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A Furry Girl's Life

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A good start

August 17th 2006 8:07 am
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So far the day is good. I woke up to many many pets and much love from mommy and daddy. After breakfast mommy and I hung out on the deck, then we played with my yellow feather stick, followed by a little nap. Mommy woke me up and I had a snack of baby food, then back out onto the deck where mommy gave me my bouquet of yummy grass, and when I went inside I received some treats (kitty hip chips). I have two tents today, but so far I haven't been in them much as I feel more like roaming the house. Well I think I'm going back out onto the deck now...


Getting started

August 16th 2006 5:47 pm
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The birthday treats have started... This evening as soon as mommy came home she came to visit me in the bedroom with a surprise. In her hand was a little jar, it was baby food for me. Mommy got the idea while reading Scooter's diary. She gets baby food daily and mommy was thinking maybe I would like it too. Secretly I think she hopes I enjoy it so much that I will eat this daily as well as my regular meals, mommy would like me to gain a little bit of weight. She was very happy that I ate almost 6 teaspoons full, it was my first baby food experience and it was quite yummy. If any other kitty eats baby food regularly I would love to hear from you, curious to know what flavors you prefer.


Thoughts on my upcoming birthday

August 7th 2006 9:57 am
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This month is my birthday! I'm turning 14 on August 17th. or sorta... Mommy doesn't know the actual date. She was told I was part of a litter from a barn cat. I was found as a kitten during the fall of 1992, and taken into a house, but then dropped off at the SPCA in the spring. So she guesses it would be late that previous summer when I was born... Some think mommy should have chosen my adoption date as my birthday, maybe she should have. Then again, does it really matter?
I wonder what I will be getting as a gift from mommy. Daddy isn't much into the gift giving like mommy, but I know I will get extra love and cuddles from him.

By the way Catster, why did you chose Luke (again) for Diary of the Day? Don't you know that it is this furry girl's birthday this month and not his... I think I will go take a nap in my basket under the bed now while you contemplate that.


Oh those hairballs...

July 28th 2006 7:44 pm
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Oh how I love chewing and eating grass! The ones she had plated for me in the spring have all died and not grown back, it's so sad. However mommy is very good to me; goes downstairs and she picks me some yummy grass, she takes long pieces from different areas in the lawn, then she comes up and fans them out for me to pick the ones I want to eat. She does this for me almost daily, how sweet is that! Sometimes she just sits there and waits, I can be picky sometimes... After our routine of this last night, I coughed up the biggest hairball ever, it was award worthy daddy said. I guess this heat is just making me shed so much more, and lately I haven't liked being brushed. Good thing mommy never minds picking up my hairball and grass mess.


Over excited

July 26th 2006 7:30 pm
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Is drooling lady-like?
When I get really excited, or full of catnip, I can't help but drool. Mommy giggles and daddy thinks it's gross... Is it cute or is it gross? I guess it doesnt really matter as long as I get lots of loving.. oh and some fresh out of the catnip jar toys.


Comfort or bravery?

July 20th 2006 5:56 pm
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Mommy is wondering if I am getting more comfortable with all these new kitties that have been showing up or if I am getting braver as I age. In the past I would never get within 10 feet of anothr cat, but lately I go out on the deck even if the neighbour's furrballs are out there. Although I have to admit I will only go out there if Mommy is out there too!


Quality mommy time

June 26th 2006 8:00 pm
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I always have fun when it is just me and mommy. She always makes time for me and that makes me one happy girl. Today she was folding laundry on the bed, and I pounced on one of the shirt, I must have looked really cute because she stopped what she was doing and pet me a bunch and then kissed me lots. And then the best part, she pulled out my favorite toy: my yellow feather on a stick. How I love that toy, and mommy won't let those stinky boys anywhere near it, yucky boy germs. Well she sure pooped me out playing... time for a nice nap.


Malaika is home!

June 5th 2006 7:48 am
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I'm tickled pink I tell you! Malaika came home; her mommy was able to pick her up on Saturday! This is great news, oh Mara must be so excited to be able to snuggle with her sister again!
Wonder if this means maybe mommy will spot my 'twin' tonight on her walk...
well in any case whisker kisses to Mara and Malaika on their reunion.


Sweet twin thought

June 3rd 2006 7:43 am
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With all this 'I have a twin' news, mommy and I have been thinking a whole lot about our favorite, and two of the most beautiful tortie twins we have ever seen, Mara and Malaika here on Catster. At the moment Malaika is sick, her human family is doing great taking care of her, and we wish her a speedy recovery. We also hope Mara isn't lonely and missing her sister too much, although just this week she has two new kitten siblings, and so mommy and I are hoping for the very best. So if we ca all send out some happy thoughts, whisker kisses and loving headbutts, everything will be back to normal in no time.



June 1st 2006 7:43 pm
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I have a twin! Mom came back from her walk around the block with daddy and exclaimed she found my twin! She ran to get the camera and without giving me details headed back out alone to snap a picture. Well mommy came home sad, she didn't see my twin again but vowed to return again tomorrow evening in hopes she will be out again. So then mommy picked me up off my bookshelf and squeezed me (which I am not too fond of) and took me to the bedroom to pet me on the bed. While there she told me all about my twin, she said that she had long hair -just like me, she was mostly black -just like me, her chin was all orange -just like me, her neck in the front was orange with a tiny bit of white -just like me, her front right paw was orange -just like me, and the very tip of her tail was orange -just like me. She must be my twin! Mommy said she was just lying there in the patch of grass in the sidewalk and was able to walk right up to her, she seemed happy to be pet because she rolled right on her side and back to be rubbed, which mommy gladly obliged. She said she was petting her for almost 10 minutes until daddy practically dragged her away to continue their little neighborhood walk. Mommy said she couldn't believe the resemblance and talked about my twin the whole walk, she is so excited to see her again. I like seeing mommy all giddy.

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