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A Furry Girl's Life

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June 1st 2006 7:43 pm
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I have a twin! Mom came back from her walk around the block with daddy and exclaimed she found my twin! She ran to get the camera and without giving me details headed back out alone to snap a picture. Well mommy came home sad, she didn't see my twin again but vowed to return again tomorrow evening in hopes she will be out again. So then mommy picked me up off my bookshelf and squeezed me (which I am not too fond of) and took me to the bedroom to pet me on the bed. While there she told me all about my twin, she said that she had long hair -just like me, she was mostly black -just like me, her chin was all orange -just like me, her neck in the front was orange with a tiny bit of white -just like me, her front right paw was orange -just like me, and the very tip of her tail was orange -just like me. She must be my twin! Mommy said she was just lying there in the patch of grass in the sidewalk and was able to walk right up to her, she seemed happy to be pet because she rolled right on her side and back to be rubbed, which mommy gladly obliged. She said she was petting her for almost 10 minutes until daddy practically dragged her away to continue their little neighborhood walk. Mommy said she couldn't believe the resemblance and talked about my twin the whole walk, she is so excited to see her again. I like seeing mommy all giddy.


Yummy grass

May 11th 2006 10:30 am
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My mommy is so good to me that she planted some cat grass and cat wheat grass for me. There are two pots full and they are getting very tall: this means there is plenty to nibble on. I have been a very happy girl for the past few days, strolling along and nibbling away to my hearts content. Although I have noticed that the orange furrball has been nibbling too… hope he doesn’t leave too much boy cooties on the grass he leaves behind.


Spoke too soon

April 27th 2006 5:32 pm
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I take it back, I take it all back... Black is as bad as orange, there really is no difference. Boys are bad, there I said it! This cat is just too confident now and thinks this house is his, he roams everywhere and I even caught him napping on my chair. The worst part, he charged towards me this evening. Good thing mom was right there and freaked out, he hates loud noises so he ran towards the patio doors while I made my escape back into the bedroom. I wonder if girl cats are this mean...


Back to normal

April 17th 2006 10:07 am
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Finally...things are back to normal! What was mommy thinking?!?! She deprived me of my wonderful bed tent for 3 days. She seems to think that just because the weather is getting warmer I don’t need it, that just seems mean, I know I have been lying on the pillow that keep it up more than being inside, but I still need my retreat. Well I didn’t hang out more with her this long weekend just because I didn’t have my tent (I think she was hoping I would). Well this morning I was digging in the bed spread for daddy and he giggled, then mommy came in and I continued while looking up at her and letting out little meows and sticking my head into the little hole I had made, she got the hint and so before she went to work she built me my tent, I ran right in and peeked out for some loving. There are just some things that make this furry girl’s life fantastic!


Black might be better than orange...

April 14th 2006 9:37 pm
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I'm getting used to this new guy Cooter, he's been here a few months now and he isn't so bad. He has never pounced on me, and he is very calm and even gentle around me. I sniffed him once when he was sleeping, he smells like a boy, a dirty boy. Mommy held me once and took me over to him when he was laying down, and he very sweetly sniffed me. The other day I was inside by the patio door, sniffing the spring air, when he came running up the stairs of the deck towards the house, he stopped and sat down when he saw me. He has manners this cat. Well I still don't want to get too friendly with him, so I trotted away. I really wish he would teach that orange furrball to not pounce on me. Now if mom can teach them both to stop stealing my food, that would be really great!


Clean Bill of Health

March 26th 2006 11:38 am
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Mommy took me to the vet yesterday, my first visit in years... I hate car rides and mommy hadn't found a good yet she liked in years until now, so she took me to Dr Gilmore for my 'senior check-up' as she calls it. I was praised for my beauty by everyone there. *purr,blush,purr* So the vet checked me out and said I was in great shape and everything was fine with me, well my teeth could look better but that is all. It was a nice quick visit, but mommy says I will be going back every year from now on... Oh well at least I got spoiled and cuddled when we got home.


Sissy; Warrior Princess

March 11th 2006 8:08 am
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I dont know what got into me this morning, must have been Zena the Warrior Princess (grandpa used to watch that a lot, and when we lived with him sometimes I would join him) Well Luke has being a huge pain, he attacked me last night (twice!) and during the night he was gurrgling and talking and ruining all of our sleeps. So I got fed up, I was under the bed and he saw me, so I gurrgled back and stared him down, he freaked and ran out and I chased him out! HAHA But then I just jumped up onto my bookshelf and staired at him from there...


Hugs and love from mommy

March 9th 2006 8:03 pm
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My mommy has been holding and hugging me a whole lot more lately. You see I am not very fond of being held...but I am getting better according to mommy, which is true. When she first got me I would freeze up and then freak out, mommy got many scars from me leaping off of her. Actually sometimes she still gets those these days too. But now I let her hug me and hold me for a few minutes...then I panic. Mommy is waiting for the day that I might actually purr in her arms. Well you never know, she says I might be mellowing out in my senior years, but for now I will take endless amounts of petting and rubs.


The Invasion

February 9th 2006 4:49 pm
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That cat came into my space! Doesn't he know that the bedroom is mine, all mine. And to top it off, he ate my food. You know that orange pest is enough trouble, now there is a new guy I have to worry about. He scares me, he snuck up on me and I didn't like that! I made a kitty yeowl at him, but he didn't leave. Thank goodness mommy ran to my rescue. She quickly got him out of my room and snatched me up in her arms, she cuddled me for a long time making me feel better. She made me safe again... for now anyways.


Identity Crisis

January 30th 2006 3:23 pm
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My mommy is SO silly... she ran up to me this afternoon taking me out of my warm comfy tent to hug me... she was mubbling something about thinking I was one color when really I was another. I really think I look the same. Apparently she never questioned my adoption when it said 'calico' and has now declared I am a Tortoiseshell. She giggled and said it was perfect as she thinks it suits me exactly. I wonder why she would say that, just because I love to hide, sleep and be petted inside my blanket tents (which she always makes for me) should I be compared to a turtle hidding in it's 'tent'. All I know is that I am as cute as I always have been! And mommy definately agrees!

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