who started a candle group for me and all the furs and humans who lit candles and left such beautiful messages. I would force ... sorry, ask mom to do it tonight but she's really tired.

Goodnight and God bless and watch over all of us and keep us safe from the owies and ouches of the world - AMEN!!

Aggie - still wagging and doing the conga in South Florida


A message from the typist - aka: Mom

March 27th 2013 5:28 pm
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Prayers for my sweet Aggie please, she's starting to have problems with her breathing again. I will call her vet tomorrow to find out if I can give her the steroid pills even though she had the Depo Medrol shot 3 weeks ago. We won't let her suffer like she did before when she was so congested that she could hardly breathe. The tumor pushes up into her sinuses and causes inflammation which in turn causes mucous - it's just too much for this precious little girl. Please pray that we can help her continue breathing normally and enjoying life a while longer, she's been doing so great and really acting frisky and happy. I'm not ready to let her go - but then I know we never really are ready to say goodbye. Trying to remain optimistic at the moment but my heart is sinking fast.

Maria - aka: the typist


Are you getting your Sugar Rub?

March 24th 2013 9:37 am
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My beautiful friend Sugar Bear had breast cancer surgery and she's now in remission - YAY!!! May she stay cancer free for many, many more years - AMEN!!!

Sugar and her mom are determined to bring awareness to breast cancer in animals and they have a website that I want all my furriends and their pawrents to check out ASAP. Please make sure your pawrents learn how to give you a monthly Sugar Rub, okay?? And share this information with all your furriends!!

Here's the link to their website - Home Page

Remember - a Sugar Rub once a month for all the dogs and cats in your family!!

Happiest purrs!


Holee Guacamolee - I'm a Daily Diary Pick AGAIN!!!

March 22nd 2013 6:53 am
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I'm celebrating with my furmily and friends ... we have a conga line going in our group, Hernando's Hideaway, but we're taking that conga line all over Catster so please join us as we shake, sing, dance and celebrate ... LIFE!!!

I want to thank some precious friends who left me pressies yesterday:

Midnight, D-Max & White Boots
Blue II and his beautiful siblings
Sugar Bear
Angel Playful and her dear siblings
The N.O. Kitties - best cooks on Catster!!
My wonderpurr family

And a very special thanks to all the wonderpurr friends who pawmailed me to say CONCATS!!!

And I need to thank the Catster "Daily Diary Picker Person" for bestowing this honor on me two days in a row!!! You ROCK ... hey, I ROCK!!! MOL MOL

I love, love LOVE you all so very much - MUAH MUAH!!!

*She sings and shakes her Aggie Waggie butt*

Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga
I know you can't control yourself any longer
Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga
I know you can't control yourself any longer



I love my pressies!!!

March 16th 2013 5:54 am
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So many wonderful, beautiful, loving friends have given me pressies over the past couple of weeks - I want to thank them from the bottom of my kitty heart. You wonderful furs are (not listed in any particular order of importance because you are ALL very important to me):

Sugar Bear, SWANK, SF Gals and their mama, too!!!
The Bush Furs
Midnight, D-Max & White Boots
Rex, Bugsy, Max, Simba & Sadie
Simon & Reuben
Simon, Marybeth, Cassie, Jacquelyn & Amos
Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy & Stormy
Samoa McBoa
Felix, Critter, Jack & Coco
Smiley Cassanova
Ginger, Smokey, Toby, Princess Sky & Mia
Kit, Buddy, Max & Checkers
Princess Miranda, Milo Mancat, Cookie, Linus & Lucy the Cat Fairy
Playful the Empuress, Tux, Baby, Bootsy & Indy
Scooter PAWS
Suki, Thai Pie, Cleo & Misu
Big Harry, Patches, Abigail & Zack
Hobbes, Ricky, Clarence & Booko
Sassy, Pepper & mom
Murray O'Lucky, Willie McSilly, Pearly McHissyMissy, Cindy Lou McTrouble & Muffy McMuffin
Blue II & furmily
Bridge Brigade - my beautiful guardian angels!!
My family who adores me

I am blessed, truly blessed by your love and compassion ... I love you all very much.


Overflowing with love and gratitude!!

March 16th 2013 5:22 am
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Well, I do have lymphoma, that's the cancer I have in that gross tumor above the soft palate in my mouth. The prognosis is not good, the cancer can spread into my brain, lungs and even distort my face ... but my pawrents will NOT allow it, they will let me go when I tell them it's time, mom is monitoring me closely and she keeps talking to me all the time telling me what is going on in my body ... I like that a lot, I feel like she respects me enough to tell me what is wrong with me and she is giving me the option to leave my sick body behind any time I want to, whenever I am ready to journey to the Bridge.

My vet at VCA Wellington, Dr. Wood, changed my medication from taking half a steroid pill twice a day to a shot of Depo that my dad gave me last Saturday. Dr. Wood told mom that the shot will last two months but if I start having breathing problems again, she can give me the steroid pill again.

But for now I am feeling good, I can breathe again, I am eating a lot, I can groom my precious Clawdius Meowximus, I can groom dad's beard, I can give mom sandpaper kisses, I can sleep without snoring, I can enjoy sitting out in the patio or a window perch and watching the birdies and squirrels playing in the sunshine ... yep, life is good and every day is a gift.

Aggie, still wagging in South Florida

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