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A Furry Girl's Life

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Playtime fun

November 13th 2006 8:20 pm
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Not only was yesterday laundry day (where I got to lie down on the warm from the dryer cloths) but it was also bed making day. Mommy loves when I help her make the bed; having me around makes it a fun chore for her. I get to jump and slide on the clean sheets, hide under the top sheet, when any of it moves I attack it. It's lots of fun! Afterwards mommy and I played with my soft tiger stripe ball, she just loves to toss it to me and have me bat it back to her. Then we played with the catnip fishy toy that I like to hop on, grab it between my paws and bite the ribbon, this makes mommy giggle. After I was done playing I went onto daddy’s pillow to nap. Mommy continued to fold her laundry.

When it was bed time I was already on the bed all comfy. I received my usually rubs and love and then I attacked the bed monster that was under the covers. He was feisty this time. I wonder why he only shows up when mommy goes to bed. Maybe it will be brave and appear again tonight.


I'm a mommy's girl

November 8th 2006 7:42 pm
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I love my mommy and my daddy very much...but I really am a mommy's girl at heart. I was adopted by mommy, I'm her baby girl! Having her rescue me means we have a bond, we have been together a long time. However daddy came into our lives only a little over a year after my adoption, so I have known him a long time too. But I still say I am a mommy's girl and I will tell you why:

When I want night time loving or attention (like I did last night at 4am) I sit next to mommy and meow...and she always wakes up for me.
Mommy makes me the best tents, whether it's with the duvet, a blanket or even a sheet; she makes the best ones. Daddy has tried, but they are not as comfy.
When I wan cuddles, I go to mommy first, she's always gentle and seems to know just what I want.
If I follow mommy in the bathroom she always gives me loving, she also lets me rub all over her hair brush. She also throws q-tips into the bathtub for me (it really is the best place to play with them)
When it comes to play time, mommy is patient with me and knows I prefer slow movements; she may giggle when I hop like a goat, but she also says I'm the cutest ever. Oh and when we play with the yellow feather, we can play forever together!
You know mommy is also my outside protector, she watches me very closely on the deck and does not let any other cat come close to me because she know I am very skittish. Daddy just glances at me and says I'll hiss if I am getting bothered.
I am also a somewhat of a social eater. When mommy brings me my bowls of food she sits down next to me and watches me eat. She know when to pet me and when to stop. I prefer mommy's company, I don't really know why, maybe because she sweet talks me as well.
And of course let's not forget that mommy is the one who feeds me and cleans my pooper box.

But lets not forget what daddy does best, he invented Sissy Spanks. Daddy also has the best smelling cloths to sleep on.

Yup, I'm one happy furry girl!


Happy Birthday Scooter!

October 23rd 2006 10:57 am
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My dear friend, and fellow olde furt (and a cute olde furt she is) Scooter turned 18 today! This is a very special day for her mommy and daddy too, having Scooter around is like sunshine you know!

So Happy Birthday Scooter...and many, many more...

I'm only 14 and I sure do hope I make it to 18!


A Week Fussing Over Me...

September 30th 2006 2:42 pm
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I sure have scared mommy and daddy this week. On Sunday I decided it was going to be a lazy day, so I slept most of it away. Mommy checked on me and tried to get me to play, but all I wanted to do was sleep. When dinner came, I wasn't hungry. When breakfast came the next morning, I wasn't hungry, neither was I hungry again that evening. Mommy started to worry. I didn't eat my breakfast on Tuesday and she left for work almost in tears. She called the vet that morning asking what to do about this furry girl, well they set up an appointment for Thursday, until then she was told to try and coax me to eat with anything possible. Mommy left work early and headed to the vet to get some soft digestable food, our natural pet food store for more food variety, and then to the grocery store for some tuna and treats.

First thing mommy did after coming home was come see me, she noticed my food bowl was as she prepared it that morning. So off she went, she came back with baby food. Nope, no interest. She opened the packet of soft digestable food, I sniffed it, smelled good but I wasn't interested. She stayed with me and petted me for a long while while I purred and then she left again. When she came back she had a plate with 3 different varieties of wet food and another with tuna. The tuna smelled good, but I wasn't interested. After more pets and many kisses for mommy she went away and came back with some kitty milk she just bought. That was yummy, I took about 5 licks of it, that was plenty for me, but I don't think mommy thought it was enough.

The first thing daddy did after coming home from work was come see me. I got plenty or rubs and love from him too, then he went to see mommy and they were talking about me for a while. They seem confused as to why I am refusing to eat. I'm acting pretty much the same, I just don't want to eat. I love my rubs and I am purring as always. I have not been vomiting and I do not have the runs, although mommy did notice that I have been smacking and licking my lips a bunch, she thinks I'm feeling nauseous. And so because they are worried about me they took turns spending time with me all night, I have to say it was nice having all this attention.

Daddy stayed home from work on Wednesday, mommy wished she could stay home too but was comforted by the thought that I would not be alone. She left she gave me a buffet of food choices, she was sad that I had not eaten not even a nibble before she left. She must have called home every hour checking in on me. Then after lunch daddy called her to ask if it is normal for me to have a runny, actually more like a leaking nose. This seemed to have put her in a panic because next thing I know is mommy is home and I am being put into my carrier and whisked off in a cab to the vet's. I got thoroughly checked, I was poked too. The worst part, they took my temperature. That was most unappreciated by this furry girl. They talked for a while and then they took some of my blood. I've decided that I don't like needles.

I was really happy when we finally got home. Mom snuggled me a bunch, I meowed to tell her that I liked her company, and she almost cried. She said that hasn't heard me meow since Sunday. I got lots of kisses for that. Mommy then left and when she came back she had a lovely bouquet of grass for me. I snacked on two blades and then just snuggled back into my daddy's pillow. As mommy was getting ready for bed I decided to eat, I nibbled a little, probably only a teaspoon worth but that was good for mommy. Then I hoped up onto he bed and laid down between mommy's pillow and the headboard. I decided I was going to sleep in bed with them. This is not normal behavior for me, you should know that I never do this, as soon as the lights go out I am off to wander the house or going to my own napping spot on my chair. Well I wanted to be close to them so I slept on their bed for almost 3 hours.

In the morning I decided to eat a bit of breakfast, only a little amount but for mommy it was a great sight. I got lots of rubs and kisses and mommy went to work. She did come home early and I was so happy, until I found out why. Back to the vet we went, apparently there wasn't enough good stuff to test it. I hated being poked again. First they tried to take blood from my back leg but it wasn't working, so then he tried by my neck and was having a hard time getting started. I was happy when it was over and I snuggled up to mommy, she held me against her while she talked a little with the vet. Then she tapped on my carrier and I hopped right in, I knew that meant we were heading home. Unfortunately we sat in the waiting room a little while they spun my blood to make sure they had enough for the tests. I was not coming back again!

When we finally got home mommy stayed with me in the bedroom: we hung out and I got lots of cuddles. I even went strolling about our place investigating everything with a little spring in my step. I was even excited when I saw mommy coming towards me with my bowl of food. I ate half of my dinner right away, well I was hungry... When it was bed time I was on daddy's pillow, I decided I was too comfortable to move and I was going to spend the night there. I almost did too...

I was feeling a little spunky in the morning, so I followed mommy to the kitchen, meowed, and then ran back to the bedroom. I was excited when she came with my food, I ate almost all of it. Mommy was so happy, she sat and watched me eat, and then she put more food in my bowl. She left for work breathing a sight of relief knowing I am starting to feel better. When she came home from work she noticed that I ate all of my breakfast. After some kisses she went into the kitchen to get dinner for us. I was excited to see her with my food bowl. I sniffed and started eating right away, she sat by me and watched me eat half of it right away. Then it was time for more loving. I was purring very loud and even meowing, I thought I would tell her how my day was. She told me that she got my blood tests back and everything is normal. I tried to tell her it was nothing and just a little bug, but she sure likes fussing over me.

That night when it was bed time I was on mommy's pillow, I got my usual night time loving and when the lights when out, I stayed on her pillow. Mommy cuddled closer to daddy and they shared his pillow. I stayed in bed with them for a little while. This is definite weird behavior for me, and I think Mommy is hoping that I am getting hints from Luke and realizing that night time snuggles can be good.


Picking a Furry Girl's Diary

September 9th 2006 8:27 am
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As soon as mommy was up and about this morning I trotted over to the patio door, mommy followed and let me out. Today's morning air is nice and crisp, just the way I like it. Then she let Luke out, and as usual he ran down the stairs, and my petting session was cut short so she could run after him. When she came back up she was holding some yummy grass, I meowed to thank her. I followed her as she sat on the deck and held out each strand of grass so I could nibble. It was a yummy bouquet of grass.
When the neighbor's cats started showing up, I decided to go in and snuggled up next to my Mommy on the couch. She pulled over the laptop to of course spend some time on Catster. To my surprise, I received 3 emails, me, little me! What was going on? Did my eyes read that correctly, I was being congratulated for being chosen? Me chosen? Did it really say that I was one of today's DIARY OF THE DAY picks? We went to see and yes, I am the second in the list today. This makes me one very happy furry girl.
Thank you Catster for this wonderful honor, I'm purring up a storm.


hungry, hungry hippo

September 6th 2006 8:26 pm
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Mommy is very proud of me, I have been a hungry girl with the new food mommy has been feeding us. She is trying out some frozen raw food on us. She says it is more for me as she wants me to eat more, she gets upset when I don't eat either my breakfast or dinner. She also thinks I am too thin, I say I am just petite. She started on Monday, mommy split my bowl with half small raw turkey pieces and my regular Wellness wet food. She was very pleasantly surprised when I went straight for the turkey. I ate it all up, sniffed around, looked up at mommy and meowed. She understood; she picked up my food dish and went into the kitchen. She took back out the turkey from the freezer and cut me another piece, and then cut me small bite sized pieces. I know she is feeling a little uncomfortable doing that for me (mommy is a vegetarian for almost 15 years) but says she would do anything for us, so I was waiting at the bedroom door for her, I figured she didn't want me meowing by her feet pressuring her to hurry up. As she came towards me with my dish I was so excited that I trotted ahead of her and waiting for her to put my food down. She sat down and watched me eat, and I ate it all. When I was done I hoped up on the bed and got lots of loving.

Yesterday mommy gave me more of the frozen raw turkey for dinner, it was just as good as the night before that I ate my bowl clean. As soon as I was done mommy took my bowl away and headed to the kitchen, but this time she returned with only wet food. I was a little sad, but I did eat more of the turkey than I did the night before. So I opted for more love and rubs on the bed.

This morning when mommy gave me my breakfast I just looked up at her and meowed, my meow meant where's the meat? But all I got from mommy was some mumbling that I didn't much listen too because all I wanted was more turkey.
Today for dinner she gave us some frozen raw bison, I had no interest, I sniffed it some and looked up at her and meowed. All I got was talked to sweetly and some head rubs. Mommy said that tomorrow she will try some frozen raw chicken, I just hope it tastes like turkey.


Color to match

August 27th 2006 12:29 pm
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Well the mystery is over... they are disturbing my comfort to paint the bedroom. I haven't been in yet to see their progress, so I can only hope the color matches my pretty fur. That last color did nothing for me! Good on mom, after a year she finally got dad t agree that that color was just not right for me, oh and her too.



August 25th 2006 5:26 pm
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Mommy and daddy are disrupting my life and disturbing my comfort. They are cleaning their bedroom, which is mine really, the furniture is being taken out and it looks like they are emptying it. My favorite chair is in the living room, and mommy has made me a tent on the beige couch. I keep wandering the house sniffing and seeing where everything is going. I wonder what they are up to this time...I'll just sit up high on the back of my chair to wait and see.



August 21st 2006 7:27 pm
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Mommy and daddy are back! It was lonely without them. Grandpa came by and fed Cooter and I twice a day and stayed for pets and rubs, but it just isn't the same without my mommy. As soon as she came home she came to visit me in the bedroom and spent some alone time with me. Then I followed her into the bathroom and waited for her to finish her shower to make sure I got more love afterwards. Well I think I will wander the house and sniff her cloth and bags...


My day is almost over

August 17th 2006 9:21 pm
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Well my birthday is almost over, and mommy as been very good to me. We all had some tuna with our dinner, I even got to lick the can with all the tuna juice before she divided it. After I nibbled some food, daddy came and sang to me, well he whispered more. I've been getting plenty of pets and it has been great getting all this extra attention. Mommy went out this afternoon to get my present, but came back empty handed. She says she wants to get me a fishbowl so I can relax and play. I like that idea...I guess I will have to wait until next week when she tries a different store.
Thank you Scooter for your kind wishes and the rosette.

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